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Chapter 729 Angelina's dead


Angelina leaned against him, never saying a word.

Feng De, regardless of whether she heard it or not, said to himself, "later, I went into the palace and became the steward of the second young master of the palace. He was a very good young master. He was very angry, but never really regarded me as a servant. He will come out to help me when I am ridiculed. "


"I went to China with my young master again. Are you going to China?" Feng de asked, "now I can't find my roots, but maybe I'm Chinese, don't you think?"


"China is a very beautiful place, much more beautiful than Berger island." Feng de said, "I will take you to China after you go back. It's very big and enthusiastic. There are high mountains, low basins, golden fields and colorful flowers. And snow. Do you know how beautiful snow is in China? When it snows, the seaside is the most beautiful. It's much more beautiful than that. "

The vast sea is golden and beautiful.

Su Yaoyao, Fengde and Angelina are standing by the sea, and the three gradually become a miniature.

Feng de said everything about China and told Angelina to take her to see it over and over again. "Yao Yao Yao also spent a long time in China. It's really beautiful there. When the young master and Xiaonian were engaged, they specially arranged the Beibu Gulf. The sand there was white. At that time, I will take you to the Beibu Gulf to see the snow, OK? "

Feng De's voice is hoarse, gentle and doting, just like coaxing the most beautiful lover.

Angelina leaned against him, her lips slightly raised, her eyes fixed on the sea, and she said nothing.

"If the young master knew that I wanted to fire me again, he would take it as his private domain with Xiaonian." Feng de said with a smile, "but it doesn't matter. Xiao Nian will speak for me. As soon as she speaks, the young master will have no point."


A weak voice suddenly sounded in his ear, and the sound of the waves could not cover it.

Feng De's voice suddenly stopped. She lowered her eyes and looked at the man in her arms. Angelina still didn't look at him, but looked at the sea. One hand was slowly raised to hold his hand.

Feng de sat there, his eyes red.


Su Yaoyao stood there and looked at them in astonishment. The wind messed up her hair.

"What do you want to say? Take your time, don't worry. "

Feng de said excitedly, holding Angelina's hand instead.

Angelina leaned against him, eyes that had been watching the sea turning slowly, and then met his eyes and looked at him.

"You are old."

She suddenly opened her mouth.


Feng de looked down at her, his lips suddenly trembled. He held her hand in one hand and held her tightly in the other, saying, "yes, I'm old, I'm old."

It's no longer what it was like to be a teenager.

He is old.

Angelina looked at him. Her lips moved. She didn't say anything. She let him hold herself tightly.

"You see, our daughters are so old, can I not be old?" Said van der.

Wen Yan, Su Yaoyao immediately squatted down beside them, eyes looking at Angelina, red eyes said, "mother, I am Yaoyao."


Angelina is in Feng De's arms. She looks at Su Yaoyao with her eyes. She has no voice. She just looks at her like this. She doesn't know what she is thinking.


Su Yaoyao raises her hand and holds it.


Angelina still didn't speak, just looked at her. Su Yaoyao's face was a little disappointed. Feng de comforted her, "take your time, don't worry, she will recognize you."


Su Yaoyao lowered her head in disappointment.

All of a sudden, the sound of a wave came, and the sea came all the way, attracting the three of them. Angelina's face moved, and her eyes looked at the sea.

Su Yaoyao also looks to the sea. At this moment, the afterglow of the sunset is slowly disappearing, and the light of the sea is getting darker and darker, but it is dyed with another color, dark, but gorgeous.

It's like a human heart.

It seems to be beating peacefully, but in fact, only it knows the surging inside.

"There are so many colors in the sea." Su Yaoyao squatted there and said, "I've never seen such a beautiful sea. I really want to live by the sea forever."

Wen Yan, Feng de smiled happily and said, "if you like, we will live by the sea."


Su Yaoyao was silent and did not speak.

Feng de didn't care too much, just put his arms around the skinny man in his arms and asked gently, "do you agree? We will live by the sea. "


Angelina looked at the sea quietly, like entering her own world, no one can hear, no response.

