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Chapter 896 palace, Oufei and qianchu

With the letter paper.

At last there was only a heap of ashes left in the tin box.

Gong Ou looks at the ashes, hooks his lips with satisfaction, raises his eyes and looks at shixiaonian. Shixiaonian stands there and smiles at him lightly, without half blaming him.

"It's done. Let's go. Go down and have a look at the bed."

When small read light tunnel, reach out to pull him to go out.

Gong gave her a look. "What's the matter with you?"


When Xiaonian pulled him downstairs and asked.

"Why do you come to your hometown this time? You've got such a good temper. You must have said me before." Gong Ou stares at her and says that her personality is quiet, but not yet soft enough.

It seems that whatever he does, she will accompany him one by one, and won't say no to the first half.

"As long as you are happy."

Xiaonian said with a smile, not caring.

"You don't care if I burn everything I admire?"

Asked Gong ou.

"If you burn the old house, I won't say anything." When Xiaonian stopped, turned to face him, raised his hands to hold his face, eyes gentle, "as long as you are happy, I can do anything."

"Why are you so nice to me?"

Gong Ou stared at her and said in a heavy voice.

"Because I want you to be happy."

How to be happy.

Gong Ou took her hand. "It's like I've got a terminal illness."

He is not incurable, but he will face a fierce battle with Lancaster. Before, she always thought that he was invincible. After several battles, he also won a total victory.

But he was hurt so much that she couldn't bear it.

She didn't mean to go all the way to the bad, but to the bad, at least she won't let herself regret now.

Gong Ou dotes on her for so many years, and now she dotes on him unconditionally and for no reason. Isn't it also good?

"Nonsense, I hope you are not happy?"

Shi Xiaonian said, pulling him to the living room.

"It's not bad, it's just that you're getting too fast." It's not like that little read he knew.

"Women are fickle." When small read no longer continue this topic, pull him to the bedside, "you see, how?"

Gong Ou glanced at it and said, "well."

She knows him more and more.

"Let's go out first, Mr. and Mrs. Gong."

The bodyguards say goodbye to them. When they look at Xiaonian's school uniform, they almost lose their smile and leave with a smile.

Rich people just play.

Xiao Nian stood there with an embarrassed face.


The next day.

When Xiaonian was still sleepy in Gong Ou's arms, suddenly there was a loud music in the distance, which made her sit up directly from the bed.

"What's the matter?"

Gong Ou frowns unhappily.

"I don't know."

When Xiaonian was confused, he lifted the quilt and got out of bed, picked up Gong Ou's coat, went to the balcony, and looked out on the balcony with his hands.

Gong Ou approaches, embraces her from behind, a pair of black eyes sweep to the source of voice.

In the distance, there are a few big stereos in the open space of the community. The loud music comes out from inside. A group of old men and women line up and dance there with fans.

When Xiaonian laughed, "it's a square dance."

In the past, she often saw square dance when she rented her own house. Since she lived with Gong ou, she hasn't seen any more.

She looked at the dancing crowd. "Uncle he and aunt he are also dancing. The old man just gets up early."

Let her get up so early every day will definitely break down.

When Xiaonian stood in Gong Ou's arms, he smiled and turned his eyes to see Gong ou. Seeing Gong Ou's cold face, the smile on her face gradually cooled down and said, "is it noisy? I asked the bodyguards to talk with them and let them not jump for two days. "

Wen Yan, Gong Ou stares at her with a ghostly look, "what are you doing?"

"What did I do?"

When Xiaonian was staring at him, he was puzzled.

"I said that before!" She would only say don't disturb others over there. She would only say that it's fun to watch my aunt and my uncle dance.

"Poof." When Xiaonian laughed out loud, "then I am anxious about what you are anxious about, and it is not good to think about what you are thinking?"

"Not good. I don't need such a little reading! "

Gong Ou said in a deep voice, gathering his coat tightly on her body, and then turned to walk into the room and began to put on his clothes.

"You're getting up now?"

Xiaonian looked at him in surprise.

"Well, I'll go out."

Gong Ou put on his clothes and went into the bathroom to wash.

When small read hurriedly also change clothes, walk to the bathroom door to see him, "where to go, I accompany you to go."

This is her hometown. It's her territory. She can show the way wherever she goes.

"No." Gong Ou said vaguely, raising his eyes and glaring at her, "go to change the school uniform!"

"I don't have the face to go out and shake if I change my school uniform."

When I was young, I was embarrassed to say that they were all old neighbors. Seeing her wearing a school uniform and wearing a ponytail, I didn't think she was retarded?

Gong Ou stares at her and gargles.

When Xiaonian quickly compromised, "OK, I'll change my school uniform. I'll dress up as a junior high school student in my old house these days."

