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Chapter 1042 more important data than jealousy

Bit frowned at the scene. .


When Xiaonian was silent, he would like to raise his fist and hit him twice, but when his hand fell down, it turned into a gentle kneading. He lowered his head and said in Gong Ou's ear, "Gong ou, we are all adults. We need to see the facts in front of us objectively, right? Lancaster couldn't have surrendered for bith, could he? "

The data on the tablet screen is one more.

When small read a face black line, Gong Ou turn Mou head, thin lips brush her face, a pair of black eyes fixed to look at her, low magnetic voice can't hear happy anger, "you continue, I see how long you can say."

"But I'm tired of beating your shoulders." When small read busy way.

Hearing this, Gong Ou grabs her hand and rubs it gently in her palm. Her eyes are full of heartache. "Who let you beat? There are so many things."

Love her?

When small read stoops to stand there, hastens to fill in a word, "that does not go to negotiate good?"? Shall we delete this data? "

Who can stand him after every turn out to see, vinegar eat flying.

Gong Ou rubs her hand, looks at her fixedly, and suddenly smiles, "it's not good."

"Gong ou..."

"Don't ask him. I'll go."

When Xiaonian's words were suddenly interrupted, she turned around and saw bith coming towards them. He looked at Gong ou with blue eyes. "I'll go. Don't bully Xiaonian with this."


Xiaonian's eyebrows wrinkled.

Gong Ou sat in a wheelchair and kneaded Xiaonian's hand. There was a dark flash in his black eyes. He turned his eyes to bit and said, "you should eat and drink these days."


Bith didn't speak. He turned away.

At that time, Xiaonian wanted to catch up with Gong ou and was held by Gong ou. She lowered her eyes, and Gong Ou stared at her jealously. "The feeling is really deep, because you are willing to take yourself as a chip."

When Xiaonian heard this, he was really uncomfortable. "He took me as his elder sister, but I, the elder sister, couldn't protect my younger brother."

She wants to watch bit be taken back by Lancaster. He betrays his family. Can he still offer to be a young master?

Gong Ou stared at her, only to see that her eyes were full of anxiety and loneliness, and the whole person's mood was at a low level.

"Come on, I'll bring him back as soon as I take him out. Don't bother!"

Gong Ou reaches out and scoops her into her arms, letting her sit on her lap.

When Xiaonian looked at him incredulously, "really?"

He won't let bith do anything? He's going to bring bitback?

"Why should I lie to you?" Gong Ou circled her and put the tablet aside.

When Xiaonian sat on his leg in a daze, and it took a few seconds for him to respond, "you've already figured out not to let bith get involved. Why didn't you say that earlier?"

It took her a long time to be afraid here.

"My shoulders are sore." Gong Ou's reason is just and aboveboard.


"And..." Gong Ou slowly picked up the tablet and looked at the data on it. "Without statistics, I don't know that my woman can say so many words for the other members of the opposite sex. The data is really the most intuitive good thing, don't you think?"


When Xiaonian wanted to dig a hole to bury herself, she smiled and reached for her forehead. "I'm suddenly tired. I want to go back to my room and sleep."

"Is it?" Gong Ou stared at her deeply. "Well, I wanted to show you the little pumpkin."

"Look at pumpkin? OK, let's go and see it now. "

When Xiaonian thought that his son's whole heart was warm.

Gong Ou stared at her deeply.

Look at her.

Always stare at her.

Eyes were fixed on her without turning.

When Xiaonian was looking a little hairy, just about to ask what happened, Gong Ou circled her with both hands, and then a finger gently on the tablet.

As a result, there are 1 more data.


When Xiaonian understood that he had been cheated again, his head fell powerlessly on his shoulder, and said gloomily, "without you, you are fishing law enforcement!"

"In many countries, fishing law enforcement is legal." Gong Ou said it rightfully.

“……” When Xiaonian wanted to grab the tablet and smash it, "you should count the number of times I mentioned you every day, and the number of times I talked to you, which is definitely several times more than this data."

"I don't like the data."

Gong Ou's face is cold.

"You like to count the data that I speak for the relatives of the opposite sex?" When Xiaonian stressed the word "family member".

"What else?"

When Xiaonian looked up, "what is it "Well."

Gong Ou lowers his head, kisses her lips with thin lips, twists and turns again and again, Prys her lips open, the hot tip of the tongue rushes straight in, recklessly seduces her, kisses her dizzy, a pair of long arms slowly imprison her.

The two men's breathing became fast.

Gong Ou pressed her lips and said silently, "when this data exceeds that on the computer, my Gong Ou company will not produce vinegar!"



