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Chapter 915 long gone kinship

When Xiaonian went out to play with Gong ou, a large number of bodyguards followed them and left. They were closely protected outside. There are very few people left in the old house.

"Five of them, Lintou."

The bodyguard replied.

"Let them get over here!"

Gong Ou's face is not solemn, and then he pulls Xiaonian away to breathe some fresh air under a tree.

"Tired or not? Go to the car and have a rest. "

Asked Gong Ou when he looked at him.

I want to hear what's going on

Malicious arson should be discovered by the bodyguards at the first time. It won't burn as it is now. There's nothing left.

After a while, five bodyguards came over with their heads down, not daring to breathe.

Gong Ou stands under the tree. The sun falls on his angular face through the gap between the leaves, reflecting the evil and apathy, which makes him afraid of being angry.

"What are you doing with your mouth shut? Please let me watch the mime? " Gong Oula pulled his sleeves and looked at the five bodyguards in front of him with deep eyes. His voice was cold and full of anger. "I want to tell you!"

The words are sharp.

In a word, a bodyguard fell on his knees with a thump. "I'm sorry, Mr. Gong, it's all my fault. Someone pretended to be Mrs. Gong's old neighborhood and said to send some dishes, so I let him in. I've been staring at him all the way, and I don't know when he's got his black hand. It's all my fault! "


Gong Ou raised his leg, and his black eyes were angry. "Are you a waste? Let people in! "

The bodyguard was kicked to the ground and didn't dare to stand up straight. He was shaking. When Xiaonian reached for Gong ou, he said, "it must have been uncle he who sent vegetables. You let people in, so they didn't dare not let the old neighborhood go."

Hearing Xiaonian's help, several bodyguards nodded, "well, Mr. Gong, we really don't know how to do it."

Gong Ou glanced at Xiaonian, then stared at the bodyguards, his voice cold as ice. "What does that man look like?"

"Back to Mr. Gong, I left my heart and mind on this matter and took a picture. Please have a look at it."

The bodyguard kneels on the ground, takes out his cell phone and hands it to Gong ou.

There are pictures.

Gong Ou takes a cold look and reaches for his mobile phone. When Xiaonian leans over, he sees that the picture on the screen of the mobile phone is an old man with a hunchback. His hair is sparse and gray, and his white beard covers most of his face, but he can still identify who it is between his eyebrows and eyes.


When small read Zheng ground looks at this picture, the voice is low, "it is adoptive father is revenging us."

"You have nothing to do with them!" Gong Ou threw back his mobile phone and looked at them coldly. "Go get the severance pay and leave!"

Five bodyguards were pale and dare not beg for mercy.

"Gong ou, in fact, they are also guessing what you mean to do. It's not a big mistake." Xiao Nian pleaded for them.

"I don't object to the people below guessing what I mean, but the people who do the wrong things are all rubbish. I will not stay." Gong Ou's voice was cold-blooded and merciless, and there was no room for negotiation. He turned his eyes and glanced at them coldly. "Still going?"

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

Several bodyguards left in tears.


When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he seemed to be more strict with his servants than before. She frowned and looked at the figures of several people leaving. "Why do you say that the adoptive father set fire to revenge us? This is his hometown."

Why did it burn here.

"It's strange that I humiliated him in public before, and humiliated him in front of all the old neighborhoods. Knowing that we live in his house now, he's not furious?" Gong Ou was not surprised by the result.

"So he's trying to burn us? The house will be destroyed if it doesn't burn. " "When small read wry smile," he hates us, but he has done those things also let me uncomfortable for a long time

Her life experience has always been a knot in her heart.

Shizhong is her adoptive father and the enemy who destroys her life with her parents and younger brother.

"A street mouse, leave it to me." Gong Ou coldly put her in his arms and said, "you don't have to worry about it. It's a waste of your brain to think about them."


When Xiaonian didn't know what to say, she turned her eyes to look at the direction of the old house, where there was nothing left.

Before she came out of her misery, he Bo, wearing presbyopic glasses, came running from the crowd and said excitedly, "Xiaonian, Xiaonian husband, go outside and have a look."

"What's the matter, uncle he?"

Shixiaonian asked, what's the matter.

Is this not over?

"Why don't you come with me? What's the matter with you and your parents?" He Bo said and trotted all the way out.

Shi Xiaonian is hugged by Gong ou and goes forward. A large number of bodyguards follow them. Many neighbors also watch the scene. The crowd is dense.

