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Chapter 342 the second young master is engaged!

There were so many questions that she couldn't get answers. The mystery rushed into her already desperate body.

In that picture, her brother still holds a picture in his hand. The painting style is really similar to her. Is that the feeling between twins?

Does that eyebrow scar doctor really come from her father?

If not, if there is a plot, then she doesn't pay for both babies.

But if her father really wants to recognize her, no matter how much he feels for her, he can always save her two children It's not a small skill for her father's family to be able to mix people into the palace doctor team.

When Xiaonian slowly walked forward.

Originally, she was a negative mental state to all things, hated the palace family, despaired and numb to life, but suddenly said her father would come to save her

Like in the vast desert, she suddenly saw a crescent spring. She didn't know whether it was real or mirage, so she should go to drink the water.

I was confused when I couldn't accept the rescue.

These problems have been tangled in her mind, how to do, she hesitated, and it took a long time to comb everything well.

When she was alone with the eyebrow scar doctor again, Xiaonian said, "I will be rescued, but after I give birth to the child."


The eyebrow scar doctor is stunned, cannot understand to look at her, "you don't want the child to follow you?"

"I can't make fun of my children. At least their life safety is guaranteed at the palace. It doesn't matter whether I lose my life or not. After I have a baby, I'll go with you. If everything is as you say, it's OK to grab the child back then."

Shi Xiaonian said, firmly.

This is the only way she can think of it.

No matter what, she should first ensure the safety of her children, and then talk about it later, step by step.

See her so firm, eyebrow scar doctor also can't advise any more, the way, "well, I look for an opportunity to respond to the boss, see what he has to decide."

"Can you contact the outside world?"

When small read stunned.

"It's only when the young lady is being watched." The eyebrow scar doctor bowed his head respectfully toward her, then left.

"Wait..." When Xiaonian stopped him, "can you tell me what kind of family my father's family is and what kind of people my relatives are?"

It is impossible to say that you are not curious about your father's family.

"Miss Shi, I can't stay too long." The eyebrow scar doctor said, "these, wait for you to go to the seat after the house naturally will know."

Say, eyebrow scar doctor strides to leave.


When Xiaonian sat there, her eyes darkened, her original home, her original relatives It's too strange for her. It's mysterious to live in her imagination.


Far away, somewhere in the world.

In the clean and tidy modern style study, a slender figure sits at the desk to process documents.

He was dressed in a pure handmade suit of great value, which perfectly set off his figure. His white, clear fingered fingers were holding a pen and writing fast on the paper.

A few rays of light came through the window and landed on him.

Suddenly, the mobile phone on the desk vibrated.

The man holds up the mobile phone, listens to the voice over there, the lips Cape draws up a radian, "she is more alive more careful, even put the child in the palace family to protect the idea of life."

She has experienced too many things, forming a sense of self-defense.

"What to do now? She doesn't trust me."

The voice in the mobile phone sounded anxiously.

"Of course, she won't believe you. You are just a stranger. The Xi family is also a stranger to her. She won't give you her most important child." The man held the mobile phone and said in a calm voice.

"Then, according to her wishes, when the child is born, he will go back to Xi's house?"

"No way." Smell speech, the man's eyes suddenly cold cold, "where is the palace family, the children fall in their hands, she wants to grab back not so easy, then inevitably and palace Europe have to meet."

It was not easy for him to wait until she had such a strong hatred for Gong ou that they could not be together again.

"What do you mean?"

The man at the other end of the cell phone asked respectfully.

"If you don't get her trust, wait for someone she can trust." The man holds the mobile phone and says in a determined voice, "you go back, put the satellite phone in place and don't show your horse's feet."

"Yes." The voice in the mobile phone paused, and the man couldn't help asking, "but she's too wary. I can feel it. She only listens to three points for anyone now. When it comes to Gong ou, she is full of hatred in her eyes. How can she have someone she completely trusts?"

The man sat at his desk, holding his cell phone in one hand, holding a pen in the other hand, scratched a pen on the paper, hooked his lips, and said word for word, "it's me."

With that, the man hung up and continued to read the documents.


It was a foggy day on the day of shixiaonian's production. Instead of waiting for the expected date, it was more than a week ahead of schedule.

It was a totally unexpected day.

The fog shrouded the high tower by the sea, so thick that people could go out and disappear.

