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Chapter 790 an empty city plan

When she thought about it, Xiaonian realized later that she was afraid. She sat in the car, looked at Gong Ou's quiet face, and blurted out, "Gong ou, you are bold."

"I'm afraid that there are hundreds of people who can stop bullets by moving their hands. I can definitely send you to a safe place." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, with the same arrogance as before.



The scheme is too bold, let alone the Lancaster family, not even her.

"But now I regret it!"

Gong Ou suddenly said again, staring at her quietly, and then starting to lose his temper, "I won't let you follow me. You have to follow me and say a lot of reasons! Do you know that when those people were going to surround us just now, I felt flustered for the first time! Blamed! What if I can't protect you? It seems that I can't be too confident in the future! "


Xiaonian looks at him in silence.

"If you don't want to follow me in the future, don't follow me!" Gong Ou complains that she should not be soft hearted.

When Xiaonian saw his complex look, he couldn't help chuckling and said, "then I have to follow you even more. Can't you always experience danger alone?"

"I'm not afraid!"

"But I'm afraid."


Gong Ou stares at her.

"I'm not afraid when I'm by your side. I'm not afraid even if the sky collapses in front of me now, really." Shi Xiaonian said earnestly, gazing at Gong Ou deeply.

It's like a clear stream. Gong Ou feels that his chest is inexplicably soft. He stares at her. Next second, he holds her in his arms and holds her tightly. His chin is against her hair and says, "I'll never do this again! I'm afraid! I'm really afraid! "

In the last few words, Gong Ou's voice was so low that he hated his meaning.

"You must have figured it out. Lancaster didn't expect to do it, did you?" It's impossible for him to let her take risks.

She didn't say anything, but here he was angry and blaming himself.

"That's not good either! No way! Not even one in a billion. "

Gong Ou hugs her tightly.

His fault.

It's all his fault.

He was nervous at that moment of the whole meeting. Now he knows that in front of Shi Xiaonian, he can't make a 100% safe plan.

With a smile in his eyes, he shifted the topic and said, "Mona's parents couldn't have thought you would play this trick."

Like those people who are used to being surrounded by people, how can they think that Gong Ou brought hundreds of farmers and servants to the meeting.

Gong Ou is not comfortable holding her. Hearing this, his eyes suddenly brighten. He raises his legs and kicks at the back of the seat in front of him

"What can I do for you, young master?"

Asked Feng De, sitting in the passenger seat.

"Send a diamond and a book to Lancaster." Gong Ou said.

"What book?"

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in an unidentified way, she could understand that the purpose of sending diamonds was to humiliate her. What about sending books?

"Empty city plan."

Gong Ou looks serious and says that Feng De, who is sitting in front of him, can't help laughing. This move is very cruel. Young master wants Lancaster to understand that he has been tricked again.

Who can take the thrill.

When small read helplessly to see to Gong ou, say, "then they can be angry jump a foot?"

"It's best to take drugs in anger!"

Gong Ou snorts.


When I was angry enough to take drugs, I was speechless.

Gong Ou hugs her, kisses her face hard, and then thinks that when things are sent to the Lancaster family, those old people who want to kill him all day have expressions on their faces, and he is suddenly happy.

"Hurry up, do you hear me?"

Gong Ou said.

"Yes, sir." Fengde replied.

Gong Ou picked up his eyebrows proudly. When Xiaonian looked at him, he blinked a pair of big eyes. "Are you in a good mood again?"

"Not bad."

Gong Ou holds her back.

Shi Xiaonian said, "will this aggravate the conflict between the two families? They are thinking of assassinating you every day now. After this meeting..."

"They'll want to kill me if they don't intensify." Gong Ou said coldly, with heavy black eyes, "there will be a confrontation between me and Lancaster one day between him and me."

Otherwise, this contradiction and hatred will affect his children, his descendants and shixiaonian, which is not good.


Hearing this, Xiao Nian was a little heavy hearted. Once Lancaster and the palace were so close to getting married. After repenting, the relationship between the two families went down and became worse.

I don't know what it will be like when the confrontation comes.

"I will win!"

Gong Ou looks down at her and knows what she's thinking at one glance.

"I think so." Xiaonian smiled and said, "Lancaster is such a big family, so stable position, how many times are planted in your hands, they can't play you."

"Of course!"

Gong Ou raised his eyebrows, turned his eyes and looked out of the window. The car was driving slowly, but he didn't leave the range of the manor completely. His whole person was anxious for a moment, "drive fast! Go home! "


I'm nervous again.

