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Chapter 629, it's like this

"At that time, I borrowed a corpse, which caused the scene of the car accident, the car was destroyed and the burnt corpse could not collect any data, so I kept it from the sky." Gong Yu tells us about his plan of feigning death in that year.

When Xiaonian went in, he was shocked to hear that.

Feign death, how crazy it is.

She went to the table and put the coffee and milk on it. Gong Ou sat opposite to Gong Yu, smiled coldly, and looked at him with black eyes, "stealing the day, it's a good, smart way."

When Xiaonian silently went to the sofa and sat down, took out his mobile phone to play, but his ears were still listening to their conversation.

Gong Yu could hear the irony in Gong Ou's tone, and his eyes were dim. "I know you hate me, I'm sorry, Gong ou."

"Don't say sorry to me, who am I? What is it worth you to say sorry to me? "

Gong Ou took a sip from the coffee cup on the table.

Gong Yu ignored the harsh words in his mouth and continued calmly, "I'm really enough in that family. As the eldest son of Gong family, I'm just like the robot you developed. I can only obey my father's orders. What to do today, what to do tomorrow and what height I should reach are all set by him."

When Xiaonian sat there playing with his mobile phone, he vaguely understood that the reason for Gong Yu's false death was that he couldn't stand the palace family.

"If I can't reach it, I will fight and scold, and receive education and training day and night. Have you ever tried the taste of being unable to sleep for four days and four nights?" Gong Yu said with a wry smile, "if I have that ability, I can do what my father wants, but I know that if I can't reach that height, it's no use forcing me any more."

A man's talent is doomed, he has been forced to the extreme, but his father is not satisfied.

His father had too much expectation on him. He wished that the fame of the palace family would be the first in England. But how could this be possible? He never had that ability.

"So you threw these to me!"

Gong Ou stared at him sullenly and took another sip of coffee.

"I can't help it."

Gong Yu said.

"What a coward a man can only hide!" Gong Ou satirizes the tunnel, and the words tap the heart.

Hearing what he said, Gong Yu's face was embarrassed, but he didn't blame him. He reached out his hand to the milk cup in front of the end face. Before his hand touched it, Gong Ou took it away.

"This is my woman's milk, not for you!"

Gong Ou took a glass and took a big sip of milk.


When Xiaonian sat there, he was very quiet, silent, and even wanted to make himself transparent.

"It's coffee and milk, and I'm not afraid my stomach can't stand it?" Gong Yu looks at Gong Ou's way. Gong Ou glances at him coldly. "You don't need to worry about it."

Gong Ou is all aimed at him.

Gong Yu lowered his eyes and chin slightly, and continued, "I planned for nearly two years for that accident, including how to hide my identity."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's eyes are very sharp.

For two years, ha, two years, his good brother accompanied him every day as usual and taught him things. As a result, what he thought every day was how to disappear and how to give him the responsibility he should have undertaken.


Gong Ou sneered and took a sip of the milk cup to his mouth.

"After that, I was reborn and lived a life of my own." Gong Yu said, "Gong ou, I'm not afraid to tell you. I haven't regretted doing that until now. But the only person I feel sorry for is you. "

As soon as he got away, Gong Ou was the only heir of the palace family. The so-called responsibility and future of the palace family fell on Gong ou.

Hearing this, Gong Ou smashes the cup in his hand to the ground.


The glass hit the ground and the milk splashed.

Gong Ou looked at Gong Yu with grim eyes and gnashed his teeth. "I'm sorry for you! Give to whom you love! "

When Xiaonian sat in a corner of the sofa and looked up at Gong Ou's angry face, he didn't come forward, but silently became an audience.

Gong Yu looked down at the rolling cup on the ground, closed his eyes and closed his voice. "Gong ou, what can I do to forgive me?"

"Sorry, never."

Gong Ou forces cold words from thin lips.

"I didn't want to contact you, but I can't open this mouth, especially when I know that you work out the N.E system day and night, and move my favorite piano to China." Gong Yu reproached himself and said with dim eyes, "I really didn't know that my death would have such an impact on you."

He never thought that Gong Ou would do so many things for him after his "death".

In his eyes, Gong Ou has always been just a rebellious younger brother. He is just a little better than others. He is "dead", and Gong ou will feel sad for a while.

Who would have thought that Gong Ou would live as him, finish what he has not done, take up the responsibility he has not taken, and even take the responsibility of the traffic accident on his own, trying to self harm several times.

The so-called love is timid, but so it is.

