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Chapter 472 that letter is called resignation

"But the most important thing about the whole plan is Gong Ou's illness. I don't think it has been aroused yet."

Mu qianchu said coldly.

At first, Mona told him that he was shocked that Gong Ou had paranoid personality disorder.

Mona said that as long as Gong Ou's disease broke out, he would be like a balloon full of gas, and he would explode without being touched.

"Arousal also needs to be gradual. Every step we take stimulates him a little bit. Now, we only need the last step to push Gong Ou's illness to the last step." Mona said with a smile.

"Are you sure you can push?"

Mu admitted that he did not study psychology and was not sure about it.

Said, mu qianchu walked to one side, picked up an inverted cup, and poured red wine into it.

"Of course." Mona nodded, "and this last one, I will push it myself, and I will let Gong ou know the price to pay for repenting in public and sweeping my face!"

When she said this, Mona's eyes were full of bitterness and bitterness.

She remembers every bit of the humiliation Gong Ou brought to her.

Mu qianchu walked towards Mona with a glass of wine, admiring the expression on her face and sneering, "it's a terrible creature for a woman to be cruel."

"It's no more cruel than master mu. Even the Xi family has robbed you. It sounds that the Xi family has a good understanding of you."

Mona hit back with a smart tongue and smiled as she sat on the sofa.

"In case of any error in your psychological research, Gong ou will move me; if not, Gong family will find me sooner or later. I don't have the same background as the Lancaster family. I always need to leave a way for myself, don't I? " Moqianchu cold tunnel.

"To the cruelest man."

Mona straightened up on the sofa and rushed to him with the cup in her hand.

Mu qianchu stands in front of her, looks at her with low eyes and hands out his glass.

"Little desire."

The eyebrow scar doctor looks to Mu qianchu anxiously, he should not drink.

"Nothing." Mu qianchu took a look at him, and his lips curved. "I can see Gong Ou falling from the pyramid immediately. This is a glass of wine worth drinking."

Mu qianchu hands out the cup, gently touches it with the eyebrow scar doctor, and then raises the cup and drinks it.

He looked at the red liquor in the glass and tasted bitterness in the red wine.

Did it work?

It's not far from seeing Xiaonian.


City, the stars change, night stars change into busy day, people in the whole city even walk in a hurry.

When something important happens, it is bound to be accompanied by rumors. In private, Xiao Nian and Feng de try their best to control these rumors and they will not spread to Gong Ou's ears.

But on the day when the internal ghost found out, Gong Ou knew everything.

It was the same day that everything changed.

Immediately is the new year, outside the red Chinese knot has been hanging all over the streets, everyone out is eager to add a red scarf to feel the joy of the coming new year.

But the N.E interior is a completely different scene.

There are only cold computers and high-tech products here. There is no red color and no New Year atmosphere.


Trapped for six days in a row, when the president's pardon came down, everyone had already lost their excitement, leaving only exhausted and resentful.

Gong Ou squatted on a glass floor, his shirt dazzling white.

The glass is very transparent. From his point of view, you can see the scene downstairs.

Downstairs, I saw the man with the N.E staff sign walking to a high-rise building in two places, three or three. Each man held an envelope, handed it to the high-rise building, and then turned away.

That kind of letter is called resignation.


Gong Ou squatted there, looking at the scene downstairs, expressionless.

He came out to look for Xiaonian. The woman didn't know where she had gone, but the man didn't find it, but he saw that everyone resigned in batches and handed over their resignation.

I don't know how to look.

In the field of science and technology, who is not proud to work in N.E., this group of people actually quit in groups.

Just quit.

n. E. when recruiting, how many people rush in and don't need to stay even if they don't have the heart to pay for the company.

But why does he feel so upset?

It's like I'm sick all over.

It must be because shixiaonian is not around him. This woman doesn't know what she's doing these two days. She always plays with his mobile phone. When she plays, she's gone.

I know he can't see her too long.

He had to go to her and tell her that now he could go to Italy to save her father. Then he asked the personnel department to recruit some elites from the outside world. He could not recruit any more infidelity and infidelity, or internal ghost.

Well, that's it.

There's nothing he can't solve.

Gong Ou gets up from the glass floor and goes down the stairs step by step. The more he goes down, the more he hears all kinds of sounds coming into his ears --

"well, why don't you, let alone s City, which is the whole country, you can find a second job with such a high salary?"

