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Chapter 1089: strange stage

She can't understand Gong Ou's idea. She can only accompany him.

the outside of the theatre is heavily guarded, but there is no one inside, so that the arranged memorial place will not be destroyed at all.

The two bodyguards opened the thick curtain and waited respectfully for them.

Shi Xiaonian was led to the front by Gong Oula. When she went out, she saw a stage that could be called a huge stage. She couldn't help feeling, "a big family is different. It can be compared with a national theater to build such a big theater in her own manor."

When Xiaonian stood at the edge of the stage and looked down, he could see countless seats. Those seats were separated by a large distance, just like the space cabin chairs. He felt very comfortable when he looked at them. Besides, there was a small table with some wine containers on it. You can imagine how much these nobles knew how to enjoy them.

"You like it? Then build one in both China and the UK. " Gong Ou looks at her and says it's as casual as buying a cup.

When Xiaonian immediately shook his head, "no, I don't need these."

"Save me money?" Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.

"Money is no longer a problem for you." When Xiaonian looked up at him and smiled, "so, if you are willing to queue up to buy tickets for me, it will definitely make me happier than building a theater."

Words fall, Gong Ou stands there expression all coagulated, "line up? A quilt? "

He sounded as if she wanted him to jump into the sea.

"Yes." When Xiaonian can't help nodding.

Before that, she showed Gong ou the pictures of technology fans queuing up to buy N.E products. The people inside were waiting all night. In the winter, they lined up wrapped in quilts. When they were sleepy, they sat on the ground to sleep. When they were hungry, they sat on the ground to eat. There were countless people with disheveled hair and dark eyes. It seemed that the picture left a "deep" impression on Gong ou.


Gong Ou is silent.


Shixiaonian looks at him funny.

They looked at each other for nearly a minute. Gong Ou reached out and fumbled on her head. He turned around seriously and said, "why don't you turn on the light?"? Didn't you see this dark? "


Hello, that's the end of the line for tickets? Not even the end.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou with a black line on his face, the bodyguard found the switch and turned on all the lights. At one time, he saw the lights come on one by one, and soon the whole stage was like the daytime.

Just when the light was dim, she could not see everything on the stage clearly. Now, Xiao Nian could see clearly and clearly.

The nearest one to her is a tall pseudo real horse. There is a sign on it that says all of Mona. The color of the horse's fur is bright, like the one in Mona's picture she saw for the first time. At that time, Mona and the horse are all in high spirits.

When Xiaonian walked over, he was stopped by a bodyguard. "Little lady, don't touch it. This horse is a specimen."

"Mark, specimen?" When I was shocked, I didn't mean



When Xiaonian took a step back and looked at the horse in front of him, he felt disgusted and almost vomited on the spot.

Specimen, even the horse made into a specimen, is to remember Mona?

It's crazy.

"How are you, young lady?" Asked the bodyguard.

"I'm fine." When Xiaonian waved his hands, raised his eyes and looked forward.

This is a large stage for reminiscence. The atmosphere is serious and sad. The words "Mona owned" are hung on every decoration, including cello, all kinds of animals, white coats

"These animals..." When Xiaonian pointed to a cage hanging in the middle of the sky and asked softly, using all his strength.

A bodyguard took the cage and examined it carefully. At last, he said, "all the animals here should be specimens."


When Xiaonian pressed his throat, it was very uncomfortable. He had a good place to remember why it was arranged like this, as if the air was full of the smell of blood.

Even if the light is bright again, the arrangement in front of her makes her have a kind of shivering feeling. She can't feel any warm and mourning atmosphere at all.

When she looked at Gong ou, she saw that Gong Ou was shuttling back and forth on the stage alone. Her black eyes were unfathomable, and she didn't know what she was thinking.

Several bodyguards are also checking various objects.

When Xiaonian insisted on coming, she just wanted to leave now. She couldn't stay for a moment on the stage of reminiscence in this atmosphere. She stood up to the side and ran into the dummy on the side. She quickly grabbed the dummy.

The dummy was too much higher than her. She stood there politely in the Butler's clothes, with one leg slightly bent, as if to kneel down. Her face was lifelike, her face was humble, and even the wrinkles on her face were particularly detailed.

When Xiaonian steadied the dummy, he was about to back away, but his eyes stopped on the dummy's face.

Mingming is just a dummy of the old housekeeper. Why does she think that these eyes are very similar to Gong Ou's? They seem to make her have a kind of creepy feeling.

When Xiaonian rubbed his eyes and looked at it again, he didn't feel like it.

She clapped her heart. Maybe she was shocked by the strange atmosphere here. She felt thrilled to see everything.

