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Chapter 847 Lanting is out of order

The murderer is indeed from langhuayu, but the mastermind is the Lancaster family.

"No! It's impossible! It's impossible! " Lanting roared out, suddenly his eyes were wide open, a mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth, all splashed on the paper in his hand.

The paper was printed with a picture of his wife after she was insulted. Now she was stained with blood and couldn't see anything.

How could it be Lancaster.

Although he knew that he needed to know something about his escape, Lancaster did not blame him for his departure, but helped him change his surname. Therefore, he did not want to hand over the information just now. He did not want to betray the Lancaster family like him.

But now he told him that Lancaster was the mastermind of killing his wife, impossible, impossible.

"You are lying! You cheat! Mr Lancaster knows that my wife has nothing, he knows! He won't kill my wife, or in this way! "

Lanting roared excitedly, his lips were red with blood.


Gong Ou doesn't care about such people.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at Lanting's face, he said softly, "Mr. LAN, after all these years, I believe you have tried your best to find the murderer, but you can't find any clue about the murderer. You should have suspected it."

At this moment, she was able to string up the whole story.

Lanting decided to bomb the island from the beginning, so he forbear to Gong Ou in all ways and could not report to Lancaster, because once there is chaos here, his bomb burial will also be revealed, and his plan will not be carried out.


Smell speech, Lanting kneels there, whole body stiff, the whole person seems to be lost soul, a word can not say.

When Xiaonian sighed, "you won't believe it, because you know that you can't deal with the mastermind except those murderers."

How could Lancaster family be able to defend himself? So he forced himself not to think so. But now, Gong Ou threw the evidence in front of him with all his blood.

He can't escape.

Lanting's shoulder completely collapsed, and his eyes were as gray as death. "No, if it was Lancaster, he could also remove those murderers, or kill them. How could I put them on the langhuayu island?"

Feng de stood on a side road. "It's about wanting to guard against you. You have information in your hands. If you don't remove these people, you can still be an eyeliner, obstruct you, and you can secretly find information."

It's no pleasure not to do it.

If a few people are suddenly all transferred or killed, Lanting will guess that it is Lancaster's hand. This bureau is so beautiful.

"He's been putting people around me for so many years, which shows that he's watching me. Why don't he come and kill you?" Lanting looks at Gong ou.

Everyone knows that the Lancaster family regards Gong Ou as a thorn in the eye and a thorn in the flesh.

"I really can't communicate with such a stupid person as you!"

Gong Ou looks at him in disgust, steps out from behind his desk, squats down beside Lanting, reaches out and grabs his hair, pulls up his drooping head, "do you want to understand? Because he's been watching you, Lancaster already knew your plan to bomb the island. He didn't go out, just waiting to kill me by your hand! "


Lanting knelt and sat there, his face gray.

Feng de stood aside, lowered his head, and said, "no wonder so many people in our palace have been on the island for many days. There is no movement in Lancaster. On the surface, we haven't received any news yet. In fact, we are waiting for our death."

This is a tough move.

It's very cruel. It's better to remove the heart stabbing Lanting and Gong ou.

But the Lancaster family is expected to jump again. The plan of killing people with a knife has been seen through by the young master.


Lanting is kneeling, suddenly a mouthful of blood comes out of his mouth. Gong Ou pushes him away in disgust. Lanting suddenly loses his support. The whole person falls to the ground, his eyes staring at the papers on the ground.

For a while, he moved his hand and began to crazily hug those papers in his arms. His hands were all bloodstained, "Qingqing, Qingqing, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

He apologized repeatedly.

When Xiaonian stood there, he couldn't bear to see. At this moment, Lanting finally saw that everything was his fault. He refused to listen to the advice and jumped out of the hole in Lancaster early.

Is he really waking up now?

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Qingqing, I'm sorry I'm really sorry. "

Lanting whispered and hugged all the papers in his arms, as if he was holding a person. His body was hurt, his hands were full of blood, and his eyes were empty as if he was lying beside the bridge.

The mastermind is the Lancaster family. He can't do anything. He knows where the real killer is, but he can't do anything.

He can't do anything.

He has planned for so many years, but he can't revenge for anything. He can't revenge

He's useless. He's useless. He's useless. I'm sorry. Qingqing, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. He should have listened to her. He should have listened.


