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Chapter There's no deeper pain in Chapter 246

The man who had been burned stepped back a little bit, and the others followed. .

"don't come!"

Xiao Nian looked at them with a pale face.

"Girl, this one will cool off!" Said one disdainfully, and a few waited there.

When small read slowly stand up on the steps, scared step by step backward, "when the flute in the end give you what benefits, why you so determined?"

"Money can be earned at any time. Women in this palace can't sleep at any time!" Say, a few men laugh loudly, laugh Yin swings extremely.

"I tell you, don't mess around, or Gong ou will never let you go!"

When small read loudly said, face pale, eyes hate to stare at them, holding the candle in hand, wrist is full of blood, blood from the wound exudation, drop by drop to the ground.

Several masked men looked around and said, "this candle should be cool. Go."

Say, the men rush up the steps together, when small read a will candle fiercely throw to them, then turn around to run, the foot stepped on an empty, the person was a man clenched past.

Then, several big hands have been holding her, some on arms, some on shoulders, and some on her waist. The hairs on the back of each hand are horrible.

"Don't --"

when Xiaonian cried out in fear, struggled desperately, and sprang up with two feet.

She was pressed on the steps by them. Someone came to tear her clothes. Her arms crossed her lips. Xiaonian opened his mouth and bit her.


The man cried out in pain and gave him a backhand.

When Xiaonian was beaten to spit out blood, his head was in chaos.

She still wanted to struggle, but there was no strength in her body. She was pressed to death and could not resist at all, "no Don't... Gong Ou help me, help me. "

When Xiaonian's tears finally burst, tears wet his eyes, but he could not cause sympathy.

Come on, Gong ou.

Gong Ou comes to save her

"I hate women crying. I'm tired of beating her up." When someone says that, he punches at shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian was physically exhausted, she fainted on the spot, blood flowed down her lips, and her face was pale.

In the faint of that second, she is still extravagant hope, Gong ou to save her.

He will come to save her.

He always appears in the most timely time, in her most helpless time, he will appear, right? He will certainly come.

When Xiaonian fainted on the steps, his bloody hands fell down.

Masked men swarmed in.

When Xiaonian had a dream, she dreamed that she would go back to the porch, and countless art plates were flying in her sight, and the color of the plates was dazzling white.

At last, countless plates fell to the ground, smashing to pieces.

She stood in the middle of the debris and looked at them stupidly, scared and frightened, but soon she was pulled into a warm embrace.

She suddenly felt very relieved.

She looked up and saw the man's face bathed in the sun. It was so bright that she could not see his face clearly.

But she knew that there would be no one but Gong ou.


I don't know how long ago, when Xiaonian woke up in a trance, her whole body ached. She fell on the jade steps and slowly opened her eyes. The golden dome was as high as if it could never be touched.

She is the only one left in the vast and empty palace.

She lowered her head and saw that her skirt was torn to pieces. Her arm was bruised except for blood.

Pain comes from every inch of the skin.

The memory of Shi Xiaonian slowly came back. She thought of Shi Di and those masked men, with colic in their bodies and heart. She cried out in pain, "ah..."

She cried very low, hoarse, her voice trembling, her lips trembling.

Why is that.


Shidi, I won't let you go! Absolutely not!

When Xiaonian was lying on the steps in pain, her feeble fingers curled up slowly, and her nails scraped across the steps making a very thin and harsh sound.

Staring at the bloodstain and bruise on his arm, Xiaonian was painfully unable to restrain himself. His heart seemed to be hollowed out and the wind blew up, bloody with pain.

When Xiaonian felt boundless despair and hatred.

She was so hurt that she couldn't even cry. She just cried out in a low voice.

Again and again, it turned out that I could not escape.

When Xiaonian is struggling to sit up from the steps, her skin is aching every inch of her body, and she reaches for her torn clothes to cover herself.

Suddenly, there was a shock in her eyes.

She stretched out her hand to her flat stomach and looked down at her legs. Her legs were black everywhere, as if she had been pinched severely.

She's in pain, but it's just on her skin.

There is no deeper pain.

Why is that?

When Xiaonian had no time to grieve, she got up from the ground weakly and walked two steps. Each step was hard for her and her skin hurt badly.

But only the surface of the arm is hurting.

There is doubt in Xiaonian's eyes. It shouldn't be like this. She won't be so stupid that she doesn't know whether she has been violated or not. At the beginning, Gong Ou felt so painful and strong for her.