"Second young master, there is nothing special on this stage. Let's go to the guest area to check." Several bodyguards came to Gong ou and said.

Gong Ou stood in front of a lamp and looked at it coldly. He raised his hand to let the bodyguards down.

When Xiaonian stares at the dummy's eyes and looks again, finally shakes his head, turns around and walks towards Gong ou to stop him from thinking.

"Gong ou, although it's weird here, it's nothing. What do you want to see?" When small read to see Gong Ou's hand from the edge of the floor lamp can't help but ask.

"I don't know."

"Don't know?" When I was wondering.

"But there must be something here." Gong Ou said coldly, turning her eyes to her, staring at her, and her eyes were full of worries. "How can you look so bad?"

Just fine.

"Some of them are scared here." When I was young, I wanted to tell the truth.

Gong Ou frowned and forced her hand. "I'll go down with you and sit down for a while!"

"It doesn't matter. I'll just go down and sit down for a while. Keep checking. I'm afraid I'll be found out if I come too long." Shixiaonian takes his hand away.

Gong Ou stares at her.

"I'm really fine."

With a smile on his face, Shi Xiaonian turns around a pillar in front of him to prepare for going down. Yu Guang sweeps into the huge picture in the middle of the stage.

The photo is placed in the center, and the ivory frame is wrapped with the photo with excellent material. Mona in the photo smiles gracefully and calmly, and her long blonde hair is beautiful.

Shi Xiaonian has to admit that Mona's smile is the only beautiful one on this stage with strange atmosphere.

"What's the matter?"

Gong Ou stands behind her.

When Xiaonian stood in front of the big picture and shook his head, "nothing, I'll go down and sit down for a while."

Before she moved, Gong Ou pressed her shoulder. When Xiaonian turned her head, she saw Gong Ou standing there with her shoulders pressed. Her black eyes stared coldly at Mona's huge picture, hoping to make a hole in it.

When small read a face at a loss, want to go by Gong Ou press can't move, can only stand there, she looks at Gong ou, look at Mona's picture again.

The picture frame is wrapped with black and white cloth, which is full of sadness in the beauty.

When Xiaonian watched Mona's smile in the photo, the radian of those red lips was dazzling.

After about two minutes, Xiaonian felt that he was almost numb. Gong Ou suddenly crossed her to the front of the big picture, and his long fingers groped in front of the ivory frame.

"What are you doing?"

When small read slants a head to look at him, don't understand ground to ask a way.

Gong Ou did not answer her, but continued to fumble on the ivory frame, listening only to the sound of "bang". The huge picture suddenly fell off the wall and hit the floor heavily.

The picture fell down, revealing another huge picture hidden behind, but it was no longer Mona's smile.

Gong Ou turns around abruptly, covering Xiaonian's eyes with a big hand. Xiaonian stands there motionless, his lips become bloodless, his eyes are dark, and people are carried into a warm arms.

When Xiaonian stood there, he wanted to tell Gong ou that he was too late.

She saw it.

Behind Mona's smile, there is a picture. It's a picture of her certificate without a smile. It's magnified countless times. And It's black and white.

A black-and-white photo with the memorial arrangement on the whole stage, this memorial will not be like Mona's, but rather like the hall of her small mind.

When I think of it, my body is cold.

"Don't be afraid, it's a conspiracy." Gong Ou felt her slightly trembling body and held her closer with one hand.

Gong Ou's deep voice calms Shi Xiaonian's heart. Yes, there is Gong ou here. What is she afraid of? Is she still alive?

In this way of thinking, Xiaonian steadied his mind, took Gong Ou's hand over his eyes, and reluctantly smiled, "well, I'm not afraid to have you here."

As soon as her eyes returned to light, she saw herself in the black-and-white photo again. Some black-and-white cloth was still swinging around in front of the photo, and Xiaonian could not help holding her hand tightly.

"Damn it!"

Gong Ou bit his teeth and cast a low curse. He took out a handful of heads from his body to stab at the photo. When the first one was only a centimeter away from the photo, his action stopped suddenly and his eyes glared at the black and white photo in front of him.

When small read can feel his body deep anger, hate to destroy everything.

After a long silence, Xiao Nian looks at Gong ou and takes back his head bit by bit, without destroying the black-and-white photos.

The two men stepped off the stage and sat down in two places in the middle of the guest room, silently looking at the huge pictures on the stage.

When Xiao Nian's face is a little white, Gong Ou's face is gloomy.

"Is this another trick of their infighting?" When Xiaonian's voice was a little hoarse, "in the last activity of the anniversary ceremony, the photos suddenly became mine, so that you and George could get deeper and deeper?"

But it's a hundred times worse than the previous ghost shadow and throwing knife. Unexpectedly, she replaced the photos with her