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Chapter 175 being slandered all over the world

They are just like when they were young, but they are totally different.

Two days later.

When Alan drives to pick up mu qianchu, mu qianchu and Shi Xiaonian are sitting by the lake talking about the interesting things about their family life.

A trumpet sounded.

Two people turn round, see lake side, Allen stands in front of a car, eyes look at them deeply, "Mu Zong, when big miss."

It's time to part.

Mu qianchu is sitting by the lake with a lonely face.

Alan's arrival means that he and Shi Xiaonian are about to separate.

When Xiaonian looked at Alan, "hello."

She stood up from the lake and patted the dust on her body. Her hand was suddenly held by mu qianchu. She looked at mu qianchu in amazement.

Muqianchu looked at her. "Can you tell me where to go?"

Xiaonian smiled bitterly and shook his head. "I don't know where I'm going. It's time to relax."

She needs to empty herself.

She needs to find a quiet space by herself.

Mu qianchu stood up with him, his legs and feet were inconvenient. He stared at her deeply with narrow eyes and held her tightly. "No matter where he went, at least let me know that you are safe. I will not catch up with him."

When small read looked at him, then forced to nod, "well, good."

She drew out her hand slowly.

Mu qianchu looks down at her hand, and her temperature is disappearing.

"Qianchu, you go back to have a good rest. When you have a good rest, you will report to the negative." When Xiaonian looked at him and said.

"In your eyes, am I weak?"

Mu qianchu stood in front of her and asked, with some inferiority.

"How could it be." When Xiaonian smiled, "you are so smart, one day, you will become very strong."

"Of course, I will."

Mu qianchu hooked his lips, suddenly reached out and pulled her, hugged her in his arms, and held her tightly in his arms.

When small read coldly is pulled into the bosom by him, Leng next.

She didn't struggle. She reached out and patted him on the back. "Take care, qianchu."

Mu qianchu tightly hugged her, and his voice was a little eager. "Promise me, when you calm down, the first one you want to find must be me."

He is eager for an answer.

When Xiaonian stayed for a long time, he slowly promised, "OK, I know."

But she can't guarantee how long her journey to meditation will be.

"Remember your promise and mine. If you forget, I will hate you." Mu qianchu said with a smile.


When Xiaonian patted him on the back and came out of his arms, "then I'll go."

"Where are you going? I'll give you a ride first."

"No need. Didn't you give me the RV? Do I have a car for you? "

Xiaonian said with a smile.


Mu qianchu stands in front of her, and can't find a word to hold back. She can accompany him, and she can promise him, too.

He must let go if he doesn't let go.


When Xiaonian looked at him with a smile, he stepped back step by step and ran to the RV.

She knew that mu qianchu would not want to go first, so she had to go first.

"Get in the car, Mr palace." Shixiaonian and Mr Gong say, then sit in the driver's seat, start the car and drive out.

When the RV reached the lake, Xiaonian stopped and waved to Mu qianchu.

Mu qianchu stood there, the water light of the lake became his back, he looked at her deeply, and suddenly shouted, "be sure to come back to me!"


When I read aloud, I stepped on the accelerator and drove forward.

The taste of separation is always bad.

When Xiaonian looked in the rearview mirror, he saw mu qianchu standing there for a long time

She, there's only one left now.

No, there's another robot.

When Xiaonian thought bitterly, reached out to turn on the radio to listen, and heard the confused voice, she remembered that there was no signal here.

She turned off the radio and listened to music instead.

Go all the way.

She doesn't know where to go next. She only knows that the farther away from s city and her hometown, the better.

She wanted to escape from both cities.

"Mr palace, where do you think we should go?" Asked shixiaonian.


The palace replied immediately.

"Why?" When small read to drive a car, smell speech Leng next.

"Because when the Master goes to England, he can see the family members of the palace, and become a decent woman beside Mr. palace." Mr palace replied.


When hearing this, Xiao Nian can guess that it is Gong Ou's setting procedure with his fingernails.

There are too many shadows of Gong Ou in the R palace.

Remember, in order to let her go to England, Gong Ou forced her to learn English cuisine every week.

I don't know who will make Gong Ou force to learn cooking later Who will be more obedient than her.

When Xiaonian drove into the city, he soon felt tired.

It's getting late.

Shi Xiaonian said, "Mr palace, after sleeping in the RV for two days, I'm a little tired. I'll find a hotel to sleep in tonight, and you'll be in the car, OK?"

