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Chapter 492 stewardess, here comes the steward

There's footsteps coming. It's close to here.

When small read to turn around, saw eyebrow scar doctor.


He is a first-class kung fu master, but he didn't stay with mu qianchu.

"I can't stay on this island, young lady. I'll take you to move now!" Dr. eyebrow scar walks towards shixiaonian and pulls away her wheelchair.

When the wheelchair slipped past the door.

When Xiaonian holds up her hand and grabs the door frame, she uses all her strength.

Wheelchair can't move forward.

The doctor frowned. "You can't be so headstrong, miss. I don't want to hurt you."

At present, Xiaonian is as skinny as a wood. He has a strong hand, and I'm afraid that he will directly reimburse her for her life.


When Xiaonian seemed to think the same, she grabbed the door frame, but did not let go.

"Big lady!" The eyebrow scar doctor is angry, "Mu Shao is still waiting for us. If he can't wait for you, he won't go!"

This island is only a place to live. The real power center of Xi family is elsewhere, which is not so easy to attack.

Be sure to leave.


Smell speech, when small read in the eyes of a flash of light, more reluctant to let go.

"You!" When the eyebrow scar doctor saw this, Xiaonian was helpless. "Big miss, do you want to kill Mu Shao? Do you know that Mu Shao did all this for you?"


When small read silence.

The eyebrow scar doctor raised his hand and wanted to chop her hand, but at the sight of the arm, which was so thin and terrible, he was worried that he would chop her hand.

The sound of gunfire went on.

"Big miss, listen to me. This island can't stay any longer!"

The doctor of eyebrow scar scratched his hair impatiently, "I know you hate Mu Shao in your heart, but how much do you know about Mu Shao's pain in your heart? This island is not safe. Don't you think Mu Shao doesn't know? But he said that the air here is good and the environment is good, which can make you take good care of yourself, so he never left! He's all about taking care of you! What he does is to expect to be with you! "

It turned out to be like this.


His eyes were dim.

Seeing that she was still like this, the doctor of eyebrow scar finally cut her hand and pushed her away quickly.

Every time I pass a door, Xiaonian reaches for it.

Every time I pass by something I can catch, Xiaonian will take it.

She refused to go with him.

Time was a little bit delayed by her. Her hand was cut red by the eyebrow scar doctor. In a hurry, he could not find anything to tie her.

The hands are full of red scratches.

Finally, in front of the last gate, a dozen armed men rushed in with loot, surrounded them, and aimed their guns at the eyebrow scar doctor.

Under the gun, Dr. eyebrow scar was quickly caught.

No one's thinking about time.

She was still in her wheelchair, listening to the incessant gunfire outside.

It's already a night outside. I don't know who touched the switch. The lights in front of the gate are on. Countless lanterns are on one by one, with a different color.

Red so pure and thorough.

The atmosphere of the Lantern Festival.

Fish lanterns and flower lanterns are made vividly.

In that light, a figure stepped on the sound of guns.

A customized Butler's dress with black lines and meticulous buttons. There is no wrinkle on the dress. An old pocket watch is worn on the chest, and the chain is rubbed as new.

It's Fengde.

Feng de came up from the path outside. He looked up at the ocean lantern. With a low eye, he saw Xiao Nian sitting in the wheelchair in the middle of the gate.

Surrounded by armed men, she looked indifferent and not scared at all.

She sat there quietly, her legs covered with a blanket, and her wounded hands folded on them.

When Feng de looked at it stupidly, he read it.

He has never seen such a small read, she is not a big face, body shape fatigue, he suspects that she does not have 80 Jin, maybe less.


Feng de stood there and looked at her, tears streaming down her face.

How old did the child suffer and how could he be tortured like this.

Feng de walks forward, squats down in front of Shi Xiaonian, carefully holds up her hand, sobs, "Miss Xi, here comes the housekeeper. Don't be afraid."


When Xiaonian is sitting in a wheelchair, he looks down at the tears on his face, his eyes are dim.

She has no voice, no expression or even tears.

She was as cold as a corpse. She was horribly cold.

Feng de pushes shixiaonian into the kitchen. Shixiaonian is still in a wheelchair, wearing thick clothes and blankets.

There is a colorful carp lantern in the middle of the dining table.

As Feng de stood at the Liuli counter, busy with the processing of food materials, he said, "I wanted to discuss with Miss Xi, but I suddenly cut off your news. I couldn't hear anything from the monitor. I knew it was broken. It was definitely an accident. So I told my wife that the young master might have been captured by mu qianchu."

Then the palace attacked the Baisha islands.

