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Chapter 197 the bloodiest confession

Gong Ou's whole body was held by her. Suddenly, he pushed her away violently, sat there and shouted out angrily, "get out! Get the hell out of here! Go away! "

When Xiaonian was pushed heavily on the wet grass, the heavy rain hit him hard. Sitting in the grass, Gong Ou stared at her with black pupils, almost resentful, "let's go! I want you to go! "

Is it because the car accident mood is out of control again?

When Xiaonian returns to Gong Ou in pain, squats in front of him and reaches out to touch his hand.

Gong Ou shook her off and stared at her with hatred in her eyes, "go away!"

"Gong ou, I'm shixiaonian. It's OK. Can you come back with me?" I tried to speak softly.

Gong Ou stares at her face, and there is a strong hatred in her pupils. "I know who you are. My brother has broken my appointment, and you have broken it! You don't care about the appointment with me, get out! Get out of here! "

Gong Ou pushes her hard again.

When Xiaonian was pushed to sit on the ground again, she looked at him stupidly. In the dark, she suddenly saw Gong Ou's sleeve was cut open, her arm was full of blood, with a knife edge

Gong Ou sat there, tightly encircling himself, with his eyes glued to the grass. There was another panic in his eyes, and his thin lips trembled a little.

It's the same as that time in Empire castle.

No, it's better.

At least he didn't hurt himself that time.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he suddenly found that there was a knife in his long hand, which was matched with the car key.

In the dark, the cold flashes.

When Xiaonian realized what he was going to do, he immediately rushed to grab the knife and went to grab it recklessly.

Gong Ou pushes back, and the knife cuts a short cut on her arm. When Xiaonian cries out in pain, "hiss"


Gong Ou looks down, his face is stiff, and his knife falls on the grass.

He looked at her and didn't speak. Then he blocked his face with his hands and didn't want her to see his face.

"Gong ou, Gong ou, listen to me." When Xiaonian ignored the injury on his hand, he grabbed his hand, stared at his eyes, and said softly, "it's OK. I told you last time that everything is over. Don't worry about it. Your brother didn't break your appointment, and I didn't, didn't I? "


Gong Ou turned his face and pushed her. "Go away."

His emotions were not as strong as they had been, but he resisted her approach, his fingers trembling.

When Xiaonian looked at him like this, she frowned tightly and thought about the way she had solved the problem in the imperial Castle last time. She went forward again, knelt on the ground, reached out to encircle him and hugged him.


Gong Ou pushes her away.

When small read to come forward again, hold him again, the wound on the arm is hit by rain ache also don't care, hold him stubbornly.


Gong Ou pushes away again.

When Xiaonian was pushed to fall in the grass, she was tossed down one day today. She had no strength left. She struggled to get up from the ground again and went back to Gong Ou again, reaching out to hold him.

Only she knew how stubborn the hug was.


Gong Ou pushed her away again and again.

When Xiaonian forgets how many times she has been pushed down, she struggles from the wet grass and returns to him.

She was so tired that she seemed to be breathing hard.

Gong Ou finally stopped pushing her and let her hold her.

It's not so much that he let her hold him, as that he let her lean on him.

When Xiaonian kneels on the ground, his hands are around Gong Ou's shoulders, and the whole person almost relies on him.


Gong Ou sits there in silence. People gradually settle down in her arms. Her body does not tremble as before, and her head slowly leans towards her arms.

Both men were drenched.

The smell of blood spread between the two.

At that time, Xiaonian thought that she and Gong Ou really had to get scarred every time and lived a thrilling life.

She held him in her arms and the heavy rain fell on them.

Suddenly, she heard Gong Ou's voice, "don't you want me?"

His voice was bleak.

When Xiaonian knelt on the wetland, thinking of the voice he heard before, he couldn't help whispering, "when did I say I didn't want you? When did I say I treated you as garbage? When did I say I didn't love you?"

She was tired and spoke slowly.

But then she was pushed away by Gong ou.


push again.

Is that how he hates her today?

When small read falls to sit on the ground again, painful and tired, she can't get up completely.

Gong Ou sits there, a pair of black pupils glare at her fiercely, like a wild animal staring at its prey, even the eyes are scarlet, "what do you say? When did you say you don't love me

He asked, almost gnashing his teeth.


When Xiaonian sat on the ground and looked at him in amazement, it seemed that he had not completely collapsed, and even knew how to ask her back.

"Say it! What do you mean by that? "

Gong Ou glared at her and shouted, the lines of the outline were tight.

When Xiaonian was frightened by his eyes, he said naively, "that's the literal meaning."

"Make it clear!"

