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Chapter 913 don'st be with me anymore

Oh, electric pumpkin carriage, Cinderella's witches are not so advanced.

"Come on."

Gong Ou suddenly leaned down to her, and made a very elegant gesture of asking for help. This action was extremely noble by him, and Xiaonian was really scared to seven souls and six spirits.

She stayed for a few seconds, then reached for his hand, stepped on the pumpkin car and sat on it. There were some pumpkins on the seat, which was full of fairy tales.

Gong Ou gets in the car and drives on. When Xiaonian is a little surprised, he finds Mingming community. But the road is arranged like a forest road. It is green all over the ground, and the dense trees on both sides block all the vision.

Her eyes are green or green.

When Xiaonian picked a leaf and found that it was fake, she couldn't help turning to Gong ou, who was driving, "what are you doing? Where are you going to take me? "

Does he spend too much energy to play?

Yesterday was the school clearing and those vendors, copied all the things that were sold in that era. Today, they gave her 11 gifts and made a forest road, which made her completely forget the original road.

"When you arrive, you will know..."

Gong Ou drives on.

When Xiaonian looked at his face and swallowed what he wanted to say. Along the way, she saw many false forest animals in various forms in her eyes.

Some hide behind the trees and watch them playfully;

some stand on the trees and are controlled to throw small fruits at them;

some little monkeys are holding the branches and swinging in the air.

Although it's all fake, it's full of fairy tales. When Xiaonian was attracted by the picture in front of him, he began to hold Gong Ou's arm and say, "look, there are three little squirrels there."

"That bird is so beautiful. It's still barking. How many electric animals did you use?"

"It must take a lot of time to make these things?"

She chattered away.

"Don't do it yourself." Gong Ou doesn't care about the tunnel.

This is another sentence.

He didn't need to do it, but it was all his ideas. Every thing was his ideas. She didn't know how much energy it would take.

Pumpkin car has a long way to go. The sun shines a little bit from the dense leaves. Then, their car is blocked.

The road ahead was blocked by a long line of bushes, and the carriage could not pass.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in confusion, Gong Ou stared at her with black eyes, and then Xiaonian blinked, "shall I go?"


The head of the jaw.


When Xiaonian didn't understand what Gong Ou arranged again, he walked down from the car by his hand and saw a little white rabbit lying in front of the bush.

Is it a fake?

When Xiaonian walked forward, suddenly the little white rabbit jumped up and began to drill into the bush. Is it a real rabbit? When small read some accidentally follow forward, put out a hand to push out the bush.

The rabbit jumped all the way forward, very lively.

This reminds her of the plot in the fairy tale.

When Xiaonian followed the little white rabbit and walked out of the Bush, she didn't care until a large amount of sunlight fell on her, and she raised her hand to cover her forehead and looked forward.

Then, she was shocked by the picture in front of her.

A broken and old wall was erected there by mistake. There were some mottled marks on the wall, which she was familiar with but had drawn before.


When Xiaonian walked past a wall with her eyes wide open in amazement, it was really all the walls she had secretly run out of her home and scribbled when she was unhappy.

Gong Ou slowly came up from behind, with a sexy low voice. "Unless it's destroyed, the walls you painted from small to large are here."

It's all here.

It's all here.

How could it be.

When Xiaonian stood there, motionless.

"I have to say that your previous paintings are really ugly. Do you know how many people you have to visit to find out how many paintings you have painted?" Gong Ou comes to her side and stands still. All the words he utters are disgusting, but his voice is spoiled.


When Xiaonian stood motionless, a rabbit crouched at her feet and squinted lazily.

Without noticing what was wrong with Xiaonian, Gong Ou continued, "in the future, we will circle a piece of land behind the imperial castle to specially place these walls, make a maze, and then install some walls to make you draw when you are not happy. You can draw as you like."


Her lashes trembled.

"If Gong Yao and Gong Kui like to draw, they can make the maze bigger and bigger. It's a view at home. What do you say? " Gong Ou said, turning his eyes and looking at Xiao Nian, smiling at his lips.

When Xiaonian stood there, he was already in tears.

"What are you crying for?"

Gong Ou holds her arm nervously.

When Xiaonian looked up at him, a white face was full of tears, her pale pink lips were shaking uncontrollably, "why? Why do you do these boring things at this time? Why? "

Why do you spend your time doing this? Why do you have to

"Dare you say I'm bored?"

