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Chapter 899 she finds a present to burn for him

"Come with me. I know where the present is."

She stood up and walked on, not taking a few steps before being held in her arms.

Gong Ou encircles her from the back and hugs her tightly.

When Xiaonian stood there still, he quietly let him hold her. Gong Ou kept holding her tightly, and lowered his head to rest on her shoulder.

"Well, let's go."

When Xiaonian patted his arm and tried to struggle, Gong Ou held her tighter and tighter, whispering, "hold for a while."

"Don't you want to find a gift? It's dark if you don't find any more."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Hold it a little longer."

Gong Ou's tone is low and domineering.

"All right."

When small read compromise, let him hold himself, the wind blows a little bit, the sky's rays fall on them, plating a light layer of fluffy light.

Gong Ou hugged her for a long time. He didn't let go until Xiao Nian said his legs were numb. Xiao Nian took his hand and left.

At sunset, Xiaonian takes Gong ou to the roadside where they walk, points to the old wood on the ground, and says, "I told you that there used to be a small shop here. When I saved money, I like to come here to buy sugar and collect sugar paper."

Gong Ou kicked away a piece of wood and looked at her strangely. "Do you have to save money to buy sugar?"

He didn't understand the past life.

"I was only a few years old at that time. Of course, I need to save money to buy sugar. Do you think it's all local tyrants like you?" Said Shi Xiaonian.

"I'm not dirt."

Gong Ou then made a gesture, and immediately a bodyguard rushed forward. He said coldly, "go and buy cellophane, boxes of cellophane."

"I don't like collecting that now." "And you don't understand," he murmured, "the sugar paper you've worked hard to get is rare. Suddenly you can get a pile of sugar paper at will. What else can you care about?"

It's the same with sugar paper and cartoon cards.

Gong Ou stared at her and blurted out, "then it's not too easy for you to get me?"

It's all his own.


The bodyguard stood beside him and laughed hard.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou silently, then turned her eyes to look around and said, "qianchu suggested that the gift is next to cellophane. It should be here. You have searched the old house before when you did the bird's nest crafts. If you don't see the extra iron box, it means it's not in the pile of gadgets I collected. "

Gong Ou picked up his eyebrows and said, "there's a bit of reasoning."

"A lot of praise." Shi Xiaonian said, and then made a mistake, "but where is the gift in this place? The buffet is gone. "

"Dig three feet."

Gong Ou looks aside at the bodyguard.

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

A group of bodyguards have been used to looking for gifts. When they heard the order, they started digging. Xiaonian stood by and looked at the old wood.

Soon, a place was dug out of place.

Just like the memories of her childhood, which had already changed in the passage of time, she was moldy and white. She even couldn't bear to think of the past, because when she thought of it, she could think of the later unhappiness.

The color of the setting sun sank little by little.

The bodyguards hung lights under the trees.

When Xiaonian was standing aside by Gong Oula, watching the dust flying, a bodyguard pulled away the rotten wood and said, "Mr. Gong, will it not be buried in the ground, just put it in the shop, now the shop is gone, and the things are gone."

Not without it.

When small read to think, but listen to Gong Ou Du Ding tunnel, "impossible."


Shixiaonian asked immediately.

Gong Ou looks down at her and says, "why, you don't know?"

"What should I know?"

"Mu qianchu's gifts are all arranged in a place where he can hide them without informing others, which means that he is not good at communication and will not advertise the hiding of gifts."

Gong Ou is deep and deep. When Xiao Nian suddenly understood that, yes, this is mu qianchu's original character. He is blind, dull, and seldom communicates with others.

She almost forgot that Gong Ou had not come to understand mu qianchu.

When Xiaonian stood beside Gong ou and looked at the pile of wood for a long time, he vaguely seemed to see the back-to-back sales department in front of him.

At that time, she would often bring moqian Chu together to buy sugar. After buying it, she would give it to him, and then she would take the sugar paper to cover her eyes and look at the sun.

Mu qianchu will block in front of her. I don't know how to block her sunshine. He will say, "what are you looking at, Xiaonian?"

She joked, "at the beginning of the thousand, you are behind the river. If you don't go, you will fall down."

Then she looked at mu qianchu and hurriedly jumped away. There was a trace of panic on her face. She smiled and continued to look at the sun with cellophane.

The light on that side of cellophane is really beautiful. It's colored.

It was the kind of color that the paintbrush could not draw, which was a hard to afford spiritual enjoyment for her at that time.

