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Chapter 818 is Miss Xi married?


Gong Yao asked.

"That little sister's character is really arrogant. She scolds you indiscriminately, but I find that she is just a child who is not so lovely." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Yao bit the cake gently, and the sun fell on his long eyelashes, which was pretty.

"Her character is a little like Gong ou. What she likes will not be expressed directly, but in a worse way, which may be related to her growing environment." He carefully observed Gong Yao's expression and wondered if he would like to listen.

Gong Yao looks at her silently, her skin is white and tender, and her lips are stained with a little cake.

When Xiaonian reached out to caress him, Gong Yao was shocked. She didn't care. She continued, "holy, do you understand what I mean?"


Gong Yao shook his head in silence.

What does that young lady have to do with him? It has nothing to do with him.


Well, I don't understand. When Xiaonian was embarrassed, he said, "that little sister likes to play with you, but she doesn't use the right way. You can listen to her words in reverse."

"Turn around?"

Gong Yao repeated, looking down at the cake on her finger.

Isn't she dirty?

I don't need paper towels. Grandma certainly doesn't allow it, but it seems that it's good.

"Yes, for example, when she hates you, she likes it. When she says that you are bad, she thinks you are good. When she says that she wants to throw you into the sea, she wants to play with you. She says that you steal things, but she also knows that you haven't stolen them at all." When small read said while observing his appearance, "so she really likes you, not intentionally wronged you, you don't care."

Gong Yao sat beside her. "Oh."

That young lady really has nothing to do with him.


What a light voice.

I can't hear a sense of relief.

When Xiaonian was a little anxious, she frowned and looked down at Gong Yao. Gong Yao ate the cake without expression. She was not happy or happy.

"Holly, do you have to apologize to that lady to make you happy?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Gong Yao looked at her, blinked his eyes, and ate the last bite of cake into his mouth. When Xiaonian couldn't understand his expression again, he had to say, "I'm afraid that little sister's character is not formed in a day, and it won't be able to be improved for a while."

She wanted to be close to lanxiaoqi and let lanxiaoqi realize her mistake, but the more she saw lanxiaoqi, the more like the original Gong ou.

At the thought of how long it took for her to talk with Gong ou like a human being, she felt that the plan was hopeless. She was not afraid to spend time, but worried that Gong Yao would be unhappy all the time.


Gong Yao made another faint sound.


When Xiaonian had a headache, her father and son were both paranoid and sullen. She was really tired of communication. She could only guess.

Gong Yao looks at her, wondering why she frowns. Xiaonian thinks, "don't you believe me?"

Gong Yao shakes his head.

"It's better to find an opportunity for you to meet that young lady again. You can understand her thinking mode according to what I said. Maybe you can let it go. What do you say?" Asked shixiaonian.

Looking at her serious face, Gong Yao thought of the picture that she got up in the middle of the night to decorate the flower basket, and the flowers blossomed one after another.

She did it for him.

Not for others.


Gong Yao nodded her head. She worked hard for him. She looked very beautiful.

Smell speech, when small read greatly relieved a breath, "too good, my son is really handsome!"

It's nice to have someone who's willing to give someone a chance.



Gong Yao lowers his head, and his soft lips and lips are hooked. He wants to laugh and stops.

Soon, Shi Xiaonian got such a chance. She still went to the orchid family to send flowers everyday. Gong Ou turned into a big cousin and accompanied her every day.

The relationship with the father and daughter of LAN family is getting closer and closer, especially with LAN Xiaoqi.

Maybe the relationship is getting better. LAN Xiaoqi doesn't speak so hard to Xiaonian anymore. She says so many bad words and occasionally tells the truth.

On this day, when Xiaonian and Gong Ou sent flowers to the door, they were treated by Lanting to drink water.

At the beginning of the morning, Xiao Nian and Gong Ou sat side by side under the eaves. Lanting sat opposite them in a household suit. Looking at Xiao Nian and Gong ou, he smiled and said, "your cousin is really clingy to you. Do you think I'm a bad guy? Don't worry about your safety? "

"No one on langhuayu knows that Mr. LAN is a good man."

Shi Xiaonian said with a smile. She has also asked people for information these days. Everyone has only one comment on Lanting: Mr. LAN is really a good man, that is, to teach his daughter

In silence.

Everyone knows that there is something wrong with Lanting's way of educating her daughter, and Xiaonian explicitly suggested that he had mentioned it several times. His doting on her like this is not good for lanxiaoqi, but will only hinder her growth.

Every time I come here, Lanting just smiles and doesn't talk.

"It's just a false name. I also try my best to help a little." Lanting said.

When Xiaonian sat there, Gong Ou suddenly reached out and put his hand on her shoulder, forming an ambiguous posture. Lanting frowned, but said nothing.

