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Chapter 1048 success persuasion bits

As soon as bit's body shook, he said, "she's not my mother. My mother died long ago. I can't remember her!"

He strongly denied the fact.

"Don't load me!" Gong Ou said coldly, "I showed you the picture when I was reading questions. If you have some brains, you should know that she is indeed your mother, and she has used her heart for you."

"With her heart she won't run away, leaving me alone in that place!"

Bit said excitedly, why do you want him to accept a mother who suddenly died and came back to life? After so many years of suffering from blindness in Lancaster family, she chose to run away when someone could accompany him.

Gong Ou sits on the stone bench, leans forward slightly, and looks at bit coldly. "I don't have time and don't want to reconcile your mother son relationship. You have to do this, if you don't do it, you have to do it!"

"Why don't you just take my life to threaten her? Doesn't she care about me? See if she'll let go. " Bit said stubbornly, refusing to face the woman.

A flower falls at Gong Ou's hand. Gong Ou rises and smashes it on the ground. "Do you think I don't want to do this?"

He has never been such a mother in law before, and he came to find a little boy to solve the problem.

Smell speech, bit Leng is there, looking at Gong ou Tieqing's face suddenly understand what, can't help sneering, "did not expect that such a person as you will listen to his wife's words."

It must be that shixiaonian doesn't let him move himself. Shixiaonian always protects himself.

"Are you laughing at me?"

Gong Ou's eyes are as sharp as an arrow, and Yin swishes past.

"No." "But I think you look a little more human," said binunu

"Don't talk nonsense, you can go up to me now!" Gong Ou said coldly.

"I'm not going. If you have the ability, you can take me away." Bith suddenly has a lot of energy in his mind. He turns around and walks away. Suddenly, he stops and looks back at Gong ou, who is powerful in the air field. What happens to Xiaonian when she doesn't let go

When Xiaonian relies on the palace family, if the fight with the family is not resolved, will it be ok?

The flowers on the tree are falling all the time.

"I don't need you to care so much about my woman." Gong Ou looked at him with black eyes and said, "remember, you are not for anyone. What you received today is what Lancaster gave you. You are a dog. You have to bite back!"


As soon as bit's body shakes, all he receives today is imposed by his father. Of course, he knows that, but what can he do? Do you really turn around the gun to deal with your father?

Just thinking about it, Gong Ou's even colder voice was not far away from him, thinking, "in this world, you have to study in class and get a job again, only your parents are not.". Don't think that the role of father is so great. It's just to provide a sperm to get a job. You will be in the future. "

Bit stops breathing for a moment.

"Tiger poison doesn't eat children. If you are concerned that he didn't kill you because of his low blood, you can say nothing today." Gong Ou Dao.

His voice is sharp, cold and poisonous, but this is the reality, which can't be refuted.

Bit wanted to leave, but his legs couldn't move. He looked at Gong ou and couldn't help but ask, "he's a high-ranking person..."

"How much do you think a father should be judged?" Gong Ou looks at him indifferently, like an idiot.

"How much?"

Bith asked, looking straight at him, his blue eyes full of longing for answers.

Some of the questions and answers he always evaded, but I don't know why. Gong Ou said that he suddenly wanted to face and know.

Gong Ou sat on the stone bench, slowly raised his leg, looked at the youth under the flower tree with black eyes, and said, "I didn't know it before, but later I understood it."


"Minimum entry criteria - is there a moment when he has been thinking about his children, even for a moment?" Gong Ou said, "you can think about it."

It was like a slap in the face of the wind. Bit stood there stupidly, and staggered back a little.

He always wanted to do something to show his father. He always felt inferior for his consanguinity, but he never thought how bad his father was to himself.

For a long time, bit walked towards the big room, stumbling, like drinking wine, his face lost, a pair of clear blue eyes full of humble.

At the back door, when bit bumped into it, he read.

When Xiaonian stood at the door and looked at the direction Gong Ou was sitting. Seeing him coming, he turned his eyes and asked with concern, "are you ok?"

"Are you afraid that he will bully me?"

Bit looked at her stupidly and asked, she followed him only when she cared about him?

