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Chapter 160 will not choose to be a bitch

"..." When Xiaonian stood there, looking at his face, she was most afraid of him like this, not manic, not angry, only depressed gloomy.

"Oh." Gong Ou suddenly smiled, "I'll come after you for fear that you'll get hurt and clear the traffic for you."

He smiled, and it was cold, and the words came out of his thin lips.


Smell speech, when small read some surprised, originally she in s city unimpeded really he arranged.

Gong Ou looks at her with a sneer. "You have destroyed the signing ceremony. If you don't look back for me, I will come to you. In order to see you, I follow the rules of the Mu family, and I don't even bring bodyguards in. "


"I finally saw you, but you took my weakest place to swear that I would let go of the man who coveted my woman." The radian of Gong Ou's lip angle is deeper, as if it's really a funny thing.


"Shixiaonian, why didn't I find you hurt people like this before?" Gong Ou is still smiling and his voice is magnetic, but it is full of sadness that cannot be concealed.


When Xiaonian stood there, his hand hanging from his side pinched his skirt, and he didn't look at his sarcastic smile.

Every word he said seemed to be accusing her of what she had done.

His dark eyes make her think that she is too much, but first Isn't he?

He's hypocritical. He doesn't want to let go of his admiration. She just exposes him. Is she wrong.

Gong Ou sat there, eyes more gloomy, word for word opening, "am I too kind to you, so that you can step on my bottom line recklessly?"

"I don't mean that." She couldn't help opening her mouth.

"It's all right. You've stepped into the minefield. Don't blame me for hitting you." Gong Ou looks at her in a sinister way, and his voice is full of gloom, which makes people panic.

Suddenly, a golden retriever came leisurely, with a long tongue, a black collar around his neck, a long chain, and a lot of small bells tied to the silver chain.

It moves and the little bells tinkle.

The golden retriever could not detect the strange atmosphere in the room, so he went to Gong Ou's feet and closed his eyes lazily, ready to go to sleep.

Seeing this, Gong Ou looks at the golden retriever and reaches out to untie the collar on his neck.

"Jingle, jingle."

In the quiet hall, the bells are very clear.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou in bewilderment, what he wants to do.

Next second, Gong Ou throws the dog chain with the collar together and throws it to her feet accurately.


When Xiaonian's face turned white, he looked up at him.

What does he mean?

"Put on the collar, and I will take you home as if nothing has happened, and I will still hurt you in the future." Gong'ou looks at her coldly. A Zhang Jun is full of yin and Li, which makes people afraid.

Every word of him seemed to be putting her to death.


When Xiaonian couldn't believe it. He asked her to put a dog collar on her?

"Put it on, I don't have time to waste with you." Gong Ou is cold, his eyes are full of horrible light.

The bodyguards behind Xiaonian took a breath of cool when they heard the words.

Feng de stands behind Gong ou and frowns when he hears this. Young master is completely enraged by Miss Shi.

"Put it on!"

Seeing that she stood still, Gong Ou urged her, and she was full of rage.

"Gong ou, don't deceive people too much."

When small read to say hoarsely, the finger does not consciously tremble.

He asked her to wear a dog collar.

Is he going to turn her into a dog, a shallow bitch?

"Put it on." Gong Ou is aggressive. Her eyes are fixed on her. Her voice is as cold as cold water.


I can't help but step back.

"If you dare to step back, I want you and Mu to be doomed!" Gong Ou said coldly, threatening words.

"Then there will be no end to it." When small read to learn his appearance sneer, continue to step back.


Gong Ou's eyes froze for a moment, and people almost got up to catch her.

"Gong ou, thank you for sobering me up." Shi Xiaonian said that she could not learn from his gloomy and indifferent appearance, and her smile was more like an indescribable bitterness. "I finally know what you mean to me."

She continued to step back.

The bodyguard got out of the way. She turned around and left without looking back.

Gong Ou's voice rings behind her, gnashing his teeth. "This is the road you choose, shixiaonian! Don't blame me for any consequences! "

When Xiaonian laughed heartily, "please don't worry, Mr. Gong. I won't choose to be a bitch in another 100 years."

With that, Xiaonian strides away.

Seeing her go away decisively, Gong Ou suddenly gets up from the sofa and stares at her back with black eyes.

How dare she go?

How dare she be with that adorer?

Gong Ou holds his fist tightly. He has done so much for her. She runs to Mu qianchu firmly?

