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Chapter 81 Gong Ou blows the wound for her

Gong Ou fixed his gaze on her, and his eyes wandered along with her pulling the skirt. The unhappiness in her black eyes gradually disappeared and became a kind of gloom. Her eyes were darker and deeper. She tightly locked her slender white waist, and her throat was tight.

His eyes were burning with the sensuality of youth and purity.

The woman was so seduced in her student uniform.

Gong Ou's body is gradually tense. If it wasn't a special day today, he must have solved her on the spot now. He wanted to lure him to wear this body.

"That's it. There's no need to change it." Gong Ou said, "come here."


When Xiaonian stood there, his face was almost burning. Hearing this, he stood straighter and refused to go.

In the past, he must have started to move.

"Come here!" Gong Ou stares at her. "Why are you as stiff as a dead man today? Come here. "

As he said this, Gong Ou went to her, grabbed her thin wrist and walked to the table. When the hot fingers touched her, Xiaonian's body was stiffer, just like a stone.

It's over. It's about to start.

She doesn't want to be in the wild

When small read to die to bite the lip, the whole body up and down every piece of meat is stiff.

"Did you take the wrong medicine today?" Gong Ou stared at her inexplicably, and simply picked her up and threw her at the table like a child.

Then he let her go.

There was no further movement, nothing.

I didn't expect that wolf kisses and wolf gnaws. When Xiaonian sat at the table, he looked at Gong ou with some doubts.

Don't you come directly?

What else does he want to play? Is this using time disguised ground torment her nerve?

Gong Ou came to her, his long fingers pulled out the wine cork gracefully, poured the wine into two tall glasses, and the mellow wine was rotating in the glasses.

Gazing at the color of the red wine in the glass, Gong Ou's black eyes are deep, and his voice becomes hoarse. "This wine is 86 years old, and has been stored in England."

If shixiaonian carefully observes Gong Ou's look, he will find that he is not the same today as usual.

But now her mind is full of wild adult games, and she doesn't pay attention to anything else. She stares at the wine in the cup, fingers touch the young crystal hair band on her head, and Nunu's lips.

Yes, it's good to have a drink first.

When she's drunk, shame doesn't matter.

Thinking about it, Xiaonian reached for the glass and poured the red wine into his mouth.

"What are you doing, shixiaonian?"

Gong Ou stood there and watched as if she was bored with the wine she had been hoarding for many years.

She did not know how precious and rare the wine was. She took a sip.

"It's OK. Don't worry about me. When I get drunk, you can do whatever you want." When small read to his face as if to say.

She said, she stood up, picked up the bottle and poured it into her glass. People had completely abandoned themselves.

Anyway, she can't escape. She can only get drunk by herself. What does he like.

She wants to drink until she's unconscious.


Gong Ou watched her finish another glass of wine. Did the woman really take the wrong medicine today?

"No way."

When Xiaonian reaches for the bottle again, Gong Ou's hot hand holds her hand and says in a cold voice, "who will accompany me when you are drunk?"

"What can I do with this kind of thing? You can't do it alone."

I was so embarrassed.

He wants to play this kind of unlimited wild hilltop game, and she doesn't have to cooperate. It's just like usual, but it's just him.

"No, I want you to accompany me!" Gong Ou opens her hand displeased.


when Xiaonian's hand was hit by the wound, she suddenly cried out with pain. People sat back in the white dining chair, willow eyebrows frowned together.

"What's the matter?" Gong Ou's black eyes, one Lin, crossed the dining table and came to her. He grabbed her palm and saw that there were three bandages on the palm of her hand

His voice sank.


When small read retracts own hand, is grabbed by him domineering ground again.

"Say, how did you get it? Are you in the British cooking class, where a few tutors work for you? " Asked Gong Ou in a poor voice.

How many times did he leave her? She hurt her hand.

Xiaonian shook his head. "No, I hurt myself."

"How do you do it..." Gong Ou took her hand and suddenly understood it. His face sank to the extreme and his tone became worse. "Are you picking the window again and running away?"

It's the same as the last island on the cloud.


When small read silently lowers head.

Next second, Gong Ou slaps her on the head, with a strong tone of displeasure. "Do you like picking windows so much? Where will you go next time? Where will I seal the window! "

She thinks she's a monkey, and she picks the window every time.


When I was reading, I kept silent.

Gong Ou sits down beside her and puts her hand on the palm of her hand. Black eyes carefully check whether the band aid on it is pasted tightly.

The white palm is pasted with band aid, how to look ugly.

When Xiaonian wants to withdraw his hand, Gong Ou stares at her coldly, "don't move!"


"You're really capable of running away and hurting yourself! Are you a dog or a monkey? " Gong Ou scolds her.


