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Chapter 1028, Xiaonian bled

"Gong ou, don't hit him. I want to go home!"

When small read see appearance hurriedly shout aloud, rush up at the same time with Feng De.

Gong Ou doesn't listen to go on, but bit retreats in fear and is stopped by two bodyguards of the palace. He stands there and can only watch Gong Ou walk towards him.

Bit closes his eyes and is ready to be beaten.


A muffled sound.

The expected fist didn't fall, and bit opened his eyes. Gong Ou fell on the ground in front of him. His eyes were closed, his thin lips were tight, and his hands were still clenched.

"Gong Ou!"

When Xiaonian saw that the whole person rushed forward in fear, and her heart almost stopped beating. She sat on the ground and held gong'ou's face. "Gong'ou, gong'ou, wake up! Wake up! "

What's wrong with him?

Was it just when she was rescued that she was hurt and kept holding back? How can he do this? He refuses to take good care of his body every time. What should she do if he falls down

When Xiaonian thought more and more, he was more and more afraid. He was at a loss and watched Fengde lower down to check Gong Ou's pulse.

"Father, what's the matter with him?" When Xiaonian opened his mouth, his voice shook.

Bit squatted aside and patted Xiaonian on the back.

After Fengde gave Gong ou the pulse, he said softly, "nothing, young master is just too tired to sleep."

A gust of wind passed quietly.

Quietly, quietly.

"Asleep, asleep?" When small read a face muddleheaded repeat, "just fell asleep?"


Feng de nodded and looked at Xiaonian as if she was stunned. I don't know how to tell her. The young master has always been like this and always sleeps in anytime and anywhere.

Today, he heard the news from bit and forced him to wake up.


When Xiaonian sat on the ground, he had a long time to wake up. It's OK.

Bit crouches there, looks curiously at him and says, "does he often look like this?"


"Jealous to sleep." Bit asked, wondering how anyone could be like this.

“……” When small read a black line, do not know how to say, only way, "he is just too tired, will suddenly fall asleep."


Bit nodded, but his face was still dazed, wondering how anyone could be jealous until he fell asleep.

Feng de helps Gong ou to get up, and bit thinks about it. He stands up and helps. A broken hand makes him frown.

"Don't move your hand. Go back and treat you." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Bith puts Gong Ou's arm on his shoulder. Hearing this, he looks at him and says, "go back?"

Shixiaonian nodded, "do you want to go back? Those people don't know if they have reported your help to your father. If he believes in you, he will... "

She didn't finish her words, and bith's eyes were completely darkened. Her scarred face was full of silence, and nothing could be said.

When Xiaonian stood up from the ground, her body suddenly began to ache, her hands and feet were cold, she could not stand up, and her waist hurt badly.

"Xiaonian, we have to move quickly. It's better to leave area 13 tonight What's the matter with you? " Feng De carries Gong ou, who is sleepy, and says that Xiao Nian is still sitting on the ground when he finds out.

When small read hurriedly pulls out a smile, one hand holds the stomach, one hand holds the ground to stand up, "it's OK, sit some feet numb."

"If you're OK, I don't know what to do if you have to do something else." Feng de sighed, and bit carried Gong ou to the car.

When Xiaonian put her hand to her stomach, she couldn't ignore the pain. She bit her lips hard, and insisted on going forward, walking beside Fengde. "Adoptive father, are you after I disappeared?"

"Yes, you and the eldest young master are gone. The young master is always sleepy again. I'm getting into a mess." Feng de sighed again.

"I haven't found it yet?" When small read worry tunnel, then stunned tunnel, "Gong Ou is always sleepy?"

Feng de looked at her doubtfully. "Don't you know? It's not that the young master had such symptoms twice before I came here. He fell asleep suddenly. "

Isn't that because of overwork?

When Xiaonian's face turned white, "do you mean Gong Ou has been sleeping since then? How can this happen? What's going on? Is there something wrong with him? "

She looked at Gong Ou's sleeping face, her heart suddenly panicked, and her breathing was disordered.

"The doctor and I can't see it for the moment. I want to go back and check it with various large-scale instruments. But the young master doesn't trust you. He must find you." Feng de said, looking down at Gong Ou's finger full of knife marks, and frowning tightly, "the young master tried his best to wake himself up, but it didn't work. These days, the total time he woke up is no more than four hours."

No more than four hours.

No wonder Gong Ou said he was not in a hurry about her disappearance, and he had to be in a hurry.

