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Chapter 696 high tide three at the end

Originally, he said those words are not hypocritical, he really picked them up.

Gong Yao looked at the comatose man on the bed. For a long time, he held the crystal bottle in his small hand, and suddenly felt it was very heavy. He carefully put the crystal bottle aside, then picked up the photo and turned it over, and found that there were still some picture frame photos below.

Most of them are photos of Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian, as well as a picture taken by their family in front of a deciduous swing.

The picture at the bottom is a picture of shixiaonian alone.

In the photo, Xiaonian is sitting at the window, holding the palette in one hand, holding the brush in the other hand, embroidering the words "a" on the chest of the clothes. She raises her eyes and smiles at the camera. The sunshine outside the window softens her whole body.

"This is a picture of my wife when she was at school. It looks green."

Said Alisha, crouching aside.

Gong Yao looks over the picture and sees two sentences behind it.

"Alisha." Gong Yao shows the picture to Alisha beside him, "what does this word say?"


"And this one?" Gong Yao continued.

"Yes. Naturally, necessarily. " Alisha replied that Gong Yao stood up with the picture and went to the bedside. A servant was still reading documents to Gong ou.

Gong Kui sits uneasily on the bed and kisses Gong Ou's face and hand.

Gong Ou's long fingers moved slightly.

"Please stop."

Gong yaochao's servant said, "climb to bed hard, sit by the bed, hang your legs down, bend down to Gong Ou's ear, and then read out the two sentences above with the photo.".

The tender voice flows into Gong Ou's ears like water.

Gong Kui sat aside and looked at Gong Yao, holding out her little hand and pulling at him. "What are you reading?"


Gong Yao made a silent movement and continued to read it in Gong Ou's ear. He repeated the two sentences behind the photo over and over again. He did not know why. He thought, these two sentences must be very important.

Next second, Gong Ou's fingers grasped the quilt.


At night, the cruise ship is still sailing on the sea. The sea is calm. There are yachts coming from afar, breaking through the sea, turning over the white waves, and moving forward at the speed of the wind.

When Xiaonian was waiting quietly at the door of the bathroom, he didn't see anyone left and right, didn't he say time goes back? It won't really take her an hour to wait here.

That's not good. She didn't see these things seven years ago. She will see them seven years later.

She went out from the bathroom and turned a corner to look at the quiet corridor. When Xiaonian realized that the bathroom she had been in seven years ago seemed to run counter to Gong Ou's room. In fact, she could get there by turning a small corner and moving away some sundries.

So close.

It turns out that seven years ago, she was not only close to Xi Yu, but also to Gong ou.

All right.

Now she's going to see who was in gong'o's room during the hour of her coma.

When Xiaonian was about to walk forward, he saw Tang Yi sneaking out of Gong Ou's room, pulling her back to the bathroom and pressing her on the toilet in the cubicle.


What else to do.

When Xiaonian looked at her speechless, Tang Yi stood there, hesitating in his eyes, fenglip moved twice and didn't say it, while Xiaonian sat quietly.

For a long time, Tang Yicai said, "no matter what, I also take you as a friend. Xiaonian, I don't want to betray you, but I'm really too difficult."

Tang Yi knows that he is going to say what kind of event.


When Xiaonian looked at her coldly, in those days, was Tang Yi speaking in the face of his friend who was dizzy?

"I just want you to help me, but since you've helped me, once is help, twice is help." Tang Yi looked at her and said, "this plan is too risky for me to give easily. At least this Gong Ou is better than that old man Qin Dong, isn't it? I gave you to Gong ou for the first time, and it would be less disgusting like Qin Dong, wouldn't it? "

"What do you say?"

At that time, Xiao Nian stood up and looked at Tang Yi in disbelief.

What does it mean that the plan is too risky for her to pay easily?

Therefore, Tang Yi's plan was to give Gong Ou her childhood thoughts first, and then to Qin Dong. If Gong Ou would become addicted to this night, Tang Yi would come out to take the lead and fly to the branch. If Gong Ou only treated it as a one night stand, Tang Yi would not lose any.


Tang Yi stood there and closed his eyes.

"So you're going to sell me twice a night!" When Xiaonian stares at her, he raises his hand and fans down her face angrily, "Tang Yi! Seven years ago in this place, you looked at me dazed by you. What you think of is not that I am your friend, but that I can let you use it twice! "

Great move.