"I'm worried about his wound." "In fact, I was a little worried, but when I came here, I suddenly realized that he would not bully you. He has become more and more like a fool. "

Gong Ou has changed. In the past, he would never do anything so tortuous. He never cared how much he sacrificed in the process. He only talked about one purpose.

Now Gong ou Let her really love, want to take good care of, want to cherish.

"He asked me to persuade that man."

Bit said, refusing to call her mother, she always had a knot in her heart.

"Gong believes that the part that the man conceals lies is the key that he can use to end the fight." "I believe he is right," said Shi Xiaonian lightly

"Do you want me to advise, too?" Bit looked at her and asked.

"I don't want you to do it for me or for whom. It depends on your own heart, and you won't regret it in the future." After all, no one knows what will happen in the future. Is it a peaceful end or a vigorous one.

Even she said so.

If I gave him a reason, he might go for a while, but now He was very confused.

Bith wiped her arm and walked in. After two steps, bith stopped. He lowered his head and said, "I just thought of growing up when I was young. I didn't even think that my father once thought about it for me. Did you think I was wrong?"

So sad.

When Xiaonian turned to look at the teenager, she couldn't bear to pierce her heart, but Gong Ou woke up bit's dream directly with words, breaking up the dream of getting attention from her father.

I'm afraid it's only now that bit understands that no matter what he does, George won't look at him differently.

"I wish I hadn't been born."

Said bit low, raising his feet and going forward.

When Xiaonian looks out, Gong Ou is still sitting under the tree. He doesn't find her. He frowns tightly. His hands are always on his waist, which makes people worry.

He should have a good bed rest. He shouldn't be in charge of these things himself.

Some things, she should learn to help solve, she should let Gong Ou go back early, early together back to the company, to study the technology he really loves.

"Bit." When I think about it, Xiaonian stops him.

Bit stops.

"In fact, there are mothers as well as fathers in the world." Shi Xiaonian said, "don't get stuck in the horns."

"She was even worse to me. At least my father gave me a bite to eat."

Said bit derisively.

"In fact, you have some memories of your childhood, don't you?"

When Xiaonian asked, bith looked back at her. She smiled lightly and said calmly, "actually, I'm not a chef. That cake is not so delicious. You like it so much because it's the flavor in your memory."


Bit looked at her blankly.

"The bodyguard told me that the man gave you a piece of cake. You thought it was made by me." When Xiaonian stood there and shook his hand, "I've been born prematurely, but I haven't recovered completely, so I haven't been in the kitchen yet."

Just now, she wanted to go into the kitchen, and was stopped by the servants. She refused to give her any food materials. Gong Ou just wanted to take her away, so that she could not see the soft side of his current work, and did not really want her to cook.

Smell speech, bit looks at her in astonishment, "you, what do you say?"

"I didn't make that cake." Shi Xiaonian tells the truth.


Bit stood there stupidly, and suddenly a picture flashed in his mind. A fuzzy thin figure handed him the cake. He wanted to see her face clearly, but he couldn't see it clearly. He only knew that she was smiling, smiling very warm

"It's better to step back and look for your memory than to blog about what you'll never get." When Xiaonian said softly, "Gong Ou said, the only thing that can be confirmed in that person's words It's her feelings for you. "


Bit stood there stiffly, looking at it stupidly. He didn't wake up for a long time.


This day, bit thought a lot and kept himself in the room.

At last, at night, bith opened the door and walked upstairs in full view without anyone stopping him.

When Xiaonian leans on Gong Ou's body to watch the boring news on TV, her mobile phone suddenly vibrates. She takes out her mobile phone, which is a text message sent to her by bit -

shixiaonian, I have to face it.

Looking at this line of words, Xiaonian couldn't help smiling. His cell phone was plundered by a slender hand. Gong Ou sat in a wheelchair and stared at the head leaning on him, coldly saying, "finally, you convinced him."

Why can't he go through the policy of Huairou?

"He himself wants to understand. He hopes that their mother and son can have a good talk." "When small read a way," also hope the result can make you satisfied

In this way, they can go back earlier.

"Who knows the result." Gong ouleng hum, disdainfully said, fingers on the screen quickly point a few times, and then handed her the mobile phone, "here you are, continue to watch the news."


When small read gently snuggles up to him.

Three seconds later --

"Gong ou, why is the number of bits in my blacklist?" Asked shixiaonian.