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Chapter 526 Gong Ou's Thoughts on peeping


When Xiaonian stares at him, he doesn't want to talk.

He's tough, okay.

"See clearly, whether you are ill or the sick Gong Ou is above you. You can't rebel." Gong Ou looks at her, her black eyes are as deep as a sea of Wang. "I'll wait for you to surrender."

Finish saying, Gong Ou takes two child safety seats to leave.


Shixiaonian really wants to smash the car key on his back.

No matter sick or well, Gong Ou sometimes hates to death. She used to stick to her too much, but now she pushes away too much.

It's normal.

She didn't think he was normal at all!

He thought angrily.


Gong Ou asks his bodyguards to put the safety seat on his car. Gong Kui and Gong Yao sit on it. Gong Yao ties the safety buckle to her by himself.

Gong Ou sits in the driver's seat and drives away. The sun falls on the window glass. His face is huge and handsome without any dead corner.

His face has always been frosty.

Mr y?

Mr. y, who came out of nowhere, is so mysterious that he hasn't left any real information and can't find it.

"Dad, where are we going now?"

Gong Kui's voice came from behind.

"Go home."

Gong Ou responded with a cold look at the road ahead.

"Dad, shall we live with you?" Gong Kui asked again.


"Dad, mom, why don't you come with us?" Asked the sunflower.

"Because she wants to fight with me for your custody."

"So are you going to divorce?" Gong Kui's voice is childish.

"We are not married."

"Then why don't you get married?" Asked Gong Kui with a confused face.


Gong Ou holds the steering wheel in one hand and presses his head in the other.

"You want to tell me when you get married. Can I draw for you? Mom said I did a good job. " Gong Kui didn't realize that her father had been bothered by her. She continued to talk and play with her little finger.

Gong Ou glanced at the two children in the rearview mirror, and said indifferently, "Xiaokui."


"A lady shouldn't have a lot to say." Gong Ou said.

Gong Kui tilted his head and smiled, "then I won't be a lady."


Gong Ou is silent.

Gong Yao sat quietly in the car and slowly closed his eyes. His long curled eyelashes were still and motionless, and he fell into meditation again.

This is the first time the twins came to the imperial castle. So is the sunflower. She has no memory for months.

"Wow, it's beautiful."

The car drove through the forest. The birds were flying everywhere under the blue sky. Gong Kui called out in surprise, "Hey, look, it's so beautiful. I like that bird. Well, I'm the white bird. Holy is the yellow bird. Mom is the red bird. Dad is the black bird. Grandma is..."

Under the noise of Gong Kui all the way, Gong Ou finally drove into the castle gate and stopped in front of the fountain.

The servant immediately came up to open the door. "Young master, you are back."


Gong Ou got out of the car, took a breath of fresh air, and said, "is the room for holy and Xiaokui ready?"

"It's all ready. You can have dinner right away."

Said the servant, looking down.

Gong Ou turns his eyes, and Gong Kui and Gong Yao are taken down. The servants take down the small luggage box and walk inside. Gong Kui quickly goes up and holds it. "I take it myself, mom says. I do my own things!"

As he said, Gong Kui grabbed the small suitcase and dragged it inside. His thin arms were very powerful.

Gong Yao walked behind her with his back straight. The servants said hello to him, and he responded with a cold jaw. He had a strong sense of class.

"Young master, the photographer invited by the housekeeper has arrived. Is it all-round shooting of your and young master's lives?"

Asked the servant respectfully.

"On the warm side."

Gong Ou Road, go inside.

"Yes, sir."

Everything is going on according to Gong Ou's plan. Their parent-child relationship is OK. Gong Yao has set up a certain course for himself, which doesn't need to be taken care of at all. In addition to Gong Kui's words, there are more things,

most of the time, it's evening.

The maid brought delicious dishes to the table. The dishes were full of fragrance.

Two children sat in chairs and began to eat. One was gentle and the other was picky. Gong Ou sat in the main seat, holding a tablet in his hand and reading the company's report, turning pages by pages.

A quiet and harmonious dinner.

The photographer stood by, propped up his camera stand, and shot at them.


All of a sudden, a crisp voice sounded, and a silver spoon fell to the ground.

Gong Ou looks away from the tablet computer and raises her eyes. Gong Kui climbs down from the chair and picks up the silver spoon. Then she sits still on the chair. Her face is full of melancholy. The rice in the bowl in front of her doesn't move much.

Without waiting for him to ask, the maid who was guarding asked softly, "miss Xiaokui, is the food not to your liking? What would you like to eat and let the kitchen do? "

"I'd like tomato and fish soup."

Gong Kui's voice line was tender, and she sat on the chair sadly.

