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Chapter 766 I love Gong ou

"Take it away?"

Lori froze.

"It's Gong Ou's mother. She knows that I'm pregnant and imprisons me in a high tower by the sea. She wants to have a baby instead of a mother." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"How could she do it because you were born in a humble family?" Asked Lori.

"Not enough. The Lancaster family has done you kindness. You should know the aristocratic views." Shi Xiaonian said, looking up at him.

Lori's eyes were frozen. He didn't say anything more when he was standing there. He really saw a lot of aristocratic ideas.

The reason why the Lancaster family can flourish for a long time is largely due to the opinions of these families. Only by combining the strong and the strong, can the strong and the strong get married for a long time.

"When I was imprisoned in a high tower, the palace family deliberately sent me a message. Gong ou and Mona swore under the witness of the two families, which means they are about to be engaged and get married." When Xiaonian whispered, and then recalled the past, she was still heartbroken. "Maybe I had a heart attack from that time, but I didn't know at that time. I just felt a little tossed and then I had to die back, sweating all over."

"It's a heart attack that magnifies your pain, which few people will notice."

Said Lori.

"Well." When small read nodded, the voice is still calm to continue to say, "later, I gave birth to a pair of twins, the son was taken away, someone came to save me, my daughter and I were saved."

"Mr. Gong didn't want to come to you? Or he also acquiesced to the palace's behavior, forcing you to leave your children. "

Asked Lori.

"That's what I thought at that time. I hated Gong family and Gong ou. I never thought of provoking people like him, but my life was completely destroyed by him. I also lost my freedom and my own children." When Xiaonian looked up at the horizon, "but in fact, Gong Ou was looking for me all that time, but he couldn't find it, so he and Mona swore an oath."

"Miss Mona is also a victim." Lori said, "she was cheated by Mr. Gong."

That's a poor woman.

The eldest lady of a big family has died.

"The reason Gong Ou wanted to break up with me and kiss Mona is that Mona let Gong ou know His brother's death is related to my brother. " Shi Xiaonian said, "Gong Ou let me go because he was afraid of Mona's exposure and his father's censure."

"Gong Yu?" Hearing this, Lori would straighten up, turn her eyes and look at her, "I don't know much about Gong Yu. What's the matter? What his death? "

Gong Yu is not alive.

Originally, Lori didn't know about Gong Yu. Xiaonian shook his head. He didn't say anything more about it. He just said calmly from the beginning to the end of her, Gong ou and Mona's disputes. He went to Gong Ou's engagement ceremony to change the bride temporarily, to Mona's design to let Gong Ou's illness explode in an all-round way, and to Mona's disorderly treatment of Gong ou for four years.

Everything is clear.

Luo lie listened with astonishment. He couldn't hide his astonishment. He didn't think there were so many entanglements in the middle.

"You may not believe it. Gong Ou is the second young master of Gong family and a technological genius that everyone pays attention to, but I haven't even had a formal wedding with him." Shi Xiaonian said, "on our wedding day, Mona kidnapped my son, and then Gong Ou shot Mona to save her son. Since then, the hatred between the palace family and the Lancaster family has grown. "

"Miss Mona kidnapped the man?"

Lori froze.


"But it's all said that Mr. Gong killed her because of his arrogance. Miss Mona is the most beloved miss of Lancaster family. I've seen her. She's noble and generous." Said Lori.

Smell speech, when small read pulled the lip Cape, "doctor Luo, everything has two sides of the story, how to choose depends on who you are willing to believe. I tell you this because I want to tell you that it's really not easy for me and Gong ou to go to this day. "


Lori's face turned white.

"The first pregnancy has caused a lot of shadow for me and Gong ou. I have survived, but Gong Ou hasn't. He thinks it's all his fault. He clearly wants to experience the process of CO breeding with his wife, but he can't open his mouth and even wants me to kill the child." When Xiao Nian turned her eyes to Luo lie, her eyes were red in the sun. "Doctor Luo, I love Gong ou."

Doctor Luo, I love Gong ou.

Her voice was trembling, so tender, so painful.


Lori looked at her. There was no language.

"You don't need to cure me. I just hope you don't give Gong Ou any more conditions." Shi Xiaonian said with tears in his eyes, "Gong Ou's EQ is very low. He will do whatever you say at any cost. He will not hesitate if you want him to jump into the fire."

It is.

He didn't see any hesitation in Gong Ou's face. After living for so many years, Lori was the first to see such feelings.

