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Chapter 108 the truth of missing memory

"You come here to seduce my husband, and you want me to be convinced?"

When the flute can't believe to look at her, the hand is covering the face, the blood oozes in the corner of the mouth is very embarrassed.

"Is it only three years ago when that old man really fell in love with me that you think you can take this slap?" When small read to ask coldly.


When the flute looked at her in astonishment, covered his face and took a step back.

She got it?

What's the matter today? Everyone knows the truth that they shouldn't know? How could it be like this? How could it be

"What are you talking about?" Min Qiujun's face was dazed.

"Surprised how could I know?" Xiao Nian sneered and walked towards her.

When the whistle reflexively retreats, it suddenly leans on the glass door of the tea room, and cannot be retreated.

"I know our sister relationship has never been good, but I never thought that you would do such a game to hurt me three years ago. It's my life that I didn't get killed by you." When small read cold tunnel.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

When the flute regained some spirits, he decided to cheat.

Mu qianchu stood aside, his eyes cold, looking at the way the flute refused. There was no emotion but indifference.

"Oh." When small read sneer, stare at her way, "I have your recording in my hand do you believe?"


The flute lost its voice.

"Now, go tell mom and dad what you did three years ago and apologize to me!"

Shixiaonian points to minqiujun and Shizhong and looks at her indifferently. "Otherwise, I'll make your recording public and show you the real face of the goddess in the entertainment circle."


"Your baby voice is so special that you can hear it." When small read aggressive.


When the flute was completely confused, he unconsciously looked to Mu qianchu for help, "qianchu......"

It's ok if I don't look at it. When I saw it, I found that mu qianchu didn't look at her at all.

Mu qianchu stood there, a pair of eyes as long as in the body of Xiaonian, staring straight at her, the eyes do not deviate from each other, when didun's heart is as cold as death.

When mu qianchu recovers her memory, does he have no feelings for her?

"Go on, Shidi." Shi Xiaonian forces Shi Di, "compared with what you did to me, what I let you do is very cheap for you."

Just want her to tell her parents the truth and apologize to her.


When the flute is no longer as emotional as before, a face only left frustrated.

At this time, several security guards ran over and glanced at the situation. They were all familiar people, but only one was unfamiliar.

So the security guards ran to meet Xiaonian before they could give orders. "Walk, walk, dare to rush into the Mu clan."

When Xiaonian was pushed forward.

Muqianchu stood out in time. He took Xiaonian's hand and looked coldly at the security guards with narrow eyes. "It's not her."

"Ah, Mr. mu, then..."

It's not a rush to call them here.

He dares to catch up with everything here except when he reads it?


When the flute stood aside and looked at mu qianchu, her eyes were red and her beautiful face was pitiful.

He's not going to get rid of her, is he?

"Time whistle." At the beginning of Muqian's eyes, xiangshidi saw no emotion in his eyes. "Now, either do as Xiaonian said, or leave here."

Hearing this, the tears of the flute fell down and looked at him incredulously. "Are you really going to drive me away?"

Then the security guards realized that they wanted them to drive away Shidi. They were shocked.

Drive away the Crown Princess of mu?

Just kidding.

"You can choose to leave with dignity." Mu qianchu indifference tunnel, turn the eyes to see when small read, "let's go."

Let Shi Di apologize in public. She can't do it. She is very clear.

When small read a look at those gossipy faces of the staff, understand that he and when the flute quarrel will only be as a joke, then nodded.

When muqianchu is happy, Xiaonian's director smiles at her and pulls her away.

When Zhong saw that he was willing to obey, he pushed minqiu away and rushed angrily. The security guards immediately stopped him.

Min Qiujun falls to the ground again. He wants to call for the help of the flute, but the flute only looks at mu qianchu and tears.

"Mu qianchu, you son of a rabbit, cross the river and demolish the bridge!" "I won't let you go!" shouts shizhongba from the security guard

When Xiaonian wanted to look back, he was pulled by mu qianchu and left. "Xiaonian, don't look."

She can only leave with mu qianchu.

When the flute despairing voice rings behind them, "you restore the memory, you can not tell the couple love?"

When I was young, I was looking forward to the beginning.

Mu qianchu's face is only cold.

Suddenly, mu qianchu stopped. He turned around and looked at Shi Di indifferently. He said, "I think no one knows why I do this better than you."


When the flute is hard to accept to look at him, want to go forward, be stopped by the security guard.

When Xiaonian is pulled forward by mu qianchu.

32 floors.

Mu qianchu led her hand into the president's office and bent down to pick up her bag.

As soon as he entered the office, Xiaonian took out his hand.

Mu qianchu's hand suddenly emptied, which made him not used to it. When he looked at Xiaonian, he was not comfortable to avoid his eyes.

