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Chapter 876 loyalty from Gong ou

When those people heard Xiaonian's voice, they turned back to Xiaonian. When they arrived, they bowed their heads respectfully. "Before the housekeeper, let's stare at Li Qingyan's every move. But last night, we suddenly lost her news. We couldn't find it."

"Suddenly lose the news?"

Li Qingyan also suddenly lost the news, would it be so clever?

When Xiaonian frowned, a bad premonition came into her mind, it would not be what she thought

"Yes, at that time, our people were staring at her. Suddenly, a car passed by, and then we couldn't see Li Qingyan. The hotel room she booked never went back." The man said, then bowed his head and apologized, "I'm sorry, we didn't do a good job."

When Feng de looked at Xiaonian, he understood. He went over to him and asked, "Xiaonian, do you think the disappearance of the young master is related to this woman, but how can she dare to deal with the young master beyond her control?"

"My adoptive father, Gong Ou is seriously injured in langhuayu. He is recovering all the time and recovering slowly." Shi Xiaonian said, "it's not hard to deal with the single Gong Ou as long as you spend some time."

And Gong Ou knows Li Qingyan, and it's not necessarily that he's been seduced.

"But why did she deal with the young master?"

Feng de doesn't understand the truth.

If it's women who are jealous, Li Qingyan should also deal with Xiaonian.

"Maybe he was dishonored in front of Gong ou and was unwilling to take revenge." When Xiaonian can only think like this, "no, we must find Gong Ou right away."

"Revenge?" Feng de felt even more strange.

In a arrogant way, there are many people in the world who don't like you, and there are not a few who hate you, but how many people dare not help themselves?

Revenge on the young master, he must have lost a way, no one will be so stupid.

Li Qingyan has a little rich background. She has so many friends and relatives. How dare she come here?

"Just find Gong ou."

When Xiaonian bit his lips and said, "I hope Li Qingyan's hatred for Gong Ou doesn't mean that he wants his life. As long as he doesn't take it, everything is good. Really, everything is good.".


In the abandoned old building, the sun slanted into the window, and the wall was leaking into the wind.

In the bedroom, Gong Ou half lies on the bed, looks at the unfamiliar environment in front of him, straightens up difficultly to want to sit up, finally straightens up half of the people and falls back wearily.

No strength.

Drowsy, especially sleepy.

Damn it! What kind of medicine did you give him!

Gong Ou gnaws his teeth angrily, and his eyelids keep falling down. He can't control his drowsiness. He raises his hand little by little, and tries his best to put it on his lips. He opens his lips and bites it as hard as he can.

There was a flash of blood on the thin lips.

Blood beads ooze from the thumb and lie down along the fingers.

There was a smell of blood between his lips and teeth. Gong Ou was in a better state of drowsiness. He stretched out his hand to lift the quilt, which was a simple action usually done. Now it's like lifting a kilogram of things for her.

Like a baby, he can't even lift the quilt.


Gong Ou opens the quilt with his teeth clenched, presses his broken hand on the pillar at the head of the bed, sits up from the bed with his strength, and takes too much time. He breathes heavily.

Gong Ou stares at the red on his hand, with sharp eyes.

Shixiaonian, don't be afraid. He will go back soon.

Gong Ou holds down the pillar and stands up to walk towards the door. It seems that he has gone very hard with only a few steps.

Before he got to the door, his legs were too soft to hold him. He bent his knees and fell down heavily.

The wound that didn't fully recover was madly painful.


After bathing, Li Qingyan wiped his hair and walked to the door. Seeing Gong Ouling lying on the ground, he went to help him.

"If you touch me, I want you to die without a grave!"

Gong Ou's black eyes glared at her.

Li Qingyan squats beside him, his hands are stiff, the water on his hair is wet and pattering down, and his body still smells of bath milk. In other words, no man here would say such words to her.

For a long time, Li Qingyan said with a smile, "senior, you can only scold people now."

Gong Ou stares at her, as if he is going to tear her to pieces.

"I'll help you up."

Li Qingyan holds Gong Ou up. Gong Ou tries to get rid of his hand, but he has exhausted his energy just now. He can only be dragged back to the bed by Li Qingyan.

He was very heavy, and Li Qingyan was very difficult to help him. He bumped into his shirt many times. There was blood oozing out of his shirt. That was gong Ou's wound.

"Go away!"

Gong Ou growls weakly.

"Senior, am I so much worse than when I was young?" Li Qingyan looked at him and asked, "I didn't see anything special at that time."

"Don't pronounce her name with your dirty mouth, you don't deserve it!"

Gong Ou sat on the head of the bed, breathing breathlessly.

