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Chapter 93 I'sm going to the police

"If I didn't get someone to help you in time and finish the whole Bureau, you think it would be so easy to pass? If I didn't help you, Gong Ou would find you sooner or later. " When the flute said, "Tang Yi, you want to blackmail again now. Please think clearly. If you take two shots, you will not benefit. Gong ou will destroy you!"

"Don't worry, I have him now who won't waste my chips."

"What chips? You don't mean that when he was in bed that day, he was confused by drugs and said he would kill you all the time? "


When they say anything, they can't hear a single sentence. Their Qi and blood rush to the top of their heads.

She was full of conspiracy, plot, planting, framing

She finally figured out the whole story.

Three years ago, Shidi played the whole game. Tang Yi tricked her into getting on the boat, drugged her and asked her to hurt her.

As a result, Tang Yi lost her way in the world of the great family on the ship, and wanted to catch a big man, so she took the initiative to climb on Gong Ou's bed and pushed her out when she found something wrong.

Ha ha.

Her former college friend and her sister Work together to set the stage for her.

I see.

Three years ago, they killed her once, making her infamous; three years later, she was imprisoned by Gong Ou directly, and passed several times on the edge of death.

They did it all.

"I'm going to the police!"

As Shi Xiaonian said, he rushed to the computer. Mu qianchu immediately stood up, put the water cup aside, and reached for her wrist. "Xiaonian, don't be impulsive."


When Xiaonian stared at qianchu, his eyes were full of hate, his fingers were pointing to the computer aside, and he cried excitedly, "didn't you hear that they were conspiring against me three years ago. I was infamous in university because of them. I didn't graduate normally from university!"

Her life is ruined by them!

They ruined her!

"I know. Calm down first." Muqianchu said, trying to appease her.

"I can't calm down." When Xiaonian shook off his hand, "if it wasn't for them, my life would be open and upright! If it wasn't for them, Gong Ou wouldn't think that I had given birth to him and kept me prisoner all the time. I couldn't fly out without living in this big cage! I almost died in Gong Ou's hands, you know? "

She cried out, her eyes red with hate.

I almost died in Gong Ou's hands, you know?

Moqian fixed his eyes on her excited face. "Aren't you willing to follow Gong Ou?"

"Of course not! If it wasn't for three years ago, he wouldn't have come to me! " When small read excited tunnel, eyes hate to stare at him, "I was imprisoned by him in the forest, I asked you for help, you did not help me! You think I'm lying You don't believe me! No one of you believes me! "

She cried out, almost in despair.

For three years, she has been charged with a crime she should not have been charged with. She has lost her freedom and dignity because of this, all thanks to her sister and good friends.

Muqianchu thought of the phone call she received a long time ago. It turned out that she was really asking for help.

Today, he believes everything she says, but at that time, his memory has not been restored

"I'm sorry."

Murmured mu qianchu, with a thick self reproach on his face.

She said that she almost died in Gong Ou's hands, but at that time, he didn't come out to help her first time.

If he could recover his memory earlier, that would not happen.

Looking at the strong self accusation on his face, Xiaonian forced him to calm down, but his mood was still very volatile.

She said forcefully in her voice, "you don't have to say sorry to me, you don't owe me, I don't need anyone's sorry, I want them to go to the police station, I want to call the police, I want to make all the things they do public!"

She wants to return her innocence.

She wants Tangyi and Shidi to pay! She's not a fool. She can't be fooled by both of them.

When Xiaonian went to the computer, he was ready to back up all these words.

Her hand was once again held by mu qianchu. She turned around and mu qianchu looked at her and said seriously, "calm down first. We will take the long view of this matter."

Smell speech, when small read to draw out own hand immediately, eyes alienate ground to look at him, "you don't want me to announce right, do you want to help when the flute conceals?"

“……” Mu qianchu looks at her in silence.

The estrangement in her eyes is very hurtful.

Shi Xiaonian stepped back two steps, leaned back against the table with three screens, and stared at him warily. "Do you want to help me on purpose, or do you want to destroy it when I collect the evidence?"

Mu qianchu stood there stiffly, his face turned blue and white and gray. He was hurt in his eyes. He raised his lips with self mockery. "I'm so untrustworthy in your eyes."

His tone is hurt.

When Xiaonian realized that his tone was too bad, he couldn't help puckering his lips. A moment later, he said, "it's not a question of trust. I know she's your wife. You must not have the heart. It's human nature."

