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Chapter 358 Fengde, I'sm hungry

"How are you talking, young master?"

Asked Fengde.

"She hates me."

Gong Ou looks at the earnails in his hands with low eyes. Are you male or female.

He was afraid that she would see the scar on his ear, so he wore earnails.

It turned out to be so.


Feng de looked at the bloody wound on Gong Ou's hand and thought to himself, this hatred could be seen.

The young master was severely injured by the whip before. He recovered soon. He was injured again. He was injured by the young lady.

Feng de sighed a long time, and then asked, "young master, what have you done since you and Miss Shi separated so long?"

Gong Ou looked at him gloomily, with a cold voice. "I just want to know what she did."

He has something to say.

"Young master, you don't know how much you have done for her. How can you tell you what she has done. She will only hate you and think you are in cahoots with the palace family. "

"Is it?"

Gong Ou asked in a deep voice.


Feng de stood there speechless, looking at Gong Ou's handsome face with a deep sense of powerlessness.

No wonder it's such a quarrel when we meet again. It turns out that the young master didn't explain it at all. It seems that he can die in a hurry.

Gong Ou stepped back and sat down on the sofa. He rubbed his fingers on the ear studs and pressed his thin lips. His pupils were too gray to shine.

It's so lonely.

Feng de stood there with a sigh and said, "young master, why don't I help you to explain to Miss Shi?"

Miss Shi is kind to him, very polite.

Gong Ou sat there with his head down, his eyes fixed on the earnails in his hands, as if he had not heard them.

For a long time, he said, "Fengde."

"What can I do for you, young master?"

"I'm hungry." Gong Ou slowly said, thin lips with every word, dumb and lonely.

"I'll prepare for the young master at once." With that, Feng De is leaving.

"I don't want to."

"Ah?" Feng De is stunned.

Gong Ou looks down at the wound on his hand and moves his thin lips. "Feng De, I've been hungry for a long time."

Such a sad sentence.

Like the refugees in the barren years, they can only see the devastation and no food.


Feng de was stunned, and it took a long time to react. Gong Ou didn't mean hunger in the general sense.

It's because Miss Shi did this to him.

If I had known that, why should I have been.

At that time, it was the young master who was desperate to break up. Now it is the young master who regrets. I don't know why the young master was so determined to get rid of the young lady.


The red sports car sped along the road, and finally stopped at the side of the road.

When Xiaonian is sitting in the driver's seat, he firmly holds the steering wheel with both hands, and his eyes are looking straight ahead, which is red inside.

"I'm not going to get my daughter back, I'm going to get you back!"

"Take me back? You've dumped me. "

"I regret it!"

Gong Ouli's strong and upright appearance appeared in front of her eyes. When Xiaonian hated that the blood was boiling, he didn't want to revenge Gong ou and make him regret that he had treated her like that.

But now, that's how he regrets it.

Regret so easily.

But has he ever thought about it? Because of him, how completely wounded she is? Can a light regret make up for it? Why does he regret so easily.

It's his plan.

As soon as she returned to China, first came the phone call from Mrs. Gong, and then came the sudden appearance of Gong ou.

Mingming dumped her and pestered her again. We should know that mingrob is not good. Is it to approach her in this way and want to rob her daughter?

She will not let him succeed. She will not.

She won't be so silly again, to believe in his Gong Ou's vows.

When Xiaonian holds the steering wheel, his fingernails are deeply sunk in, and his eyes are more and more red.

8 / F, building C, tianzhigang, a 500 square meter European style apartment.

When Xiaonian didn't know that she had come back home, she pushed the door open, and the whole person seemed to be stripped of his strength and collapsed on the sofa. His red eyes were staring forward without focus, and his long eyelashes were shaking.

"Xiaonian is back?"

Hearing the sound, Xu Bingxin, his mother, came out of the bedroom at once. She was wearing a large and gentle long skirt with lotus embroidery and a cape. Her voice was full of joy.

"I'm back, mother."

Shi Xiaonian sat up from the sofa and forced himself to smile.

"What did you buy?" Xu Bingxin sits down beside her and clings to her.

What to buy.

I didn't buy anything.

When small read light smile, "did not stroll to look good, I am a little tired, come back first."

"Are you tired?" Smell speech, Xu Bingxin looks at her nervously at once, reaches out to touch her face, and probes her forehead with one hand, "is where uncomfortable? Mother will accompany you to the doctor now. "

Xu Bingxin lost Xi Yu, so he was very nervous about the time. He was afraid that something would go wrong with her.

"I'm fine. Just have a rest." When Xiaonian comforted her, "where's Xiaokui?"

"I'll go to sleep after the milk." Xu Bingxin said, still looking anxiously, he read, "you really don't need to see a doctor?"