"I don't deserve it?" Li Qingyan smiled and looked at him affectionately. "It's because the elder has been in love with someone for a long time, and has never tasted her ecstasy."

Li Qingyan reached out and touched his hand. There was a deep tooth mark on his finger, and the blood flowed down.

"You touch it again, believe it or not, and I'll throw you up again?"

Gong Ou labors back.

Love is not long?

It's really hard to get.

Li Qingyan sat down beside his bed, opened the drawer of the bedside table, and said, "Sir, this time I've come here well prepared, not only to make you weak, but also to make you No medicine for women. "

With that, Li Qingyan took out a box of medicine from the drawer.

"Dare you!"

Gong Ou said, biting his teeth. The color of his lips was so bloody that his whole face was monstrous.

"I've come to this point. What dare I do?" Li Qingyan poured out two pills from inside and put them on Gong Ou's lips. "Come on, swallow them."

Gong Ou closed his lips tightly.

"Sir, you are my prisoner now. Don't you follow me a little?" Li Qingyan asked, forcing the medicine into his mouth, and the next second she cried out, "ah!"

Gong Ou bit her finger, which seemed to be broken forcefully. Li Qingyan was so painful that he took back his hand and scattered the medicine on the quilt.

This time, her hands are full of blood.

Gong Ou's thin lips are redder, and his eyes stare at her gloomily.

Li Qingyan stood up from the bedside and looked at him angrily. "Senior, why do you want to do this? Do you think I can't help it if you don't cooperate? You are a man with seven passions and six desires and I get along alone. I'm afraid I can't get you? "

"Go away!"

Gong Ou spits out a mouthful of blood. He can't stand the smell of her blood in his mouth.

Li Qingyan wiped his hands, then took out another bottle of medicine and a transparent syringe from the drawer. She also kept the injection.


Gong Ou stares at her coldly. She is well prepared.

"I know the power of your family. Your wife will come here sooner or later, but at that time, we will be a couple." Li Qingyan looked at him and said that there was a relentless force in her eyes. She slowly took away the potion with a syringe and drew a light smile from the corner of her lips. "At that time, in school, the schoolmaster was very impressed with me. You didn't rarely look at other people's books, but you would look at me. You were willing to lend them to me. At that time, everyone thought we were in love."

She thought so at that time.

She thought she was always a little special for Gong ou, but in the end, he left school without saying goodbye to her.

"What are you?"

Gong Ou stares at the syringe in her hand. It's going to be tough.

It's hard, but it's still hard.

"I'm a woman. I'll make you happy." Li Qingyan said with a smile, untie Gong Ou's sleeve, grope for Gong Ou's vein position, and directly pierce it.

Gong Ou hides his hand suddenly. The tip of the needle marks a mark on his arm. The blood is gurgling.

“……” Li Qingyan looked at the scene stupidly. "Are you going to die?"

In order not to be registered, he would rather be cut such a long wound by her, in case it reaches the artery, he will be finished.

"Don't worry, it's you who will die."

Gong Ou looks at the blood on his arm and doesn't care.

"Sir, why do you have to? Whose emotion is white now? You are loyal to your marriage here. What about Xiaonian? Do you know her? Maybe she has stolen many times. " Li Qingyan said.

"You fucking say it again!"

I don't know where the strength comes from. Gong Ou suddenly leans towards her, grabs her arm and stares at her with eyes.

Li Qingyan was frightened by the murderous spirit in his eyes. He broke his hand and pushed him away. Gong Ou fell back to bed.

She stood there a little anxious and looked down at the syringe in her hand. Anyway, she must give Gong ou the needle today.

Li Qingyan goes to inject Gong Ou again. Because Gong Ou doesn't cooperate with him, he fails all the time. Both of them are scarred and stained with blood.

If it goes on like this, it will become a scene of murder.

Gong Ou breathed heavily, pressed his hands on the bed feebly, and his eyelids fell heavily. Li Qingyan reluctantly grabbed his arm again. As soon as he was about to inject, he heard the sound of a car outside.

Her heart was cold. She rushed to the window and looked down. She saw about ten cars parked in front of the old building. The door was opened and someone came down again and again. One of them was shixiaonian.

Shi Xiaonian found it so soon.

Li Qingyan stood there flustered, his hands trembling slightly, and Gong Ou's scornful voice came from behind, "it's a pity that my man has arrived."

He is sorry for her.

Li Qingyan turns around and looks at him on the bed. A thin layer of sweat appears on his face. He grabs the syringe with his hands. A little calculation flashed in his eyes. "So did Xiao Nian."

Gong Ou's indifferent eyes flashed a soft touch.