"You can't live without money, but you can't die for money. Anyway, I'm going to hang up if I stay in N.E. I'd rather go out and do it alone. "

"Me too. When the president held the meeting, he also scolded us that we have insiders who don't know. Please, if it wasn't for his bad temper, he scolded some people away a few days ago, how could he recruit insiders?"

"I used to be the face of Huachi's president. I think it's a little closer to him. Now I know that a handsome man can only look at his face."

"It's said that Xiaomi's father has passed away. She can't even see the last one."

"I quit my job. I'll go after the handover."

"I'll quit, too. I can't finish the formalities. I'll pay for the liquidated damages."

Gong Ou's hand, hanging from his side, clenched his fist and clenched his teeth. There was anger in his eyes. He almost rushed down to scold them.

The sound outside suddenly quieted down.

Gong Ou looks down and sees Xiaonian and Fengde coming with a tray not far away. The tray is full of delicate cakes.


When I saw Xiaonian's face, Gong Ou's chest was a little more comfortable, so he stood on the stairs and looked down.

No one below noticed him.

Usually, he stays on the floor of the president's office and won't come down at all.

"This is the cake made by Miss Xi herself. Please have it."

Feng de walked forward with the tray, looked at everyone kindly and said in a gentle voice.

Several staff members were broken by Xiaonian. They all stood there uneasily. When they heard that please eat cake, they were also embarrassed. They stood there hesitating and did not dare to reach for it.

When Xiaonian stood in front of them, wearing a long forest skirt, light and elegant green extremely set off her white skin color.

Looking at the different expressions on their faces, Xiaonian smiled lightly. "You don't have to be restrained. I'm not here to hold you back. Work is a good thing to get together and get separated. But I ask you to think about it. If you leave immediately, many things can't go on. Can you wait for a group of new people to come in and you go?"


Everyone was staring at her.

"I know that these days everyone is trapped, but in any case, everything in N.E has your hard work, and I believe you don't want it to become scarred." When Xiaonian smiled and carried the tray forward, "well, I'm just saying that, you think about it, eat the cake."

When I saw Xiaonian, his face was full of kindness, and he didn't blame them, so we slowly picked up the cake to eat.

Eating and eating, the tension gradually disappeared.

"Don't worry, Miss Xi. I'll wait for someone to take over."

"In fact, I like this job very much. If it wasn't for the six days of house arrest, I wouldn't want to quit my job. Don't worry about what they said outside. They are so angry that they talk nonsense to the media."

Nonsense about the media?

Gong Ou stood on the stairs and looked at the people with dark eyes.

I dare to eat the cake made by Xiaonian. What are their qualifications!

Gong Ou's black eyes stared at them coldly. He walked down a few steps and heard someone saying, "Miss Xi, I've seen your cartoon. You're a very talented person. You're not as greedy and vain as you said outside. The president is so sick. Why don't you..."

"Young master!"

At first sight, Feng de saw Gong Ou at the entrance of the stairs. He was frightened and his voice was unsteady.

When Xiaonian raised his head in amazement, he saw Gong Ou standing on the stairs, one hand on the white handrail, one hand in his trouser pocket, and looked at them with no expression. His black eyes were full of chilling haze.

She stayed. Gong Ou hasn't been downstairs since this week. Did he hear that? How much did you hear?

The sudden arrival of Gong Ou is like the coming of the devil, with black air all over him.

I don't know who "ah" screamed. As a result, a lot of people screamed. A group of staff were afraid of being caught. They left the cake and ran away. The cake fell to the ground. It was a mess.


When Xiaonian was hit twice.

Gong Ou's eyes flashed over the heartache, then he suppressed it, and his eyes went to shixiaonian and Fengde gloomily, "you two, follow me!"


When small read purses a lip, look at the appearance that he turns around, in the heart inexplicably uneasy rise.

When they put the cake down, Xiaonian and Fengde followed up the stairs. They only heard the sound of shoes stepping on the stairs.

"How did you get down?"

When Xiaonian catches up with Gong Ou's footsteps, he asks softly.

"You're gone."

Gong Ou said in a deep voice.

She's gone. Of course he's looking.


Yes, he was busy before, so it doesn't matter when she left. But today, the insiders are all caught. Of course, he has time to find her. She's so damn. Unexpectedly, he bumped into that scene.

When Xiaonian wants to ask Gong Ou something more, Gong Ou's face is so cold that she can't ask.

In the huge president's office, Gong Ou goes to his desk and sits down. He looks up at the two of them coldly. "Are you hiding something from me?"