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Chapter 85 burns you all

Gong Ou pauses.

when Xiaonian listened to his voice, his heart was suspended again, and his legs began to soften involuntarily

She followed his words.

"Burn you all!" Gong Ou announces the answer.

Burn you all!

It was horribly cruel.

“……” When Xiaonian lowered his head, his face was white, and he couldn't find any blood.

Gong Ou approaches her face and kisses her cold face with thin lips. "How can you be so scared? I'm sure you won't."


"After all, in front of you, who else can you fall in love with?" Gong Ou's voice is so low and sexy that he has confidence in himself beyond everything, which has become a kind of conceit.

In front of you, which man can you fall in love with?

Gong Ou is always so rampant.

When Xiaonian stood in the elevator with her legs flaccid. As soon as the elevator door opened, she ran out like a flea. "I'll change my clothes."

She can't go on with Gong ou.

"Run what, wait for change, let me enjoy it for a while!"

Gong Ou shouted after her.


When small read to smell speech to run faster, afraid to be caught by him.

With him for so long and so shy, Gong Ou stood behind her, a pair of black eyes staring at her back deeply, the corners of her lips raised a radian, doting on the most extreme radian.

When Xiaonian rushed back to the room, he quickly changed his student uniform.

The uniform was too tense and wet. It was covered with her sweat When Xiaonian takes a long breath with his uniform, relieving his tension.

She reached out to wipe the sweat off her forehead. In fact, she didn't need to be so nervous.

She and mu qianchu are nothing.

I'm afraid of Gong ou.

Although Gong Ou is unreasonable, he doesn't really burn people.

In this way, when she thought about it, she was quite calm. But when she calmed down, she thought that mu qianchu would never talk like that if there was no provocation in his words It's just out of the ordinary.

"Shixiaonian, do you have any ice cream? I want to eat! " Gong Ou calls her outside.

Unexpectedly, I still miss eating. It seems that I didn't take the first meeting with moqian in the corridor to heart. That's good.

When Xiaonian threw the super short student uniform directly into the garbage can, tied up his long hair and walked out. He raised his voice and said, "no, I'll do it for you now."

"Don't do it!"

Gong Ou leaned lazily at the door of the room, his hands in his trouser pocket, like a tunnel of kindness.

"Don't do it?"

When Xiaonian looked at him suspiciously, would he not want ice cream? He's the kind of person who can eat dozens of barrels of ice cream a day.

"No need to do it! You stay at home for me these days, nothing is allowed to move! " Gong Ou stands at the door and looks at her hand.

When Xiaonian looks down at the band aid on the palm of his hand.

I almost forgot. She hurt her hand last night.

He still remembers.

At that time, Xiaonian's heart was filled with a strange feeling. He looked up at Gong oulingli's eyes and said, "what about the family? Who do I not do? "

As soon as she exits, she is stunned by herself.

She even called it home according to Gong Ou's words. Is she stupid?

Gong Ou didn't notice her unusual appearance, and said in a deep voice, "if there is any difficulty, the kitchen will let Feng de do it. He has the cook's certificate; the sanitation will let Feng de do it. He has the cleaning certificate; if the water pipe is broken, he will let Feng de repair it. He has the construction certificate!"

What kind of evidence are these

"So many certificates have been tested by the former housekeeper." When small read exclamation tunnel, "good fierce."

If there is a Fengde, it will be worth everything.

Fengde in hand, I have everything.

"Why, do you like Feng de?" Gong Ou leans against the door, stares at her black eyes, cools down and purses her lips.

This nameless vinegar ate It's just baffling.

"You should like acid very much, don't you?" When Xiaonian looked at him and asked.

"I don't like it."

"I think you should like it."

"When you are satirizing me for being jealous, read it carefully!" How could Gong ou not hear her implication.


Shixiaonian shakes her head, turns around and leaves. Gong Ou pours up from behind, hugs her body, hugs her tightly, and says in a domineering voice, "shixiaonian, listen, I just don't allow you to have a good feeling for any man, nor can you appreciate it!"


"From today on, you and Feng de are not allowed to speak more than three sentences a day!"

“……” When Xiaonian was completely speechless to him, she was jealous and became such a person for the first time. She loosened his grip and said, "whatever you want, I'll wash my hands."

She is still in a hurry to steal.

I don't know if the flute contacted Tang Yi yesterday.

"You can't touch the water." Gong Ou's eyebrows are twisted. She still has injuries on her hands.

"Then I must wash my hands and take a bath." When small read helpless tunnel, her hand is just a small injury, to his eyes how and two hands waste the same.

Hearing this, Gong Ou turns her around, puts his hands on her shoulders, raises his eyebrows in a sinister way, and stares at her with black eyes. In his eyes, there is a light of love Yu.

At that time, Xiaonian felt a trace of malice.