Then Xiaonian went out.

Gong Ou stands there biting his toothbrush, looking at Xiaonian's back. She has changed so much when she returns to her old house this time. Is it necessary to be so obedient?

If he's happy, she won't stop killing and setting fire?

When I was young, Gong Ou was out of the house. She wanted to find it, but when she thought about her uniform, she didn't have the face to go out and make waves. So she had to stay in the old house and cook breakfast.

Half done, a familiar voice came, "Xiaonian? Is Xiaonian there? "

"Uncle he, I'm here." When I heard the voice of uncle he, I quickly turned off the fire and went out, "what can I do for uncle he?"

"Oh this..." As soon as he wanted to talk, he saw Xiaonian's school uniform and ponytail. He stood there and pointed to her and said, "here..."

When small read embarrassment, forced to find reasons to explain, "nostalgia, nostalgia."

She's not insane.

She is not retarded.

"Oh, oh." He Bo nodded half knowingly and said, "I asked you to come over to our house for breakfast. Your husband, I've been pulling for a long time, but he refused to eat. I'll come to you."

"Gong ou, have you seen Gong Ou?"

When small read stunned.

"Yes." He Bo nodded. "Don't you know? In the morning, I asked if my family had grown a tree for hundreds of years. As soon as I said yes, he would come home with me. What would he be digging under the tree? He didn't want me to let him have breakfast. "


When small read stunned.

"Yes, let's go. What else do you cook when you have a big stomach? Go to uncle's house and have a walk." He Bo took her away enthusiastically.

At that time, Xiao Nian didn't even have the room to refuse. He could only follow him with a childish hair style and a childish dress.

When he hurried to he Bo's house, Xiao Nian saw Gong Ou squatting under the big tree with a rag doll burning. A big hole was dug out on the ground beside his feet, which was a familiar tin box.

A bodyguard is filming Gong Ou's burning.

Needless to say, it's the gift that mu qianchu gave her. It was buried under the big tree of uncle he's house. She didn't find it, but Gong Ou found it.

She doesn't know what Gong Ou means. Since she can't see the gift well, she doesn't care about it. Why should she guess where the next gift is from the riddle left by mu qianchu? She has to find it and burn it.

"Ah." When he Bo stood beside Xiaonian, he suddenly realized, "I remember that it was the child of qianchu who was buried in my house at that time. It's mysterious."

When I was young, I didn't think that mu qianchu had done these things at that time.

She went to Gong ou and looked at the doll, which was burning more and more vigorously. Liu Mei frowned slightly. "Do you want to find all the gifts of the 12th palace and burn them all?"

The light in the morning was not bright, but the light of the fire reddened the expressionless face of Gong ou.

He threw the burning doll into the tin box, turned his eyes to see her, "that's right."

"I don't understand your intention to do so."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"What's the matter, or is it painful?" Gong Ou glanced at her and said in a strange tone, "the hint of this doll is that the next gift will be put in the nest. The nest of that year is definitely not there, but you should remember that you can protect the gift before me."

"I didn't mean that." Shixiaonian looked at him and said, "I don't want to find those gifts, and I don't understand why you are looking for them."

"I will."

Gong Ou lowers his eyes, looks at the ragdoll being burned clean, and then turns his eyes to the bodyguard who is shooting at one side. "Is it done?"

"It's done."

The bodyguard hands over the mobile phone, Gong Ou looks back at the whole process of burning, and hooks his lips with satisfaction.

"Why did you take a picture of it?"

When Xiaonian found that he was more and more unable to understand Gong ou, completely unable to understand what he had done.

"You don't have to worry." Gong Ou put away his mobile phone and turned to look at her. "Where is the bird's nest?"

When small read to remember.

"Don't want to say? I'm afraid I'm going to keep burning? "

Gong Ou stands under the tree, cold and quiet, and his thin lips are pale.

He Bo looked at them inexplicably.

When Xiaonian carefully recalled, but the memories were mixed and disordered, "I don't remember very much, but Maybe it refers to a handicraft made by qianchu in the past, which is the shape of the bird's nest. Now I don't know where it is. "

Hearing this, Gong Ou immediately looks to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard immediately nodded, "let's go to the old house now."


The head of the jaw.


When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he was really ready to find all the gifts and burn them. What a revenge.

"Xiaonian, Xiaonian husband, come to my house for breakfast, let's go." He Bo is enthusiastic. When Xiao Nian wanted to talk to Gong ou, he pulled him in.

Gong Ou kicked the iron box at his feet and was about to follow in when the mobile phone rang. He picked up the phone and said in a cold voice, "how about it?"

"No trace of moqian Chu." "The other side replied," but we checked the country where mu qianchu finally arrived, and lost his whereabouts. He seemed to have evaporated