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Chapter 1005 when I get back


Gong Yu walked forward a few steps, with some difficulty. Turning around, he was about to leave. Luo lie's voice came, "come to see the two children, young master Gong?"

Lori found him early in the morning.

Gong Yu had to look back. Lori stood in front of the children. His eyes were as proud as before, but there was something hidden in the deep.

What kind of palace is that? It's very clear. That's how he came here.

When Gong Kui saw Gong Yu, he jumped at him happily and grabbed his leg to hug him.

Gong Yu picked up his niece, looked up at Luo lie, and chuckled, "I don't dare to say that you are a big young master. You have helped our palace so much. You are the guest of our palace."

So many years of friends, Lori is deliberately called to open the distance, he would not understand.

"I dare not be the guest of honor. I owe it to your palace." Lori pushed his glasses.

The children are still playing on the grass.

Gong Kui holds Gong Yu and his fleshy hands play with his curly hair. Gong Yu's eyes become dignified. He looks at the lonely man in front of him, and his voice is calm. "You don't want to owe others forever, so you will always have a burden in your heart."


Lori looks at Gong Yu in some surprise.

Since returning to England, Gong Yu has felt deliberately alienated from him. The friendship he once had has become thin ice, so he also walked around and didn't want to add embarrassment. Now he is just a bereaved dog. He doesn't even have the qualification to be a friend with Gong's eldest son.

Unexpectedly, Gong Yu still cares about him.

Thinking of this, Lori smiled with relief, took Gong Kui down from Gong Yu's arms, patted her little head, "go to play, adults have a talk."

"Tut, adults always need to support children when talking. Next time we talk about children, you should go away." Gong Kui looked at them with disgust, made a face and ran to the children.

"It's a ghost." Gong Yu smiled and shook his head. "It's a gene mutation that Gong oeneng gave birth to such a daughter."

"Xiaokui has its own unique side." Luo lie looked at the happy little figure of Gong Kui and said, putting his hands in his pocket, he said, "what are you looking for me for?"

Once good friends now become something to find.

Luo lie's words embarrassed Gong Yu a little more. He bowed his head to play with the watch on his wrist, and said in a low voice, "bith, son of Lancaster, I want to know his information."

"Master bith?"

Lori's face was startled.

"Yes, he is a gifted teenager. Now he is studying the core secrets of Mr palace. Once he studies it, it will be a fatal blow to N.E." Gong Yu tells the story.

Lori looked at him in shock. "Can master bitt study the secrets of robots?"

n. E's robot technology is proficient, far more than other companies in the market today, which is hard for many people to catch up with, because the technology can not reach at all.

How could bit study this?

"I think it's incredible, too. It's just a teenager." Gong Yu said, "but just because he can change Mr's loyalty without anyone noticing it, it can prove that he is capable."


Lori stood there, a breeze blowing, and he was relieved from his shock. "In fact, I'm not very familiar with master bitt. He is the most unpopular son of the family. He's always looked down upon by other uncles of the family all the year round. He can't even sit at the dinner table."

"What is his character?" Gong Yu asked.

"I've seen him a few times, a very quiet child, probably because he was not favored since childhood, he was a bit extreme in character, especially disgusted with the lower class, those maids were often beaten and scolded by him, very dark." "As far as I know, he's always looking forward to his father's attention, and this time he's got what he wants," Lori said

He's useful to his father, so naturally he looks at him differently.

Hearing this, Gong Yu frowned, "then, it's impossible for bith to be pulled over by us. We can only use hard means."

"What are you going to do?" Asked Lori.

"Find bit, kill or catch it." Only in this way, no one can bear to fight against a young man, but when the young man becomes the enemy's sword, that is another matter.

"Bit has his eccentricity. He knows his bed very well. He has slept in the bed left by his mother for more than ten years. If he doesn't take it, he will make a noise. Maybe you can find his whereabouts in this way."


"It's an antique bed, it can't be disassembled, so it's a huge thing. If it's transferred, it will leave traces." According to Lori,

hearing this, Gong Yu's eyes were full of surprises. "Great, I can find out what happened in Lancaster these days. Then we can go."

The sun dripped down.

Luo lie looks at Gong Yu's mature and handsome face, and her eyes are stagnant. "You want to go in person?"


Lori frowned and blurted out, "it's very dangerous. She has been fighting so hard in s city. Mrs. Gong almost died here. Now it's not more important to go to Lancaster..."

In the middle of it, he stopped, he didn't want to foretell a tragic ending.