When Xiaonian sat at the door, Charles stood beside her, playing beautiful music with a violin.

When I read the music, I felt the uneasiness of the two children.

Do kids like music, too?

After playing the music, Charles put down his violin, and Xiaonian chatted with him, "Charles, you remind me of Fengde, who is also an omnipotent housekeeper."

"I can't compare with him. He's an excellent housekeeper. He's very good." Charles stood there and smiled. "There are many palace housekeepers, but there is only one yellow man in Fengde. He was once ostracized. The second young master took him to China."

Although those masters of the palace family are mainly of yellow blood, the housekeepers will still compare with each other, but they can't compare with Fengde, so they talk about the race.

Smell speech, when small read can't help saying, "the so-called aristocracy is to leave the old generation of dross thought all down."

It's disgusting when there's racism.


Charles didn't laugh.

When Xiaonian was sitting at the door, she was wearing a loose dress and her stomach was quite big. She had to lean back to be comfortable.

"Tired?" Charles asked with concern.

"I hope it will last longer." When small read some astringent ground smile.

Even if someone says she wants to save her, she dare not put all her hopes in.

She did not dare to fully trust anyone. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. She had already experienced that kind of gap in Gong ou. It was too painful.

"Miss Shi's baby must be very beautiful. It must be very similar to the second young master." Said Charles.

"Can you not mention him?"

When mentioning Gong ou, Xiao Nian's face was not very good-looking, and his face was pale.

Up to now, her baby is about to be born, and she and Gong ou have been separated for half a year.

There is nothing to say.

He should be very happy now. Maybe he knows her whereabouts and agrees with Luo Qi's way of forcing her to take her mother.

he doesn't love her anymore. It's exactly the same way she did to Tang Dynasty. She wanted a child, not a mother.


"I'm sorry, Miss Shi." Charles apologized, then poured a glass of water and handed it to Xiao Nian.

When Xiaonian picked up the water glass and was about to drink it, a bodyguard ran in from outside, excitedly shouting, "Butler Charles, do you know what a big day it is today? Big news has come from the palace. "

"What are you excited about? What's the big news? Go down."

Charles stood there and said discontentedly.

They can't get any news from the seaside, where there is no signal, unless it's from the palace.

If it was put on purpose, it must have been put into Xiaonian's ear when it was transmitted.

He can't bear the palace family to do this to a young mother who is about to lose her baby.

But when Xiaonian stayed in the tower for so long, he had already become particularly sensitive, so he immediately asked, "what's the big news?"

"Here..." The bodyguard looked hesitantly at Charles.

Charles wanted to stop it. The bodyguard was very excited and couldn't help saying, "today, the palace held a dinner party and announced that they were married to the Lancaster family. I heard that this evening, the second young master and the young lady who wanted to marry Lancaster took the engagement oath in public! I didn't expect that the second young master would be engaged so soon! What a big news! "

Charles looked at it subconsciously.

When Xiaonian sat there, listening quietly, his face was slightly pale, with no expression, no sadness or joy. He took the cup in his hands and drank a mouthful of water. There was no emotion between his eyes and eyebrows.

It seems that I just heard a very common thing.


Seeing her like this, Charles didn't know whether to be happy or nervous.

Is her reaction so normal when she hears that the young master is engaged?

"Is it engagement tonight?" When small read drink a saliva, light ground asks a way, seem to be asking a matter that has nothing to do with her completely.

"Not tonight, it's just an oath, but the alliance of the two families is more effective than the law." The bodyguard stood there and replied.

Better than the law.

"Is it?" When small read light smile, turn to look at Charles, "Charles, Madame Palace this should be happy."

To be benevolent is to be benevolent.

What you want, what you want.

Luo Qi must be very happy.


Charles didn't know what to say.

When Xiaonian turned to look at the fog outside the door, the fog was so heavy that he could not even see the sea, the white one, and he could not see his fingers.

"It seems that the fog won't go away till night." Said Shi Xiaonian in a light way.

On the day of Gong ou and Mona's engagement oath, there was a heavy fog in England.

I wonder if their fog is so heavy.

For a time, the tower was very quiet, except for the sound of waves beating against the stone wall from the other side of the sea.

She sat quietly, her face dull and numb, as if nothing could stimulate her, just holding the glass tightly.

The grip is tighter.

She rubbed her fingertips white on the glass of water in such a way as to suppress her emotions.