If he didn't want to play such a wild game, would she escape.

When Xiaonian thought bitterly, suddenly her hand was cold, like a breeze sweeping through her palm, cool and comfortable.

As soon as she raised her eyes, she saw Gong Ou holding her hand and examining it carefully. His side face was as deep as sculpture, his nose was straight, and his black pupils were very deep, just like the boundless night sky.

At the moment, he was blowing against the palm of her hand.

Very focused.

It's like holding a rare treasure with careful attention.

When Xiaonian sat there, his heart was severely shocked, and an unspeakable taste haunted him.

He was blowing her the wound.

From small to large, she also suffered a lot of injuries, but it was the first time that she was so nervously examined.

The gravity on Gong Ou's face makes her trance and makes her feel like she has been seriously injured.

"How is it? Is it painful? " Gong Ou blew a few times and asked, with black eyes staring at her.

"It's OK. It's just a minor injury."

When small read uneasily don't open an eye to go, draw own hand again.

Gong Ou said in a cold voice, "if you want to draw and cook for me, how can you get hurt?"

"It's really OK."

"When I read it!" Gong Ou clutched her hand and stared at her with black eyes. Her face was full of solemn expression. "Listen to me, don't hurt these hands again, or I'll let you use them all your life!"

"Are you going to cut it?"

"What a pity to have cut it." Gong Ou grabs her hand and looks up and down at her fingers, like looking at a delicious food. Her eyes are getting darker and darker. It's a long time before she opens her lips. Every word is crazy. "I'll tie these hands with a chain, so you can't use them."

“……” Does he really think of her as a dog?

"Do you hear me?" Gong asked, like a strict parent who teaches pet dogs.


When small read can only nod, do not go against him.

"Just listen." Gong Ou was satisfied with this. His face was a little bit tense. Suddenly, he lowered his head and bit her finger. The tip of his tongue rolled.

Like a little current hitting her fingers, Xiaonian's body shakes uncontrollably.

"Still so sensitive."

Gong Ou gave a sinister smile and kissed her twice at the fingertips.


When Xiaonian looked at him warily, was he going to start?

She clenched her lips and was ready to be attacked by Gong ou. Gong Ou didn't kiss her again. He held her hand in the palm of his hand and took the wine bottle in one hand and put it aside. "You can't drink wine. You can't eat anything else. You can't eat anything with pigment."


He still didn't touch her.

He kissed her, she was stiff, he didn't touch her, she was too nervous, I don't know when he started When Xiaonian felt that he was almost driven mad.

Gong Ou didn't see her nervousness. He looked down at the table and continued, "this one can't be eaten, this one can't be eaten, neither can you..."

He's just saying that she can't eat. He doesn't mean to touch her at all.

There are many delicacies on the table.

Under Gong Ou's disorderly fingers, in front of Shi Xiaonian is a plate of sun eggs, which is the only thing she can eat at present.

"When you go back, you can't get your hands wet, you can't take heavy things, you can't touch sharp things. Do you hear me?" Gong Ou said a lot.

When Xiaonian sat by and listened, he wanted to say that he was making a fuss, but only made two cuts. It's unnecessary to exaggerate.

But when she saw the solemnity and solemnity on his face, she could not say what she had said to her mouth, only the vibration.

It's probably too long since I've been so concerned.

A little hurt, even she would not pay attention to, but he was so nervous not to allow her to eat this, eat that.

The grumpy and autocratic Gong Ou became a wordy old woman for her in a second.

This makes her heart beat in the chest have a moment of confusion.

"Eat." Gong Ou put a plate of sun eggs in front of her and ordered her to eat them. "There is still a long time to go tonight. Eat more and replenish your strength."

Long time?

Does he want to play for a long time? Then she was not in the mood to supplement her physical strength, and he had not wasted her eating.

When Xiaonian sipped her lips, took a deep breath, and looked at death as if she were going home. "Gong ou, why don't you come directly? Can you go back as soon as you finish it?"

She didn't dare to enjoy his excessive care, which made her feel that she was in a mess.

He'd better be more direct and better. If he's bad for her, he'll be more thorough.

In this way, her feelings about him will not be complicated.

"How can we do this early? I can't control it. "

Gong oudao, black eyes look at her.

"You can't control it?"

At that time, Xiaonian was shocked. This evening, there were only two of them at the top of the mountain. Who could he control?

Don't you He wants more than two people's games. More?

When I think of it, my heart comes out.

"Nonsense, how can I know when the meteor will be ready to fall here!" Gong Ou Dao, with his long fingers holding the knife and fork, began to cut the sun egg gracefully and cut it into small pieces.