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Chapter 704 your Mr palace is refined

Hearing this, Xiao Nian and Gong Ou raised their heads. Feng de came here from a distance, frowning tightly.

"What is Mr's palace missing?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

When Xiaonian took the opportunity to put the plate in her hand on the tea table in silence and pretended to be involved in the topic, she also asked, "how can Mr palace disappear? It appeared in my room in the morning."

This time, Mr palace came with them.

Gong Ou doesn't want their honeymoon to be disturbed. Even Feng De is going to stay in the UK to take care of the twins, but he also needs someone to take charge of the daily life. So he decides to take Mr palace with him, so as to avoid being disturbed by the living people.

"In the morning?" Feng de looked at Shi Xiaonian in shock. "How could it be? I just found that Mr palace was missing when I was sorting things. It seems that I didn't see it get off the plane."


When you get off the plane, you're gone? How is that possible?

When small read stupefied, think of the morning that confused scene, is that her dream? Mr palace has not entered her room?

"Have you looked for it?"

Gong Ou sat there and asked in a cold voice.

"I've looked for them and asked people everywhere, but since we got off the plane, we haven't seen Mr palace. On the plane, I also sent people to see them, saying they haven't seen them either." Feng de said with a frown.

"Look again! Check its GPS positioning! "

Gong Ou is indifferent. Mr palace must follow them on their honeymoon. Otherwise, their daily life tasks will fall on Shi Xiaonian. How much of their life ability Gong Ou is still clear.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded and turned to leave in a hurry.

However, after two hours of searching, Mr palace was not found. The whole palace was to be overturned and Mr palace was still missing. Moreover, they found a more important thing.

That is to say, GPS positioning on Mr palace has been automatically turned off. Theoretically, no one can turn off this function except the owner and the developer.

When they gathered in the hall, Xiao Nian sat beside Gong ou and looked at Feng de and asked about the people who came to England together. The answer was the same.

The last time you saw Mr palace was on the plane.

No one else has seen it.

"I really didn't turn off that GPS positioning. What happened? Was it stolen?" When small reads to say own idea doubtfully.

One side of Feng de shook his head, "the chance is too small. Since Mr palace was dismembered last time, the young master has entered the anti-theft and anti riot program. Once someone deliberately targets it, it will immediately call the police, and can get rid of the bad people on its own. With its ability, it is difficult for the bad people to get close to it."

The body of R palace has entered many martial arts programs.

"So smart, get me a robot next time."

Gong Yu sat beside Luo Qi, holding a cup of coffee in her hand, and heard this.

It sounds like this robot is quite interesting. It's better to get one to pass the time.

"Yes, Mr series robots are quite intelligent, and Mr palace is full of all functions. It is more perfect than other robots. Even if it is taken away by people, even if it has no power, it can enable its own standby power supply, call home, or walk back according to the memory map."

Feng de said that the robot designed by the young master is absolutely a legend.

"I heard that you can also input character, etc. to build a robot of your own. Gong ou, why don't you send one to your mother?" Luo Qi also thinks the robot is really good.

"Well, I want one, too."

Gong Yu said in a low voice.

Gong Ou leaned back, raised one leg, and looked at his mother and brother with black eyes. "Am I selling robots to you now?"

This is necessary, so is that.


"What are you nervous about?" Gong Yu smiled, "it's a robot. Can't it fly with long legs?"

Then I heard a sound in the open TV.

There is an interview on TV with a white haired expert who was known by Xiaonian when he was talking to Gong ou. He has been publishing various kinds of threat theories of science and technology, believing that the world does not need high technology.

At the moment, the expert sat there again and said, "I warn everyone in front of the TV, we should resist the N.E robot. Gong Ou's R & D robot is the brutal destruction of our beautiful home!"


There was silence in the hall.

All of us can't help looking at Gong Ou from the forbidden area. Gong Ou is sitting there, his face is livid and his black eyes are staring at the screen coldly.

What a bullshit expert.

Who tunes the TV station, this kind of grandiose interview has what good-looking!

Feng de hurriedly went to get the remote control to turn off the TV. He listened to the expert saying, "what kind of end will a robot have if it is too intelligent? They can work for us in any way, which seems to make us convenient, but in fact? We will be more and more lazy, IQ will be more and more backward, and robot intelligence to self-development programs, have independent thinking, then robots will eventually replace all of us, can we beat robots? Then we will have no choice but to die! "


The TV is off.

