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Chapter 514 the past is the enemy of the present

"Miss Xi and manager Feng went to buy fireworks."

The bodyguard replied, bowing his head.

Fireworks, out of the science and technology park there is a shop.

Gong Ou took the box and went out. The wind was very cold on New Year's Eve, blowing on his face.

A string of lanterns hung on the trees along the road to announce the new year's celebration to the passers-by.

Gong Ou walked on in his overcoat, all the way was quiet. He went on, and suddenly heard the voice of Feng de on the other side of the tree, "Xiao Nian, why don't you tell me what you think in your mind? I'm not sick now. You don't have to worry about him so much."


Gong Ou's eyebrows curled up and looked over the tree.

Here is a row of stone steps down. Below is a square. In the square, some children are playing in roller skating. When Xiaonian and Fengde are sitting on the steps and looking down, they have a pile of fireworks beside them.

I haven't come back after buying fireworks.

Gong Ou was about to walk forward when Xiao Nian picked up a can of beer and opened it. He looked up and poured it into his mouth.

"Xiaonian, don't do that. What do you punish your body for?"

Feng de goes to grab her beer can.

"I feel sad, my adoptive father. Since I can't cry, I can't vent every time. Do you understand how painful it is? You let me drink a little. If I don't drink it back, I can't face twins, I can't face Gong ou. " Shi Xiaonian was excited, reaching for the beer can and pouring it into his mouth.

Wen Yan, Gong ouyin goes behind the tree.

"Ah." Feng de sat beside her and sighed, "I always thought that you would be happy when the young master came back. I didn't expect that it would become like this. The young master has really changed too much."

"He didn't change. He found his true self. He was cured." When Xiaonian held the beer can tightly with both hands, murmured, "but the adoptive father..."


"My adoptive father, I miss Gong Ou so much." When small read murmurs to say, eyes red chime dry ground looks at the square below, "really good think."


Gong ou, who is hidden behind the big tree, has a stagnant figure.

"I don't know until today that Gong Ou didn't come back. He disappeared in front of me four years ago. He will never come back." When small read low said, voice clip endless pain, "he finally said to me that he was tired, so he chose to rest, never to see me again."

"Xiaonian, don't do that."

"But I didn't even say goodbye to him." When small read very want to cry, but she can't cry out, she can only use her fingers to pick the beer can in her hand, pick the deformation, vent her pain.

"Although the young master has all the memories, he really seems to have changed his personality." Feng de sat beside shixiaonian and sighed, "I'm with you these days. I'm in a trance for a lot of times. Now you know how to save the lost hearts in N.E. and let everyone work hard for him. He's done well and N.E has made a great progress. But there is something missing. Maybe I am worldly but I don't know human feelings. "


Xiaonian's fingers are picking the beer can harder.

Gong Ou stood behind the tree and listened quietly. His handsome face was expressionless in the night, and he still had a huge gift box in his hand.

"The young master used to talk with me when he was in a good mood. He also liked to comment on my dress taste. Once he went to see you. He was very happy. He said that I was young and was not allowed to retire. "

Then Feng de laughed.

"Well, Gong Ou used to be very emotional. He could do anything when he was happy. If he was not happy, he would smash the table against the chair. I would tilt the chair an inch and he would come back right. I used to hate his problems, but now, I miss him so much, think of all his little problems, think of him laughing at me like a child. " When small read low voice says, say voice voice voice choking, voice trembles badly, "he won't come back, won't come back."

Her voice was heartbreaking.

On New Year's Eve, the two men miss the past palace.

Gong Ou stood behind the tree and listened to every word. His eyes were heavier than the night.

It turned out that his rival in love was not the student, but himself.

His lips were crooked, a touch of mockery.

Not bad.

Xi Xiaonian.

You found me a decent rival this time.

Without listening, Gong Ou turns around and leaves. His long legs are on the road. His thin lips are tighter and tighter. His eyes are colder and colder. He holds the gift box with both hands.

Garbage can on the road.

Gong Ouyang raises his hand and directly throws the box into the garbage can.

On the steps, Xiao Nian drank several cans of beer in a row, and his pale face finally recovered a little ruddy.

She turned her eyes and looked at Fengde. There were many wrinkles on his face. There was a layer of water in his eyes. Seeing her, Fengde Lian reached out and rubbed away his tears. "Xiaonian, don't think about it. At least the young master is back. Even if his soul is not the same as before, he is also the young master."

"I know." When small read low voice said, eyes red terrible, "so, no matter what happens, I still thank him, thank him alive back."