"Miss Xiaokui, don't you see tomato fish soup in front of you? Can I help you? " The maid served carefully.

"I want to eat tomato fish soup made by mom," said Gong Kui, with a small mouth

"She's not here."

Gong Ou said indifferently.

"But I really want to eat. Mom's fish soup is the best. I miss her. I miss her so much. " Gong Kui said, and then she fell in love. Her eyes were blinking, and her tears were full of tears. The tears were splashing down. "I think mom, I don't want to eat it. I'm so sad."


Gong Ou is totally stiff.

He's never seen anyone tear faster than sunflower.

The photographer stood there and photographed in silence.

Gong Yao put down his spoon, picked up the pad and wiped it slowly. Then he came up from the chair, grabbed Gong Kui's hand, opened his lips and said, "don't cry, I'll take you to her."

"Well, holly, you're fine."

Gong Kui cried, and his voice was shaking.

"How are you two little children going?" Gong Ou asked coldly from his chair, and his eyes fell on Gong Yao.

Gong Yao raised his eyes to meet Gong Ou's line of sight. "Please lend us a car, or we can take a taxi."

"These five days belong to me."

Gong Ou Dao.

"Nor can the law prevent children from seeing their mothers." Gong Yao said solemnly, his eyes full of sophistication.

"I didn't realize you could say that." Gong Ou looks down at Gong Yao and says, "it's dark now. It's dangerous outside. The law won't let such a small child like you get involved."


Gong Yao stands there and can't think of the retort. He holds Gong Kui tightly.

Gong Kui looks at Gong ou and Gong Yao. She obviously feels that her brother is falling down. She can't help choking again. She cries again. She pulls Gong Ou's sleeve. "Dad, I really miss Mom. I want to see her. I will die if I don't see her."

This is her line for a TV play.

"So serious?"

What kind of soup did Xi Xiaonian give her.

Gong Ou takes a look at the tablet on the desk, which is full of company reports. He says, "can I have a video chat with Xi Xiaonian?"


Gong Kui reached out and touched the tears on her small face. She nodded her head wrongly.

Hearing this, Gong ouyin breathed a sigh of relief.

In the living room, Gong Yao is sitting on the ground alone playing chess. Gong Kui is sitting on the sofa wiping his tears. His eyes are staring at Gong Ou playing with his tablet.

Gong Ou calls Xiaonian. No one answers.

No one answered for two consecutive sessions.

He was bored. He hacked into Xiaonian's computer directly through the Internet. Her computer was on the Internet, and she was still using communication tools. He easily entered her network and directly opened her camera.

It's dark on the tablet.


Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows. What's the matter.

All of a sudden, the screen lights up. It turns out that Xiao Nian turned off the light just now. The light turned on, revealing the scene of the bedroom. The light shone brightly on every corner.

Gong Ou is about to open her mouth when Xiao Nian's slim figure appears in the camera lens. She is wrapped in a bath towel, and there are water drops on her white jade like skin. It's obvious that she just took a bath. As she wipes her hair, she appears in the camera without anyone else.


Gong Kui opens her mouth and calls people. Gong Ou directly covers her mouth. It's a reflex action.

After covering his mouth, Gong Ou's eyes moved.

That's true.

Why should he cover his daughter's mouth. In the

screen, when the time was small, I didn't realize that my computer had been blackened. A person sat down in front of the bed and picked up a bottle of lotion on the bedside to wipe the bare shoulder. The emulsion rubbed every inch of skin with her fingertips and passed through a hazy temptation.


Gong Ou's body suddenly tightened, and a stream of heat rushed up from the body.

After wiping his shoulder, Xiaonian reached out and pulled the towel away. Gong Ou's black eyes were deep and inclined the tablet computer to his side.

"Hmmm, hmmm."

Gong Kui is very depressed when Gong Ou covers his mouth. His small mouth keeps making sound.

When Xiaonian sat in a quiet room, he suddenly heard a little surprised voice, and his eyes looked around him doubtfully. Suddenly, he saw the magnified junpang of Gong OU on the computer screen. He was startled, his eyes were wide open, his hands held his body subconsciously, and shouted angrily, "are you crazy, Gong Ou?"

He peeped at her!

Something's wrong with this man.

Next second, xiaonianjuan got up and wrapped himself in the quilt, and looked at the computer screen in surprise and anger, "you still watch! You're hacking my computer again! "

She shouldn't have put the computer in her bedroom.

No, she didn't dare to connect.

No, she shouldn't touch computers and mobile phones. She should live in a world without technology!

Is there any mistake? How does he look like this.

"What are you excited about? I don't have the time to peep at you. It's just meat." Gong ou, sitting on the sofa, said that his voice was dismissive and full of contempt. "It's Gong Kui who wants to talk to you."