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Chapter 555: the palace in a huddle


When Xiaonian straightened up and leaned back, and then opened his eyes, it was a piece of water. "Well, I know it's no use saying these things to you. I wanted to tell you today. I don't want to tell you my choice on the date you set, but I have the answer. After the press conference, I'll call you, OK? "

"What do you mean, Xi Xiaonian?"

Gong Ou said coldly.

She didn't mean much.

She just wanted their relationship to be simple and not so much about their interests.

"Gong ou, you can treat marriage as a hype. I can't." "The answer I give you must be just because of you, not because of the maximization of value," said Shi Xiaonian softly

Can he understand her?

"You think I'll give you a choice tomorrow?"

Gong Ou said coldly.

He's pushing her.

"I Forget it. Goodbye, Gong ou. I wish you a successful press conference. "

When Xiaonian hung up the phone and put her cell phone aside, she looked at the steering wheel in front of her eyes with low eyes and no focal length, and her vision became more and more blurred.

Except for the day Mr. y deliberately created for them to get along with each other, she was lonely and disappointed in the rest of the days.

When people fall in love, she falls in love too. She is so tired.

When Xiaonian looked at the package on the passenger seat, reached for the steering wheel, and resolutely turned the steering wheel and left alone.

Ten hours later, Shi Xiaonian arrived in Italy.


Day and night, another new day.

The imperial Castle deep in the forest is lofty and magnificent. The maids get up early to clean up. Gong Kui runs around with a windmill, leaving behind waves of silver laughter.

In the huge bedroom, Gong Ou stood in front of the dressing mirror and put on his shirt. His long fingers buttoned one by one.

His eyes fell when he pulled the cufflinks.

Feng de leads a group of servants to stand outside the room and waits respectfully. After receiving a call, Feng De's face darkens. He looks up at Gong Ou in the room and doesn't know whether to open his mouth.

Gong Ou didn't look at him. He said coldly, "if you have something to say."

Feng de looked down. "Miss Xi has arrived in Italy."

Fengde was also shocked. He thought that Xiaonian was going to compromise with the young master when he closed the gallery. He was going to be a young grandmother who was in accordance with the young master's wishes. Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, she flew to Italy again.


Gong Ou stood in front of the mirror and pulled down a cuff link. There was no expression on his handsome face.

"Young master?"

Feng de looks at Gong ou.

Gong Ou threw the Cufflinks and said indifferently, "take another shirt, it's broken."

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded and ordered the servant to go down and get his shirt.

The press conference was held in the science and Technology Museum under N.E. as usual. For the first press conference after Gong Ou's death and rebirth, the fans of science and technology, just as before, all waited outside the science and Technology Museum as early as possible.

The motorcade slowly entered the scope of science and Technology Museum from the back.

Feng de took the lead in coming down and doing the final inspection and discussion with the relevant senior officials.

"Manager Feng, if you have no problem with this manuscript, please submit it to the general manager of the palace." He was handed a speech by a senior official.

Feng de opened the manuscript and quickly turned over several pages. When he saw the content of the last announcement of marriage, he frowned, "this paragraph is deleted."

"What? This section was added by the head of the palace himself. "

Stupid eyes at the top.

"Delete it and reprint the last page. I'll show it to the young master." Fengde said that he would give the manuscript to others to go to the scene to check the lighting and audio equipment.

It was a very busy morning.

Feng De is Gong Ou's housekeeper. The on-site director and staff all come to him to inquire. When he makes a decision, Feng De is too busy to have a drink of water.

After a little leisure, the time for the press conference will soon come.

The on-site director asked Gong Ou over and over again if he could walk on stage first, and the senior manager asked Gong Ou over and over again how he felt after reading the speech.

Feng de realized that the young master never got off the bus.

He took the manuscript and ran out of the back door of the science and Technology Museum regardless of his image. Looking up, he saw that the palace's car was still parked there, and the bodyguards were standing around the car.

It can be seen that the young master never got off the bus.

Feng de hurried by and tapped on the window.

There was no response.

Feng de looks at the bodyguard on the side. The bodyguard gives him a sign with his eyes. The young master is inside.

"Young master, the press conference will begin soon. Would you like to have a look at the final speech?" Feng de makes a sound.

There was still no reaction in the car.

Feng de glanced anxiously at the time and reached out to open the door. "Master, forgive me for being rude."

He opened the door and saw Gong Ou sitting here in a strange position.

Gong Ou sits in the middle of the seat with his feet raised and stepped on the seat. His long legs are bent together and curled up like a child.

Gong Ou's dress is elegant. He looks at the front without any expression on his face. It's hard to guess what he is thinking.