It's very clever. Anyway, she will be sleeping by Dong Qin. Why don't you go to gong'ou for another sleep? I can't make the sparrow dream of Tang Yifei come true.

Later, because Gong Ou was investigated, Tang Yi said that it was gong Ou who slept in Shidi's place. He intentionally put his hat on her head and pretended that he had done something useful. He would not exaggerate this matter while pressing Shidi, and he obediently let Shidi pay for it.

Tang Yi stood there, don't turn his face. No matter how good an actor can do this time reversal play here, her eyes are red and she said, "Xiaonian, you don't know how hard I've been."


"If you don't do it for yourself, the devil will kill you." Tang Yi choked out the eight words, clenched his side hand firmly into a fist,


Shi Xiaonian can't speak.

"These days, I'm forced to recall the night of the day seven years ago repeatedly. I don't think anyone on the whole cruise ship can remember better than me." Tang Yi said, "because on this day, I see how far the gap between people is. I live as humble as a dog, but others, with a lot of money, why should I live so sad?"

"And now you have what you want?"

He asked back.

What did you get in the end?

"No." Tang Yi slowly turned her eyes and looked at her. Her red eyes showed a touch of firmness and unyielding, "but even if I do it again, I will do it! I don't want to be poor, I want to climb to the top of the food chain! I don't want my future children to be the same as when I was a child. Every doll I had was picked up from the garbage can! "


"For this, I can not have friends, I can not have everything, I can give up everything!" Tang Yi said forcefully, leaning against the door of the bathroom lattice, "the only thing I regret is that I shouldn't have provoked Gong Ou at the beginning. I have a big appetite. As long as I change one person at that time, changing one person won't be the situation today."

Just change.

It's impossible to be a great wife today.

When Xiaonian looked at her, he didn't know what else to say. The coldness in his eyes gradually faded away. "Tang Yi, this is the first time in your life that you really tell me the truth."

Every time I hide, there should be nothing to hide now.

Tang Yi turned his face, his eyes were more red, stubborn and said, "Xiaonian, if I had changed an object, we would not have today."

Because that person Gong ou, paranoid Gong ou, will cause the situation today.

"Unfortunately, there is no if in the world." When small read feel funny, ridicule tunnel, "go, don't want to send me to Gong Ou's room?"

Tang Yi wiped his tears and stood up to leave.

When Xiaonian walked behind her, she was probably supported by Tang Yi seven years ago.

"It's impossible for you to get two comatose people together."

When Xiaonian suddenly thought of this, he did not know how Tang Yi planned.

Tang Yi looks back at her and says, "in fact, what I gave you was not a drug, but a sleeping pill, the cup I sent to Gong ou That's what makes you psychedelic. "


Shixiaonian looks at her face.

"Do you know who gave it to Gong Ou Tang Yi asks. When Xiao Nian looks at her, Tang Yi looks at her so quietly.

When Xiaonian points to himself in disbelief, "me?"

"Yes, you are." Tang Yi looked at her and said, "I said that I was sick in the stomach. Let you hold me for a while and send me something."


When Xiaonian stood there stiffly, it seemed that someone had seen her appear in the corridor. It turned out that she had carried the cup of things. When Xiaonian had forgotten whether she had walked into the room or carried the tray in, because she had sent it too many times that day.

It's not clear.

All she knew was that she had never seen Gong ou.

"I've done all the calculations. Even if it's noisy, you can help me carry the pot." Tang Yi said, "it's evidence that someone has seen you appear."

“……” When Xiaonian closed his eyes, opened his eyes and looked coldly at Tangyi. "You have such a calculation. What's wrong with it?"

Everything wants to maximize self-interest, another circle of a lie, with Tang Yi's such thoughts, depending on their own early prosperity, why always think of relying on men.

"Let's go." Tang Yi looked at her and led her forward. He stood in front of the closed door and said, "at the beginning, I was dazed by you. I took a look at the time when the people here were transferred and made sure that Gong Ou had been drugged before I brought you here."


When Xiaonian stood there, he didn't speak.

"You are not in a coma now. Push the door in by yourself." With Tang Yi finished, he stood opposite and in the corridor.


When small read looked at her one eye, then stretched out to push open the front door.


The door was opened slowly, a cool wind came out from the inside, with a faint smell of liquid medicine. When Xiaonian looked up, he saw Gong Ou lying on the bed, tall, legs folded, hands behind his head, and turned to look at her.