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Chapter 966 preparation for abortion

Then the two felt the child's response at the same time. He was moving, just like clapping with Gong Ou in her stomach.

When Xiaonian felt that the blood in his throat was stronger.

She clenched her fists and her fingernails sank deep into her palms, hoping to bleed.

Gong Ou squats in front of her, feels the child's movements, raises her eyes and looks at her pale face. "I should be back before the baby is born, and I will accompany you."

We can't make it.

Once, she was so eager for him to participate in this process, so that he really felt the first experience of being a father, but now, she has no such courage.

Two children have suffered a lot for her. In fact, if she is smart, she should not have chosen to have this child for a long time.

When Xiaonian didn't know how to face Gong Ou's eyes directly, she showed a light smile, "it doesn't matter, as long as you can come back safely, don't be impatient, how to deal with it, I won't urge you."

"Obedient woman."

Gong Ou pinches her face.

"Don't you just want me to be like this?" "I know what I should do now, I have figured it out," said Shi Xiaonian with a smile

Gong Ou looks at her deeply, and her eyes go straight into her eyes.

When Xiaonian wondered whether the medicine she had just taken had no effect, she was a little difficult to face.

She lowered her eyes, Gong Ou's hands pressed tightly to her stomach, and her voice was deep and magnetic. "Be obedient, don't make your mother uncomfortable, or I won't let you have a place at home in the future, do you hear me?"

"You don't forget to threaten a baby in your stomach?"

When small read frown.

"If he makes you feel bad, I will make him feel bad!" Gong Ou takes it.

"He is your child."

"Then he can't make you sick." Gong Ou said bluntly, his black eyes staring at her deeply.

Looking at his eyes, he doesn't have any joking meaning, which makes shixiaonian more firm in his choice, but this choice drips with blood.

"I'm fine, Gong ou. No one makes me feel bad, really." Shi Xiaonian stood up from the bed, stretched out his hand to tidy his clothes, and said softly, "I will stay here safely, waiting for you to come back safely and pick me up."


Gong Ou holds her in his arms, lowers his head and kisses her lips. He kisses them carefully, sometimes with his lips, sometimes with his lips, sometimes with his lips. He kisses each other so hard that they can breathe.

When small read soft close to his arms, reach up his back, "remember what I said, go out, don't be anxious, don't ignore their own safety, don't eat."

"When I was Mr palace, you said it again, wordy."

Gong Ou dislikes her, but holds her tighter.

She is wordy, but she can do nothing but say it.

Gong Ou put on the shell of Mr palace. When Xiaonian accompanied him to the end of the corridor, he went into the glove room and watched him open the secret door.

Gong Ou looked at her and said, "I'm leaving."

His voice became electronic again, the MR palace.

When Xiaonian stood there and waved to him with a smile, "it was a good trip."

"Go back."

Gong Ou then stooped to enter the dark door. Suddenly, he stopped again and turned to look at her. His eyes were hidden behind the blue screen, making it impossible to guess what he was thinking.

When he saw it, Xiaonian smiled harder.

Gong Ou stood there and looked at her for a long time. When Xiaonian was about to ask what happened, he went into the secret door.

As soon as others entered, the secret door closed silently.

The sundry room was as peaceful as usual.

It's as if he never appeared, as if nothing had happened.

When Xiaonian stayed in the utility room alone for a long time, looking at the utility room, his eyes gradually covered with a layer of water

Gong Ou is gone.

She has become a obedient wife, and now she wants to be a mother of her own children.

But the long pain is not as good as the short pain. Isn't that the old saying?

When Xiaonian slowly turned around and opened the door of the utility room, a figure leaned against the opposite wall.

Lori stood opposite, his ordinary face was cold and arrogant, and his eyes behind the lens looked at her directly. "Mrs. Gong, I was thinking, why do you have to be so humble in this relationship? You have to be so complacent, but just now I seem to understand."


Is that what he's waiting for?

When small read Zheng ground looks at him.

"Cosplay a robot is not a simple thing, it has to pay too much price. Even if he uses you to set up a bureau, as long as he thinks of the madness he can pay for you, you feel that you can't pay anything back." Lori said what she thought word for word.

Smell speech, when small read reached out to wipe eyes, will tear meaning convergence, "Luo doctor, thank you can understand."

"But don't you think your love is too heavy?"

