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Chapter 166 doesn'st make you fall in love with me

When Xiaonian didn't even have the strength to raise his head, his head slowly fell down, his head was blank, and his eyes were black

She waited for the last blow, for the end of her life. .

but the last blow didn't come.

Before she fainted, she heard Gong Ou's voice come down from the sky. "I was wrong, so I never let you fall in love with me! You win! "

It's amazing to let a paranoid admit that she's wrong.

But he was wrong about it.

He is so wrong.

That's what she thought before she fainted.


A strong smell of liquid medicine reached the tip of the nose.

The vision in front of her eyes slowly changes from fuzzy to clear. When Xiaonian's eyes are open, she looks at her eyes, which are white and transparent.

Not dead?

She thought death would be unconscious after she fainted.

When Xiaonian struggled with a sharp pain on her back and buttocks, she clenched her teeth and gave a low cry, "ah..."

"ah, don't move, miss." A woman in a white nurse's uniform came into her eyes and looked anxiously at her. "You lie down, I'll help you shake up the bed a little."

"Thank you."

When small read the voice to open hoarse.

When the nurse came to the end of the bed and shook the head of the bed, Xiaonian's vision became larger and she saw a clean and spacious ward.

"Miss, you are so lucky. Fortunately, your injuries are basically in your buttocks, and you haven't hurt any bones. You can leave the hospital after a little maintenance for two or three days." The nurse said to her.

Is the injury in the hip?

When Xiaonian was lying in bed, he was a little surprised.

Is it really her destiny?

Gong Ou doesn't hate her. Why didn't he kill her? And...

When the brain of small read is more and more clear, anxious tunnel, "Mu qianchu, should have the person that delivers with me?"? What about them? "

Does Gong Ou just let her go?

"Don't worry, don't worry." The nurse quickly appeased her, "they have all sent them, but they are a little heavier than you. They are not in the ordinary ward, but in the intensive care ward for rest."

"I'll see them."

Shi Xiaonian said he would sit up.

The nurse hurriedly pressed her down and said, "don't you, you're good to lie down. Although it's said that your injury is the lightest, you should also keep it. Even if you leave the hospital, you should have a good bed rest."

When Xiaonian thought about it, but he couldn't, so he asked, "are they all ok?"

On the overpass, she saw that mu qianchu was spitting blood.

How could it be ok.

"It's OK. It's really OK. Just lie down." The nurse pacified her and made her lie down.

"OK, thank you."

Shi Xiaonian said, head to the soft pillow, we are all OK.

She lay half there, her eyes fixed on her.

How could Gong Ou suddenly let them go.

Suddenly, a few gentle knocks on the door began.

When the nurse heard the voice and went to open the door, Xiaonian turned his head and saw Fengde standing at the door, looking kindly at her, "Miss Shi."


When Xiaonian was surprised, he looked behind him. Did Gong Ou come?

Knowing what she was looking at, Feng de smiled, walked in and said calmly, "I'm the only one."

Feng de held a fruit basket in his hand. He put it down. "I picked the freshest fruit at the moment. It's good for your injury. You should eat more."

"Thank you, housekeeper." When I was young, I was grateful, but my eyes were alert. "What do Gong ou want you to say to me?"

Do you want her to wear a dog collar?

Do you think it's too cheap to kill her like this? He has more poisonous tricks?

"Young master asked me to return some things to Miss Shi."

Said Fengde.

"Pay me back?" She doesn't remember what Gong Ou borrowed from her. She needs to return it.

Besides, he doesn't need to borrow, he just needs to plunder.

Feng de stood in front of her hospital bed and clapped her hands twice. A group of big bodyguards came in from the outside, holding things in their hands and carrying an extra long dining table.

Fortunately, the ward is large and open, otherwise it won't even have a table.

"Isn't this the imperial Castle table?"

When small read to ask questioningly, look to Feng de strangely.

"Yes." Feng de nodded, "the kitchen utensils, used quilts and pillows, used remote controls, used drawing paper, used clothes and shoes This ward obviously can't be put down. You can put it next door. "

"Yes, housekeeper."

The bodyguard who came in behind pulled out again.

"What do you mean?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"The young master asked me to send you all the things that Miss Shi used in the imperial castle, because..." "Because the young master doesn't want to see it any more," said vanderton


When Xiaonian was half lying with his head resting on the pillow, he suddenly felt the pain on his body more intense.

"Miss Shi is a wise man. She should understand what master means." Said van der.

"He broke up with me."

Shi Xiaonian said.

I don't want to see anything related to her. It's what they do when they are separated.

Gong Ou actually took the initiative to separate from her.