It shouldn't be.

It shouldn't be that only the arms and legs are in pain. The black green on it is more like being pinched out by someone, rather than doing that kind of thing

But there's no reason for didi to let her go.

When Xiaonian realized that he had not been touched by others, he suddenly woke up, reached for his hand to hold the torn dress and walked out in pain.

Anyway, let's get out first.

She can't complain about herself here.

When Xiaonian recklessly ran to the small side door and pushed it hard, without opening it, the door was locked by the other side.


When Xiaonian bit his lips, he turned around and walked towards the high gate of the palace.

Her body seemed to have been beaten. It hurt so much that she walked hard every step of the way.

Suddenly, Xiaonian stepped on a red candle and fell to the ground heavily.


the sound of her falling was heard in the whole palace.


When Xiaonian felt that she had broken the whole bone, fell on the ground with pain, and frowned. She wanted to stand up but had no strength at all.

She looked up at the gate of the king's palace. She was only three meters away.

Climb to the door and stand up.

When small read thought, biting his teeth to climb forward, step by step.


a loud noise suddenly rings.

The eight or nine meter high gate was suddenly pushed open from the outside to the inside. Two huge doors were slowly pushed open in front of her eyes. The carved patterns on the door were exquisite and complex.

A large amount of sunlight came in from the outside.

The light in the palace is dim. At the moment, the sun suddenly pours in so strongly that Xiaonian is stabbed to the side.

She adjusted for a while before looking forward, only to see a tall figure standing in the sun, dressed in light, at the gate of the palace.

Like a king in the world.

When Xiaonian suddenly thought of his dream, Gong ou, he finally came.

She knelt on the ground and breathed a sigh of relief. The tense nerves in her body relaxed slowly. She raised her eyes and looked at the man in the middle of the gate.

Her eyes are getting used to the light.

I saw Gong Ou standing at the door, still dressed in yesterday's suit, with a cold face and straight eyes toward her. The pupils were dark.

"Gong ou..."

When Xiaonian smiled, and weakly called out his name.

All of a sudden, he found Feng de and a line of bodyguards standing behind him. At this moment, everyone looked at her, with shock and disbelief written in both eyes.

When Xiaonian was almost kneeling on the ground, she looked at herself with low eyes. Her skirt was torn to pieces. At the moment, the shoulder fabric on one side fell directly to the bend of her arm, revealing her big white shoulder. Her shoulders were all black and blue, one by one.

She looks like she's been insulted

When small read hurriedly reaches out to pull up skirt, double arms tightly encircle oneself.

"Turn your fucking head around!"

An angry voice suddenly sounded in the king's palace.

It's Gong Ou's roar.

When Xiaonian was roared by him, his heart shook severely.

Feng de looks at Xiao Nian in a daze. He and all the bodyguards quickly turn their backs and stop looking.

When Xiaonian kneels on the ground, gong'ou rushes to her step by step. As she walks, she quickly takes off the suit and covers her shoulder, and then holds her directly from the ground horizontally.

"Gong ou..."

When small read falls in his bosom, Zheng Zheng ground looks at him.

There was no expression on his face. It was as cold as frost, and it looked frightening.

She stretched out her hand to hook up his neck. There were bruises all over her arms. Gong Ou glanced down at his eyes, which were red and bloody. All over her body was full of the smell of killing.

When Xiaonian looked down at his tattered skirt, and looked at Gong ou with some trepidation, "Gong ou, I have not been bullied..."

"Shut up! No talking! "

Gong Ou stares at her pale face and shouts loudly. He is furious. His eyes stare at her.


When Xiaonian is frightened by his eyes.

Gong Ou walks out with her in his arms and takes a long distance with her legs.

Feng de and his bodyguards were standing at the door. They all buried their heads low. None of them dared to look up.

"Show me the Shidi! Find out for me whether you are dead or alive! "

Gong Ou holds Xiaonian and crosses Fengde's side. He drops a sentence viciously. His tone is extremely surly.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de bowed his head and answered.

Gong Ou holds Xiaonian in the car and kicks him hard to the seat in front of him. He doesn't fight angrily. He shouts, "drive!"

"Yes, Mr. Gong." The driver was so scared that his voice shook a little. He quickly started the car and drove away.

When Xiaonian sat next to him, his hands tightly wrapped around his suit, and looked at Gong Ou's face with some trepidation. His outline was tight, and his face was too green.

He was angry again.

Is that what she looks like?