But she can't swallow this injustice. She must call the police!

"Can't bear it?" Mu qianchu chuckled and said, "she keeps cheating on me, killing the children without telling me, and giving you such a dirty situation without telling me. Can't I bear it?"


Xiaonian looks at him in shock.

Get rid of the baby?

"You've been eavesdropping on Shidi for a few days. You should know that." Mu qianchu said, looking at her calmly, without any fluctuation, as if this matter was not worth mentioning to him.

I thought she was just not pregnant

"She's not pregnant. She's got the baby killed in secret." Mu qianchu narrated calmly.

The flute knocked the child out.

How can this happen? Is it because Shidi wants to compete in the entertainment industry? There's no reason, the first task of entering the Mu family is naturally to give birth to successors, which is necessary and more important than the entertainment circle.

There is still time to work hard, but the flute is young and not in a hurry.

What exactly is Shi Di thinking?

When Xiaonian couldn't figure it out, he raised his eyes and looked at Xiangmu's face, which had been defeated in the first thousand years. Combining with all the previous works, he immediately understood, "it is so, so you help me. You also want to know how many hidden things Shidi has done behind her, right?"

He found out that Shi Di lied to her and doubted her. He didn't love her as much as before and began to distrust her, so he helped her.

Muqianchu looked at her, his lips moved, and he didn't say what he wanted to say in the end.

Help you, just want to help you, no reason.

But these words, not to say the time, he has not solved everything, he wants to be pure and innocent to do back to the once moqian Chu to find her.

Out of the window, the night is thick.

Muqianchu didn't answer. He only soothed her with a gentle voice. "Now, you can calm down and listen to me. You can think about how to do it again."

"I still need to call the police."

Shi Xiaonian insisted that in addition to calling the police, she could not think of any way to revenge the two women.

Mu qianchu stood in front of her and frowned at her stubbornness and said, "now you call the police. Your evidence is from an unknown source. If you steal it, you will be arrested."

"Gong ou will come to protect me."

When small read without thinking tunnel.

Mu qianchu's face turned white and his voice became hoarse. "You just said that you didn't want to stay with Gong Ou voluntarily, but now you are very confident that he will help you."


When Xiaonian stayed there, he was speechless.

For a moment, she was frightened by herself.

Yes, she has always hated being tied by Gong ou. She has always hated not having freedom and Gong ou How come when something happens, her first reaction is that Gong ou will come to protect her.

Is she crazy.

When did she have such a strong dependence on Gong Ou.

When small read stupidly walked two steps to the side, suddenly fell into a chair, hands and feet cold.

Mu qianchu stood there, staring at her face with low eyes. He understood something. His chest seemed to be cut by some blade. He was in agony.

For a long time, mu qianchu said slowly, "if you go to the police station now, do not say whether you will be arrested first, this evidence is not bright, and will not be admitted in court."


When small read of long eyelashes trembled, raise eyes to look at him, "what meaning, is I take this evidence also cannot cure when flute and Tang art?"

So she did all these things for nothing?

In vain?

"I won't stop you from getting back at them, but you have to be prepared for it." Mu qianchu stood in front of her and looked down at her deeply. "Xiaonian, do you believe me?"

Xiaonian, do you believe me?

A gentle sentence, with expectations.

When small read Zheng Zheng ground to look at him, lips moved, for a long time just way, "I don't know."

She really didn't know.

If she was young, she would believe without care.

But not now. He lost his memory. He is Shidi's husband. He loves Shidi so much. He wants her to believe him. She doesn't know how to believe him.

"Leave it to me, and I'll find it out in a week and put the evidence in front of you." "I won't let you be so wronged," said muqianchu in a soft voice. "I'll do it for you."


When small read Zheng Leng there, a word can not say.

He said, this tone, he for her out.

But in what capacity? Husband of Shidi.

"If I can't get things done in a week, what do you want, OK?" Asked mu qianchu.

When Xiaonian didn't know what else to say, she bit her lips, and for a long time she said, "why do you want to help me? Don't you love Shidi? She's your wife. "

Anyway, he shouldn't have come to help her.

"We haven't got a license yet. Legally speaking, she's not my wife." Said Mu qianchu.


They haven't got a license yet?

Shixiaonian looked at him in shock, "but you loved her before, didn't you? Just because she killed the child without telling you, you're going to turn around and help me get back at her? "

Is his admiration so weak? He is not such a person.

Love must be reversed? Can't stand being cheated a little because I love flute too much?