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Chapter 186. I hate the night


When small read sits, long eyelashes are a quiver again, low Mou looks at dish dish more and more.

"The young master is really a pretentious man. He is paranoid and believes in himself too much. But all his confidence is collapsing here." Feng de said with a smile, "at that time on the Huazuo overpass, Miss Shi must not know how desperate the young master was when he saw you desperately protecting mu qianchu."


I listened in silence.

Feng De is like knowing what she's thinking at the moment. Every word goes straight to her heart.

Is it because on the Huazuo overpass, she protected mu qianchu and took off the ring, so she lost Gong Ou's confidence?

"Miss Shi, do you like to listen to me? I'll stop. Take your time." Feng de said with a smile, putting down his chopsticks and politely retreating to one side.


When small read a command an action, silently picked up chopsticks to start eating, the dish to his mouth.

A low sound of footsteps came.

Gong Ou comes in from the outside and sits down beside shixiaonian. She has a handsome face and dark pupils staring at her deeply. Her voice is deep and magnetic. "You can do that! I can't keep it! "

Why do you have to let her suffer a second trauma.


When Xiaonian looked at him, she knew what he meant when she overheard the conversation.

As Feng de said, he really has a kind of low self-confidence to her.

In fact, she knew that he was kind to her, but really, she didn't know how much she trusted Gong Ou in her heart.

Gong Ou patted her on the head. "All right, dinner!"

Finish saying, Gong Ou picks up chopsticks to begin to eat, eat a lot, eat while frown, "disgusting dead!"


He stared at his face in silence.

Before, he would not eat the food that was not cooked by her. Now, in order to take good care of her, he would eat a lot if it was too bad.

After supper, Xiaonian went to the bathroom to take a bath.

She put on the cotton nightdress and walked out. As soon as she raised her eyes, she saw Gong Ou lying on the bed, her arms folded behind her head, and her eyes staring at it. There was no expression in her deep facial features.

When Xiaonian couldn't see what he was thinking.

Are you still thinking of hypnosis?

She went over, Gong Ou turned her eyes and looked at her. Then she immediately adjusted her posture, lay on her side, and looked at her up and down with one hand against Jun Pang.

When Xiaonian just came out of the bathroom, her hair was only half dry. She wore a warm color bra nightdress on her body, showing her white and soft shoulders. The water drops fell on her neck, sliding to the clavicle, then down, until the edge of the bra in front of her

Gong Ou stares at her directly, hoping to slide into her nightdress with the water drop.


When Xiaonian silently lifted the bra skirt up.

As you can see, Gong Ou's eyes are almost full of bath hope, which fades away in a moment. He says gloomily, "I hate the night most now!"

Sleeping in the same bed with a woman who can't see and touch is the deepest torture to him.


When Xiaonian silently looked at him, took a towel to wipe his hair, went to the floor window, and watched the floor window show his own shadow.

"I'll blow your hair!"

Gong Ou's voice suddenly came.


When Xiaonian turned to look at him, Gong Ou went into the bathroom and picked up a hair dryer.

Then she was pressed by Gong ou to sit in front of the piano. Gong Ou turned on the hair dryer and tried the temperature to blow her hair.

When Xiaonian sat there, staring at the piano in front of him, there was a stir in his heart.

He blew her hair.

Gong Ou's long fingers are buried in her wet hair. The warm wind blows on her hair slowly. It's warm and comfortable.

His fingers slowly combed her long hair, and his fingertips gently pressed her hair, as if they were massaging her.

When Xiaonian lowered his head, his hands on his knees scribbled on his legs unconsciously.


Asked Gong ou, with a voice and a sense of family name.


When Xiaonian didn't answer.

Gong Ou didn't expect her to answer. She continued to massage her fingers between her hair and dry her wet hair with a hair dryer.

When Xiaonian sat in silence, he suddenly felt that long finger was down, massaging along the curve of her neck, like a cluster of flames lighting her.

The hair dryer is turned off.

There was no sound in the bedroom, only the endless silence and ambiguity.

Gong Ou stood behind her, with her long hair on one side, black eyes staring at her white and beautiful shoulder blades, and could not help but lower his head and lean towards her, breathing hard and smelling the fragrance on her body.

His thin lips were less than a centimeter away from her skin, kissing her shoulder at a small distance.

Kiss or not.

Only ambiguity.


When Xiaonian felt that his breath was sweeping her shoulder, neck and back, but he didn't kiss it, like the electric current passing through her skin, numb.

After he brought her back from the underground parking lot, Gong ou never touched her again. If he really wanted to, she would not resist. Maybe Now she only has the body to repay him.