When Xiao Nian was not surprised, Gong Jue was a ruthless man. When Gong Yu died in a car accident, Gong Jue disposed of all the people related to Gong Yu.

Now I hear that Gong ou may also have an accident. How can Gong Jue spare his enemy.

Mu qianchu thought about it, but he didn't expect that the palace would find it so quickly. He must think it would take a long time to stretch his hand, so he didn't send too many people especially in Baisha islands.

But she knew that in order to control her, the palace family had been paying attention to the Xi family. For such a long time, the deeper palace family of the Xi family could not dig, but it was easy to attack an island.

"That mu qianchu is really not a human being. How can he torture you like this? The young master is so distressed when he sees it."

When Feng de saw it, he thought it was more painful.

A good girl is tortured to be inhuman, and admiring qianchu is just a psychosis.


Young master.

Hearing these two words, Xiao Nian's eyelashes shuddered many times.

When Feng de made a bowl of porridge, Xiao Nian came over and said, "come, Miss Xi, drink this bowl of porridge quickly to make your stomach feel better."

When Xiaonian shook his head.

She stopped drinking.

It's all over. She doesn't have to drink anything.

"Miss Xi, you can't do this. You must eat something, or you will collapse." Feng de kindly persuades her, "you should be good for me. Drink some. When the young master comes back to see you like this, he can't kill my old bone."

When Xiao Nian looked at the wrinkles on Feng De's face, his mouth opened, but he couldn't speak.

She closed her throat for too long and her mouth became extremely difficult.

"Miss Xi, what do you want to say? Slow down. It's OK. " Feng De road.

When Xiaonian turned to look at the door, there were two armed men standing there. Fengde stood up to them with a bowl. "You are not required to guard here. Go to see if there is anyone else in the main room."

"Yes, Feng De Guan."

Two people leave.

When Xiaonian wanted to talk, he coughed hard, and finally made a sound, "manager Feng."

Her voice was as low as a mosquito's.

"Yes, I am, you say." Feng de was relieved to hear that she finally spoke.

When Xiaonian stared at several strands of his white hair, he moved his lips difficultly and didn't know how to tell the news.

"Miss Xi?"

Feng de waits.

"You go, housekeeper. The farther you go, the better. Don't come back to China or England." When small read or said, the voice is very small.


Feng de did not understand.

When Xiaonian moved his dry lips, he said difficultly, "because in this way, you don't have to go the same way as brother Gong Ou's housekeeper."

After Gong Gu's butler died, he was disposed of by the Duke.

How clever Feng de was! He understood at once. The bowl in his hand turned over and fell to the ground.

"You mean, the young master has..." Feng de couldn't go on. He stepped back a few steps. "No, Miss Xi, have you checked it out? It's not a joke! "

"Those who are overheard by the flute are those who are eager to admit by their own mouth."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Feng de stood there with his mouth wide open, his hand on his forehead. "No, no, no, I don't believe it. How dare he dare to admire thousands of years ago?"

"Then why did he let go of Gong Ou?"

When I asked, my voice was pale.


Feng de couldn't answer. He pushed the table open all the time, holding the table with his hands.

In fact, before he came here, he had a bit of such absurd idea, but without a certain answer, he just didn't believe that the young master had been killed.

"Butler Feng, when the palace family catches mu qianchu and his assistant, they will definitely interrogate them. It won't last long. Hurry up and leave." When Xiaonian doesn't want to be virtuous, he will be angry.

If Gong Jialian loses two sons, Gong Jue will be more crazy and involve more people.

Feng De is such a good man, he can't be busy.

"No, I won't go." Feng de shook his head, blinked his sour eyes, stood in front of Shi Xiaonian and said, "Miss Xi, I'm the master's steward. I want to serve him all my life. I have to find him, whether alive or dead."

All have to be found.

"Gong Ou won't let you do it." Shi Xiaonian said, his voice plainly imploring, "I beg you to leave here at once."

Don't wait for the palace to know that Gong Ou is gone.

"Miss Xi, I'm an old bone. I'm afraid of nothing." Feng de didn't even hesitate. He didn't want to leave at all. He looked down and said, "it's Miss Xi. You have to leave. You're still young."

Words fall, Feng de looks at when small read Cu eyebrow.

I'm afraid that she can't take any means of transportation at present. She can't leave if she wants to.

"I don't want to live, housekeeper."

He said honestly, without any nonsense.

Feng De's eyes were red and he looked at her heartily. "Miss Xi, you are too young to think so."

When small read no sound, just sit quietly.

She didn't want to live, just so.