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Chapter 1032 Gong Ou wakes up

But there was always something wrong with this woman 's concealment. Feng de hesitated. The woman lowered her head and said, "I will stay with Mrs. Gong. If I have any problem, you can kill me immediately. I am too old to resist."

That's not bad.

It's too late to pursue so much.

"Push Xiaonian in, hurry up!" Feng de immediately said, "all the doctors stay, ten more bodyguards, and all the rest are removed. If you run faster, you can catch the plane."

Then he went back with the head of the bodyguard and sent for rescue immediately. Don't delay for a minute.

When Xiaonian was moved again, she was pushed into the damp and dark stone chamber. When she passed by the woman, she looked at her gratefully.

"You have to hold on."

The woman stood there and said, then she crossed her chest and prayed for her.

When Xiaonian was pushed into the wet stone chamber, Fengde and the bodyguards cleaned the traces outside and followed in. The secret door of the stone chamber was closed, and there was no special trace.

"This darkroom is so special."

Fengde could not help but feel that their people had carried out a rigorous investigation of the underground water channel as soon as they came in, but they never found a darkroom here.

When hearing this, Xiaonian turned to look at the woman. She stood quietly and never looked up. She could not see what was on her face.

Special darkroom, hidden door that can't be found, ingenious design

There was something floating in her mind. When Xiaonian blinked, she wanted to think deeply but had no mind.

The stone chamber door was closed for a moment, her heart slowly settled down.

That's good.

She won't bother anyone to bury her. She can finally have a good rest. It's really painful and tired.

"Don't sleep. Don't sleep."

Bith stood by, holding her hand tightly, his eyes staring at her in fear that she would close them, and then they would never open again.

When Xiaonian looks at him quietly.

"I'll talk to you. Let's talk about the negotiation conference. How about the funny programs we watch?" Bit said nervously, speaking fast and with a little choking.

"Bit." When small read to call his name, very laborious, "I want to lie down quietly, you are tired, sit next to it for a while."

"I don't..."

Bit shakes his head. Xiaonian's eyes are loose but firm. He knows that she really needs to be quiet, so he has to slowly let go of her hand and walk aside.

The white cloth pulled up around her again, and the lights of the operation were all temporarily on.

Her eyes were covered with white cloth. In the strong light, the infusion bag was gently shaking, and there was a double shadow, one drop a second, one drop a second

When Xiaonian was lying on the pushing bed, she watched quietly. Maybe the doctors had given her some liquid medicine. She gradually felt no pain, only that her body was being torn during the operation.

So tired.

I want to sleep.

Now it doesn't matter if she sleeps. She's done what she should. Well, good.

A corner of the white cloth was lifted, and Fengde came in. Xiaonian lay there, her lashes quivering, as if she would close her eyes at any time. The doctors there were still trying to rescue her.

Feng de suddenly remembered the four years when he and Shi Xiaonian lived together. His body suddenly seemed to be dug up. It was empty and bloody. His hair was short and white as snow. The wrinkles on his face were deeper, and his eyes were covered with water.

"Xiaonian." Feng de came to her side. "Tired?"

Looking at Feng de coming in, Xiao Nian remembered that he had one last last words that he didn't explain, "help me to tidy up, don't scare Gong ou and the two children."

She wants to leave them the best, not the blood.

"Don't lie about it."

Feng de wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, but her eyes were getting wet.

"Go out, father. I want to be myself." She couldn't bear to let Feng de watch her leave the world every second.


"I'm too tired to speak." When small read a way.


Feng de nodded, opened the white cloth and went out. Now, Xiao Nian felt that he was the only one left in the world, quietly consuming the last time.

Maybe soon, she will see her parents and Xi Yu. I don't know if they are doing well in that country. I must think about her.

But What should Gong ou do?

She didn't mean to break her promise. She didn't mean to.

Don't blame her. Don't blame her.


On the other side, the small plane stopped in the dark. The last group of bodyguards got on the plane in a hurry and looked out into the sky as they walked.

It was very quiet in the dark.

It's about dawn.

As soon as we got on the plane, all of us didn't get in at once. Instead, we stood together, looking solemn. Someone asked in a low voice, "do you think Mrs. Gong will be ok?"

Words fall, a dead silence.

Suddenly another voice came out, "I don't know how to see a doctor, but Mrs. Kan Gong arranged us to go as if she were arranging for a future. She didn't even allow the housekeeper to stay."

