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Chapter 522 a pair of eyes in the dark

"Enough! How nice of you to talk to me about me? " Gong Ou asked coldly, "I used to be sick. I spent 24 hours with Xi Xiaonian because I could get pleasure. Now I'm well. I don't need that. I can give her a normal feeling."

"Do you want to get married?"

Feng de asked.


Gong Ou's face is colder.

Feng De is now the steward of Xi Xiaonian.

"Young master, do you know how miss Xi has come over these four years? The media exposure is only rare." Feng de said, with a kind face and a warm voice.

Gong Ou stares at him coldly. He doesn't listen as he used to. He goes to the sofa and sits down again. He says in a deep voice

He didn't really ask Xi Xiaonian how he had been these years.

"Yes." Feng de nodded and stood there and said, "when you disappeared, young master, Miss Xi went to Italy. Her parents died one after another, and she was greatly impacted."

"I know that I will not let mu qianchu enjoy the table property for too long."

Gong Ou said.

He came back this time to prepare to clean up one by one, first Mona, and then mu qianchu. He planned everything well, but Xi Xiaonian would disturb his pace.

"Does the young master know that Miss Xi once thought you were dead and went on a hunger strike?"


Gong Ou's body shape shocked.

"At that time, Miss Xi suffered a continuous blow. When I saw her, she was only a few pounds thin. She looked like a skeleton. When the wind blew, she could be blown away." "I thought Miss Xi was dead, but when she knew that you might still be alive, she tried to eat and let herself live," said Feng de calmly


"At that time, Miss Xi lived a miserable life. She experienced ups and downs. As a housekeeper, I shouldn't have asked more about the master's business, but I really want to ask the young master why you won't give Miss Xi any information in four years, even a few words are consolation. " Said van der.

Four years, no news at all.


"Young master, don't you think Miss Xi can't hold on?" Feng de asked, "if Miss Xi really died four years ago, would you not regret it, young master?"


Gong Ou didn't say a word from the beginning to the end. He listened with a calm face and his eyes deepened.

"I don't know why Miss Xi dissolved her engagement. She must have her reasons. I have been with Miss Xi for the past four years, guarding her for the young master. I know what kind of person she is best. She even dreams of being with you every day. " Feng de said lightly, "you are back, young master. Miss Xi waits for you until midnight every day. She draws many pictures for you. She cooks every meal. Ice cream is still stored in the refrigerator. She also plans a group of parent-child tours and double tours."


Gong Ou is stunned.

"Yes, there's a wall in the gallery where Miss Gallery doesn't sell, because that's where she plans to go with you in the future." Feng de continued, "and miss Xi draws a lot of your portraits every year. As soon as you come back, she immediately moves them out, saying that where you have changed, even the color of eyebrows has been noticed, and then she draws several more."

"She didn't tell me."

Gong Ou said with a low brow, "she should say it herself."

I don't know how he knew the paintings were for him.


If it was a former young master, it would have been discovered soon. But this time, he only let Xiaonian down.

Feng de thought secretly, without saying it.

"Go and get the picture for me." Gong Ou said.

"Why don't you take it yourself?"

Asked Fengde.

Gong Ou turns his eyes and stares at him coldly. "Whose housekeeper are you now?"

Feng de sighed helplessly, "yes, young master, I'll take it."


Gong Ou answers coldly.

Feng de turns around and leaves, shaking his head helplessly. The former young master is eager to find all kinds of excuses to meet Xiao Nian. The current young master doesn't know what he is carrying.


Gong Ou sits on the sofa, his fingertips touch his thin lips, and his eyes are bright.

He can't do it to her like before. The means are too disgusting and shameless.

It's just a woman.

He doesn't believe that he can't compare with the past. He must let Xi Xiaonian accept him willingly, love him more deeply than before.

Otherwise, he will cure the disease in vain.

When Feng De takes away her painting, she will know that he knows how much she has paid and will definitely take back those words about breaking up.


When Xiaonian slept all night, the next day she began to find a lawyer, ready to formally Sue Gong ou for custody.

But no lawyer in S City dares to take her case.

When Xiaonian stayed in the gallery and began to look for a lawyer on the Internet, she was staring at her all the time.

"I'll go, Xiaonian. You're good enough. Wait for four years. In less than a month, you dare to dump president Gong da. It's a reversal! You are my idol! Come on, talk to me about the inside story. When I watch the news, I'm all gossiping

Xia Yu sat on the other side of the table, his hands on his cheeks, his eyes staring straight at Xiao Nian, trying to stare a flower out of her face.

