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Chapter 549 the truth

"... Say! "

Gong Ou reached out and loosened his collar. I don't know if he didn't take the medicine any more recently. He seems to be getting more and more irritable.

He didn't interrupt her any more, and Xiaonian finally went on smoothly.


On the other side, the living room of the strange villa is full of brand-new toys.

The light was dim, and Gong Kui fell asleep on the blanket, with his mouth open and a little beating.

The man wearing the mask and sunglasses took off his clothes and covered it for Gong Kui. Gong Yao stood there, his face delicate and prominent, but expressionless. A pair of black pupils looked coldly at the man in front of him, and his small hands were tightly clenched.

The man covered the clothes for Gong Kui, looked down at Gong Yao, who was standing upright, and his voice came out of the mask, "why run?"

Gong Yao stood there, looking at him coldly, and understood that there was no need to cover up now, "Why are we here? Why do we run away?"

Wen Yan, the man looked at him twice more, chuckled, walked aside and poured out a cup of warm water with a mature voice, "so you don't believe that I am the one your father sent to teach you lessons."

Smart little guy.

Like his father, he has a unique high IQ, which many people can't ask for.

"I see it."

Gong Ou said.


The man came up to him with the cup and asked, in a tone that was not aggressive.

"The driver was stunned by your man. He was directly dragged down." Gong Yao said.

The man chuckled and sat down in the high chair beside him. His toes touched the ground and his fingers turned the cup. "Who do you think I am?"

"Kidnappers, we are your hostages." Gong Yao said that there was still no look of fear on his face. "What you want me to say is really passed on to my parents, not to accompany us to practice the experience of being kidnapped."

"That is to say, you can see it in the morning, but you always pretend to be an ignorant child, waiting for the chance to run away with your sister. I have to say that you are the smartest child I have ever seen. "

The man sat on the high chair and smiled at him.

Gong Yao stood there, not happy because of his praise. His face was cold. "You said that when a child is kidnapped, he only needs to cooperate with the kidnapper and wait for his family to rescue him."

"Do you use the reason I taught you to stop me?"

The man smiled and spread out his hand, "I didn't want to hurt you, just want to take money, but you ran away with your sister, almost let me lose a huge sum of money, and you are too smart, smart as a child, how can I know how many things you remember here, and tell your parents to catch me after you get rid of it?"

"What do you want? Kill the hostages? "

Gong Yao asked.

"Are you not afraid?" Men are interested in Gong Yao's calm appearance.

I didn't expect Gong osheng to have such a son.

Gong Yao clenched his fist again. His eyes looked at Gong Kui, who was lying on the blanket sleeping soundly and heavily. He took a deep breath and looked at the man's sunglasses. "My sister can't remember anything. Don't hurt her."

"When it's time, do you still think about your sister?" The man chuckled and seemed to find it very interesting.

"I tricked her into running. She ran. She didn't know anything. My sister believes everything you say to her. She's stupid, so you don't have to kill her. You just want money. " Gong Yao said that at the end of the day, he tried to find a life for his sister.

Smell words, the man bends down and hands the cup to him.


Gong Yao's eyes flashed at this time, and he glanced over a dull look. He raised his small hand to take the cup, and his small face became more and more pale.

The man suddenly wanted to see the bottom line of the child's bearing. He reached out and shaved his face gently. "You can also give your sister a drink. Anyway, you said it. She believes everything you say. You can coax her to drink it, and she will."

"If I drink it, my sister will be ok?"

Gong Yao looked at him and asked, holding the cup firmly in his small hand.


The head of a man's jaw.

Gong Yao has a deep look at his sleeping sister, holding the cup and drinking it without hesitation. His eyes are dark and dead.

The man was stunned for a few seconds by his unrequited manner.

The man looked at his dry mouth. He had been on guard from the beginning, so he took his sister's breath of food and water in the morning.

The mouth is peeling.

Gong Yao finished drinking the water in the cup, pointed to the glass kettle on the table nearby, and asked, "can I drink all that?"


The man looked at him and understood that he was afraid that he would give Gong Kui another drink of "poisonous water" in the kettle. He couldn't help laughing and reached out to touch his head.

It's a man, not bad.


The night is thick, the stars are dense in the sky, and the half mountain villa is shrouded in the moonlight like water.

In the quiet hall, Shi Xiaonian confessed that he and Mr. y had met each other in recent years, but he didn't miss a single thing. He said everything.