After a while, someone rushed to the cabin, like knowing what to do, and everyone followed.

In front of the closed door, the man in the doctor's robe stopped them, "what are you doing? You can't go in. "

"We want to see the children. How are the children?" Several asked eagerly.

"It's too early to say how children are in the incubator. It depends on later observation." The doctor said, "at least for a while on the plane, I will try my best."

"We must keep the baby. Mrs. Gong has to work hard to give birth to the baby. He must not lose his way." A bodyguard said, the words are full of grief.

They are all grateful to shixiaonian. Now, shixiaonian has signed a life and death order if he wants them to meet the enemy in an all-round way. But she can't move when she lies on the operating table. The order she gives is to evacuate them all and leave none of them.

Their lives were saved, but Mrs. Gong was still lying in the damp stone room.

The doctor stood there and sighed. He said sadly, "I know what price Mrs. Gong paid to give birth to the baby. How is she now?"

"What is a child born after a lifetime?"

A quiet voice suddenly sounded in the cabin, without any temperature, like ice.

Everyone stood there frozen, even afraid to turn around. One by one, they were made into sculptures. For a long time, everyone slowly turned around. Gong Ou was standing not far behind them. His short hair was a bit messy, his face was as white as paper, but he had no expression, no joy or anger.

Gong Ou stood there, raised his hand and slowly rolled up the sleeve of the black shirt. The fingertips cut by the knife rubbed the cufflinks on it, and the root of the fingers hurt.

"Second young master, did you wake up so soon?"

The bodyguard looked at him in surprise. In the past, Gong Ou had to sleep for a long time to wake up.

"Well, I don't know why. Suddenly I can't sleep." Gong Ou said expressionless, turning and walking to a comfortable seat, put down the table.

The bodyguards looked at each other, why did Er Shao Li look so calm, as if there was nothing.

After thinking about it, some brave bodyguards walked forward and stood in front of Gong ou.

"Where are we going?"

Gong Ou sat there and asked coldly. He reached for a bottle of red wine and took off the cork gracefully.

"Mrs. Gong told me not to fight. She immediately left District 13 and the house she lived in was completely surrounded by Lancaster." The bodyguard replied in a trembling voice.

If you let Gong ou know that they left Shi Xiaonian in the underground waterway, will they die in his hands.

"Oh." Gong Ou answered with a light voice and poured the red wine into the glass steadily. The red liquor shook a beautiful arc in the transparent goblet. He said, "she let you go. Where is she?"

Still asked about this one.

Everyone panicked, some even began to shiver.

After thinking about it, the head bodyguard stood out and said, "Mrs. Gong has just given birth to a son, which is not suitable for moving. She has entered the darkroom of the underground waterway, and will be OK in a short time. When we send a large number of people to kill her, we can save Mrs. Gong."

He tried not to be so serious, but at the same time he knew what he was going to face, so he lowered his head and waited for Gong ou to smash the bottle on his head.

The expected pain did not come.

The bodyguard slowly raised his head, only to see gong'ou sitting there with no expression on his face, a pair of dark eyes staring at the wine in the cup without any eyes.

After two seconds, he replied lightly, "Oh, she arranged it all?"


When Xiaonian disappeared, the two young masters were all so angry. Now they are just understating?

"Yes, it was arranged by Mrs. Gong."

The bodyguards all nodded.

At this time, the plane began to vibrate. Everyone shook. The captain's announcement came from the cabin. The plane was ready to take off.

The bodyguards didn't find a place to sit down. They all stared at Gong ou. Gong Ou was still not in a hurry to pick up his glass and put it on his lips. "It's completely surrounded?"

The first bodyguard was about to answer, but he saw Gong Ou's glass trembling. He didn't drink a sip of wine. His hands were shaking violently. Under the sharp brow peak, his eyes had no emotion, but his eyelashes were shaking.

He poured a lot of wine and took a sip of it with his head down, but the small half of it was spilled on his shirt, shaking his hands beyond his control.

At that moment, the bodyguard suddenly did not dare to answer and could only stare at him.

"Tell the captain I want to disembark."

Gong Ou's voice had no emotion and no sense of panic. If it wasn't for his hands shaking to put down the glass, everyone thought he was calm.

"Second young master, we can't go there. We'll meet Lancaster's people when we go now. It's safe for Mrs. Gong to hide in the darkroom for the time being." The bodyguards immediately began to persuade Gong ou.