"I really don't need it." When small read nods, don't want to let mother see his state is not right, the way, "then I go back to the room to rest."

"Well, go to bed soon. I'll call you when lunch time is up."

Xu Bingxin is fond of and indulges Xiaonian. As long as Xiaonian is safe, what is he talking about.


When Xiaonian gently kisses her face, then stands up and walks towards the room. Suddenly, she stops to look at Xu Bingxin. "Mother, haven't strangers come in and out of the community these days?"

I don't think the palace will take advantage of it.

"Are you worried about the palace family? Don't worry. Although qianchu didn't come with us, he has arranged everything. Our people can watch the monitoring of tianzhigang at any time. They can observe anything wrong at the first time. " Xu Bingxin said that she did not have any good feelings for the palace family.

I don't have a grandson.

Xi Jitao means to maintain such a peace with the palace family. After all, the twins are related to each other by blood.

But if the palace family really dares to deceive too much, the Xi family will not be cowardly even if it exhausts everything.

"Well, that's good."

When small read relieved, walked to own room.

She lay down in the big bed, her face deep in the quilt, closed her eyes and forced herself to sleep.

Sleeping, those painful pictures will not be reincarnated again and again.

She had a long dream.

In the dream, she walked out of the room, and there was a baby "babbling" in the hall. When she walked over, she saw two babies crawling on the blanket, one was a happy little sunflower, the other was her son.

But she can't see clearly.

She went on, trying to see him clearly, but the little face was always like a mist, which could not be seen clearly.

She was anxious to remove the fog from his face, then a long hand reached over, picked up the two children, turned around and left.

It's Gong ou.

Normal and ruthless Gong ou.

His back was tall and cold, so he held the child's head and didn't go back.

She was eager to catch up, but she could not catch up with him. She could only watch him go far

"No, no! Give me the baby! "

When Xiaonian woke up from a dream, the whole person bounced up from the bed and looked at the room in front of her, she realized that she was just dreaming.

She reached for her face, which was covered with cold sweat and her hair was wet.

She admitted that she had no sense of security.

Qianchu and Xiayu both said that she had become strong, but no matter how strong she was, she could not suppress the fear and uneasiness that the palace family gave her.

When Xiaonian got out of bed and went to the next room.

The maid and the hired baby care expert stood by the wall and chatted softly, while Xiaokui was sleeping soundly in the crib.

When small read to walk past, low Mou looks to own daughter.

The little anemone breathed softly, his eyes closed tightly, his eyelashes long and long, and his mouth slightly opened.

When she saw her daughter, Xiaonian was relieved.

Xiaokui is her sunshine.


When Xiaonian reached out and touched her little fist gently.

Don't worry, mom won't let you go, absolutely not.

If she can, she will bring her brother back for you.

When she walked out of her daughter's bedroom, Xiaonian took a shower to let her spirit better. Then she went into the study, opened her laptop, processed comics on the computer, modified the lines and added the background.

The phone on the side rings.

When small read a hand to move the mouse, a hand to touch the mobile phone to connect the phone, "hello."

"Miss Shi, this is Fengde." The friendly and polite voice of Feng de rang out on the phone.


When Xiaonian holds the mouse, he stops.

Is privacy such a worthless thing these days? When she just showed up, she knew her mobile phone number one by one.

Although she decided to face everything, she did not face it so often.

She is silent here, and Feng de says again, "Miss Shi, I have an unkind request."

When Xiaonian had always been respectful to the housekeeper Feng, he immediately said, "housekeeper Feng, please tell me."

"Young master asked you to have dinner and have a good talk about the past six months. If you have any misunderstanding, you can solve it face to face." Feng de said gently, without any offensive tone, it's hard to refuse.


What kind of misunderstanding can she have with Gong Ou.

"I'm sorry, housekeeper. I'm busy. I don't have time." Shixiaonian refuses directly.

"Miss Shi..."

"Manager Feng, if I want to talk about two children, I'm willing to listen, but I'm only willing to communicate with you." She can't communicate with Gong ou, and she doesn't want to see him again, which will only arouse her endless hatred.


"I'm sorry, housekeeper. I'm going to have dinner. Goodbye."

As he said this, Xiao Nian hung up the phone without waiting for Feng De to say anything. He had a headache.

When Xiaonian put his cell phone aside and continued to deal with comics, some people were absent-minded.

Suddenly the computer screen gets stuck. When Xiaonian is stunned, it's useless to move the mouse desperately. Suddenly the screen is black again.


Is there any mistake.

This computer is her new one. It is said that this system is the most suitable one for processing pictures on the market at present.

It didn't take many days for the screen to go black. It seems that the system developed by N.E technology is not good either.