It's like a market.

"You come here. You're coming. Everyone is going to see the fire. I just saw this one."

As he said, he went out from the gate of the community and walked for a while. He went straight to the corner and pointed to the wall. "Xiaonian, Xiaonian husband, look!"

When Xiaonian looked forward, his eyes widened in amazement.

The walls are full of big characters written in red paint, like bloody strokes, which looks particularly shocking --

"when an unfilial daughter, she will be sent by heaven!"

"Drive your parents away! Insult your parents! Take over the parents' house! "

"Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian can't die easily!"

"It's all bad! Heaven strikes thunder! "

The words like this are endless. At a glance, the red paint seems to have no end. When Xiaonian stood there, his back was cold and there was no movement.

Behind them are all the fingers of others, all guessing what's wrong between their father and daughter.

Suddenly, her eyes were covered with a warm hand.

Then Xiaonian heard Gong Ou's angry roar explode, "find it for me! Find Shizhong, the dead old man! I will never let them go! Look! "


When Xiaonian stood there motionless.

"Wipe this place for me! Blow up the whole wall! "

Gong Ou shouts loudly. He is full of anger. When he covers Xiaonian's eyes, he makes her turn around and takes her away from those terrible words.

When Xiaonian was pressed by Gong ou to sit on the car, she sat on it, and the bloody words still floated in her mind. She lowered her eyes and laughed at herself, "in their eyes, I am an unforgettable daughter, right?"

For so many years, in the eyes of Shizhong, has she ever been outstanding?


She never felt the so-called paternal love in Shizhong. Now they are tearing each other apart.

"For them, the adopted daughter they want is just a completely obedient servant. They can do whatever they want. Once you exceed the control, you will be heinous!"

The door was open, Gong Ou stood there, his black eyes staring at her deeply.

It's a saying.

This is not so-called kinship at all, not even a child's daughter-in-law.


When Xiaonian sat there, there was no voice. In fact, she never thought of going to this step with her adoptive parents. She hated that her adoptive parents bought her through illegal channels, and she would never tell her life experience, but at most, she thought that this life was not related.

I didn't expect to come to this step.

For a long time, shixiaonian said, "OK, let's go back. Gong ou, I want to go home, I want to holy, I want Xiaokui."

When all the memories are better than now, she suddenly does not want to remember.


Gong Ou answers her like this.


There are many cars parked at the black car gathering place. Behind a van, there are two figures of a man and a woman. The middle-aged people are very thin. Their backs are slightly hunched. They are wearing the most humble plain clothes, and their faces are wrinkled together.

The two are carefully observing the situation around them.

It is the adoptive father and mother of shixiaonian: Shizhong and mingqiujun.

"How about reading to Xiaonian like this? In other words, you forced Xiaonian to break up the relationship, which had nothing to do with it. The Gong Ou she climbed up was a great character, even if it didn't kill us, how could you revenge them? " Minqiu Jun took his husband and said with some worry, "I don't know if Xiaonian has anything to do with it or if he has escaped."

After all, min Qiujun was reluctant to die when he was a little girl. After all, she was the one who brought the big one with her.

"What do you know!"

When he heard his wife talking like this, Zhong angrily pushed her and pushed her to the ground, "do you sympathize with that little bitch now? How have we been through these years? Do you forget? When does she remember the grace of our upbringing? Little flute can't be found now. I don't know what it's like to be tossed by them! "

Minqiujun was pushed to the ground and coughed several times. He got up from the ground and said, "Xiaonian can't. If she dealt with Xiaodi, she wouldn't just let us go abroad."

"I said, can you stop talking? You still think about that little bitch. Now they are sending people all over the world to catch us!" Shizhong lowered his voice and said, "hurry up, we have to leave here at once. We can't be controlled by Gong Ou any more."

Shizhong decides to find a black car driver to leave the area. As soon as he shows his head behind the car, he sees a luxury car coming from afar.

"Hide, hide!"

When Zhong hurriedly squatted down to the car in a hurry. He was so scared that he was sweating and gasping for air. "It's really coming. It looks like the fire is burning well. Burn them, burn that little bitch! "


Min Qiujun squatted aside, watching Zhong said nothing.

A car passed by them and didn't stop.

Shi Zhong stood up quickly with his bag bent. "Hurry up, let's go. If we don't go, we will die."

He pulled min Qiujun into a black car, hurriedly closed the window, and said to the driver, "let's get out of here. Hurry up! Be quick! You drive! "