Even if Gong ou and Mona go to bed tomorrow, she will not hate Gong ou.

Because at this moment, she knew clearly that Gong ou, who loved her like life, was no longer there. Gong ou, the normal man, came back. He didn't love her. He was normal.

She's going to take it all.

"Go back." Feng de patted her and said.


When small read nods, stands up from the step, holds the fireworks to walk back.

Passing by the garbage can, a gust of wind blows. Feng Dehe and Shi Xiaonian subconsciously turn their backs to the wind direction and look past the garbage can.

The top of the trash can is a delicate gift box. The lid of the box is half open, revealing a beautiful new scarf.

"How can I throw away a pretty scarf?"

Feng de sighed casually.

"I don't know."

Shixiaonian shook his head and went on with Fengde.

Another gust of wind came, the lid of the box was blown to one side, the scarf was lying quietly in the box, swallowed in the night.

Back to the gallery, Xiao Nian went in with fireworks, and saw that Gong Ou had disappeared from the gallery.

"How about the young master?"

Asked Feng de in disbelief.

When Xiaonian shook his head, Fengde put down the fireworks in his arms, looked at shixiaonian and said, "then call the young master."

When Xiaonian stood in the light, smelling the words, his face stiffened, and said, "I don't have gong Ou's cell phone number."

Gong Ou came back these days, he never took the initiative to leave her the phone.

Several times she wanted to ask, and at last she said nothing in his busy or sleeping.

She tried again and again to close the relationship with Gong ou, but nothing happened.


Feng De is stunned. He stares at Xiao Nian and then takes out his cell phone. "Xiao Nian, I'll give you the phone number of the young master."

"Come on, adoptive father, if he wants to keep his promise to accompany the twins, he will come back. If he has something to do, I can't stop him." When small read already knew this fact.


Feng de didn't know what to say to comfort her.

"Don't you think of them as two people? One is the past and the other is the present." I can't use the past to ask for the present


Don't ask, or she'll die of angina.


When Feng de opened his mouth to say something, Xiao Nian yawned and said, "I'm tired too. Go to sleep. Holly, okra, let's go to bed. "

Feng de had to block what he wanted to say.


New year's day.

When Xiaonian got up early and made breakfast, the TV was on as background music, and all kinds of advertisements in the TV were congratulating on the new year.

n. E. invite you to enter the holographic era together.

n. E's new year's ad only has one word, but it's eye-catching enough.

"What about dad? Will dad not have breakfast with us? "

At breakfast, Gong Kui began to miss Gong ou.

"After breakfast, do morning lessons with me." Gong Yao said coldly, Gong Kui's attention was suddenly removed, and he looked sadly at his brother, "this is not Gong's house, I don't want to do morning classes!"

"I'll be back in England soon."

Gong Yao pours cold water on her head.

Gong Kui immediately jumped up. "I don't want to go back to England, I want to be in China! In! China! Country! "

With her mother not so many messy rules, she will not go back to the UK. How fun it is in China. The fake bear is much more lovely than the real one, and has no sharp teeth.


Gong Yao is more sober than his sister.

"Maybe, maybe!" Gong Kui jumped out of his chair and rushed into the room to find his mother. "Mom, I don't want to go back to England, I don't want to go back!"

In the middle of the conversation, Gong Kui's voice was hoarse. She looked at Xiao Nian sitting in front of the makeup mirror in surprise.

Mom is making up. At

, Xiao Nian wore a long blue dress with a long blue hair. It was lined with long legs. His hair fell on his shoulders. He brushed the next layer of eye shadow with his brush.

Of course, if you ignore the redness in her eyes, they will be more beautiful.

"It's beautiful." Gong Kui ran over and snuggled up to her. "Mom, are you going out? Take me out? "

"Well, I'm going out alone today. How about staying in the gallery with holly?"

When small read to ask a way, put down the eye brush in the hand, embrace palace anemone to own leg to sit.

"Where are you going?"

Asked Gong Kui doubtfully.

To catch a traitor?

No, it's to let yourself die completely.

"I don't know where to go either." When small read to hold palace Kui to ask, "I really good-looking?"? How nice is it? "

For a long time, she didn't have such a serious make-up, let alone such a delicate one as Mona.

Today, even if she loses, she doesn't want to lose too badly.

If today is the final outcome of her and Gong ou, she hopes that in his memory, she is good-looking.

"It's very beautiful. Mom, you'd better see it. It's more beautiful than grandma!"

The most beautiful woman Gong Kui has ever seen is grandma.

Rosie, that's really a picturesque woman.