The more concerned Gong Ou is about him, the more afraid he is to tell the truth to his brother and tell him a big lie.

"You don't know? "Ah." Gong Ou sneers, stands up from his seat, leans down and presses his hands on the table top. A handsome face approaches Gong Yu. His black eyes are blazing with anger. He stares at him and says, "yes, you don't know. What can you know?"

If you don't know what you're doing, you can get rid of your sin and hide for more than ten years.

"Gong ou, I know my way is too selfish for you. I really want to apologize to you." Although I'm sorry I'm ten years late.

"I don't accept it!"

Gong Ou sent word by word out of his throat, stared at him coldly with his eyes, clapped the table with his hands, stood up straight and said, "let's go."


Smell speech, when small read immediately to sofa a lie, pretend to sleep past.

I'm afraid Gong ou will be extremely upset when he goes back. Communication is too important. She has to make time for them.

When she lay down, her hearing was still sensitive. She listened to the footsteps approaching her. Next second, she was carried into a familiar arms.

Gong Ou took her and left.

"She's asleep. Why don't you let her sleep? Let's talk."

Gong Yu understood the kindness of Xiao Nian.

When Gong Ou holds it, she reads. She steps on the floor with a pair of shoes, turns her head and looks coldly at her brother. Her voice is as cold as snow. "Gong Yu, I have nothing to talk with you about. You can live as you want, it has nothing to do with me."


Gong Yu's face is full of scars. He looks at him in silence and guilt.

"I only think my eldest brother is dead!"

Gong Ou cold tunnel, holding small ideas do not return to leave.

Gong Yu sat there, watching Gong Ou leave the ward with dim eyes. The sun jumped in from the window and fell on him. He closed his eyes somewhat disappointed.

He dared not say that he was afraid of such a result.

But now his biggest fear is coming. Gong ou will not forgive his big lie after all.


On the way back, Gong Ou held Xiaonian in his arms. She leaned against his warm arms, her eyes closed and her eyelashes fluttered gently.

The air in the car is warm.

"Don't pretend."

Gong Ou's voice sounded above her head. She pretended to sleep. How could he not see it.


When Xiaonian had to open his eyes, break away from his arms, sit straight in his seat, stare at Gong ou, who is indifferent, and stretch out his hand to hook his fingers.

"For what?" Gong Ou looks at her with black eyes.

"I'm not going to forgive him?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Excuse me? He doesn't need my forgiveness. " Gongou cold tunnel.

"Do you hate him so much?"

When small read to gaze at his face to ask a way, the hand grasps his hand.

"Shouldn't I hate it?" Gong Ou asked, sneering, "I've been fooled by Mona for four years, and now I've been fooled by him for more than ten years. Shouldn't I hate him? I tore his heart! "

He has torn it.

Beat Gong Yu's face and nose, and he was hospitalized.

Shixiaonian looks at him, opens his palm, and unconsciously circles his fingertips on his palm again and again. He says, "in the end, you just hate that he doesn't contact you, and in the end, you choose to hide the truth for him and let him live the life he wants to live."

Before leaving, Gong Ou said, "I only think my eldest brother is dead." it was full of strong hatred, but it clearly indicated that Gong Yu would not leak the news that he was still alive.

Gong Ou didn't really hate his big brother so much.

Listen to her words, Gong Ou stares at her fiercely, "as much as you know!"

So many words.

What do you know about him? Can you eat it?

When hearing this, Xiaonian could not help chuckling, and his fingers poked into his waist. "You are right."

"You're going to fight with me, aren't you?"

Gong Ou stares at her discontentedly.

"It seems that President Gong is the first to lose his temper." Shi Xiaonian said, Gong Ou glared at her severely, clutched her into her arms, and tightly locked her. "Can you bear it? Dare to talk to me like this? When small read, don't grind your bones you don't know how much I can't provoke! "


When Xiaonian screamed, he reached for his waist. Gongou's waist itched. He immediately dodged and countered. They made a scene in the car.

"Don't make any noise, Gong ou."

"Who made trouble with you? Grind your bones!" Gong Ou also grasps her to itch, lowers his head to kiss her.

"The adoptive father and the driver are watching."

"Who is watching?"

Gong Ou stares at him coldly. The driver and Feng de are sitting in front of him. They don't hear anything. They lose a lot of their hearing.

Gong Ou hooked his lips with satisfaction and went to "teach" them.

After a long time, Gong ou still hugged Gong Ou tightly. Xiaonian smiled when he was trapped in his arms, opened his mouth to bite him, but he bit his lips instead. His enthusiasm was out of control.