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Chapter 1030 bleeding from gunshots

Feng de constantly wiped her sweat, put pills in her mouth to keep her awake, and Xiao Nian felt more intense pain.

No matter how many pills were given, Xiao Nian was in pain and her mind was confused. Her eyes were blurred by the strong light. When she saw the outline of Gong ou, her fingers couldn't help lifting, but she couldn't feel anything.

She told Gong ou that when she gave birth to a baby, he would accompany her and witness the birth of the baby together.

He can't do it.

And she couldn't bear him to do it.

At that time, Xiaonian thought that she would sink into this kind of pain forever. She heard the doctor's excited voice, "it's already opened, Mrs. Gong, you have to work hard, and the baby will come out soon."

The doctor's voice is far away, far away as if it were floating on the other side of the sea.

Even so, Xiaonian's spirit was inspired. She started to work hard by biting her teeth on her lips. She must be able to say anything for Gong ou and pumpkin.

She seems to be completely submerged in the sea, and then desperately struggle up again, in the face of countless waves want to look to the shore.

Shore There is the most beautiful sunrise.

Doctors and Feng de kept cheering for her. When Xiaonian thought about her twins, she told herself that as long as she could give birth to the baby, little pumpkin was waiting for her efforts.

When Xiaonian was gnashing his teeth, he tried to struggle out of the big waves again and again.

When she heard the doctor's surprise, she worked harder. When she heard a sigh, she was scared. This mentality made her unable to find herself.

The body was torn over and over, like a piece of debris.

In the upstairs bedroom, Gong Ou was sleeping on the bed, without any sign of waking up. However, a cold sweat appeared on his forehead, and his hands on his side were clenched little by little.

Downstairs, in the operating room, Feng de wiped off his sweat for Shi Xiaonian again.

I don't know how long later, when Xiaonian found that he couldn't help himself any more, the doctors called her again and again, "Mrs. Gong, the child is small, easy to be born, easy to be born, and you try again."

At this time, we can only try our best to comfort Xiaonian. The mental pressure of premature birth is greater than that of normal childbirth. In addition, Xiaonian suffered some trauma and doubled the pain.

Try, try.

When Xiaonian tried her best to force her head up from the operating table. Under the dazzling bright light, she watched the doctor throw the bloody cotton balls aside. The bright red color made her stay, and the cold sweat flowed into her eyes and lost her eyes.

Why there is so much blood.

What should a baby do? What should a baby do

She fell down powerless and heavily, and Feng de came to her side. Seeing how hard she was, she couldn't help saying, "Xiaonian, I'd better call the young master up."

Young master is here, her will power will be stronger.

"No, I can."

When Xiaonian opened his mouth weakly, he lay there again, struggling again and again, releasing his strength again and again, waking up again and again, struggling back and forth.

The door of the operating room was knocked over and over.

Feng De, who encouraged Xiaonian, had to go out. When Xiaonian was lying there, he could not see clearly. He blinked. That was the bodyguard of the palace. He put his head to Feng De's ear and said something.

Feng De's face suddenly became ugly. He raised his hand and said something. The man left nervously.

What's the matter?

When Feng de turned back to see him, Xiao Nian looked at him and immediately put on a relaxed expression, "the incubator is here, everything is normal after checking, and the blood bags are all here, so you can have a safe life."

"Is it Lancaster's men who have come after you?"

When Xiaonian gasped, he asked. Tonight's noise was so loud. It was a gunfight and a fierce crash. Not only was she gone, but also bit was missing. Lancaster would jump out of the wall and attack them.

"No, I've arranged everything outside. I won't leave them any clues to find here." "Before that, the two sides checked and balanced each other. They would never be able to blow up zone 13 tonight, so you can rest assured," said Fengde


Rest assured.

If she can rest assured, why is his brow so tight.

When Xiaonian thought uneasily, another pain came from her heart. Whenever she thought that the pain was the peak, the next wave always let her refresh her consciousness.

These waves It's really killing her.

When the first gunshot rang out outside, Xiao Nian fell there after finishing his last effort. His face was as white as a dead man's face, and his hair was completely wet.

"Born! Send the incubator. Hurry up. "

The doctor shouted with some excitement.

When hearing this, Xiaonian struggled to raise her half body to have a look, but she couldn't help herself. She could only see her baby wrapped in a white blanket a little while when she was lying there. A woman doctor could hold her baby tightly with her hands together, which seemed to be a very small life.