Asked Lori.


When small read close lips.

"From the doctor's point of view, I would advise you to leave Mr. Gong and find your true self, so that you can have your future. Abortion is not a wise choice at all." Lori looked at her and sighed, "but now you don't need yourself."

She is not a vine growing on the tree, but when the tree exhausts its own nutrients and turns her into a vine, she is reluctant to grow herself.


When Xiaonian is silent, she can't leave gongou. She really can't.

She and Gong ou have been separated for too long. Gong ou can't stand to be separated from her, neither can she.

Seeing that she was silent all the time, Lori understood that her will was firm, so she began to say a heavy topic, "since that's the case, from the perspective of the doctor, I will advise you to have an operation as soon as possible, and the older the child is, the worse it will be for you."

"I understand." When small read nodded, face more and more pale, feel throat bloody almost to spit out, "the child takes out later to leave me."

"I won't do that."

Lori rejected her directly.


When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

"Because the child has a head, body, hands and feet, everything is complete, and you will collapse when you see it." Lori then turned and left.

He was worried about her, but his words were so bland that it was common for doctors to face these things.

But such bland words make Xiaonian stand there and stop completely, tears flow down without warning, tears flow all over his face.


Gong ou should have got on the plane by this time.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and looked at the alarm clock in his hand, watching the seconds turn around, Gong Ou would be eager to open those packing boxes when he got on the plane, and then pick up a few boxes to eat.

I'm afraid he will be sleepy after eating. These days, he never slept well in Mr palace. Now he can sleep on the plane.

He's the king of the stomach. He won't eat all the dishes she made at one time, will he?

At the thought of the scene, Xiaonian couldn't help smiling. A brisk step came. She turned her head and saw gongkui running towards her with a smile. "Mom, mom, this is what uncle Luo asked me to give you."

"Thank you darling."

When Xiaonian took a kiss on her pink face and opened the paper she handed over, she saw a sentence scrawled on it -

ready, waiting for you in the infirmary an hour later.

When Xiaonian's face turned white, it was Lori who informed her that she could have surgery. He actually asked her daughter to send this note.

She looked at Gong Kui's innocent face, and her suffocation was crazy.

Lori didn't want her to kill the child, so by this means, he wanted to tell her how she could bear the same.

She doesn't know that she is cruel, but isn't it another kind of cruelty to give birth to her child?

Behind Gong Kui's innocence lies the fear of gunshot, while behind Gong Ou's wisdom and understanding lies the shadow of shooting several people. This is more terrible for the children, but as an adult, she dare not say that she can prevent the disaster for them.

They were even standing in her way.

“mom? Mom? " Gong Kui's voice evokes the thought of Xiaonian.

"Ah? What's the matter? "

When small read back to God.

"Mom, I want to hear the baby." Gong Kui stood in front of her and lowered himself to her stomach.

When Xiaonian's stomach moved.

"The little baby is telling me that my sister is good and good. My sister leaves all the delicious food for you. You should be good." Gong Kui put her ear on her stomach and murmured to herself. She was very happy. "Do you think sister is the most beautiful sister? Of course I am. "

Gong Kui communicates with her baby.

When Xiao Nian heard the blood pouring out.

Xiaokui, don't say, really don't say.

"You have to be obedient, play with your sister, and holly doesn't play with me. I'm so bored. Don't be bored like him. You have to play with me." Gong Kui didn't know the idea of Xiaonian. He continued to interact with the baby happily.

When Xiaonian's face became more and more pale, white to no trace of blood.

"I'm going to be a sister, so happy."

"I will be a very good sister."


When Xiaonian finally can't stand it, she pushes away the sunflower. The more sunflower says, the more her baby moves, as if responding excitedly.

She couldn't stand the living feeling.

She hates her cruelty, but insists on her decision. She contradicts but doesn't hesitate. She doesn't know what she is now. She really doesn't know.

"Mom, what's the matter with you?"

Gong Kui stood there looking at her blankly, wondering why she suddenly pushed herself away.

"Xiaokui, go to study. I'm going to visit doctor Luo." Try to make your voice sound normal.

"All right." Gong Kui nodded cleverly, "then I'll go to Holly."

Finish saying, Gong Kui then a person bouncing to go outside, while walking still saying, "holy is too stuffy, after the baby certainly not stuffy, certainly can accompany me to play."