Gong Ou stares at her, his eyes would like to tear her up and eat her.


When Xiaonian looked at his eyes in fear, he sat on the ground and moved back a little bit.

Does she dare to say that he looks like this?

"Say it!" Gong Ou pounced on her, a pair of black pupils staring at her, flashing a fierce light, knees kneeling in front of her on the ground, a long hand grabbed her wrist, tightly clenched, would like to pinch.

When Xiaonian's body went back and looked at him in fear, his arms were full of blood.

The whole picture is bloody and violent.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, there was no doubt that he would strangle her next second.

"Say it! When did you say you don't love me? " Gong Ou roars out of his throat and stares at her with black eyes.

When Xiaonian's wrist was clenched and hurt by him, he said weakly, "that is, I love you, I love you."

Is the literal meaning hard to understand?

Why do you stare at her so fiercely.

Can't she say that?


Smell speech, Gong Ou's eyes are sluggish, look at her in astonishment, the long hand is loose, when small read's hand falls down, she turns to want to run.

Gong Ou pulls her back. "What are you running for?"

"Your eyes make me want to run."

She is honest.

His eyes told her that if she didn't run, she would be dead.

"No running!" Gong Ou suddenly pushed her down heavily in the grass, put his hands on her shoulders, and stared at her. "Say what you just said again!"

When Xiaonian was pushed to the ground, the mud under the grass had already been wet by the rain, and now a little wet mud splashed on her face, embarrassed.

"Your eyes make me want to run."

She watched the sinister face above her head repeat feebly.

"Last sentence!"


What did she say in the last sentence?

When small read Leng Leng, tentatively asked, "is I love you?"

"You're lying to me!" Gong Ou stares at her.

"I didn't lie to you "Well."

Before she finished speaking, Gong Ou's face suddenly approached her, kissing her lips crazily and pressing her on the wet grass.

When Xiaonian was lying there, covered with mud and water, his eyes widened suddenly, and he looked at the face close to his eyes in disbelief.

Gong Ou is desperate to pry open her lips, and the tongue of fire is wildly involved. She attacks everything in her mouth and kisses her so much that she can't even adjust her breath.

"Well Um... "

When Xiaonian tried to push him away, but he could not. He could only let him do what he wanted.

Gong Ou kisses with no skill. When she gnaws and bites on her lips, Xiao Nian frowns with pain.

The heavy rain kept falling and hit Gong Ou's back hard.

As if he could not feel the pain, he had only his own prey, only his own food. He wanted to eat all the food into his stomach and fill his stomach.

"Who is there?"

A voice came suddenly.

Then the light of a flashlight shone on them. Gong Ou read when he pressed it. He was interrupted and turned his head to stare at each other with red eyes.

When Xiaonian blocked his face with his hand, he looked over there, vaguely saw a policeman in a transparent raincoat standing there, looking at them in horror.

When Xiaonian looked at himself and Gong ou with the light of a flashlight.

Gong Ou pushed her down on the grass, blood flowed on his arms, and there was blood in the wet grass. His face was full of haze and his eyes were grim.

How does this picture look like a crime scene.

Sure enough, the next second the policeman excitedly lost his flashlight, took out his gun and aimed it at Gong ou, stammered, "don't be afraid, miss! I'll protect you, that man. Get up! "

I dare to commit crimes around the scene of the accident. Don't you know there are many policemen here?


Gong ouyin stares at him with more and more fierce eyes.

The policeman was more and more frightened with the gun in his eyes. He could not help but take a breath, as if the mobile phone was in Gong Ou's hand.

When Xiaonian watched the policeman's hand shaking all the time. He was afraid of getting angry and shouted, "wait, he is my boyfriend. I just fell down accidentally. Don't get me wrong."

Hearing this, Gong Ou lowers his head and stares at Xiao Nian's face.

He looked at her, and in a flash, all the haze on his face disappeared.

"What? Is this pervert your boyfriend

The police opened their eyes incredulously and thought they had heard it wrong.


Soon afterwards, when he was in a mess, Gong Oula started to walk out of the grass.

At the moment, Xiao Nian was covered with mud, his hair was covered with mud, and his face was covered with mud. The whole person rolled out of the mud.

Gong Ou's condition is better than hers. She doesn't get too much mud, but the knife wound on one arm is just terrible.

Coming out of the grass, Gong Ou holds her hand tightly. She doesn't look at the road. She stares at her as if she would evaporate in the next second.

"Young master! Young master! "

When Feng de and a group of bodyguards heard the news, they ran over. When Feng de saw Gong ou, he was relieved. He quickly took out a coat and put it on Gong ou.