It's too small.

How can I survive.

When Xiaonian breathed in fear, his lips trembled, and Feng Dexin told her happily, "it's a boy. Now it's sent to the incubator. OK, don't worry."


"Why doesn't he cry? Why doesn't he cry? "

Don't children cry when they are born? Why don't they cry? Why don't they have a sound.

When Xiaonian is out of control, he grabs Feng De's hand and uses all his remaining strength. Feng de immediately comforts her, "it's too small, the baby is too small, and it needs to be kept in the incubator, but it looks very healthy, and it's really healthy."

He reassured again and again.

Smell speech, when small read this just half doubt, people lie down, the pain seems to disappear all over the sky, good, treasure born.

When Xiaonian let go of his hand, he lay there quietly and looked at Fengde weakly. "Adoptive father, I want to see the baby quickly."

"OK, I'll take care of it soon. You'll have a rest."

Feng de wiped her head with cold sweat.


When Xiaonian pulled the corners of his lips, he showed a smile that couldn't be raised at all. The baby was still alive. The baby was in the incubator, and Gong ou could see the baby as soon as he woke up. It's great that he didn't have to look at her so painfully.

It's really great.

When Xiaonian was lying quietly, waiting for the moment when she left the operating table, I don't know why, her body would still have a throbbing pain.

The doctors didn't mean to let her go.

was probably overexertion just now. Now the little idea gradually blurred her eyes, and her eyes were trying to close several times, and her eyelids came down all of a sudden.

She couldn't hear what the doctors were talking about. It seemed that Feng de was still talking to her to cheer up.

Cheer up what, the baby was born, now does not need her to exert, right?

"Bang, bang, bang."

The gunshot outside suddenly rang frequently. It was clearly a harsh and deafening sound. Why did she listen so vaguely.


Lancaster called.

"All right?" When small read weak voice, she can not even hear her own voice, "quickly transfer, all to the underground water."

Production is arranged here in order to be able to evacuate safely.

Feng de looked at her, his eyes were compassionate, and she could not hear what he said. He saw that they were still standing there without any intention of leaving.

When I was young, I couldn't think. I couldn't really think.

Until she faintly heard a doctor anxious in the gunshot, "hurry up, take the blood bag again, the blood is much more!"

Premature birth.

Massive bleeding.

These words floated in Xiaonian's head. At that moment, she finally knew why she had not been able to leave the operating table for such a long time, why there were all gunshots outside, and everyone did not leave.

Bleeding, pregnant women bleeding

When Xiaonian was lying on the operating table like this, he was like a fish that had been shot ashore by the waves. He lay there stiff, motionless, and could not see a trace of hope.

The guns are still firing.

The doctors are still at their posts.

When Xiaonian suddenly woke up a lot and found that the gunshot was getting closer and closer to them, and the nearest one sounded like it was outside the window.

She has to do something.

At this moment, Xiaonian suddenly rejoices that Gong Ou is asleep. She doesn't need to look into his dark eyes, so that she can betray her promise peacefully.

She closed her eyes and a tear fell from the corner.

"Adoptive father." When she spoke out, Feng de immediately went to her side and put on a more relaxed expression, "it's OK. It's just to sew up the small wound. It'll be OK soon."

"Listen to me."

When small read word by word said, hard work.

"Well, you say." Her voice was too low, and Feng de bent down and whispered to her lips.

When Xiaonian was lying there, he slowly opened his mouth. "First, send someone to evacuate Gong ou, bit and Baobao from the underground water channel and leave area 13. We can't wait any longer."

One of the two masters of the palace lies on the operating table and the other sleeps. Even if they wake up, they will wake up at any time. Under such circumstances, the bodyguards under the Palace won't have much morale and won't take advantage of each other.

It's better to save your life.

“……” When Feng de was about to say something and listen to it, he said, "second, transfer me to the underground waterway now, now, not later."

She knows that no one dares to move her now, but if they stay like this, everyone here will bury her.

Feng de frowned and said, "Xiaonian, it's still safe here. It's just..."

"I'm gong Ou's wife. He's asleep. Listen to me here." When small read is a word a word from between lips and teeth, every word in the force, "father, if you don't listen to me, now Just give me up. "

Stop saving her.

Bleeding, one of her feet has stepped on the ghost gate, she doesn't want so many people to kill her again.

"Xiaonian..." Feng de looked at her in shock.