Gong Yu stood there, walked two steps forward, turned around and looked at the lofty ancient castle not far away, "Lori, I have paid too little for this family."


Lori is silent.

"I've left my family, my responsibility, my family and everything to my brother." Gong Yu said, "bith is the last trump card of Lancaster. They must be desperate for it. I can't let my brother take any more risks."


Lori looked at his back for a long time without speaking.

"As the eldest son of the palace family, I have been free for too long. It's time to do something." Gong Yu said, without asking for Luo lie's response.

The air became extremely silent.

Gong Yu walked towards the castle and took a few steps. Suddenly, he looked back at Luo lie. "By the way, when I asked you to treat Xiao Nian, I said I would give you a big gift."


Lori stood there quietly, with no expression on her face.

"When I get back this time, I'll open a clinic for you." Gong Yu said as she walked backward, with a light smile on her face, open-minded and calm.


Lori froze.

"I wanted to open a hospital for you, but you are not very sociable. You can't be the dean." Gong Yu said with a smile, and went further and further. "I'll open a clinic for you. I'll personally urge the decoration. When the storm is over, it's time for the dust to settle. "

Finish saying, Gong Yu raised his hand and waved, turned around and walked away.

Lori stood there alone, looking at Gong Yu's back, which was getting farther and farther away. He felt bad.

What is this? Do you know that you will be in danger, so at this time, you are not afraid to make an awkward promise to him? Clinic, send him a clinic.

Gong Yu, do you think you owe me?

I'm sorry, I don't need to owe Lori as long as you Can do it.


On the balcony, when Xiaonian sat in the sun, he took out a picture of her and Mr palace.

In the picture, she laughs happily. Mr palace makes a gentleman's bow and holds her hand, as if to give her the whole world. Her silver body is very handsome.

Looking at this picture, Xiaonian couldn't help smiling.

She really wants Mr palace.


An elegant voice came.

When Xiaonian looked back, Luo Qi came here wearing the peacock green cheongsam she sent. It was very charming. She was born noble with every move. Her beautiful eyes were even more amazing. She couldn't turn away her eyes for a long time.


When Xiaonian hurriedly stood up, helped Luo Qi to sit down, and Luo Qi looked at her with a smile. "It's very nice. What do you want to do in the kitchen? Don't get used to Gong Ou too much, and cook for him with a big stomach."

"It's OK. The kitchen is well equipped. It doesn't smell of lampblack."

Xiaonian said with a smile.

"You." Luo Qi smiled helplessly. When she saw the photo in her hand, she couldn't help but look at her deeply. "I heard from Feng De that Mr palace means more than a robot to you."

Small read nodded, looking at the eyes of the photo some sad, "it accompanied me to walk a lot of ways, there is a period of time if it is not it, I can not support."

R palace disappeared, Mr palace defected, Mr palace was arrested for research.

At the thought of these things, she is not easy. She should have told Gong Ou about its abnormality earlier. Maybe it will not develop to this stage.

"It'll come back. Don't worry." Luo Qi comforted her and said, "besides, I heard that Gong Ou is going to take you to Mr palace to deal with Lancaster."

The news is spreading fast.

When Xiaonian nods, Luo Qi frowns, reaches out and touches shixiaonian. She wisps her long black hair and worries, "it's too dangerous, Xiaonian."

A few simple words, including all of Luo Qi's worries about her.

Luo Qi is a noble lady. It's not easy to say that.

"I'm not afraid of danger. I'm afraid I'll drag Gong Ou's back." Shi Xiaonian said that Luo Qi was still worried. He said, "actually, it's not so terrible. It's said that the scenery in the area where bit is transferred is very beautiful. It's foggy and full of flowers. We should go for our honeymoon."

"Honeymoon?" Luo Qi looks at her helplessly. "When you spend your honeymoon, it's not thrilling, it's not beautiful scenery. It's called honeymoon."


"You haven't had a good honeymoon, have you?" Luo Qi said heartily.


When I was young, I tried to tighten my lips.

Seeing that she didn't speak, Luo Qi sighed, "in fact, I also know that it's easy to persuade you, and it's too hard to persuade Gong ou. He will take you there. That's because he won't change his mind even if it's a mess. He doesn't think about it. You're so big."

"It doesn't matter. I'll take care of myself." Shi Xiaonian said, "well, when we get back, let's go on holiday together, the whole family."

"The whole family?" Luo Qi was stunned, then her eyes became yearning.