She tried to remember every conversation she had with Mr. y.

"That's it."

Shi Xiaonian finished.

"You say he's always fascinated by your paintings?" Gong Ou asked, and her black eyes grew colder.


When Xiaonian nodded, she didn't know how good her paintings were. Her biggest impression of Mr. y was that he often looked at the paintings in the gallery for a long time.

Sometimes she has the illusion that she is a master.

"It seems that the kidnapper is him." Gong Ou sat beside her, black pupil staring at her, voice deep, "you take medicine, sleep."

"Sleep?" When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

Now I know that Mr. y may be a kidnapper. Shouldn't she try to save the twins or escape first? She's not in the mood to sleep.

"He will not hurt our children, unless his love for you has reached the point of abnormal finger, then he has many opportunities to directly possess you, not to mention kidnapping." Gong Ou said, his voice was calm.

Shixiaonian still looked at him with an indistinct face.

How can he be sure that Mr. y won't hurt the twins? To be honest, she has always been wary of Mr. y because he is so mysterious.

"Don't understand?" Gong Ou looks at her and says, "if you don't miss anything, there is only one purpose."


Asked shixiaonian.

"He is making time for you and me to get along. He deliberately asked you to draw a wall painting for the little girl with leukemia. He wanted you to remember that you still have a love for painting. You should not give up for anyone." Gong Ou said this in a bad tone.

When Xiaonian looked at him in surprise, he couldn't digest the fact, "you mean Mr. y knows it's you and me all the time today, and he's a good man?"

Mr. y turns from a customer to a pursuer to a kidnapper to a good man?

Trying to give her a chance? Why?

"What kind of person is that?" Gong Ou stares at her coldly with black eyes. "Kidnapping is against the law, Miss Xi."

Her first reaction was this nice Mr. y? Ridiculous.

"But you said he would not hurt the twins." When Xiaonian was led by Gong ou, he thought more and more right, and his heart was slightly relaxed. "Also, in the two videos, there was no fear for the two children, which proved that they were not hurt, right? It's great. If so, it's great. "

Two children are OK.

Now for her, as long as the child is OK, the kidnapper is a good person, and Mr. y is a good person.

Gong Ou stares at her gloomily, "Xi Xiaonian, aren't you moved by this?"

The man hit her in the car. She's still covered in gauze.

"I'll call Mr. y." When Xiaonian fully believed in Gong Ou's judgment, he decisively dialed Mr. Y's number.

"Hands free."

Gong Ou sits next to the secluded tunnel.

The phone was soon connected, and a female voice rang on her mobile phone. "Hello, Miss Xi. This is Mr. Y's assistant, Julie."

"Hello, Miss Julie, is Mr. y by your side? I have a few words to say to him. "

Said Shi Xiaonian, coughing a few more times.

Gong Ou sat with a calm face close to her, listening to the trace of the phone.

"He's here, please."

Julie said at the end.

When Xiaonian pursed her lips, looked into miyou's handsome eyes, and then said, "Mr. y, first of all, I want to say that I appreciate what you have done for me. I know that your original intention is to be good for me and help me and Gong Ou create a chance to get along."

It should be the phone call with Xia Yu. Mr. y heard that Gong Ou didn't care about her, so he designed this kidnapping drama the next day.

Gong Ou's black eyes stare at Xiao Nian's face.

When Xiaonian's words fell, there was a long silence, and then Julie's voice came back, "since you know Miss Xi, there's nothing to hide. Mr. y asked me to tell you that he's sorry. He didn't expect to hurt you. Are you ok?"

It's really Mr. y.

everything is exactly the same as Gugong's guess.

"I'm fine. It's much better, and I won't pursue this matter, because I understand that Mr. y means well."

When Gong Ou listens to Xiaonian, he says that if he doesn't investigate, he will be angry. Although he knows that at this time, he can only say that he doesn't investigate and doesn't let the other party get angry, he is still dissatisfied.

"Miss Xi is a very understanding person." Said Julie.

When Xiaonian was eager to get to the point, "the twins..."

Julie interrupted with a smile. "Mr. y has sent someone to send the twins back. The two children have been playing here all day and are asleep now. They should be in your gallery in ten minutes. "

Smell speech, when small read heavily relieved tone, the whole body tight string all loose, pale lips hook up a smile, "that's too good."

The child is fine.