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Chapter 263 he knocks down Mr Palace

"Why do you say that feelings are limited and that they will be consumed in advance? I didn't consume it. Why do you consume it? " Gong Ou grabs Mr Gong's hand and says incessantly, incoherently, "look, I'm not around you all day, your hands are getting thicker."


Rough your sister. At

, Xiao Nian stood there, tucking away in his heart, and the indifference in his eyes showed signs of softening.

She took the wet towel and went forward. She put out her hand to cover his face and wipe it for him. The smell of wine made her really uncomfortable.

The next second, her waist is held by Gong ou. He holds her and leans his head against her. "When I have no conscience, I don't care about you. I'm more obedient to a cricket than you!"

“…… You sit still. "

When small read helplessly say, hold up his face to wipe his face.

Gong Ou seems to dislike towels very much. He turns his head and buries his whole face in front of her. He is bored and says, "shixiaonian, you have no conscience. You are made of stone!"

When I was young, I didn't want to worry about a drunk, but I was speechless when I listened to him, and I couldn't help saying, "Gong ou, who is wrong now? You don't believe me. You're right. It's also right for you to find a woman? "

He's everything, right?

"Then you can't pull me back."

Gong Ou said in a low voice, quite frankly.

"Pull it back? Didn't I pull it? Would you come back with me? " When I was young, I was speechless.

He can really beat black and white.

Gong Ou smelt the faint fragrance on her body, and was very satisfied. Then he raised his face and looked at her.

Even though he was drunk, there was no denying that he was extremely handsome.

Gong Ou looks up at her, eyes half open, eyelashes very long, naturally saying, "I certainly won't, you pull me several times, I will come back with you."


"You don't have any willpower, shixiaonian." He rightfully blamed her.


When Xiaonian was completely defeated by him, did he say everything in his heart like this?

In fact, under his angry appearance, there was a proud and charming heart, crying in his heart all the time, you pull me again, you pull me again, I will go with you.

At that time, xiaoniannao felt that the whole person was not good.

"When I read......"

"Stop." When small read really can't listen to, "do you want to take a bath."


"You stink."

"Then I will!"


When Xiaonian wanted to beat him to death, he pushed him away and walked into the bathroom to drain water. The water splashed into the bathtub and sighed wearily.

I didn't expect that Gong Ou would be like this after drinking. He is a child.

Rory is wordy and vexatious.


When Xiaonian put the water in place, she went out to help Gong Ou take a bath. As soon as she went out, she was blinded.

I saw Gong Ou push Mr palace down on the bed, a pair of long legs wrapped around its silver body, slender hands holding Mr palace want to kiss it.

The setting of Gong Ou in the R palace was never done, so it was not resisted.

"Shixiaonian, I swear, I just want to kiss you!"

Gong Ou pushed the robot down on the bed and said in a dumb and magnetic voice.


Looking at this scene, Xiaonian's whole body was about to collapse. She just left to put some water in it. It became a love between man and machine.

Did he cheat twice a day in front of her?

Do you have to play so hard?

When Xiaonian broke down, people suddenly calmed down. She picked up her mobile phone and adjusted it to the shape of the camera. Then she aimed at the scene of "Yin chaos" on the bed and pressed to shoot.

Photo collection.

When Xiaonian walked over, patted Gong ou and said, "Gong ou, I'm here. Mr palace, go back to charge first. "

"Yes, master."

R palace gets up from the bed, lowers his head and turns to walk out.

When Xiaonian stood at the bedside and bent down, patted Gong OU on the cheek, "Gong ou, wake up, get up and take a bath."

His face was burning hot.

Her hands burn with the heat.

Gong Ou lies on the bed and is patted by her. Her eyes are slightly opened. She looks at her in a dazed way and looks at her deeply. The mood in her eyes suddenly becomes complicated.

"Gong Ou?"

When I read his name softly.

Gong Ou lies there, looking at her deeply, his face is heavy, and suddenly he says hoarsely, "can't you beat the child?"

Finally, it's around the topic.

When small read purses lips, stands there low Mou to look at his face, softly asks, "Gong ou, why don't you believe me?"

Just in time, while he was drunk, she wanted to hear what he had in mind.

"I can't stand it. Read it." Gong Ou sat up from the bed with a pair of black eyes and looked at her deeply. His voice was dumb. "I really can't stand it. I can't stand the thought that this child may be someone else's. I'm like being bitten by insects, which makes me feel bad."

Unlike in the daytime, he yelled and scolded at her. At this moment, his voice was so low and low from his throat.