Feng De also entered his own world, holding Angelina and sitting on the beach murmuring, "I will go out to sea every day, fish for you and Yao Yao Yao, and then make a delicious dish."


"You know what? I'm going to do many kinds of dishes now, which you haven't eaten before. " I think you'll like it. You'll like it


Angelina leans in his arms, gentle and silent.

The waves came in waves.

There was a gust of wind.

The light is dim and bright, yellow and discolored, like the change of time. In a blink of an eye, ten, twenty and thirty years have passed.

It's all over.

Feng de hugged Angelina tightly and held her tighter when the wind came, so as not to let her blow a little bit.


Angelina suddenly opened her mouth again, and she clenched Feng De's hand harder than Fang Chang's.

Hearing this, Su Yaoyao looks at her excitedly, and Feng de hugs her even more.

"I want to be a tree by the sea."

Angelina's voice is so small that the wind blows away.

Hearing this, Feng De's body suddenly froze, as stiff as a stone, and sat there stupidly. For a long time, Angelina's voice continued to ring off and on, "let the sea water nourish my body, I will not transfer."


Feng de sat still and listened to her. He put the pocket watch aside. The time on it was ticking and ticking.

Angelina looked at the sea, her lips seemed to recover a little color, and she continued slowly, "no matter where the water flows, where it will flow, when he wants to come back, he can find me by memory."


Feng de sat there, listening to the hard but still pale voice, tears wet his face.

"Even if he can't remember me, he can find me by my breath."

Said Angelina.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Feng De's guilt was like the darkness of extinction, which made him unable to breathe. He held Angelina tightly, buried his head in her neck, said sorry again and again, said his sorry, said his debt.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

He finally knew why she wanted to be a tree by the sea. He finally knew.

The trees on the seashore can't move. They can only watch the sea water nourish them and go away. However far they go, wherever they flow, they will still be there when they come back.

She wants to see him again.

She never hated him. She just wanted to see him again, just one more look.

Angelina, he doesn't deserve her, does she understand?

"I want to be a tree by the sea..."

Angelina could not hear Feng De's voice, but repeated it in a low voice, as if it were her life.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm not leaving, I'm sorry."

Feng de held her tightly with guilt and apologized frantically, whether she could listen or not.

"I want to be a tree by the sea Think, think. "

She said, a pair of beautiful clear eyes slowly closed up, eyelashes light quiver, people lean on Feng De's body, no breath, no soul.

Feng de sat there in a daze for a long time. He only lowered his head and slowly spread out his palm when the sky and the sky began to be dark.

The moment the palm opened, Angelina's hand fell.


Feng de sat there silently, his eyes bleak looking at her hand, staring stupidly at her. The whole man seemed to have lost his soul completely.

He just looked, just looked.

"Mother? Mother? "

Su Yaoyao squats aside and looks at Angelina in shock. She reaches out and pushes her. Angelina's beautiful eyes never open again.

By the sea, Su Yaoyao's body was shaking, and her tears were falling.

Feng de holds Angelina, motionless.


When Xiaonian and Gong Ou were walking in the twilight, they came to a shabby horse house. The wood chips on it were not firmly installed, leaving a lot of gaps.

When she saw the stable, Xiaonian's heart sank. She walked forward and said, "according to carat, this is where the adoptive mother was trampled by the horse."

There are also some old scratches on the wood, which is the place where ekla stood and watched Angelina being abused.

Now ekla finally knows that the so-called heavenly daughter is just a joke. It's just a medical vegetable. He regrets that he didn't open the door to save his sister.

"This is it?"

Gong Ou indifference tunnel, a pair of shoes stepped on the side of the weeds, walked to the front of Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian stood in front of the horse house, his eyes peered through the gap. There was a piece of mud inside. There were no horses or people. There were only countless weeds left.

I don't know why, she looked at this place but felt inexplicably sad.

"When I was a child, I always thought that vegetative people have a strong will to survive." "I think vegetative people are dead, but her soul still wants to live. She wants to live very much. She has a great sense of life," said Shi Xiaonian in a soft voice