When Xiaonian saw him like this, he raised his eyes and looked at Fengde. Fengde went to squat down and put his hand on Lanting's wrist to feel for him.

Gong ou could not see his dirty appearance, so he stood up and left.

Lanting suddenly pushes away Feng De's hand, stretches out a blood hand and grabs Gong Ou's ankle. Gong Ou lifts his leg and is about to kick him. When Xiao Nian hurriedly says, "Gong Ou!"

Lanting looks like this. Don't hurt it any more.

“……” Gong Ou squinted at her, took her legs back and glared at Lanting.

"Help me with the Lancaster family, please, please."

Lanting begged Gong ou, holding Gong Ou's ankle with one hand and holding the paper firmly with the other hand.

"I'm dealing with the Lancaster family, but not for you."

Said Gong Ou gloomily.

Hearing this, Lanting was obviously more comfortable. He let go of his hand and held the pile of paper tightly. "That's good, that's good. I want the Lancaster family not to leave a living mouth, but to die..."


When small read low eyes, don't know why, this trip to the island, Lanting will harm their family like this, but she can't hate this man.

Maybe it's because he made his life a complete tragedy.

It's impossible to hate.

Lanting fell to the ground like a walking corpse. The only action was to hold the paper page by page in his arms and hold it tightly. He looked at the front with empty eyes and said, "I'll tell you where the data is hidden."

These materials are a cancer in his hand, and can't play a big role. Only in Gong Ou's hand can they play the most useful role.

At this moment, Xiaonian understood that the end was finally over.

"I can tell you where the bombs are distributed, but I want to bury the people in langhuayu." After saying the information, Lanting looked at it with blood from his mouth, which was startling.

He can't move the mastermind, but he still wants to kill several murderers who insult and kill his wife.

"There's no need to bury. The people on the island have been under my control. The island will not explode. There will be changes in the people buried beside you. There should be more than one of them. When they move, all the truth will be clear." Gong Ou cold tunnel, lifting eyes and glancing at small read.

When Xiaonian smiled at him, she knew that he would not play with the lives of all the people on the island.

"Well, give them to me."

Lanting said that blood was constantly coming out of his mouth.

Feng de stood up from the ground, looked at Gong ou and lowered his head. "Young master, although Mr. Lan was seriously injured, he didn't want to die, but he was very angry. I'm afraid No way. "

Never seen a person explode to this level.

When hearing this, Xiaonian opened his eyes in astonishment, and looked down at Lanting's mouth. He could hardly see the teeth. He could not help frowning, "adoptive father, can cure..."

Before she had finished speaking, Feng de shook his head. "The pulse is all disordered. It's about these two days."

I don't think we can make it through tonight.

Gong Ou stood there indifferently, without expression.

When Xiaonian listened, he closed his eyes sadly. Two bodyguards helped Lanting up from the ground. Lanting still held the paper firmly.

It's just because there are some pictures of his wife on those papers.

When the bodyguard helps Lanting to go, Xiaonian catches up and asks, "Mr. LAN, do you want to see Xiaoqi?"

Lanting can't even stand. Hearing this, he looks at her with blank eyes, nods and says with blood, "yes No... Up. "

When Xiaonian stood there, he didn't understand whether he was sorry for her or his wife.

Maybe all of them.

It was at this moment that he realized that he was all wrong.


In the sun, at the gate outside the LAN family yard, the whole people of langhuayu were standing there, trying to find out the news of Lanting. There was a lot of noise.

The palace's bodyguards stopped in front of them. In the dark, they also had many eyes on the residents of the island.

In the closed gate, the courtyard is full of flowers, which are fragrant and warm when the sun falls on them.

Gong Yao is sitting on a swing chair in the courtyard with two legs down. His clothes are clean, spotless and straight. He looks down at his small hands.

I don't know what happened to Xiaonian. She's still not sick. She should go back to her room and go to bed.


A brilliant childlike voice came.

Gong Yao turned his head and saw LAN Xiaoqi running from the inside with a doll in her arms. She ran to him with a happy face and stared at him without blinking.

"Where have you been?"

Gong Yao asked. There was no ups and downs in his childish tone.

"I'll get you some lollipops, will you?" LAN Xiaoqi stood in front of him and gave him a lollipop with a small hand. "Litchi flavor."