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Chapter 571 you can ask me

"Then why is your face so red?" Gong asked in a deep voice, without adding to his judgment.

"I just had a drink with my adoptive father."

When small read said in a low voice, voice also changed a tone, strange she can't stand.

"Are you used to drinking with men in these four years?"

Asked Gong Ou in a cold voice.

"That's the adoptive father."

"He's a man, too."

"Are you jealous?" When small read dry lips asked, eyes have a smile, she likes to see him jealous, that is to care about her performance.

Compared with the student who solved Xiang Qingfeng as maturely as before, she liked him so much.

"I just want to remind you that you don't know if you are bullied."

Gong Ou said coldly.

"Do you care about me?"

When small read to chase to ask a way again, eyes gaze at him, can't, see more heartbeat more quickly.

How could she really be the same as an aphrodisiac.


Gong Ou glanced at her and felt that his eyes were wandering on his face. When Xiaonian couldn't stand it, he grabbed the tight sweater with his fingers and turned his head. "Have you finished your work?"

She has to go out and take a cold shower.

The heat was unbearable.

"Not yet."

Gong Ou Dao.

"Then you work slowly. I'm sleepy. The jet lag hasn't reversed. I'll go back to sleep." Shi Xiaonian stood up and walked out with his clothes in his hands.

Gong Ou looks at her, and his body looks back. His black eyes are staring at her figure, which is almost deserted. "You can ask me."


When small read stupefied, turn to look at him.

"You should know that if you ask me, you won't be so upset."

Gong Ou said that his face was cold, and there was no too much expression. His thin lips were in a shallow arc, which was like a smile.


"At the palace, no one dares to take medicine under my eyes, unless it is..." Gong oubian said he looked at her up and down.

When small read not stupid, understand in an instant, "do you think I give myself medicine?"

He's not sick.

"Otherwise." Gong Ou looked at her as if he had seen her through. "I understand your urgent mood, because I didn't invite you too warmly, you began to do nothing."


When I was young, I said nothing.

"It doesn't matter. I'm a mature man. I can understand." Gong Ou closes the books on one side, his voice is low and steady. "Go back to the bedroom and wait for me."

The man is to know how to restrain, but the woman is so enthusiastic, he can not help giving face.

Although she loves the suspicion of being playful in both her characters, she can barely understand that it's him anyway.

It's very inexplicable that when Xiaonian was drugged, his body also became hot. As soon as his eyes touched her red face, a fire rushed up in his body.

When Xiaonian stood there a little depressed, he even suspected that she gave herself medicine?

Is she so impatient in his eyes? Well, she has proposed voluntarily. That's because she doesn't want to miss the time. Why does she give medicine? Is his body rare?

"No, I don't have any medicine. I'm sleepy. I want to go back to sleep!"

Said Shi Xiaonian firmly, clearly biting the words.

She can't give him the impression of wanting a girl any more.


Gong Ou's action of collecting the books is sluggish, his body is tight, one leg is put on his knee, he coughs softly, and looks up at him coldly, "are you sure?"

Want to play hard to get? Want to see him jump on like before?

"Of course, I'm sleepy. There's no mess."

When small read to hold full of clothes said.

"Then come and sit for me. Don't sleep. As soon as you leave, you take away my inspiration." Gong Ou said.


With that handsome, sexy face facing him? Although her mind is clear at present, she doesn't know what will happen next.

"But I'm sleepy."

The tone of shixiaonian suddenly weakened.

"How much is your sleep worth, and how much can I do with this holographic call?" Gong Ou said, glancing at the chair beside him, "sit down with me."

"Stop talking about your axiology. I can't understand it. Let's go." When Xiaonian knows that he can't hold on any longer, he turns around and tries to run away.

"In fact, your suggestion is very good. If it does, it will be a great achievement. Think about how many long distance lovers can reduce their sense of distance through holographic calls. I can also design holographic simultaneous opening speech, even hugging and kissing, which is more shocking than video calls. "

Gong Ou's voice sounded behind her, and her voice was extremely magnetic.


"How many long distance relationships do you think will die in your hands when you walk out of this door today?"


When Xiaonian listened, she felt as if she was creating the gospel for all mankind. She had to hold the holy light on her body. It was her fault not to go to the universal life.

But it's not something she can change. She can't change anything.