When Xiaonian was embarrassed, she reached out and pushed Gong ou. Please, he is her cousin now.

Gong Ou doesn't care. He hugs her even more. When Xiaonian is embarrassed, he can only laugh. Lanting senses her embarrassment, so he changes the subject and asks, "I don't know your name yet. Is that inconvenient to say?"


"My name is Sean."

When small read lightly said.

"Xi Nian?" Lanting repeated the name, as if thinking about something, "read, keep thinking, there will be echoes, good name."

The words fall, when small read that claw of shoulder clenched tightly, wish to have her flesh picked down.

Obviously, Gong Ou is not satisfied with other men reading her name. Unfortunately, he is mute now and can't attack.

"Ha ha." Xiaonian continues to laugh.

"Miss Xi is married?"

Lanting looked at her hand. She had a ring on her ring finger.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's claws are tighter. When Xiao Nian is in pain, he can't even smile. Just about to speak, LAN Xiaoqi, holding a doll, jumps out of the room and runs to Shi Xiaonian.

"What's the matter?"

When Xiaonian looks at lanxiaoqi.

"Do you want to go out and play?" LAN Xiaoqi asked, eyes full of invitations and expectations, the light was dazzling.

When Xiaonian looked at her, she could feel how much she wanted to play with herself. She was stupefied and didn't answer, as if she was afraid that she would refuse. Lanxiaoqi quickly raised her face on the floor, with a small hand on her waist. "I think you are bored! I stay in my house for so long every day. You can't do anything but gather flowers. I want to take you to play! It must not be fun to take a ugly girl like you to play! "

This tone

When Xiaonian was damaged, he didn't say anything. Gong Ou's hand was ready to take off her shoulder. He really didn't like lanxiaoqi.

If it wasn't for Gong Yao and for shixiaonian, he would dress up as a big cousin every day?

Lanting looks at Xiaonian, with silent requests in her eyes.

This man can do nothing for his daughter. Shixiaonian asked, "Xiaoqi, where do you want to play?"

"Huahai tunnel!"

LAN Xiaoqi immediately replied, and then realized that she was speaking too fast. It seemed that she had already wanted to bite her lips as quickly as she could.

A child is a child, no matter how proud she is, it is easy to reveal her emotions.

When Xiaonian couldn't help laughing, his black and white eyes flashed a bit of thinking. Maybe, this is a good chance for him to untie his heart knot.

Let Holly see LAN Xiaoqi again, no matter whether he can apologize or not, but at least he will find that Lan Xiaoqi is not so vicious, how much easier it will be.

So thinking, when Xiaonian sat on the chair and waved to lanxiaoqi, lanxiaoqi stood beside her, a pair of little blushes.

"I can go with you, but I have conditions." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"What are the conditions?"

LAN Xiaoqi blurted out.

"If you want to listen to me, you are not allowed to talk against others or hurt others. No matter who you are, you should get along with each other friendly. If you like it, you can say you like it. OK? So you can teach your friends! " Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Hum!" LAN Xiaoqi disdained to look back. "I don't want friends! They don't deserve it! "

"Then you won't let me go."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Hearing this, LAN Xiaoqi is anxious again. She grabs her hand and says, "I, I, I......"

After a long time, she couldn't help but say yes.

"Today, today is the day when you are not allowed to say the opposite. Get along with everyone, OK?"

Smell speech, LAN Xiaoqi lowers head, tightly grasps her hand, finally mumbles, "I listen to you."

When Xiaonian laughed, "really?"

LAN Xiaoqi seems to hate to reveal her true feelings. Seeing this, she hurriedly says, "I just want to take you to play because you are so boring!"

"It seems that you didn't listen to me. Forget it. No, I'll go home."

When Xiao Nian stood up to walk.

"No, no!" Lanxiaoqi grabs her hand in a hurry and refuses to let her go. Her eyes are full of anxiety.

When Xiaonian looked at her with low eyes, she realized that lanxiaoqi really depended on herself. These days when she arrived at Lanjia, lanxiaoqi would find all kinds of reasons to stick to her side.

Well, it seems to be better than the original Gong ou.

I don't know why, such a little girl is so cute and unreasonable, which always makes her feel a light sadness. I hope Holly can see it, and don't worry about it any more.

When Xiaonian held out his little finger to her, "then you should promise me that if you say a negative word today, I will never pay attention to you again."

She said a lot of things.

LAN Xiaoqi looks at her stupidly, and it's a long time before she reaches out and catches up with Xiao niangou.

Lanting sat there, looking at them accidentally, with complicated eyes. "Miss Xi, you let me see my past daughter, thank you."