Gong Ou stares at her displeased.

"Enough!" When Xiaonian sobbed, he pushed his hand away, looked at him with red eyes, and his mood almost collapsed. "It's back to school, and it's 11 gifts. Now even the walls I painted from childhood to the big have been moved out. Why do you waste your time and energy on them? Everyone knows Lancaster has ruined your heart. Everyone knows the tension. Why do you do this? "

Enough, really enough.

She can't bear his heart for her these days. She can't imagine the difficulties behind these romance. She can't imagine how many nights he spent planning these thoughts.

At this time, he should be ready to deal with Lancaster, but he is thinking about it.

"Why can't I do this?" Gong Ou pulls her to her face, hands on her shoulders, looks at her and roars out, "I will do these things for you if you can understand me clearly! Nothing is more important than my surprise to you! "

When Xiaonian stood there shaking his head desperately, he resisted fiercely. "Don't be so good to me, don't be so good to me at this time."

Really not. She's scared. She's too scared.

She had no idea what he wanted to do next or where their path would go.

"Don't do this to me!" Gong Ou stares at her domineering and says, holding her chin in one hand and forcing her to lift up. "Why do you all think Lancaster is a devil? What's the fear of an old man? Even if it's longer than life, he can't match me! "

That's the same thing.

She's heard enough, she really wants to let go, she really doesn't want to think, but she doesn't want to be useful?

When Xiaonian stood in front of him, raised his eyes and stared at him, full of sorrow and resignation, a tear fell from his eyes uncontrollably, "do you want to place me?"


Gong Ou's figure froze.

"So you should try your best to create romance, surprise and memory for me. You want to make me happy, but I am more flustered." When small read's eyes are covered with water light, "how do you want to place me? Who do you give me to? At the beginning? Brother? Or an adoptive father? Who are the people you can trust? "

"What are you talking about?"

Gong Ou's face sank and his eyes flashed with pain.

When hearing this, Xiaonian chuckled to himself, tears came out of his eyes, and his voice became hoarse. "I know that I can only be a burden to you on major issues. It's the best way to put me up at this time, or you will be tied up if I am controlled by Lancaster."

"When small read, you are never my burden!"

Gong Ou is angry.

They were surrounded by a slanting wall with a childish and unrestrained painting style.

"Listen to me." When Xiaonian interrupts his words, he looks into his angry eyes with one eye, and tries to hold back his tears. "I understand what I said at this time is particularly funny. After all, I don't understand anything. I understand, Gong ou, I really understand, so I will follow all your arrangements."

"What do you want to say?"

Gong Ou stares at her and asks, gnashing his teeth.

"Don't be with me any more."

When Xiaonian looked at him and said, finally, he said what he wanted to say these days that he didn't dare to say.

She is afraid that if she doesn't say it again, Gong ou will be more and more crazy. Today is to move out of all the walls she has painted. Tomorrow, what will he dig for to please her?

Lancaster is pushing harder and harder. He really can't waste any more time.


Gong Ou is silent, the hand that holds her chin is loose, fall down, stand in front of her like this.

"Don't accompany me any more. I'll do what I want to do. Do what you want to do. Don't waste time on me." When Xiaonian looks at him and says, he wants to squeeze out a smile but can't squeeze it out. His chest hurts to suffocate and he can't find the rhythm of his breath.

He's doing these things just because he's afraid that when he resets her, she'll make trouble and she'll be unhappy, so he'll seize the time to make her more happy.

I really don't need it.

She doesn't want him to spend all his time on her. Her burden is not so important.


Gong Ou stood in front of her, black eyes staring at the tears on her face, and said nothing.

Too long silence makes the air taste changed.

When Xiaonian looked at him, she couldn't see any emotion from his face. She put out her hand and wiped her eyes. She said in a voice that she thought was reasonable, "Gong ou, we are OK. Just tell me when I should leave you, when I should hide and not be your burden. I will obey you."


Gong Ou is still silent.

"I'm your biggest weakness. Lancaster hasn't played against me for so long, which shows that I'm a very important move for them. They won't touch me easily." When Xiaonian closed his eyes and continued, "so, I'm the best way to hide first."

She knows that.