When Xiaonian wanted to go away, Gong Ou's calm voice sounded behind her again. "Moreover, this achievement is likely to bring me countless awards, because you and I have no honor. In addition... "

Before he finished, Xiaonian turned around and went back. He sat down on the chair, with a look of death on his red face

She can't delay the gong'ou prize, a great achievement of mankind, or so many long-distance love.

She is so great that she respects herself.


Gong Ou looked at her like this, and a smile flashed in his eyes. He picked up his eyebrows and said to her, "then sit down."

With that, Gong Ou is turning over to work.

When Xiaonian sat there, her mouth was really dry. She glanced aside, but she could be more comfortable without looking at Gong Ou's face.

It's still hot.

It's too hot.

When small read pulls own sweater collar fan, is breathing diligently, deep breath can adjust the body tension.



When Xiaonian adjusted himself, a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead, and the whole person seemed to be light and floating.

"Xiaonian, come and have a look." Gong Ou called her name.


When Xiaonian could only look back, she took a breath when she saw miyou's handsome face, her eyes twinkled, miyou handed her a book, "anyway, you have nothing to do here, help me find some words."

Gong Ou said several words in a row with the sexiest voice.

When Xiaonian felt his ears buzzing, he couldn't hear anything. "What? I didn't catch it. "

"These are the words."

Gong Ou takes a pen directly, unscrews the pen cover, holds her hand, and lowers his head to write down English words on the palm of her hand.

When Xiaonian's hand was hot, it brought a touch of coolness to her as soon as he touched it, which stimulated her whole person to wake up, and she looked at him stupidly.

Gong Ou in order to write, people keep leaning over her, shoulder has reached her shoulder.

Calm down.

When reading, calm down.

Gong Ou writes slowly on the palm of her hand, slowly letter by letter, with her head lowered and her black eyes flashed a deep meaning.

It's tolerable.

It's strong enough.

Her fingers trembled, and she scratched his hand. Gong Ou's throat was tight. She wrote down the last word. Forget it. If she could bear it, she would bear it.


When Xiaonian looked at him, his hand couldn't help but go to his lapel, trying to catch him.

"All right."

Gong Ou suddenly raised his face and swept the ends of his hair on Xiao Nian's face. There was a suffocating distance between the two men.

When Xiaonian was stunned, he quickly turned around and held up the thick book block in front of his face. "Oh, OK, I'll start to check now."


Gong Ou's eyes are deep. Damn it, he should write another word.

Gong Ou sips her thin lips, sits upright and starts to work.

When Xiaonian began to read, people were more and more floating, sitting on the chair like sitting on cotton, the sweat on her head was more and more, she kept wiping.

This night is much longer than I thought.

In the latter half of the night, Xiaonian's dry and hot physical strength slowly subsided, and her heart rate became normal. She survived the most difficult time, and the whole person relaxed at once.

The result of relaxation is that the eyes are floating. The words in the book are not words. They are all crooked chocolate biscuits.


When small read whole person vaguely lean toward Gong Ou's body, thick book glides down from the hand, smashes on the ground.


Gong Ou is working hard. When he turns around, Xiaonian's body is leaning on him, and the plump chest is clinging to his arm through a thin layer of sweater.

When Xiaonian is tired, he sleeps heavily. He has no consciousness to wake up, so he relies on him to sleep.

So later in the middle of the night, a person in the study was suffering from the heat.

Gong Ou slowly takes out his own hand to type, but when Xiao Nian is confused, he wraps it around him again, and his whole body is soft.

I know how to tangle when I'm asleep, stupid.

Gong Ou stares at the computer screen. He can't touch a key. It turns out that the inspiration in his head will disappear when she is here.

The night passed, and the day began to light up, and the sun came into the windows.


In the study, when Xiaonian sneezed, he woke up and wanted to sit up. He saw Gong Ou surrounded her and put his hand firmly on her shoulder.

She was still covered in her coat.

The air conditioning in the study is very hot.

With this sound of her, Gong Ou also opened his eyes. His long eyelashes moved gently. When he opened his eyes, his eyes were dark, harmless and not offensive at all.

So handsome.

When small read silently think, looking at his brow between tired can't help but say, "you didn't sleep last night all at work?"

I'm so tired.


The main tired is in the late night.

Gong Ou let go of her aching body. When Xiao Nian stood up and dressed, he looked at him and said, "go to the bedroom and lie down."