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Chapter 76 virus program

But how to find out what happened three years ago? When Xiao Nian made a mistake.

She wanted to meet Tang Yi once more and ask about the background, but Tang Yi was sent out directly by Fengde.

The speed is so fast that when I read it, I understood that Gong Ou really didn't want her to check it.

It's strange that Gong Ou brought her into this whirlpool, but he didn't care about the truth at all, so bullied and paranoid misunderstood her.

Now, her breakthrough is only to find on Shidi.

But she can't always run to Shidi and ask directly, what's the relationship between Baha'i and you three years ago? When the flute is not an idiot, how can I tell her.

How to find out?

After several days of worry, Xiao Nian didn't find a good way.

After finishing a bucket of vanilla ice cream in the kitchen, Xiaonian walks to Gong Ou's office study with the bucket in his hand --

Gong Ou is sitting at his desk and tapping on the keyboard. A handsome face is attentive and serious. His long fingers rise and fall on the keyboard.

"Ice cream is ready."

When Xiaonian walked over with an ice cream bucket.

"Feed me!"

Gong Ou did not take a look at her, but gave a commanding command. His eyes were fixed on the screen. His fingers did not slow down, and he would still tap the keyboard quickly.


The president is up and she is down.

The president's orders are great.

When Xiaonian came to him, he grabbed a scoop of ice cream and handed it to his lips. Gong Ou opened his mouth and bit it off. He tasted the sweet and greasy taste. His expressionless face relaxed a little, as if it was melted by ice cream.

When Xiaonian fed him spoon by spoon, his eyes fell on the huge computer screen, and there was a pile of code that she could not understand, "making virus again?"


Gong ouying said.

"Is it used to deal with your own mobile system?" Asked shixiaonian.



When small read forehead float black line, how can have him this kind of focus to do virus 18 years gram own president boss?

As if she knew what she was thinking, Gong Ou swallowed a scoop of ice cream she handed over. Her fingers crackled on the keyboard, and her voice was low. "Virus is not a bad thing. It can not only be used to check yourself, but also to deal with people you hate, and it can also let you get what you need."

She is a woman who thinks that viruses are just like germs. They are not good things.

"Is it?"

When small read confused, lightly should a.

A virus is a virus. How noble can it be.

"Ignorance." Gong Ou glances at her with a low voice. "Keep feeding."


When Xiaonian digs another spoon and hands it to his lips, stands beside him and looks at the code that the screen can't understand.

Viruses can be used to deal with people you hate, and they can also let you get what you need.

Get what you need

When small read eyes in the eyes of rotation, a bold idea in her mind slowly.

She looked at the majestic man at the desk. "Gong ou, do you have the virus that directly invades other people's mobile phones? It's like the movie's stealing and listening technology, which can overhear other people's calls or messages. "

"Who do you want to invade?"

Gong Ou stops his movements and looks at her with black eyes.

"No, I'm just curious about the virus." On his eyes, small read a little guilty smile.

"Have you been bored lately?" Gong Ou takes a look at her, stretches out a cabinet, takes out a silver box similar to a small U-plate and throws it on the table, "take it and play."

"This is..."

When small read interrogatively ask exit.

"Plug this in the charging place of the mobile phone, it only takes 30 seconds, and the virus program will invade the mobile phone without leaving any trace." Gong Ou said, the voice is low and sexy.

When Xiaonian put down the spoon in his hand and picked up the small silver box, could such a small thing intrude into other people's mobile phones?

So powerful.

If she can intrude into Shidi's mobile phone, then she will be able to hear it if she has private contact with Tang Yi, and she will be able to understand what happened three years ago, but Well, it's not bright to intrude into other people's mobile phones.

She was thinking that Gong Ou was holding people to her legs.

Gong Ou holds her in one hand, picks up a spoon and elegantly delivers a mouthful of ice cream to her mouth. "If you want to invade my cell phone, you don't need to. I can't invade my cell phone."

When Xiaonian smiled awkwardly, "of course, I won't intrude into your mobile phone."

She's with him almost 24 hours a day now. What else should she do to invade his cell phone? I don't think it's enough.

"Whose do you want to invade?" Gong Ou's eyes suddenly turned, pinching her chin and forcing her to look at herself, "which man's cell phone do you want to invade?"

"I didn't say it was a man."

It's good not to be a man.

Gong Ou's face slowed a little, and he continued to ask, "who is that?"

She wants to learn how to steal.

When Xiaonian bit his lips, he said honestly, "I want to I haven't thought about intruding into my sister's cell phone, I just think about it. "

She was still hesitant.

After all, she just heard a little bit of wind from Tang Yi, so she had to steal it by this way. It's disgraceful to listen to her sister.

"Your sister?"

Gong Ou looks at her expressionless.

