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Chapter 881. You guessed it


That's where she put Li Qingyan under temporary house arrest.

When Xiaonian sat there with her lips tightly pressed, she pushed the door open and walked down. The bodyguards were shocked to see her. "Mrs. Gong, Mr. Gong asked us to send people to the police station."

is exactly the same as Gong Yu's command.

"Well, I'll go in and have a look." When small read lightly said.


The bodyguards bowed their heads.

When Xiaonian walked in, Li Qingyan in the living room was randomly tied to the chair with his hands behind him. There were several bloodstains on the clothes in front of him. His long hair was scattered, and she could not see what kind of emotion was in her eyes with her head lowered. However, her face was pale and her injuries were more and more serious.

This is Shi Xiaonian's revenge. She doesn't want to cure the people who hurt Gong ou, so Li Qingyan is under house arrest.

When Xiao Nian walked towards Li Qingyan, Li Qingyan kept looking down, and suddenly looked up at her as if he felt something. When his eyes were neutral, he smiled coldly, "how can I solve this problem?"

"This is Gong Ou's arrangement."

When small read lightly said.

"Is it showing off to me?" Li Qingyan sneered, "the senior thinks you can have a good baby if you do this? Yes, he's really nice to you. "

"You seem to want me to misunderstand something."

When small read held up his waist, pulled a chair to sit down, calmly looked at her, was not stimulated.

Hearing this, Li Qingyan lowered her eyes, which made her unable to see what she was thinking. For a while, Li Qingyan suddenly said, "at that time, in St. John, the Dean seldom paid attention to others. I should be the only one he took care of among the students. He praised me in front of many people for the first time. At that time, I was very excited and cheered, and even had an unspeakable vanity."


When Xiaonian listened coldly, she had to admit that she was not feeling well.

Her men boast about other women. Although it's nothing, it's still uncomfortable.

"A man like him is intelligent, intelligent, strong in background, independent, and like the sudden sunshine in the night, which can't be ignored, especially when he praises you, the whole person seems to float up." Li Qingyan said.

"There will be no sunshine in the night."

When Xiaonian interrupts her coldly.

"I'm just a metaphor." Li Qingyan looked up at her with a sneer, "why, unhappy? Taste? In fact, when you marry a senior, you should understand how this kind of man can stand on his own for you. Even if he has such a heart, there are too many temptations around him. Sooner or later, he will step into a pit. "

When Xiaonian sat in front of her and listened quietly, smiled coldly, "Gong Ou is not a man in general."


He is not an average man.

He is a wonderful flower standing in the crowd.

"He has paranoid personality disorder, I know, but how about that? This time he didn't win my move?" Li Qingyan looked at her, and said, "I can have a long relationship with my seniors. I have been admiring for many years, and I have no regrets about my death."

For the first time, Shi Xiaonian saw that someone said such shameless words so beautifully, as if they were very righteous.

"You seem to want me to think you're in bed."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"If the president's wife is willing to delude herself into thinking that I have nothing with the senior, then I have nothing to say." Li Qingyan looked at her with a smile, and then said, "yes, of course, in the face of this kind of thing, life can be peaceful."

Smell speech, when small read low eyes thinking, eye circulation, always feel what is wrong.

The sun outside the window fell on the tree and made heavy shadows.

Time is silent in the air.

Shixiaonian looks at her. A bodyguard comes in from outside and looks at shixiaonian with the meaning of inquiry.

They are in a hurry to finish all the work and send them to Gong ou.

When Xiaonian looked at Li Qingyan's pale face, "to be honest, in fact, I don't feel that you like Gong Ou much. You seem to have come here to disgust me."

Words fall, when small read clearly see Li Qingyan's eyelashes quiver.


When small read heart next tight, was she said?

Two more bodyguards came in. When Xiao Nian and Li Qingyan had nothing to say, they stood up and said, "take her away."

She can't forgive what Li Qingyan did. She should learn to be ruthless, shouldn't she?

"Yes, Madame Miyake."

Two bodyguards came up to untie Li Qingyan and escorted her away, saying, "Mrs. palace, we will take her to the police station now."

This is what I read when I said it.

When Xiaonian nodded and turned her eyes to Li Qingyan, which shocked her. Li Qingyan seemed to know that he was not going to the police station. His face was lonely and despairing. There was no provocation, no emotion in his eyes, only emptiness.

Endless emptiness.

Li Qingyan didn't even struggle, so he was escorted to the outside. When Xiaonian followed her out, she saw her step by step leaving with her own life.

The sun slanted by.

