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Chapter 635 I haven'st seen my master for years


There must be something wrong. Gong Jue's watch is cold. Luo Qi specially called her today. It can't be just about kicking that foot.

When Xiaonian looked up at the direction of the study, at the closed door, questions hovered in her mind, like a tangled line, unable to hide.

What's going on?

When small read step by step from the stairs down, but can't help looking at that study.

She really wanted to understand the world inside the door and what was in it, especially after Luo Qi's strange reaction.

Gong Ou is not there. She accompanies the twins for a while. Both of them are pulled by the teacher to meditate. When Xiaonian has to leave alone, the blank time reminds her of the cold touch on the watch.

The idea won't go away.

At that time, Xiaonian made some cakes and biscuits and invited the two maids who were willing to talk about the palace's affairs to have afternoon tea.

Three people sit in the sunshine, the environment is elegant and comfortable, the air is fresh, there is no flashiness of cement and steel bars, when Xiaonian takes a sip of black tea, smiles and looks at the two of them.

"Young lady, do you want to listen to the master?" The young maid bit the cake and said vaguely, "I don't know much about the master, but I only know that a long time ago, the palace family, no, it should be said that when the master's mother went up, the family was very proud, and then slowly declined, and was despised for marrying a Chinese."

"Yes, I heard that my grandma said that when he was young, he was ostracized badly. It's said that he had a chance to go to the royal family for dinner. At that time, he was ridiculed and embarrassed by those noble children. When he came back, he called all the people in front of him. He swore that one day, he would let all the people in England know the surname Gong!"

Another maid said what she heard.

The inspirational story of a young master after being excluded is similar to that of every self-made king in the world.

"And what else?"

He asked lightly.

"There is nothing else. But the master was bullied too much when he was young. Later, he would not marry a Western woman and chose a wife. Of course, my wife's family background was also very good, which was very helpful to my master at that time. " Said the maid biting the cake.

"As you say, it seems that the master married his wife to help." Another maid scolded her.


When Xiaonian smiled and pushed the cake in front of them. He thought that he couldn't ask anything, so he began to guide him. "My father sounds like a hero, but I never met him."

"Young lady, have you never met the master?"

Both maids looked at shixiaonian in shock.

"Yes." Shi Xiaonian pretends to smile bitterly, "maybe my father doesn't like this common daughter-in-law. My family background is very poor."

"Don't say that, young lady. The second young master must like you. Besides, young lady is the most approachable in the master of the palace." The maid comforted her.

Another touched his face and said, "I haven't seen the master for a long time."

"Eh? You too? " The two maids were surprised to find that they had not seen each other for a long time.

When Xiaonian sat quietly and watched them discuss, his heart sank, the fog was heavier, and he said, "how long have you not seen your father?"

"How long?" The young maid began to count her fingers. The more she counted, the more frightened she became. "Oh, my God, I haven't seen the master for more than a year."

The other is also calculating, "no, I remember that the Lord has not given us presents on Christmas day for several years."

"It's just that I didn't distribute it myself. I sent tea to my master's study last year. I saw him. He stood at the window and called."

"Is it?"

The two maids were discussing fiercely, trying to figure out how much time they didn't have to see the master. They didn't think about it.

"And the housekeeper and servant who has been serving his father?"

When Xiaonian interjected and asked, didn't he say that every master of the palace would have a housekeeper and a bunch of servants?

"The master doesn't like too many people to serve him all the time. Unless he goes out, the housekeeper resigned a few years ago. He didn't hear that he was going to hire a new one to be temporarily replaced by the housekeeper Charles." The maid replied in an orderly manner.


Charles is too busy. He has to take care of Luo Qi and her. He used to be a temporary housekeeper for Gong Jue.

Just then, a sound of footsteps came. When Xiaonian turned around, she saw Charles, who was supported by her, walking towards this side. Two servants behind her carried a picture.

"Young lady, I have found a picture you asked me to look for. Where can I hang it?" Charles came to her and said.

It's really efficient.

She hasn't heard much here.

"Hang Gong Ou's study." Shi Xiaonian stands up from the table and leaves with Charles. Charles always does his duty and walks behind her. "The relationship between the young lady and the maids is very good."

"Well, I've made some new cakes for everyone to taste, and I've left you a portion for Charles." When small read to smile to say, the appearance seems to be at will ordinary.

