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Chapter 304 will not come again

The scene was very quiet.

The public relations lady picked up a microphone and said clearly, "Dear media friends, today's press conference is to announce something. Mr. Gong ou and Miss Shi Xiaonian decided to end the relationship together. Media friends can ask five questions and start asking questions. "

A short and simple words just said, the scene was full of uproar, reporters have not yet from the end of the four words of love to slow down, and want to think about the problem.

All the people sat there stiffly.

When Xiaonian sat there quietly, with one hand on the table, there was no ring on the ring finger.

Gong Ou sits beside her, calm and calm.

Finally, a reporter came back and raised his hand to ask, "didn't Mr. Gong and Ms. Shi have a relationship for a long time? It's less than four months since they announced their love affair? How did it end all of a sudden? "


When Xiao Nian sat there quietly, he didn't speak.

Gong Ou glanced down at the microphone in front of him and said in a low voice, "it's our common decision. We all think it's better to end this relationship as soon as possible."

When Xiaonian sat there and listened quietly.

A good joint decision.

From the beginning to the end, she decided how many things.

"Is it a peaceful break-up?" The reporter turned his eyes and looked at Shi Xiaonian. "Miss Shi, there was a rumor that your love was not favored by the palace family. Is it because you are an ordinary person that you are now facing pressure to break up?"

Ask her directly.

When small read's long eyelashes trembled, looked at the flash in front and said with a smile, "no matter, please don't speculate arbitrarily."

She must strictly abide by the break-up contract, and cannot smear Gong ou.

"Miss Shi, you were in the robot's pre announcement conference. Now it's time to end the relationship and launch the robot for the first time. Isn't it really in cooperation with the hype?" Asked another reporter.

It was directed at her.

You know that you can't ask Gong Ou anything.

"Gong Ou doesn't need hype."

When Xiaonian said calmly to the microphone, this is true, so she said with confidence.


Gong Ou sits aside, a pair of black eyes stare at her deeply, her face is reflected in the pupils, and her thin lips are tight.

Her words fell, and a reporter raised his hand to ask, "Miss Shi, you are now from lovers to ordinary friends. Will you continue to have contacts?"

The reporter is still carefully pondering the question, in fact wants to ask when the small reads her noble family dream to break is what taste.

But in the face of Gong ou, you have to be careful.

"It's interesting that all your questions are directed at her?"

Gong Ou's sullen voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone was stunned.

When Xiaonian turned his eyes to Gong ou, there was anger on Gong Ou's face, and a pair of black eyes looked at the press seat in front of him.

At this time, it also protects her from hypocrisy or sincerity?

Is it to show how good he is to his ex girlfriend? This will protect your image.

Gong Ou said coldly to the microphone, "of course we do..."

"Of course we won't go back and forth." When Xiaonian interrupts Gong ou, he says with a smile.

Gong Ou's body leans forward slightly, his voice is stuck in his throat, his face suddenly cools down, and his black eyes stare at him incredulously.

What does the woman say?

Didn't he say that he emphasized peaceful separation? What did he say that she couldn't get along with each other? What did she want to do?

When small read words fall, now the shutter sound is more fierce, the flash lights her eyes.

"Why don't you come and go again, miss, please tell me."

One reporter asked the last question, which all reporters wanted to ask.

When Xiaonian tried to maintain a smile and didn't look at Gong Ou's face beside him. He calmly said to the microphone, "although it's a peaceful break-up, it's a break-up. In the future, we all have separate relationships. Keeping in touch will become a dull pain in the heart of the current girlfriend and boyfriend."


Gong Ou reads when he stares at him.

The woman was determined not to see him again.

"So I tend to break up after not contacting each other, mutual blessing is good." Xiaonian continued with a smile and ended the last question.

Gong Ou stared at her without a sound.

He was joined by her.

Her answer was perfectly peaceful, but in fact, she wanted to completely get rid of the relationship with him and no longer have any contact with him. She said this in her mouth, which also showed the pride of a common people.

She didn't want him, she didn't want him.


Gong Ou sat there, his face so ugly that he couldn't stop.

It's OK for Xiaonian to join the first army when she was with her, but she never comes back again This angered him.

Xiaonian sat there with a smile.

"Each has a new relationship? Shixiaonian, do you mean there is a third party between you? " The imagination of journalists has always been rich.


When small read light tunnel.