Then, Xiao Nian saw Li Qingyan in tears.

She cried.

Tears fell from Li Qingyan's eyes, empty and sad.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at it. She didn't know why. She just felt that the tears didn't flow like Li Qingyan's own death path, but for other reasons

She has this strange intuition.

But what is it? Shi Xiaonian can't tell. She can only watch the bodyguard escort Li Qingyan into the car. Li Qingyan bumps into the car door, and a silver necklace suddenly falls off her neck and lands on the ground.

The necklace is a very common silver chain, not even a pendant.

When Xiaonian saw a flash of panic in her eyes.

"Go in!"

The bodyguard pushes Li Qingyan in, but Li Qingyan suddenly doesn't cooperate, excitedly shouting, "necklace, my necklace!"

"What necklace to pick up! Gone! "

Shouted the bodyguard impatiently.

"My necklace!"

Li Qingyan stuck the door and refused to enter. The bodyguard refused to compromise even after he was pushed and hit several times. The bodyguard had to pick up the necklace for her and throw it into her pocket.

Li Qingyan took a long breath of relief and sat in the car in coordination.

At the moment when the door closed, the voice of Xiaonian was faster than her thoughts, "wait."

"What else can I do for Mrs. Gong?"

Bodyguards look back at her. Li Qingyan just stares at the position of his pocket.

When small read to walk over, looking at Li Qingyan's face, think or say, "don't send the police station, continue to close."

"But Mr. Gong means..."

"I'll go over to him." When small read light tunnel, "continue to close, don't let her escape."


The bodyguard had to answer.

As soon as Xiao Nian turned his eyes, he was shocked at Li Qingyan. Li Qingyan didn't seem to think that Xiao Nian would leave her and stay there. "What do you want to do?"

"I just think you should have something else to tell us."

When small read lightly said, then turn around to leave, no longer pay attention to her.


Li Qingyan looks at her back in a daze. The light spots falling from the leaves reflect on Xiaonian's back, which is not delicate. It beats like there are countless elves singing.

Li Qingyan suddenly understood why the proud, like a senior, would take a fancy to this seemingly ordinary woman. She thought that shixiaonian was so different.



When Xiaonian put the soup he had spent several hours boiling on the bedside table, put a bunch of flowers in Gong Ou's arms, blocking the thick stack of materials at his hand, and the voice was gentle and clear, "you should lie down and rest, don't look at it, OK?"

How long has she been away? It's dark outside. He's still reading the information.

Gong Ou looks at a bunch of flowers in front of her. Her long fingers flick the petals and lift her eyes to sweep at her. "When I was reading, what are you going to do if you don't turn Li Qingyan to the police station?"

He already knows.

"I think she still has something important to say." Said Shi Xiaonian honestly.

"What do you mean?"

Asked Gong ou.

When Xiaonian stood by his bed, unscrewed the lid of the incubator, filled with thick soup, and said, "Li Qingyan's practice is very strange and direct. I think anyone will think about himself when they do something. Even if Mona still knows how to kidnap holy to protect her life in the end, what Li Qingyan does seems to never care about his own end."

Gong Ou is sitting on the head of the bed, his black eyes are gazing deeply, his long fingers are touching the petals, and his thin lips are inching, "go on."

"So I think there is something wrong with her. Maybe there is something hidden behind her. Maybe it's very important for us. I want to close her first and not rush to deal with it."

Shi Xiaonian said, turning around with the soup bowl, to the black eyes of Shanggong ou, he saw that he was looking at himself, with no accident in his eyes. His eyes were bright and deep.

Four eyes are opposite.

When small read suddenly understand, "you already guessed?"

"I'm not as good as you and how to be your man."

Gong Ou tore off a petal and put it on the tip of his nose and sniffed. Well, sometimes Xiaonian's breath.

When small read a black line, "boast don't degrade me."

"Not to demean you."

"Isn't that derogatory?" When small read depressed tunnel.

Gong Ou held the petals and smelt them for a while. The delicate color of the petals made his face not so bad. He looked at her and said, "my IQ is 251. You are just a little less than me. You are already higher than many people. Of course, you are not derogatory."


That's not

"Go to your 250!" When Xiaonian angrily picked up the soup bowl and tried to pour it into the garbage can.

"I'm wrong!"

Gong Ou immediately bounced up from the bed and sat up. His long hand reached out to her, and there was a rose in his palm. It was very red.


Recognize the mistake so quickly, when small read to look at him speechless, he really did anything to eat.

"Give it to me!"

Gong Ou's face is on the plate, worried that she really poured the soup.