When Xiaonian thought he was going to ask why he stole again. Listening to his sister, Gong Ou only chuckled, pinched her chin with his fingers, and agreed with her in a pair of black eyes. "It seems that you still can't let go of the thing that your adoptive parents want to break up with you. Your adoptive mother said that your sister doesn't fit, but just drove you out It's a revenge on your sister. She did a good job. "

He doesn't like virgin women.

Revenge is right.


When small read stupefied next, he thinks she is to want to revenge oneself younger sister?

"Whoever makes you unhappy will make you unhappy. This is the woman of Gong Ou!"

Gong Ou holds her and pecks at her lips. The corners of her lips are raised in a high arc. "Do you want to hear something ugly, and then you will explode it for her, and let her star's reputation plummet?"

His lips were so cold from ice cream that he kissed her.

When Xiaonian touched his lips, "I didn't..."

Gong Ou starts to misunderstand her again.

"This kind of revenge is the level of family, but you can play first if you want to." Gong Ou doesn't listen to her at all, and believes that she is for revenge.


When small read very helpless, want to explain, Gong Ou suddenly holds her way, "after a while, I have a big gift for you."

His eyes darkened.

"Great gift?"

When small read stunned.

What kind of gift, what kind of heart-shaped diamond and glass? Please, she doesn't want it.

"Well." Gong Ou encircles her in her arms, continues to tap her hands on the keyboard, watching more and more code on the screen, making his virus.

At that time, Xiaonian didn't want to say what Dali was. She didn't ask.

After feeding him a bucket of ice cream, Xiaonian stood up from his arms and said, "then you work slowly. I'll go out first."

"Kiss me."

Gong Ou stared at the screen and said.


When Xiaonian bowed down obediently, his lips were imprinted on him, and he was hugged by Gong Ou again. His warm lips tightly blocked her soft lips. He kissed violently and tightly, eating all her tastes.

When he left the study, Xiaonian was kissed and his head was a little dizzy.

As soon as Xiao Nian went out, Feng de went to his study, took a document in his hand, and went to Gong ou. "Young master, the Department to suppress the family has been set up. I don't know when to start?"

"Don't worry. Have you got all the information collected by your family?"

Gong Ou asked in a low voice, fingertips across his thin lips, and there was still a temperature left by Xiao Nian.

"It should be about the same. In any case, the time family relies on the Mu family, which is closely connected with the Mu group. "

Feng de said.

Gong Ou takes the document to his hand and turns it page by page. As he turns it down, the radian of his lips becomes more and more full of ridicule. "It's really a time when he can't stand a single blow. When retaliating, I will personally give orders and do as I say. "

"You come by yourself?" Feng de was astonished. "You don't have to come to such a small thing."

Young master and the whole N.E need to be managed. How can I have so much leisure time.

Gong Ou closes the document, the black eyes become sharp, the word is cold, "I want to fall overnight! When I want to, my family will pick up her tears one by one! "

This she, of course, refers to a small time read.

Feng de could feel Gong Ou's revenge and could not help pinching a sweat for Shi's family. "Yes, young master, I'll wait for your order."

Young master seems to care more about Miss Shi than he thought.

He did everything about Miss Shi personally.

"Well, go down."

Gong Ou said coldly, his eyes fell on the document, and there was a faint light in his eyes.

When Xiaonian wants to revenge her sister, he lets her play first, and doesn't notice his action against Shijia. When the family was defeated overnight, she would be overjoyed by this surprise gift!

At that time, it will be difficult for her to fall in love with him.


When leaving Gong Ou's study, Xiao Nian is in a dilemma with a small silver box similar to a U-disk.

She was curious about what happened three years ago, but with the virus It's too disgraceful. She's never done such a dirty thing. Think again, think again.

When Xiaonian walked in such a large apartment, his eyes fell on the garbage bag in the corner.

The garbage hasn't been thrown yet.

When Xiaonian put the small silver box in his pocket, he picked up the garbage bag and went out.

When leaving the duplex apartment, Xiaonian enters the elevator, presses the first floor, and stares at the numbers one by one.

"Ding" - "

the elevator door opens.

A sweet voice with baby voice suddenly came into her ear, "Mom, please don't think so much about it. When we are less, we will be lucky. What do you think about her all the time? I am your own daughter. "

The sound of a flute.

When Xiaonian stood at the door of the elevator, his face turned white and looked forward.

When the flute was dressed in fashion and beautiful, she walked on a pair of high-heeled shoes and called, one hand was still taking out the key in the bag, and the sweet voice was complaining, "besides, she used to think that she was the first person she liked, as if she was more just, but now she has degenerated to be a human being, so what kind of goods can be seen."

When the agent walking behind Shidi saw the elevator, he was shocked and clapped