"Thank you, young lady." Charles followed her into the castle.

When Xiaonian went inside, many people came downstairs carrying suitcases. When he saw it, Xiaonian bowed his head, "little lady."

"Hello." When small read to bow head, some don't understand ground to ask, "where do you take suitcase to go?"

The accommodation of servants and bodyguards is not here. There should be no suitcase for them.

"I have an urgent business to go to Switzerland. They are packing for me." Charles stood by and said.

"Father is leaving?" When small read surprised to look at Charles, "but mother is still sick."

Leave the depressed wife who has not recovered? It's not appropriate to have been married for so many years.

"There's something urgent on the Swiss side to deal with." Said Charles.

"Oh. Shall I deliver it? "

When small read to ask, Gong Ou is not at home, Luo Qi is ill again, she should go to send next Gong Jue.

"It doesn't matter. Let's go, young lady. I'll hang the picture for you."

Charles said.


When Xiaonian didn't know what to say, she nodded, walked forward, and went up the stairs. She couldn't help but look up to the direction of Gongjue's study.


Yesterday, she went to see Gong Jue. Today, Luo Qi called her into the room with a slightly strange attitude. Now she says that Gong Jue is going, just like avoiding something.

Did she think more?

The bodyguards carried things downstairs in a mighty way. When they asked Charles to hang up their words, their thoughts had already flown to the door.

While they were hanging pictures, Charles and Xiaonian came out of gongou's study. A bodyguard rushed to Gongjue's study.

"What's the matter?"

He asked aloud.

"I just found that the watch box that my Lord loves most is not brought with me. If the Lord knows that we are so careless, he will blame us. I have to find it." The bodyguard said anxiously, sweating all over his head. "There are still several boxes left."

Smell speech, when small read to turn Mou, way, "I help you to find, is in the study?"

"Yes, it should be on the desk in the study. The master likes to clean the watch. The watch box must be there." The bodyguard said, "thank you so much, young lady. I'll move first."

"Well, you can go."

When Xiaonian nodded, then walked to the study, stood at the door of Gongjue's study, when Xiaonian could not help but take a breath, stretched out his hand and clenched his teeth to push away.

A push to open the door, the strong fragrance came again.

She covered her nose and looked around. The study was too big. There were bookshelves everywhere. The books on the bookshelves were so dense that there was almost no space.

When I looked up, I saw that the ceiling was designed into a round arch, and the patterns on it were magnificent and complex.

In fact, if you look carefully, the study is nothing special.

When Xiaonian went to the desk, she could easily find the watch box. She opened the box, and there were all kinds of tools for cleaning the watch. She closed the box and was ready to leave.

Glancing over a corner, I saw a bronze fumigant box on the ground, which was rotating like a running horse lamp. There was a heat slowly coming out of it.

When Xiaonian walked past, the closer he got to the smell, the more pungent it was.

She squatted down and reached out to uncover the lid on the fumigant box. She saw that there was water in the rotating copper fumigant box. The water was not clean. There were grass leaves and other things floating on it, and some particles were deposited.

It's quite like traditional Chinese medicine.

When small read secretly thought, almost want to get things out to study, think again.

When Xiaonian, when Xiaonian, Curiosity Kills the cat. This is the palace. Don't move or think.

No matter how curious you are, you should keep your duty.


After warning herself for a while, shixiaonian still put the lid back, decided to forget all the questions here, and she stood up and left.

Seeing the books on the bookshelf, Gong Jue's collection of books is really rich. Those books don't exist in the world for a long time. They actually exist here.

I don't know if there are out of print books such as painting, such as the hand of a great painter.

When Xiaonian was busy thinking, he forced himself not to be curious about everything here. As a result, when he was confused, he was prone to make mistakes. He was unstable at his feet, and the whole person bumped forward and hit the bookshelf.

With a bang, several books fell.

She quickly put down the watch box, picked up the book and put it back. Suddenly, she saw that there were more strange patterns in it. When Xiaonian drew out several books, she originally designed a revolving lock similar to the one on the door of the safe.

Safe in the shelf?

This way is not so mysterious. I didn't think much about it when I was reading. I put the books back again and again, and one page of the cover curled up.

At that time, Xiaonian had to stand on tiptoe, stretch out her hand to reach in and smooth the page. Her fingers touched the lock on it, and only listened to the click. The old bookshelf began to move in front of her.