"Isn't it bad for him to sleep like that?" He asked anxiously.

Feng de shook his head. "I haven't seen it yet. I feel the pulse of young master's body is the same as before. It's the way he used to force himself to be sober. It would hurt his body."


When Xiaonian looked down from his sight, he saw Gong Ou's hand and his heart was cut like thousands of knives.

"Last time it was a finger, this time it was Next time he doesn't know what to do. " Feng de sighed and said, I don't know why the young master suddenly became like this.

The young master seems to know something, but it's too late to make it clear every time.

"What is it this time?" When Xiaonian finds that his heart is numb with pain.

"Nothing, no more."

"Adoptive father..."

When Xiaonian bit her lips, Fengde could not resist her, so she had to stop and raise a hand to brush the short hair on both sides of Gong Ou's temple. There were some small blood spots between the hair threads, which were not big, but very obvious.

It's needled at first sight.

When Xiaonian could not believe to cover his lips, his eyes were wide open, his breath was shaking, and Fengde frowned. "I failed to use acupuncture for him last time, so he came in his own way. In fact, there is no basis for this method. The young master just feels that he can wake up after bleeding and pain. "

When Xiaonian looked at those little blood spots, his body was cold.

How could he be so stupid, in such a way

"Fortunately, the young master didn't sleep in the process of saving you, otherwise I couldn't imagine the consequences." Feng de said, "he will not be relieved to send others."


When Xiaonian bit his lips, they became more and more white.

The car is close at hand. Feng de and bit help Gong ou to get on the car and sit down. Bit gets out of the car, reaches out and pats her arm, silently comforts her, and asks her not to be too sad.

"I'm fine." Shi Xiaonian said, turning around, I saw that the palace family had controlled the Lancaster family's bodyguards and were escorting them to the platform to force them to get on the bus.

"Xiaonian, we can't stay in area 13. The eldest young master is not taken away. There should be no danger. Don't worry for the moment, but we must leave here." Feng de looked at Shi Xiaonian with a solemn face. "The noise this evening is too loud. Maybe the other party's response has already heard the wind coming."

The young master went to sleep again. They had no good idea but to leave.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in the car, he sat there with his head down, his eyes closed, sleeping soundly.

This time, she came to protect him.

Feng De is waiting for shixiaonian to give orders. Now everyone listens to her. Shixiaonian nods, "OK, let's leave area 13 tonight."

"We have several evacuation routes. Then get in the car and go." Fengde stood by the door and beckoned them to get on first.

When Xiaonian bent down to get in the car with pain, her hands were clenched. She turned around and saw bit standing there looking at her.


Xiao Nian looked at him confused.

"I will not go with you, I will wait here for the family to come." Bit said, and Xiaonian said in shock, "why? You can't get welcome back. "

"But I've always been a Lancaster." Bit looked at her and said, "I know I'm very useful to you. If you want me to stay, I can't escape."

When small read silence.

What can she do to a young man who has worked hard to get her back?

"Xiaonian, the young master said he couldn't let him go." "We're here to catch him," said Fengde

Young master can't wake up, Xiaonian is missing, and the old master is missing. Pay such a big price to send the bit to the door?


Bit stood there without speaking, just watching and reading, waiting for her reaction.

At night, everyone was getting on the bus. When Xiaonian was looking at bitbu's bloody face, his eyes were pure and clear blue, which was impossible to refuse.

Bit is stubborn and has his ideas.

Without hesitation for a long time, Shi Xiaonian decided to open his mouth. Before saying a word, bit suddenly stared at her skirt. Like a ghost, his voice changed. "What's the matter with you?"

At the same time, Feng de and Shi Xiaonian looked down his line of vision. Shi Xiaonian saw that there was a little bloodstain under her skirt. She also wore a pair of pants inside her skirt for running. At the moment, there was a bloodstain in her pants down to her knees.

"Xiaonian!" Feng de exclaimed, holding her weak body, "why don't you say you're uncomfortable? Come on, get in the car. Let's go back to the doctor. "

It's bleeding. She can't feel nothing. She's been supporting her. She's gone such a long way.

"I'm fine." When Xiaonian burst out a smile, "adoptive father, you inform the doctor to go to our evacuation point, we will go together."

She doesn't want to drag everyone down, especially Gong ou.

"What does it mean? You can't want to leave now. Something happened in the car or on the plane. We can't even find a blood bank!"