She used to think that she could not get rid of Gong Ou's 24-hour imprisonment in her life.

"Yes." Feng de nodded, and after a while said, "Miss Shi, don't worry, young master will no longer aim at Mu group and Mu prince."

When small read stunned, unbelievably wide eyed, "really?"

How could it be.

Gong Ou is a paranoid. How can you give up if you can't do something?

"It's true." Feng de nodded, "however, the young master also has the request."


"The young master wants the young lady no longer to appear in his sight from now on, if let him see, the consequence is at his own risk." Said van der.

When Xiaonian was stunned, "is that right?"

The one who wants to stick her to her every second for 24 hours Suddenly let her not show up again.

"Well." Feng de took two steps back and said to her, "Congratulations, miss. Finally, she is free."

When Xiaonian was lying there, he looked at him in amazement, "manager Feng?"

He suddenly said what it meant and how she could hear the irony.

"This is what the young master told me to say to Miss Shi."


When Xiaonian was lying on the bed, he was a little stiff.

Finally free.

Yes, she escaped, fought and entangled for so long that she was finally free.

But why doesn't she feel happy or relieved.

What's wrong with her.

"By the way, Mr palace, after all, is a new product that N. E has not yet launched. It cannot be exposed. It has been delivered to the port of heaven for you."

"Mr palace is for me, too?"

When small read stunned.

"Yes, the young master said that from today on, he did not want to see anything related to Miss Shi." Feng de thought for a moment and said, "Miss Shi, if you will listen to my old man, you can leave s city after discharge. Don't let the young master see you again. Otherwise, there will be no more freedom. "

Feng de looked at her painfully. He really loved this girl. He was beaten half dead on the overpass and had to protect the girl who adored the beginning.

It's a pity that she's not protecting the young master.

But the young master became her devil.

It's a sad relationship.

“……” When small read to listen to palely, then nod, "I know."

"Then miss, I'll go first."

Feng de looks down, turns around and leaves, leaving Xiaonian and the nurse in the ward.

When Xiaonian slowly raised her infusion hand and moved her ring finger. At this moment, her ring finger was bare and nothing was left.

Just moved, but has died.

There is too much difference between her and Gong ou, which is doomed to be fate.

It's something to be happy about that freedom she's been thinking about for a long time, isn't it?

"Miss, why are you crying?"

The nurse stood by her bed and suddenly asked.


Smell speech, when small read feel a touch of warm flowing across the lip corner, her mouth taste a touch of bitter taste.

She really cried.

After lying in the hospital for two days, Xiaonian could barely walk down. She didn't hurt her muscles and bones, but her butt hurt badly.

She was walking around the ward in a loose white hospital dress, with one hand on her waist, and then slowly walked out of the ward.

When Xiaonian looked up at the arrow pointing the way, the ICU Over there.

She walked deep into the hallway, and in a moment, to the ICU.

She looked through the small windows on the door one by one, and saw Alan's face and heart. She pushed the door in.

There was a long sick room. Alan and some bodyguards were lying on the bed, each with a fixed neck, plaster on his hands, and gauze on his legs.

Before that, she was wondering if she had a big life.

Seeing this scene, Xiaonian finally understood that Gong Ou's subordinates had left love for her.

The heart was stabbed, there is a kind of unspeakable pain.

Since I was merciful to her, why should I abuse everyone?

When Xiaonian bit, he walked to Allen's bed with his hands on his waist and asked with concern, "how are you?"

Alan was half lying there, with a cast in one hand and a nurse feeding her water. When she came in, she bowed her head and said respectfully, "I'm ok, Miss Shi. You look much better."

"Yes." When small read light smile, "I hurt the lightest, but the most useless, also fainted."

"Miss Shi is a girl. She is not as healthy as US men." Alan said with a smile.

Xiaonian nodded and looked at the sickbeds one by one, wondering, "why didn't you see qianchu? Is he next door? "

When she finished, Xiaonian wanted to leave. Suddenly, she saw Alan's face became very dignified. She couldn't help frowning. "What's the matter? Where is qianchu? "

Xiaonian's face was pale.

Don't you say that moqian Chu has already

When Xiaonian turns around and walks away, her buttocks hurt a lot with her movements. Alan's anxious voice says, "Shida miss, Mu is always in VIP ICU. He has told you before you get hurt."

When Allen's words fell, Xiaonian had rushed out of the ward.

Intensive care unit.

Mu qianchu is in the ICU.

When Xiaonian was worried, he strode to the ICU. There were very few people in the ICU area. Everyone in the patient's number suit had a numb expression that could not be loved. It was amazing.