When Xiaonian put his arms around his neck, he leaned over his face and cautiously glanced at the screen of the tablet computer. Is this the rhythm of kissing numbness?


On the day of negotiation, Shi Xiaonian was also brought by Gong ou. The bodyguard's lineup is not so strong.

When Xiaonian sat in the car, dressed in a wool coat, turned his eyes and looked out of the car. Gong Ou was pushed to the front of the car by Fengde. He slowly stood up with his waist pressed. His back was not straight, and his eyebrows were tightened.

"Well, is the wound painful?"

When Xiaonian anxiously reaches for him, Gong Ou's gunshot wound is much more difficult to recover than her. It's nothing for her to get rid of her weakness, but he has a lot of difficulties even standing straight.

"Don't look at me that way, do you think I can't?"

Gong Ou stared at her and then stood up straight. His face was white. He stood in front of her and clearly showed that he could do it silently.

When does she think he can't do it.

If she doesn't worry, he thinks she doesn't care about him, right? Really, this awkward man.

"All right, come in."

Shi Xiaonian said that Gong Ou bent down again and got into the car. He sat down beside her, holding his big palm on his waist.

When Xiaonian opened the bag he had with him, he took out a small bottle of liquid medicine from it, unscrewed the lid and handed it to Gong ou. Gong Ou glanced at it and said, "I don't need pain relief."

I can't stand the pain. He's a man.

When Xiaonian put a kiss on the corner of his lips without saying a word, Gong Ou's body froze and quickly took the potion and drank it up. After a while, his face recovered.

It was at this time that bit got on the bus. He was sitting in the corner of the car, leaning against the window and looking out with his head askew.

The car started slowly, and bit didn't speak all the way. When I read something to him, he just took it.

She has said with bit that she will not let him get involved. Gong Ou has her own plan, but he is still alone. I think Gong Ou is a liar.

It's OK. He'll know after today.

I wish the fight between the two families had passed earlier. Let alone them. It's really hard for a 16-year-old boy to be involved.

As the car drove slowly forward, Xiaonian glanced at the rear-view mirror carelessly, and suddenly found that the two cars that followed left from the fork and did not follow.

Next, the team is one car and two cars missing from time to time. The team is very long. If she didn't stare at it, she wouldn't find it at all.

"We seem to have fewer and fewer people. Is it safe?" When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in doubt.

Although the Lancaster family is showing weakness to him this time, how could they surrender easily in the cruel way George used to do things? They should bring more people.

We can't always put an empty plan like the last negotiation conference. Anyone who uses the same plan will see through it.

"Afraid I might hurt you?" Gong Ou rubbed her head.

"What do you think I'm afraid of?" When small read some helpless his idea, she is not worried about him.

Gong Ou pressed her head with one hand, lowered his head and kissed her forehead. His voice was extremely magnetic. "Now as long as you are around me, I am very stable. Any environment is safe for me."


When small read a light smile, around a big circle they finally came to cross the shoulder of this step, not only he steadfast, she steadfast.

She turned to look at bit, who was still sitting in the corner quietly looking out of the window. There was no expression on a young face, and she repeatedly stroked a blue bead bracelet, which was left by the maid Xiaoxue before he died.

When Xiaonian wants to comfort bit, his face is hard broken by a pair of big hands.

"Look where it is."

Gong Ou said.

When Xiaonian looked out of the window, he was a little surprised. "It's the first time we went into area 13 to see the sunrise."

"Stop." Gong Ouyang said, "let's get out of the car and have a look."

When Xiaonian looked at him blankly, looked up at the big sun in the sky, and asked, "what do you see at this time?"

"Look at the sun, don't you like it?" The names of the three children have to do with the sun.


Who can see the big sun near noon?

When Xiaonian got out of the car with Gong Ou completely confused, helped him to get into the wheelchair, looked at the time on the mobile phone, "but the time for negotiation is coming, shall we not go there?"

"No." Gong Ou presses the button to let the wheelchair move forward.

When Xiaonian hurried to catch up, thinking whether Gong Ou wanted to give George a lower horse power and decide to be late? But it's not good for negotiation, is it?

But soon, when Xiaonian found out that he was wrong, Fengde told the bodyguards to remove pieces of fishing gear, put them by the lake, and assemble them to wear bait for them.

A reclining chair was placed in front of shixiaonian with a thin quilt and pillow on it.

The sun umbrella is put up to block the dazzling sunshine. All kinds of fruits are put on the table. The chefs open a large table on the side of the road and start to squeeze juice.