"Mrs. Gong..."

"Dr. law, what do you want me to do to take back your condition?" When small read red eyes interrupt his words, "I really do not need to cure, you rest assured, I will not let Gong Ou deal with you."

"No cure? Are you going to have the baby? "

Asked Lori.


I didn't hesitate at all.

"The time period when your heart disease is induced is when you are pregnant. Pregnancy is a period of suffering. Once your heart disease is induced, it will be painful. Even vomiting will be 100 times more painful than normal pregnant women." "You might as well choose to kill the child," Lori said

"This is Gong Ou's child and me. Why should I kill them? Gong Ou is really looking forward to this child. Why should I kill him? " When I was young, I couldn't think of the reason why I didn't want this child.

"For the sake of the child and his expectations, you have to endure the pain of non-human labor and childbirth?"

"I won't hurt Gong ou. I can bear it." Shi Xiaonian immediately said, looking at Lori with both eyes, "Dr. Luo, this is my own business. I will solve it. I just ask you not to ask Gong Ou any more. Please, I ask you."

She said so much that she did not want to embarrass Lori's position, but only wanted such a result.

Lori sat there in silence, looking at her red eyes, where there were entreaties and perseverance.

After watching for a long time, Luo lie couldn't help saying, "you and Mr. Gong are crazy people. They are a perfect match."

It's all for the sake of each other.

"Dr Lo?"

When Xiaonian looks at him and waits for his answer.

Before Lori spoke, there was a little noise downstairs. Xiaonian's eyes widened suddenly, he stood up and rushed forward, his hands pressed on the balcony to look down.

I saw Mr palace standing below, standing straight, with his head slightly lowered.

Gong Ou came out of Luo's house, dressed in straight clothes, and walked on without looking back. The yacht was still there in the distance.


When Xiaonian looked at him in astonishment, he still wanted to leave, he still chose to leave.

Even if she quarreled with him, even if she beat him, he would go and never give up until his goal is achieved.

In fact, it was the expected result. When Xiaonian was still suffering from madness, she looked at Gong Ou's back and her lips trembled slightly.

Every time, when she is really stubborn, she can't beat him.

When Xiaonian closed his eyes, tears slipped across his face.

When she opened it again, there was no hope in her eyes. She turned around silently and walked forward.

She walked stiffly on, step by step, her arm clenched.

Luo lie stood beside her, with a word "Chuan" on her brow, "where are you going?"

"I will not cure the disease. If Gong Ou tries to cure my heart disease once and for all, I won't feel well." When Xiaonian said in a low voice, "doctor Luo, you have let Gong Ou accompany you for six days, and you have played Gong ou for Lancaster. If you can, please stop."

"You really don't cure it?"

Asked Lori.

"No more, no more."

I'm really tired.

Time after time, Gong Ou's efforts to cure the disease made her tired. She didn't want anything.

When small read face pale ground struggles to open Luo lie's hand, walks forward, in the eye only then is gloomy.

Lori stood behind her, looking at her thin back, turning her eyes to the photo frames on the counter, all of which were photos of him and some people in Lancaster.

He never thought of betraying Lancaster.


"You don't have to go." Lori closed his eyes and said slowly, "I'll stop Mr. Gong."

Smell speech, when small read's footsteps stop there, unbelievably look back to him, Lori opened his eyes to see her, said, "you are a powerful woman, if you are willing to threaten me."

He will not compromise by threatening him.

But she didn't, and he talked about a lot of things. He hates people who are not patients to talk about things with him. He can't help but want to treat them.

Yes, just because of professional habits.


When Xiaonian looked at him in a daze, he didn't say anything. Lori had raised his legs and left. When Xiaonian stood in the same place, he slowly understood that Lori had agreed to her request.

Sure enough, conquering any man is easier than conquering Gong ou.



When Xiaonian reaches out to wipe away the tears on his face, the corners of his mouth barely hook up, showing a smile.

That's good, that's good.


In the hot sun, when Gong Ou stepped on the yacht, Gong Yu was standing there. Gong Yu stood in front of Gong ou and looked at him coldly. "I won't let you go."

"Get out of the way!"

Gong Ou coldly spits out a sentence from the thin lips.

Gong Yu stood still. Gong Ou stared at him sharply. "Mr palace, pull him to Luo's house."


The R palace listens to the order immediately to come forward and stretch out a hand to stop Gong Yu.