Gong Ou stood there, his eyes full of hatred.


When I came back to Mu qianchu's house, Xiao Nian seemed to be exhausted by others, who slumped on the sofa and turned white.

Gong Ou even told her to wear a dog collar.

He really thinks of her as a bitch.

She finally saw her position in the bottom of Gong Ou's heart. At this moment, she was finally conscious of all the moves and shakes.


She put out her hand and slowly pressed it to her heart, but why does it hurt so much here? It's like a big cut. It hurts so much.

When tears run down my cheeks.

When small read to touch that a touch of wet meaning only to find themselves crying.

How could he do this? How could he let her see that her position in his mind was just a bitch when she finally decided to admit her heart.

A sound of footsteps came.

When small read hurriedly wipe off tears, sit straight on the sofa.

When Alan came in from the outside, he said in a hoarse voice, "has gong'o left?"

"Gone." Alan nodded, paused and said, "gong'o asked us to take a message to Mr. moo before we left, saying that he would be ready to collect his son's body."

Smell speech, when the long eyelashes of small read trembled, the complexion is more pale.

"If I could wear a dog collar to keep me safe, I would." She whispered, "but Gong Ou won't let him go."

This time, she has been on it once.

Even if she goes with Gong Ou as a bitch once, he will not let him abuse her.

He is paranoid. He wants to be whole. If he doesn't, he won't give up.

"I understand." Alan nodded, then couldn't help but said, "but is it too exciting for Gong ou to do so today?"

Gong Ou actually asked Mr. Mu to collect the body.

This is already running for Mu's life.


When small read long eyelashes again trembled, she shouldn't stimulate Gong ou like that today? Is she too much?

"If he wants my life, let him take it."

A soft but stubborn voice came.

When Xiaonian turned his face, he saw mu qianchu coming over and pushing the medical infusion rack on his hand. Only two bags of drip bags were missing.

When small read hurriedly stand up, "how do you get up?"

How long does he sleep.

"I can't sleep." Mu qianchu came to her, wearing a mask on his face, and staring at her with narrow eyes, "why don't you tell me that Gong Ou is here?"

"He's gone." When small read light tunnel, then lowered eyes, "but I, completely enraged him."

Before, Gong Ou didn't want to aspire to the life of qianchu.

"That's good news for me." Mu qianchu smiles. He is not talking about his life and death.

When Xiaonian looked into his smiling eyes, "are you still smiling?"

This is not a good thing.

"Because you didn't go with him." Muqianchu sat down on the sofa and gazed at her with one eye. His voice was soft. "Compared with the last time you left with him, I'm glad you chose this time."


"At least this time, you'll be with me, won't you?" Asked mu qianchu with a smile.

Xiaonian smiled bitterly, sat down beside him, and then said in a sandy voice, "I don't want to accompany you, but I'm still on Gong Ou's list."

She pretended to be relaxed.

Smell words, mu qianchu's smile is frozen, eyes are a little stunned, I didn't expect that she would say such words.

He raised his hand and patted her on the head. "I can't protect you."

He knows his strength.

With his current ability, he is not able to resist Gong Ou at all.

"I can protect myself, and I can protect you." When Xiaonian smiled a little and understood his words, which made him anxious.

"If you go back, he can let it go..."

"I don't want to go back." Shi Xiaonian said, looking a bit gloomy, "there will always be an end between him and me. Maybe it's time."


"No, but." When Xiaonian looked at him and comforted him, "you take good care of yourself. Let's go out for a walk. When I was a child, I promised you that I would ride around Huatian many times when you saw it."

"32 laps."

He remembered the number of laps clearly.

"Your memory is so good." When small read smile.

"Because you are the only one in my memory, I remember it very clearly." Mu qianchu gazed at her affectionately, his voice was full of doting.

His affectionate eyes put pressure on her.

When small read can't help but dodge his eyes, turn the face to go.

"Qianchu, in fact, in this month, I......"

Before she had finished speaking, Mu turned his head suddenly and coughed very badly. Once he coughed for a long time, he felt like coughing all the organs out.

When Xiaonian hurriedly stood up and patted his back.

Mu qianchu stopped coughing for a long time and said, "I'm sorry, what did you just say?"


When Xiaonian suddenly couldn't go on, how could she tell him that she had moved her heart to Gong ou, and could no longer respond to his feeling table.

Gong Ou is going to kill them now. With Gong Ou's ferocious means, maybe she and mu qianchu can't live long.