"Do you think I'm cold-blooded and heartless?" Mu qianchu sees through her ideas at a glance.

"I don't like Shidi, but I can't deny that what she said was wrong." When small read light tunnel, a pair of eyes also contain a little thin tears.

After all, he and Shidi have been in love for so many years. As soon as they recover their memories, they will drive Shijia out completely. This kind of behavior is a bit extreme.

"If you know that I have been given this day by her, will you still feel that my actions are cold-blooded?" Mu qianchu asked with a wry smile.

"What do you mean?"

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him incomprehensibly.

"Do you know why I lose my memory for a long time?"

When Xiaonian shook his head.

"Surgical trauma does make me lose my memory, but as long as goodness guides me, I can remember it." Mu qianchu put her bag on the sofa and took the medicine box out of her pocket. "But your father saw the opportunity. He gave me a long-term medication, and I was hypnotized several times. I couldn't remember it completely, so he could control me."

He has changed the medicine now.


When small read startled to open wide eyes.

Does foster father give mu qianchu medicine?

It's no wonder that after his operation, her adoptive father didn't allow her to visit; the Mu family was used to caring for mu qianchu when they were in the habit of caring for him, and there was no doubt about it.

"The flute knows all this." Mu qianchu said, "after associating with me, she would take the stick and stare at me to take the medicine every day. This medicine has strong side effects. I have taken it for 20 years, no, maybe only 10 years I'll be a fool. "


Xiaonian covers her mouth in disbelief.

"I am a chess piece manipulated by their father and daughter. Why do chess pieces still have feelings for them?" Mu asked sarcastically, "do you want to thank them for not making me a fool?"

My adoptive father and Shidi would have done such a thing.

When small read some can not accept, people back two steps, suddenly thought of one thing, "at that time the flute beat the child is..."

"It's because we can't have children. If I take this medicine for a long time, it's likely to cause child deformity." I admire the way of the beginning.


When Xiaonian stayed, he didn't speak for a long time.

Mu qianchu looks down at the medicine box in his hand and can't help but draw up a cold arc.

It's quiet in the office.

For a long time, Xiao Nian found his voice. "When did you remember that?"

"Island on the cloud, I vaguely think of you." Murakami said, his voice was low, he walked to her step by step, eyes reflected deep feelings, and reached out to her shoulders, "I think of the picture of you riding my bike and walking."

Smell speech, when small read immediately think of the island on the cloud, mu qianchu disappeared that night.

So that day, he only walked into the woods when he remembered the past.

"Then you were..." Why don't you tell her?

"I saw that Shidi and Shizhong beat you." Mu qianchu's hand on his shoulder was tight, and a trace of hatred came up between his eyebrows. "I don't know why. At that moment, I was very distressed and hated. I couldn't say what I hated."


"In fact, I should cancel the wedding immediately, but I always feel that if there's something wrong, it's over." Mu qianchu said to her, "so I'll put the play on and it's over now."


Shixiaonian understood.

He kept it secret for so long that he had been whitewashing peace, which was to revenge Shizhong and Shidi.

He took advantage of Shizhong to take the position of president, kicked Shizhong away and drove Shijia out of Mu group and Mu family.

At this moment, shixiaonian finally understood all the beginning and end.

"Do you still think I'm cold-blooded?" Asked mu qianchu, looking at her.

When Xiaonian immediately shook his head.

Shizhong and Shidi take him as a chess piece at all, and even want to turn him into a fool. He can't get too much revenge.

Mu qianchu breathed a sigh of relief. He drew a curve from the corner of his lips and reached out to touch her hair. "I will know that you can understand me."

"I'm sorry, but I never knew they were planning this."

When I was young, I felt a little guilty.

Over the years, she has never doubted her adoptive father.

"Fool, I'm a big man who is covered in stocks. Don't you know what's strange?" Muqianchu reached out and pointed out her nose. "Well, these things have finally passed. After that, I am muqianchu who is pure and white."

Finish saying, mu qianchu takes out the mobile phone from the body and hands it to her.

When Xiaonian looked down, there was a news on the screen. The headline of the news was obviously --

the public relations department of Mu's group issued a voice: Mu qianchu and Shi Di have not yet obtained the certificate, and they have peacefully split up at present.

Break up.

When Xiaonian was shocked, "do you still put such news at this time? Isn't it more negative for mu? "

"I can't wait." Mu qianchu said with a smile.


When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

"From the moment I remember it all, I was in a hurry to be the muqianchu I used to be, the muqianchu I only liked when I was reading it."

Muqianchu stared at her deeply. "It doesn't matter what else, it doesn't matter. If you can stay with me, you can earn more money."