"This child is yours. Gong ou. " When Xiaonian looked at him, his voice was soft. "You believe me once, OK?"

"What if not?"

"In case."

"And if not, what shall I do?" Gong Ou sits there, with his back slightly bent. A long hand grabs her hand and firmly grasps it. "If not, even if I can bear it, you will definitely not want me. You must take the child with you. What should I do? When Xiaonian, you can't abandon me anymore. I have already identified you. You can't leave me alone. "


When Xiaonian listened to this, her heart was shaking fiercely. She looked at Gong Ou's face stupidly, and suddenly she understood Gong Ou's paranoid idea.

It turned out that he was more afraid of this.

He was afraid that once she gave birth to a child who had no blood relationship with him, she would surely escape from him.

"You passed out at that time. You refused to accept the fact. OK, I won't let you accept But what to do when the baby is born? You can't accept it. You must take the baby with you. You must go. " Gong Ou repeatedly said, grabbing her hand and putting it on his lips and kissing.

His thin lips were hot.

It turned out that he thought it was her refusal to accept the facts, so he said on the surface that he would not let her check, for fear that the results of the check would be difficult for her to accept.


Palace fool.

"Gong ou, why do we have to make simple things so complicated every time? You believe me, it's not that I refuse to accept the facts. I'm really sure I haven't been insulted." Shi Xiaonian said, "it's your mother who has a high morale and feels that insulting me will damage her noble personality, so she didn't let anyone really do anything to me."

It's just a game.

"She won't let you go!" Gong Ou looks at her, his voice is dumb and low. "All the people in the palace will drive you out!"


It seems that Gong Ou doesn't know Mrs. Gong very well.

When Xiaonian thought about it, he took his hand and put it on his stomach. "This child belongs to you, and it belongs to your palace. You can believe me this time, OK?"

Gong Ou meets her eyes, his eyes are still a little drunk and hazy.

He looked at her deeply. For a while, he lowered his eyes. His eyes were gloomy, and his tone began to compromise


"You are not allowed to leave me, even if the child has nothing to do with me!" Gong Ou said.


When Xiaonian looks at him a little frustrated, he still believes in what he thinks.

But her heart and mouth can't help but be shocked. He loves her so much. Even if she is pregnant with other people's children, he wants her and worries about her leaving him for this.

"Do you hear me?" Gong Ou grabs her hand and holds it firmly. Black eyes look at her deeply. "You are not allowed to go, you are not allowed to go."

"This child is yours, Gong ou." Then he said, "and as long as you don't play the same boring means to stimulate me as you do today, I won't leave you."

"No more fun, it's useless anyway." Gong Ou says, a pair of pupil is gray, "anyway you also won't care."

He didn't even see her jealous expression.


When small read helplessly looking at him, what is in his mind all day long?

How could she not care.

"I don't want anyone. I want you!" Gong Ou looked at her and repeated, "I only want you, you can't leave me. Anyone can leave me, you can't leave me. "

I have a headache when I listen to the words like chanting sutras.

"Well, I know. Get up and take a bath. You stink of alcohol." Xiao Nian sighed and then helped Gong Ou out of bed.

Gong Ou reluctantly stands on the ground, pulls his hand away from her, and walks step by step, completely supporting the wall

"I'll help you."

When Xiaonian was afraid that he would fall again, he hurriedly went to help him.

"No, you're pregnant. If you touch it, you'll never finish with me."

Gong Ou said.


When small read helplessly to look at him, drunk into such unexpectedly still remember her words.

Gong Ou walks forward with the wall, slowly and askew step by step. When Xiaonian looks at his hand, there is a bloodstain on the back of his hand, "how did you hurt your hand?"

How can I hurt my hand when I drink with a woman.

"I don't know."

Gong Ou answered very seriously, and then walked over the head, without touching the wall, the whole person fell forward.

When Xiaonian thought it was too late to help him, he could only watch Gong Ou fall heavily on the ground.


The sound of falling is loud.

It's not stupid to fall like this.

"Are you ok?" When Xiaonian hurried forward to help him.

Gong Ou presses his head and brows tightly. His eyes are clear for a moment. He looks at shixiaonian and his black eyes are deep. Then he whispers and repeats the words "shixiaonian, you don't come to see me in a day. How can I feel bad when I don't see you? It's ok if you don't see me in a day?"

Who can't see who's all right for a day.

Would he like to go back and forth with these words.

"Get up, take a bath."

When small read helplessly said, carefully to help him up from the ground, help him stumble into the bathroom.