"Young master?"

Feng de stooped to stand outside the car and gave him a tentative call.

What's the matter, young master?

"I forced her away."

Gong Ou's voice suddenly broke out, his voice was low and dumb, and he could not hear any emotion.


Feng de was shocked.

"I didn't want her to do anything but to give me a clear answer. Is it necessary for her to run away?" Gong Ou turns her eyes to him. Her eyes are dark, and her lips are thin. She doesn't come back

Are you talking about Xi Xiaonian?

Feng de looked at him in a dazed way. "Young master, I haven't contacted Miss Xi yet. I think she will come back. The twins are still here, aren't they?"

"Come back for the twins? What am I then? "

Gong Ou's eyes are cold.

When Feng Derby, Xiao Nian stayed with Gong ou for a long time. He used to get angry when he was angry, but now he is indifferent. He has never only one expression. He can't laugh when he is happy, and he is just colder when he is angry.

After thinking about it, Fengde closed the door, went to the passenger seat and sat down, looked back at Gong Ou's indifferent face and sighed, "young master, I want to ask you the truth."


"In fact, do you care about Miss Xi?" Feng de said that Gong Ou has become a real workaholic, but he shrank in the car before the conference, for reasons beyond his imagination.

Smell speech, curl up in the seat of Gong Ou raise the MOU to look coldly to Feng De.

Feng de immediately bowed his head. "Master, I'm talkative."

Gong Ou looked at him coldly. His face was cold as ice. For a long time, his hoarse voice sounded in the closed space

"Yes, sir, I am."

"Don't you also dislike the way I am now?" Gong Ou asked coldly, his voice getting lower and lower.


Feng de shook his head. "Young master, you think too much. Miss Xi has never resented you. Naturally, I have not. Young master, you..."

"I don't know how much time I have." Gong Ou interrupts and sits there feeling the buttons on his sleeve.

"What do you mean, young master? Are you not feeling well? "

Feng de frowned, what is not to know how much time there is? There should be no problem with the young master's health. They are all checked regularly.

Gong Ou looked at him with deep eyes, fingered his cufflinks again and again, and said word by word, "Feng De, in fact, I will give her whatever she wants."


Feng de looks at Gong Ou blankly. He doesn't understand what he means by these words. It seems that he can't string them up at all.

Feng de suddenly found out that the young master had hidden a lot of worries this time. Nobody could see clearly.

"She is Xiaonian. She needs everything to have. I will give everything she wants." Gong Ou looked at him and said, "I just want to know if I have any value in her eyes after four years."

"Young master..."

"She wants Gong ou to be normal, OK, I'll give it to her; she wants Gong ou to go back, OK, I'll go back." Gong Ou felt the Cufflinks smooth and his voice was low and dumb. "But I also have my own thoughts. I don't know when I will go back. What am I doing for these four years? I can't even get a positive look from her. "

He stopped taking the medicine.

I don't know when, his whole person said that he would change back. What is he now? Is it just an unnecessary existence?

He forced shixiaonian to accept him, but he forced her away.

It seems that he is really annoying nowadays.

Feng de looked at Gong ou and said, "young master, I don't know that you have so many things in mind."

Although he still can't understand, he now understands that young master really loves Xiaonian, but he is not good at expressing.

Gong Ou looks down at his cufflinks and presses them with his fingers.

"You go to Italy." Gong Ou said in a low voice, "I'm not sure that she will go there alone. You'll go there by plane now."

Feng de nodded. "Yes, young master."

After a pause, Feng de said again, "don't worry, young master. I'll have a good talk with Miss Xi."

Maybe they didn't see through the real idea of Gong ou.

"No, it's over between me and her. It's me who will start."

Gong Ou said coldly, pushing open the door and going down.


Feng de sits in his place and stares at Gong Ou's figure. It is clear that Xiao Nian carries more loneliness and sadness in this relationship, but the young master's back looks so lonely.

Gong Ou walked forward, cold face to the stage backstage.

A group of people gathered around to ask this and that. Gong Ou's face was cold and he didn't say a word. His fingers only touched his cufflinks over and over.

In the noisy environment, people dare not speak again when they look at Gong ou like this.

Gong Ou looks to the stage, black eyes cold.

"President, here is a letter from Miss Xi. Would you like to read it?" The secretary holds a pile of thick documents and carefully looks at Gong ou. He doesn't know whether to take the letter to Gong Ou or not.

Gong Ou stood there in silence, motionless.

The Secretary thought that he must have said something wrong. He couldn't help but think of patting his head and turning around weakly.