"Yes, master."

The R palace is obedient to the tunnel.

When Xiaonian stopped in the underground parking lot of a hotel, picked up the bag and got off, "I'll get off, see you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow, master."

The R palace nodded to her.

When Xiaonian opened her bag as she walked, she saw two more things in her bag, one was a black card with no limit, and the other was a manual for danger and rescue.

The manual is full of ways to help yourself in a dangerous time.


When Xiaonian smiled, he was always considerate and warm.

Shixiaonian put the manual back in her bag and walked out of the underground parking lot. Along the way, she felt the eyes around her were constantly glancing at her.

Because of the drug case, has she become so angry now?

She frowned, and decided to go to the mall first to buy a hat and sunglasses, or she would really enjoy the so-called obvious treatment.

In this way, Xiaonian walked into the shopping mall opposite the hotel with his bag on his back.

On the way, all kinds of eyes came to her like the tide.

Another girl suddenly came to her face, spit on the ground, and gouged her out, "shameless!"


When Xiaonian was about to speak, the girl ran away quickly.

When Xiaonian raised his face and looked around, he suddenly found that his eyes looked around him with contempt and disgust, and someone took out his cell phone to shoot her.


Before the drug case, it was not so serious. Even if someone recognized her, they would only look at her sympathetically and not hate her.

She frowned, turned and hurried to the mall. She went to a hat counter and said politely, "Hello, I want to buy this hat."


The counter clerk, an aunt of about forty-five, reached for her hat, and suddenly saw her stupefied.

The salesgirl's aunt looked at her mobile phone and looked at her. Then she dropped her hat and grabbed her hand across the counter.

"What are you doing?"

Xiaonian looked at her in amazement.

"I recognize you. You are the sister of the flute." The salesgirl's aunt looked at her with the same disdain as the people outside.

"Let go of my hand first."

Said Shi Xiaonian anxiously.

Some people followed her from the outside to come around, and the people who had been in the shopping mall also came over one after another to surround the counter.

More and more people.

When Xiaonian stood in the middle of the embarrassment, want to take out their own hands, but was the saleswoman aunt tightly grasp.

"You let me go, what do you do?"

When Xiaonian looked at her puzzled.

"You ah, you do not listen to your foster parents' education, Auntie I will teach you!" The salesman grabbed her in one hand and pointed at her face in indignation. "When you were raised to such a large size, you didn't have to hurt people, so how could you rob your sister's husband?"

"I don't understand what you're talking about."

When small read a way.

"Why don't you understand? The news is coming out, and your photos are coming out." The saleswoman clapped her cell phone on the counter.

When Xiaonian looked down, she saw that a long time ago, she was forced to kiss in the alley by mu qianchu.

Her face turned pale.

How could this happen?

"Look, your sister and her husband haven't divorced at the time of the photo!" The saleswoman's aunt accused her, "what are you not a junior?"? How can you rob your sister's men and force them to divorce and get their adopted father out of the company? "


When Xiaonian looked at the picture, there was a picture of her driving past the restaurant two days ago. In the picture, she and mu qianchu looked at each other in the car and laughed.

Look at the photo source. It was taken in a small restaurant at that time.

"Your sister is sad for a while, and she can forgive you for taking medicine. Who told you to do such a thing? How can you get your adoptive mother into the police station? People have to be conscientious, don't they? " The salesgirl's aunt acted as a just messenger and accused her.

The crowd around nodded their approval.


When Xiaonian stood there stupidly, pointing to a video on the mobile news.

The video shows a press conference held by Shidi after bail.

Under the light, the flute was dressed simply and sat at a white long table with his foster parents.

When Di Suyan cried her eyes red and sobbed with a tissue, "I'm sorry that I like my audience friends. No matter what, I shouldn't do anything illegal. I will accept the ruling of the law. But please, let my parents go. They are innocent. Don't write about them any more. "

When the flute is facing the camera, it behaves like a filial daughter.

She stood up crying and bowed to the camera again and again, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

When Di almost cried, the staff gave her water to drink again and again before she could barely keep sitting there.

When Zhong saw this, he suddenly slapped the case and looked at the camera angrily. "I admit that my daughter was confused and made a mistake in the drug application. I didn't teach her well, but what I didn't teach her well was another daughter, my eldest daughter, Xiaonian!"