"This is the end of the press conference. Thank you for coming." The public relations lady on one side simply made a conclusion, not letting the reporters continue to ask questions.

This kind of conference doesn't need to be long.

When Xiaonian stood up, made a shallow bow to the reporters in front of her, then followed the staff out, Gong Ou walked behind her.

When Xiaonian went to the back room, Fengde and Mr palace waited there.

R palace stands there, dragging a style retro suitcase.

When Xiaonian walks forward, she hears Gong Ou's angry voice behind her, "what do you mean, shixiaonian?"

He still has the face to lose his temper.

It's ridiculous.

When Xiaonian turned to look at him, his eyes tried to look at him calmly.

Gong Ou's face is full of rage, his long fingers are loosening his tie, and his eyes are staring at her dead, "didn't I let you say peace break up? What is no contact after breaking up? You make it clear to me! "

"Don't contact, don't you understand Mr. Gong?"

When small read sneer ground smile.

In the corridor not far away, Mona, dressed in gorgeous clothes, stood against the wall and looked at them with a good face. Her blue eyes were filled with pride of victory.

"Can you tell me if you come or not?"

Gong Ou shouts as he stares.

Smell speech, when small read only think absurd, she looked coldly to Gong ou, a word said, "Mr. Gong, you have said a lot, let me say again how?"

He likes to control people too much.


Gong Ou is tall and stiff.

"Yes, you are superior. I can only obey what you say, but it's also a social intercourse. Even if I'm just an emotional pet of you, I'm flesh and blood."

He couldn't see when she was in pain, but she could feel it.

When Xiaonian stood in front of him and said, "so, let's stop. In the future, don't arrange to eat like a friend to prove peace."

She dislikes the pretense of maintaining her image.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou's face flashed with embarrassment. She knew what he was thinking.

He wanted to meet her again after parting his hands, but she blocked his way.

"Today's press conference is my last time to cooperate with you. After that, I will not accompany you." When small read light tunnel, voice with a trace of cold.

With that, Xiaonian turned around and left without hesitation.

The R palace scans for her presence, pulls the suitcase and follows.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou stood there, roaring hysterically, his collar and tie wrinkled, his whole body full of rage.

When Xiaonian stopped and didn't look back, he just said lightly, "Gong ou, I've given you what you want. I only want the same thing. I don't want to see you again!"

As he spoke, Xiaonian strode forward.


Gong Ou stares at her back and goes further and further until it disappears into his sight.

All I want is the same. I don't want to see you again.

All I want is the same. I don't want to see you again.

Time - small - read!

Gong's roar came from his body, took off his suit and smashed it to the ground.

He shouldn't be angry, but he can't control it.

Even if he wants to break up, why six days, six days she agreed.

Never see each other

Why did she hold on so long to Mu qianchu! Why come to him only six days!

When Xiaonian walked out of the science and Technology Museum, he walked through a side door, and there was a luxury car outside.

"Miss Shi, the driver will take you where you want to go. This car will be yours later." Feng de chases out and says to Chao Shixiao Nian.

"I don't need a car."

When small read light tunnel.

The R palace has a special meaning for her, like a companion, so she wants it, but she doesn't need any other property.

"Miss Shi would better take the bus. After today's press conference, there will be many reporters staring at you. It's too ostentatious to walk with Mr palace." Said van der.


Sure enough, I'm afraid she will be stared at by the media.

What to do then? She has to live a dodgy life again. In the past, Gong Ou protected her from the wind and rain, but now Gong Ou pushed her out.

After thinking about it, Xiaonian didn't refuse. He opened the door to sit in.

"Miss Shi."

Feng De's voice rang behind her.

When Xiaonian turned to him, Feng de stood there and looked at her with concern. "Miss Shi, I don't know if the young master wants to break up with you because he is getting better. I don't know if your meaning to the young master is really just an emotional pet."


"But I know Miss Shi that you are a good girl and you will definitely live a strong life." Feng de stood there and said, his eyes were red.

His voice was gentle and full of concern.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him, he withdrew his hand from the car, threw himself into Fengde's arms, and reached out and hugged him, "fengbutler, thank you."

"Miss Shi." Feng de hugged her and patted her on the back with one hand.

"Manager Feng, you are the best warmth in my dream. I really appreciate you." Shixiaonian said gratefully that she had never received such care from an elder.


Feng de was stunned.

In a dream.

Miss Shi described everything as a dream.