Gong Ou slowly put his arms around her body from behind, and his heavy breath slowly came to her ears.

When Xiaonian closed his eyes and waited for the moment to come.

Gong Ou suddenly let go of her.


Gong Ou makes a low mantra, turns around and runs to the bathroom. The huge sound of water comes immediately.


When Xiaonian looked at the door of the bathroom with some consternation, did he still not touch her? Can you really hold back? He's a man with energy all the time.

She lowered her eyes, stood up from the piano, went to the bed, opened the quilt and lay down.

I don't know why, this bed makes her feel safe.

Lying on it, her heart will be calm.

When Xiaonian closes her eyes and settles her heart to go to sleep, the quilt is suddenly opened. She opens her eyes in a dazed way, and sees Gong Ou sitting on the bed, wearing a bathrobe, her short hair is wet, and she stares at her angrily.

"You've got me into a cold bath, and you're sleeping?" Gong Ou looks at her discontentedly.


Then he goes to take a bath, and she can't accompany him.

When Xiaonian lies there and stares at him.

"Sit up! No sleep, I can't sleep now, and you can't sleep! " He's hot all over now. He can't sleep.


When Xiaonian was pulled up from the bed and sat by him.

They sat face to face on the bed, staring.

What is this for?

When Xiaonian sits there and doesn't speak, he looks at him quietly. Gong Ou stares at her, stares at her, stares at her

"No way! Take another shower! "

Finish saying, Gong Ou jumps out of bed with a handsome posture, rush into bathroom again.


What's wrong with him.

When Xiaonian sits on the bed, silently looks at the direction of the bathroom, then lies down, covers the quilt to prepare to sleep.

In less than five minutes, the quilt was lifted again.

She opened her eyes.

This time, Gong Ou kneels on both sides of her body with two long legs, hands next to her head, and looks down at her face, "I still can't sleep when I'm reading it!"

He would go crazy at night if he didn't do anything with her every day.


"Don't sleep, either. I'll go to the puppet show with you!"


He's sure he's with her?

"Come on, get up! Don't sleep. I'll take you to the puppet show! " Gong Ou said and pulled her out of bed. "Do you know what a puppet show is? It's the same kind of wood as you do now! "


When small read silently looks at him, is pulled by him forcibly to change clothes.

Gong Ou takes out her clothes and prepares to change them for her. The slender hand touches the edge of her nightdress and takes it back like an electric shock. Then she goes straight to the bathroom again.


When Xiaonian silently changed his clothes for the trip.

In the big evening, because of the sudden whim of Gong ou, the imperial castle was bustled up and down.

Feng de and some bodyguards yawned and gathered in the hall.

When Xiaonian is hugged by Gong ou, she goes there.

"Young master, I have contracted the Goliath theatre for a temporary performance." Feng de lowered his head and said, "the car is ready."

Gong Ou hugs shixiaonian and looks at the group of bodyguards coldly. "You don't have to go. Shixiaonian and I will go."

I was afraid of many people now.


"Stay with me!"

Gong Ou has no choice but to walk out of the room.

GOLLY theatre.

Because the whole theater is empty, Xiaonian can hear the echo of his footsteps when he is carried by Gong ou.

It's very empty.

In the huge theater, there are only two audiences, Xiao Nian and Gong ou.

There are more puppets on the stage.

When small read quietly looked at the stage lights, looking at the puppet's expression, that expression on the face is solidified.

Gong Ou said she was like a puppet.

But they at least solidified smile, laughter, joy

And her face, only solidified.

Suddenly, her shoulders sank, and she turned her head. Gong Ou fell asleep on her shoulders. A handsome face fell into the dim light. Her eyes were closed and her eyelashes were long.


I can't sleep at home. I fall asleep as soon as I get outside.

When small read did not move, also did not wake him, a person quietly watching the stage play.

For a while, she suddenly realized that there was something wrong with her stomach. She wanted to go to the toilet.

She gently pushed Gong Ou away, let him sleep on the comfortable sofa seat, and then stood up and walked out.

In an instant, the puppets on the whole stage are played to a sleeping president.

When Xiaonian went out, the light outside was very bright. She went along the corridor to find the bathroom.

In the arc corridor, two staff members pushed a hanger across the corridor, saying and walking.

When small read can't help but face to the wall, dare not let people see her face.

Now, she is the enemy of the whole people.

In Imperial castle, all signals and networks are forced to shut down by Gong ou. She can't receive news from the outside world, which makes her calm.

But as soon as she came out and met an outsider, she began to feel sick again.

When Xiaonian told himself nothing, but the fingers hanging on his side were shaking.