When Xiaonian's eyes suddenly moved, he looked down at the river, and the sunset was wantonly flowing on the river. Did he say

She went down the slope and was caught by Gong ou. He stared at her nervously. "What are you doing?"

"The gift may be over there."

Shi Xiaonian said, continue to go down.

Gong Ou didn't stop her this time, but she still held her hand tightly and let her go down little by little. When she came to the riverside, Xiao Nian recalled the place she had remembered, and stepped on the shoes twice.

Before saying anything, Gong Ou raised his voice and said, "come here, dig here."


When Xiao Nian looked at Gong ou, he knew her very well.

The excavation is not deep but not shallow. After ten times of digging near her footprints, the bodyguard found the tin box. He patted the dust on it and handed it to Gong ou.

When Xiaonian looked at the past, the tin box was obviously much higher than the first box, and even the advertising design on it had been changed. She was shocked, "I remember that this chocolate box was changed later, not at first."

Gong Ou's black eyes glanced at her and said in a deep voice, "that only shows that the gift given by Mu was not completed in a period of time, but divided into several years."


When small read stupefied, for several years in the effort to give her a gift? Then why don't you let her find it? She doesn't know.

"I should not tell you until all the gifts in the twelfth house are ready. There are a series of gifts in the second house." Gong Ou said sourly, reaching out to open the box.

The old tin box was hard to open.

"So it is."

Shi Xiaonian understood, but mu qianchu never told her more than one gift, and the second and third palaces Does this mean that he didn't prepare all the gifts for the twelfth house.

It was meant to be.

I don't know why. Shixiaonian thought of these four words.

The iron box was opened and there was a comic book in it. Gong Ou turned to the front page and saw only a few large days of words on it.


When small read to stay, hands involuntarily cover upper lip, eyelashes gently shudder.

Gong Ou looks at her and her black eyes grow deeper. "Your favorite cartoonist's autograph?"

He guessed it out by looking at her like this.

When Xiaonian nodded, she liked the cartoonist very much, and once vowed to be like him. The cartoonist is popular all over the world, and even comic books are hard to buy. Mu qianchu even helped her get the autograph of the cartoonist.

"Moved?" Gong Ou glanced at her, her voice was cold and thin. "If you're moved, please stand aside and don't look, because I'm going to burn next."


When Xiaonian watched him speechless.

Gong Ou hands the tin box to the bodyguard next to him, picks up the letter inside and opens it.

When Xiaonian stood by and watched, at this time, mu qianchu didn't have to write a word on a piece of paper. He could write several words clearly. The handwriting was not as scrawled as before, but it was very hard to write between the lines.

Xiaonian, I finally got Miyamoto's autograph, and asked him to write your name in Japanese. There are only three gifts left. I need to think about what to prepare for you, and I need to prepare the most touching one.

Mu qianchu has been preparing the twelve palace gifts for her for several years, and she really doesn't know

Then, even he forgot.

"Back off, I'm going to burn."

Gong Ou's cold and heartless voice poured into Xiao Nian's ear, which made her back feel cool.

She didn't say anything, and she still indulged and stood back, watching Gong Ou burn the gift prepared for her by mu qianchu and the autograph book of her favorite cartoonist.

The night fell.

Gong Ou stood in the night, his face was red by the fire, his eyes were bleak at the burning book in his hand, his thin lips were like a devil, and a naughty child.

This time, she personally found out mu qianchu's gift and gave it to Gong oushao.

She was the devil, she thought.

When Xiaonian looked at his evil side face, at the burning comic book, his eyes slowly drooped, turned around and walked out, step by step.

"Where to?"

Gong Ou's cold voice came.

She doesn't want to see it, does she? The more the message of this gift is known, the more she remembers how much she had been devoted to her at the beginning. It's hard to think that they were really happy at that time.

She wanted to run.

"I don't know about the next gift. I'll find it. I'll find it all tonight."

When small read lightly said, go forward, leave that pile of burning fire, leave that pile of burning memories.


Gong Ou stands there, throws the burning comic book into the box, turns his eyes to see the figure of Shi Xiaonian. His eyes are more and more bright. Instead of chasing him, he asks the person beside him, "did you take a picture?"

"It's all filmed."

The bodyguard took the mobile phone and said.

"I'll keep looking for gifts. You can send them to Mu's mailbox." Gong Ou said coldly. He raised his legs and went up to catch up with Xiao Nian.