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Chapter 697 the climax of the end four

Four eyes are opposite.

At the moment of seeing Gong ou, Xiao Nian suddenly felt that the whole person had calmed down. She didn't know why. She was asked to change clothes and board the boat today, and she felt uneasy for some reason.

Now when I see Gong ou, everything will be fine.

When Xiaonian closed the door and said with a smile, "how long have you been hiding here?"

I can bear to see her from afternoon to now. It seems that his patience and restraint are much better than before.

"How does it feel to go back in time?"

Gong Ou holds up her head with one hand, and her black eyes look at her deeply. Her voice is magnetic.

"Fortunately, it's a pity to know the truth in this way." Shi Xiaonian sat down beside the bed, looked down at his face and said, "it's true that I was still paranoid. I entered your room."

"I said it was you!"

Gong Ou proudly raises his eyebrows.

When Xiaonian took off his shoes and sat down beside him, staring at her with low eyes, he suddenly frowned, "how can your face be a little white and uncomfortable?"

Gong Ou lies on the bed, black eyes stare at her straight, way, "tired."



As soon as he woke up, he rushed from the hospital, caught up with the cruise ship by speedboat, boarded the ship, changed clothes and arrived at the room. He didn't even have time to take a breath. Can he not be tired.

He has some tinnitus in his ears now.

Of course, it's impossible for him to tell.

"Aren't you in this room all the time? How can I be tired? " Shixiaonian asked and sniffed at him. "No, Gong ou, how can you smell of liquid medicine? What's wrong with you?"

This smell is not from Gong ou.

When Xiaonian was in a hurry, he checked Gong Ou's condition. Gong Ou held her hands lightly, turned away from the guests, and put the other hand on the bed behind her. His black eyes stared at him and said, "since it's the back flow of time, there must be the back flow of time."

"You said you had a potion? If the smell of the overpowering drug is so strong, you won't drink it at the beginning, will you? " When Xiaonian is not so easy to fool, she stares at the junpang in front of her eyes, "is something wrong? You tell me, don't let me worry. "

"It's necessary to create a sense of time passing atmosphere. It's a bit of potion to let you play, isn't it?"

Gong Ou's voice is mute, and his face approaches her little by little. He releases her hands, and presses them together beside her. His right hand pulls the sleeve of his left hand to cover up the bruises on it.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed, he kept shrinking back, looking at the man he could see every day getting up inexplicably uneasy, with a slight heat on his cheek, "Gong ou, don't do this, you are too close to me."

"Is it near?" Gong Ou chuckles. Her sexy lips are pasted on the corners of her lips. She says vaguely, "I prefer the negative distance between men and women."

"No shame."

Xiaonian's face burned even more.

"Since today is a time reversal journey, I'll show you another experience of that day." Gong Ou said to her lips.

"Nonsense." "When small read cannot help but way," you that day were controlled by the medicine, did not know even the human, how can still remember what happened

"I can't remember it clearly, but I still remember my general feelings." Gong Ou says vaguely, sexy voice desperately bewitches her, "when small read, you really don't want to know?"

When Xiaonian thought that he slept like a dead pig, he didn't know when he was moved around. He said that it was impossible to be completely curious.

"I've almost known the whole process, so I don't need to know too much about the details."

When Xiaonian was sitting in the encirclement of Gong ou, he retreated so much that he did not know where to go. His face could not escape Gong Ou's lips and burning eyes.

"Sometimes, the details are wonderful."

Gong Ou stared at her deeply. The eyes were red and fruity, as if to swallow her. Xiao Nian's throat was inexplicably dry. Next second, Gong Ou let go of her.

Gong Ou pulls her down and lets her lie down, points to her and says, "from now on, you are a coma, no voice, no resistance. Well, the point is the last sentence."


When Xiaonian looked at him speechless, didn't know what he wanted to do, plus a little bit, it was really just a little curiosity, she cooperated with him.

I saw Gong Ou loosen his collar and mess up his short hair. Then he went to the bathroom door and made a fresh appearance. Then he turned off the headlight in the room, leaving only a small light that was not very bright. When

, Xiao Nian did not know how to Tucao, the people of this boat really loved acting.

Everyone likes to do what they did seven years ago.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he saw Gong Ou stagger from the bathroom with his hand on the wall, and fall on the bed directly.

When Xiaonian didn't say anything, Gong Ou's head was resting on her chest.