There was a silence in the hall. Everyone looked at each other. Someone was thoughtful. When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, his expression seemed that the expert had been strangled by him.

When the small read purses the lip not to say a word.

After a long silence, I heard Gong Yu's voice suddenly ring, with a touch of thinking, "Gong ou, your robot won't really have independent thinking?"


Gong Ou looks at him coldly.

"You said it yourself. MR is very powerful and intelligent, and it can't be stolen. And its GPS positioning suddenly turns off." Gong Yu is more and more like an analyst. He looks up at Gong ou and says, "the robot you developed has become refined?"

"Why don't you become refined?"

Gong Ou is biting his teeth.

When Xiaonian reaches for Gong Ou's arm and leans against him, he says, "but even if Mr Gong is refined, why does it go missing? Dissatisfied with our family? I seldom command Mr palace to do anything, and I have a good relationship with it. "

The R palace has always been the greatest gentle guardian for shixiaonian. It has always been so good for her. She believes that even if the plots in the MR palace like the movies have their own thoughts, they will not leave her.

Hearing this, Gong Kui, who has been snuggling up beside shixiaonian, is silly. After a few big blinks, tears will come out. His mouth is shriveled, and his little hand firmly grasps shixiaonian's clothes.

When small read to realize, a bow to see palace anemone to cry not to cry appearance, sad appearance makes people sad.

"What's the matter, Xiao Kui?"

Xiaonian looked at her in surprise.

Seeing that Gong Kui was going to cry, everyone came around and coaxed her.

"Who bullied you? Xiaokui told grandma

"Uncle is here. No one can bully our baby. Don't cry or cry."

"What's the matter, Xiaokui? Are you hungry? Let Grandpa make delicious food for you."

Everyone gathered around, but Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian couldn't get in touch. Seeing that everyone cared about themselves, Gong Kui climbed to Gong Ou's leg and sat alone, crying out.

"I bullied Mr palace. I always said that it was the worst robot. It must be sad, so it ran away from home. Whining. " Palace Kui cried out, sad can not help, a pair of beautiful big eyes like a switch installed, tears streaming down.

R palace must be sad.

Brother Bob left with his mother and returned half of the picture to her. He must not like her sister. Now Mr palace is also angry with her. She is the worst child in the world.

Gong Kui's Tongyan and Tongyu make everyone laugh. Everyone tries their best to coax Gong Kui.

You tell her that it has nothing to do with her.

But Gong Kui didn't listen, so he took it seriously. He thought that he would take Mr Gong Qi away, and cried and jumped off Gong Ou's leg and ran out.

Everyone is catching up.

Gong Ou's eyebrows are screwed up and he wants to stand up. Xiaonian reaches out to hold him.

"What's the matter?"

Gong Ou looks down at her.

Xiaonian looked at him and said, "what Xiaokui said reminds me of something. I've just been thinking about whether it's a dream or a real thing."

"What is it?"

Gong Ou stared at her and asked.

"It was in the morning when I was sleeping very hard. I was so confused that I saw Mr palace come into my room and say something about it." Shi Xiaonian said, "it doesn't really have self-awareness to run away from home, does it?"

"Because of Xiaokui's words?" Gong Ou sneers, "do you believe that?"

"I don't think it's because of okra." When small read sipped lips.

"Then why do you think it's missing and full? It can't eat either. " Gong Ou said coldly, what's the matter with these people? They all believe that robots have self-awareness?

What's next? All Mr series robots disobey the rule of human beings, overthrow human beings and kill human beings? At

, Xiao Nian looked up at the palace and looked at Gong ou. "Don't forget, palace," Mr palace is all about your attributes. Your personality is all yours. In addition to the absolute obedience and respect to the master, it is exactly the same in some aspects. "

Even some of the tone is palace European style.


Gong Ou then asked what she wanted to say.

"This morning, Mr palace kissed my hand. I thought I was dreaming, but why would it kiss my hand if it wasn't dreaming?" When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou and asks, it's impossible to set this intimate initiative action for Mr palace with Gong Ou's character.

Gong Ou is so exclusive that even the robot won't let him do it.

Smell speech, Gong Ou's face is serious down, "it kissed you?"


When small read a nod, he also felt wrong finally.