When Xiaonian smiled helplessly, Fengde turned around and looked at them heavily. "Young master, Xiaonian," he said

"What's the matter, father?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Although Dr. Luo was rescued, he was seriously injured. Now he is in the hospital. In order not to worry about you, I just didn't say it." Said van der.


Xiaonian's face turned white.


Gong Ou's eyes gathered a cold light and clenched his fist, Lancaster!


The whole private hospital was contracted by the palace family and patrolled by many bodyguards.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou arrived in a hurry, Gong Yu had not come out of the emergency room, and Lori was there to help.

Xiaonian is waiting anxiously.

Gong Ou stood against the wall, with no expression on his face, lowered his eyes, without a word. He was very silent.

I don't know how long it took for the door of the emergency room to be opened slowly. The doctor pushed Gong Yu out, and Gong Ou walked quickly. Gong Yu, with black eyes staring at Gong Yu who had inserted the oxygen tube, said coldly, "how about that?"

"The doctor Luo did the first aid in time. There is no danger to Gong's life, but he will lie down for a while." Said the doctor respectfully.

Shixiaonian and Gong ou are relieved at the same time.

Gong Ou turns around and looks at it, and reads, "I'll deal with the follow-up matters. My mother doesn't know these matters, so it's better to hide them from her."

"I see. Go ahead. I'll be right here. I'll wait for you to finish."

Said Shi Xiaonian.


Gong oujahou turns around and takes Feng de away. He has to arrange many things to strengthen the security of the hospital. Otherwise, Lancaster will jump under his feet, and Gong Yu will be in danger.

When Xiaonian stood there, looking at Gong Yu's pale face. His face was covered with gauze, and he could hardly see his original appearance.

"It's hard for you."

Xiaonian said to the doctors.

"You are welcome, Mrs. Gong." The doctors pushed Gong Yu away, and Xiao Nian was about to follow him. Yu Guangzhong saw a figure. She turned her eyes, and saw Lori coming out of the emergency room step by step.

Luo lie was wearing a first-aid anti bacteria suit. When Xiao Nian was about to come forward to talk, he found that Luo lie was a bit groggy when he walked. His face was pale and tired. He disappeared in a few days. He seemed to have lost several circles.

"Dr Lo?"

I want to come forward when I am young.

Lori walked forward as if drunk. Hearing this, he looked up and looked at shixiaonian. When it was dark, the whole man fell down and fell heavily on the ground.

"Dr lo!"

Shouts shixiaonian in shock.

Lori is in shock.

Luo lie has been dripping water all the time and never slept too tired. In addition, after Gong Yu's accident, he was busy with emergency treatment alone. He followed the doctor of the hospital to operate on him, which made the whole person overdrawn physically and nervous to a critical point.

As soon as Miyako announced that he was out of danger, he fainted.

Fortunately, neither of them is in danger of life, and shixiaonian can only think of it now.

Gong Yu lives in the intensive care ward, while Lori lives in the ordinary ward.

At night, Xiaonian borrowed the kitchen of the hospital to make a few dishes and ate them with Gong ou. Gong Ou was busy again.

When Xiaonian couldn't help him, he decided to see Lori and Gong Yu.

Gong Yu in the intensive care unit did not wake up. The whole person was lying there receiving oxygen and infusion. Xiao Nian stood outside the door and looked at it. His brow slightly frowned.

When hearing the whole rescue process that the bodyguards said, Xiaonian couldn't help sighing, Gong Yu really didn't take his life as his life, so persistently went to save Lori.

I don't know what he was thinking at that moment?

I'm afraid that Lori will die for him.

Will Gong Yu and Luo lie have a good ending in the future? That would be good.

When Xiaonian thought of turning around and leaving, he walked towards Lori's ward. Before he arrived, he heard a sad voice passing through the door to the empty corridor.


When Xiaonian was shocked, he quickly reached out and pushed the door in. In the light of the light, Lori sat on the bed, sweating and looking forward in fear.

"Dr Lo?"

He was called by shixiaonian.

Lori sat there, and after a long time his frozen eyes moved, and turned to look at shixiaonian. His eyes returned to their usual coldness and aloofness, saying, "Hello, Mrs. Gong."

"How do you feel when you wake up? I'll call the doctor. "

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Mrs. Gong, I'm the doctor." Lori said, looking up at the nutrient solution he was dripping, and said, "I'm ok, I'm overdrawn, just have a rest."

This is similar to what doctors say.

When small read a nod, smile a way, "that is good, by the way, elder brother he is OK, already had no life danger, just did not wake up now."

She thought he would want to know that.

Lori nodded. "I know that."