Before she could say anything, Gong Ou suddenly raised his face and looked at her faintly. Then he blew his hair! Which one without eyes put a woman on my bed! "

Said, Gong Ou also touched her.


When small read a head of black line, he this is the situation reappearance or take the opportunity to eat tofu?

"Fengde! Feng de! Come and get this woman out of here! " Gong Ou roared. The tone was so loyal that he could present a chastity memorial archway.

Shixiaonian looked at him and said, "you were resistant at the beginning?"

Why doesn't she believe it.

He was a hungry man at that time. Who should be the most depressed to give him medicine? He would push away the woman in bed?

Before she had finished speaking, Gong Ou suddenly fell on her again, impartial, and hit the softest part of her.

It hurts so much.

When Xiaonian wanted to kick him out, Gong Ou suddenly put out his hand and hugged her, smelling her breath, murmured, "it's fragrant."


When I was small, I was silent.

Gong Ou looks up at her, looks down at her, looks at her in the light, and her fingers scrape twice on her face. Her eyes reflect deep feeling, "beautiful."

Shixiaonian is almost lost in his eyes.

Before the reaction came, Gong Ou pushed her aside like a fine Fen. "No, go away, go away! Shit, dare to give me medicine! It must be medicine! "


When Xiaonian was pushed to almost fall out of bed, before he had time to react, Gong Ou fished her back again. Gong Ou held her tightly from behind and greedily smelled her breath.

The atmosphere in the room is full of ambiguous factors.

When Xiaonian was cuddled in his arms, his kiss bit by bit fell on her face and neck, which made every blood vessel of her boil, as if to burn.

Suddenly, Gong Ou pushed her out again, "get out of here! Get out of here! "

Suddenly, Gong Ou pulls her back again, "come back to me! Come back quickly! "

"Go away!"

"Come back!"

"Go away!"

"Come back!"

When Xiaonian is pushed out by him to get back, pushed out to get back, when Xiaonian catches an opportunity to quickly dodge his claws, squats down on the side of the ground and looks at Gong ou, who is playing happily, "how do you treat a comatose woman?"

"At that time, I only thought you were a bad woman who dared to poison me. It's normal to get tangled up. "

Said Gong ou, sitting by the bed.

"Is it? But how do I feel that in your way of behaving, I'm not more than five percent likely to leave this room alive? " Xiaonian squatted there and said.

Roll, come back, come back, roll.

If that was the case that night, it would not be easy for her to live to this day.

"If not, how could you fall in this room?" Gong Ou came to her barefoot and stooped to take the hairpin off her head.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, she is stunned for two seconds. Then she is pressed by Gong ou. Two people fall on the ground in front of the bedside table. When Xiaonian can almost see the carved lines on the cabinet, one by one, they are extremely fine.

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes. Instead of pretending to be confused, he looks at her deeply and looks at her deeply. His eyes pass her eyebrows, her eyes and her nose, and he can't let go of everything.

Maybe the light in the room was too dark, which made her heart beat violently.

"I think that night, we must have been struggling to fall into bed like this." He looked at her, then slowly lowered his head to kiss her lips, not too domineering, but bit by bit to kiss her, hook out her sweet.

When Xiaonian raised his chin slightly, responded to his kiss, stretched out his hand around his neck, and asked emotionally, "Gong ou, were we really like this that night?"

"No, I guess."

Card, the wonderful atmosphere is over.

"What?" When Xiaonian can't get into it, he looks at him speechlessly, his hands against his chest. "I think you really remember it."

"That medicine has a hallucinogenic effect. I can't even remember your face. How can I remember the details clearly?" Gong Ou looked down at her and said, "but this is the most reasonable explanation."

With that, Gong Ou lowers his head and kisses her again.

"I knew you lied to me. You came to eat tofu on purpose. Go away." When Xiaonian pushed him away, he came out from his chest, and said in a sour way, "to tell you the truth, there was no happy memory between us that night seven years ago, not me, but Tang Yi would also lie here."

"Who said I lied to you?"

Gong Ou also sat up and stared at her.

"Aren't you lying to me?" When Xiaonian pulled his clothes, he played a scene reappearance, she was all occupied by him, which is not a pleasant memory, what is easy to play back.

"I said I don't remember specifically, only the general feeling, which I didn't cheat you." Gong Ou looked at her and said.


When Xiaonian looks at him.