When Xiaonian was pale and cold, she wore a mask and took a look at Xiayu, "it's better to find a good lawyer for me if you have this leisure."

She urgently needs a lawyer now. Xia Yu knows more people.

"Please, you and Mr. Gong have a quarrel. Can't a platoon of lawyers do it?" Xia Yu tells her the ruthless reality. Seeing that she is still typing on her laptop, she can't help but say, "you dare to do it."

Let alone a lawsuit. We can't even find a lawyer.

"I dare to fall in love with paranoia at the beginning. What else can I dare not to?"

When the voice of small read with a thick nasal sound, on the keyboard.

"A man of high skill is brave in clothing." Summer rain gave her a thumbs up.


When small read speechless ground to see her, light cough a few.

"Drink some water and cough like this." Xia Yu pushed the water cup to her and asked in doubt, "you said Mr. Gong agreed to break up?"? You're facing each other across the road. You cough so that he doesn't come to see you? "

"No." Xiaonian shook his head and pointed to a vacant area in the corner. "He asked his adoptive father to take away some of my paintings."

"Take the picture? What do you mean? "

"I don't know. He said he wanted to hype me. Maybe he thought there was room for appreciation if he took my painting away."

Xiaonian's eyes are dim.

Otherwise, what's the reason? He has now become a real businessman, who is interested in profits and benefits.

"What money is he short of?" Xia Yu blinked, "also, before N.E fell into such a crisis, he should have lost a lot. Besides, he didn't come to see you in person? "


"He really wants to break with you?" Summer rain frowns.

"It's very good. He used to be obsessed with me. Now he's willing to cut me off so simply. It's better than that. Cough. " Xiao Nian's throat itched and coughed a few times.

Summer rain sees appearance hurriedly stand up, close her notebook computer, "good good, go to sleep quickly, you are still ill, what to support strongly."

Say, summer rain pushes her.

"Don't turn off the computer for me."

When small read frown.

"It's my job to find a lawyer. Can I find one for you?" Summer rain pushed her away.

"Really? Thank you, Xia Yu. Then I'll cook for the twins. "

When Xiaonian went to the kitchen, Xiayu hurriedly grasped her. "Can you rest and rest, say you want to live for yourself again, but it's still busy for twins."


"No, but go."

Summer rain pushed her into the room, when Xiaonian took the medicine, she was indeed a little groggy and easily knocked down by summer rain.

Xia Yu bent down to cover the quilt for her, looked at her with low eyes, and said, "you can rest assured that I will take the children anyway. I will take the twins to play with me. I will ask my husband to cook for them and send them back to you in the evening, OK?"

"How can I do that? You're tired."

I didn't want to.

"I'll take Mr palace with me, don't you worry?" "We two adults and a robot don't do anything, just take care of three children, that's settled!" said Xia Yufeng

When Xiaonian was moved, she reached out her hands. "Summer rain, it's good to have you."

"Go to sleep, strong girl."

Xia Yu bent down and hugged her, then left.

When Xiaonian lies on the bed, pulls the quilt, the head faints and hurts, closes the eyes to sleep.

She needs to keep fit, otherwise she can't do anything.

During this sleep, Xiaonian slept very hard and had all kinds of strange dreams. She dreamed that Gong Kui was married and she was still fighting with Gong ou for custody.


When small read coughs, absentminded ground wakes up, the room already was a pitch black.

It's dark.

She slept long enough.

Xiaonian's mind was clear, but she was still weak. She sat up with her hands on the bed.

In the dark, suddenly there was a sound.

She subconsciously looked up and saw a pair of eyes.

"Ah. Who?

When small read a cry, an instant out of a cold sweat.


Those eyes were fixed on her.

When Xiaonian takes a breath of air-conditioning, she reaches out and taps the wall aside to turn on the light.

As soon as the light was turned on, the room was filled with strong light. She looked at it with fear. She saw Gong Ou standing in front of her bed, wearing a black coat, with her hands in her pants pocket, staring at her expressionless. Her eyes and eyebrows were stained with fatigue and her eyes were cold.

Seeing Gong ou, Xiaonian first breathed a sigh of relief, then became indifferent again. "How can you be here? How did you get in? "

"Fengde has a key."

Gong Ou's voice is colder than her, "the question you asked is very strange. Can Gong Ou smash the door and climb the window? You're thinking about the old palace again. "

He used to do that.