Sure enough, the next second, the president of Gong Ou University announced loudly, "good, I'll take care of your hand and bath!"


I was crazy.

When Xiaonian returned to her study, Gong Ou "washed" her hands again and again.

That is to say, washing, the process is being teased by him over and over again.

One kiss, one bite, one bite, she always felt that her hands were not hands in Gong Ou's place, but chicken feet, duck feet, pig feet He used to stare at each of her fingers with a delicious look.

However, the flirting is for flirting. Gong Ou cleans her wound again and pastes a band aid. She is more careful than herself.

For such a gong ou, I didn't know whether to hate or to be angry.

After sitting in the study for a while, Xiao Nian stood up and walked to the set of thieves. In front of the listening equipment, he turned on a monitor.

She was outside yesterday, never heard of it.

The display screen lights up slowly. Some of the codes on it are still displayed. She can't understand it. She just picks up the places she can understand. When Xiaonian holds the mouse, she moves to the SMS area on the screen --

the SMS of the flute appears in front of her all of a sudden, including the ones deleted immediately.

Most of the messages are from her discussion with the director about the content of the script. When Xiaonian glanced at the script, he found that there were many martial arts plays in Shidi's script. It seems that Shidi was not pregnant.

Pregnancy is a lie.

When Xiaonian continues to look down, she selects useful news with one eye, and suddenly a text message jumps into her eyes --

Why do you want to come back when you are staying abroad?

It's a message from Shidi.

Overseas, Tang Yi has already gone abroad.

Shi Xiaonian immediately became cautious and combined the messages before and after the text message -

Tang Yi: Miss Shi Di, I'm back home.

Shidi: it's good for you to stay abroad now. Why do you want to come back?

Tang Yi: you don't always like to put important words in SMS or on the phone. Three days later, the old place, without any communication equipment, will be together.

Tang Yi has returned to China?

Shi Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock. What is the relationship between Tang art and Shi Di.

Three days later, in the old place, we will see each other.

When I read the information on the screen, I firmly pressed my lips.

Is the truth of three years ago finally coming out?


Wait a minute, they don't bring any communication equipment to meet, and she won't be able to overhear the content.

She had to go out and stare at the whistle.

But she is tied by Gong ou and taken away 24 hours a day. How can she stare at Shidi and Tangyi?

If you want to go out, you have to get a "go out permit" from Gong ou.


A beautiful morning, the sun fell on the clean window, dew in the window to open, like the beauty's tears drop.

In a gorgeous bedroom.

Gong Ou lies on the big bed, with a handsome face under the slightly disordered short hair. The outline has a bit of European mixed blood's profundity, dark saber eyebrows, one eyes closed, eyelashes brushed a layer of light shadow on the delicate skin, the raised silk quilt covered him, solid chest half exposed, and even breathing is all sexy.

Suddenly, Gong Ou reaches for her side.

It's empty.

Gong Ou's brow frowned, his eyes opened slowly, his dark pupils were bleary, and he turned to look at his side.

There was no one in the bed next to it.

Where is this woman in the early morning?

Gong Ou reaches out his hand and presses his eyebrow, sits up from the bed, a smiling face suddenly bumps into his sight.

"Good morning, Mr. Gong."

When Xiaonian stood at the bedside, slightly bent, with a smile on her face. She was wearing a black-and-white maid's dress. The maid's hair band on her head made her smile particularly delicate and funny. Her green and white hands were holding a fruit salad platter, which was colorful.

Seeing such a vivid picture in the morning, every man will not hate it.

In particular, he is now at a stage of great interest in the woman.

Gong Ou sits lazily on the bed, and her eyes sweep down from her head, fixed on her slender legs. She even puts on the maid's stockings, and the lines of her legs are particularly attractive on such a morning.

Gong Ou's eyes are quiet, and then he says, "shixiaonian, did you take the wrong medicine?"

When Xiaonian still kept smiling, he picked up silver Jiusheng to live with a bright strawberry, and smilingly sent it to his mouth, "Mr. Gong, please use it."

Gong Ou's eyes lock the smile on the corner of her mouth, the Adam's apple rolls, and she opens her thin lips to eat.

"Is it delicious?" Xiaonian asked with a smile, and a pure face was particularly lovely when she met the maid's dress.


Gong Ou chewed twice and said these two words slowly from her lips. Her eyes swept vaguely around her delicate body, like an invisible hand stripping her clothes.

He thought it was not strawberries that tasted delicious, but she read it when she was young.

When Xiaonian is stared at by him, his cheeks are hot and his face is flushed.

"I'd rather have your face."

Gong Ou sits on the bed and stares at her redder and more appetizing face than strawberry.

What the hell is this woman up to today?

To be courteous in the early morning is to steal.

If it's the former, he's happy to see it.