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Chapter 998 Gong Ou flirts openly

Chat, he goes to do something serious to talk about what day

When Xiaonian didn't have time to say anything, Gong Ou's voice blew her face through the computer with chilly wind, "when Xiaonian said this in front of my child, you wait for me! I'll let you know if I'm old! "


When Xiaonian felt headache and stroked her forehead, Gong Yu and the staff's low laughter came from outside. She felt even more embarrassed.

It's true that her voice can reach his ears and those computers outside.

In such an embarrassment, when Xiaonian was embarrassed until Gong Ou's car pulled up to the door of the Baali club, she suddenly came over. A pair of black and white eyes stared at the screen nervously, and brought up two pictures, one facing the front door and the other his badge perspective.

She bit her lips.

I saw the bodyguard get off the car and open the door respectfully. Gong Ou slowly came down from above, wearing leather gloves slowly and went inside.

The waiter at the gate of the club stopped him. Gong Ou's eyes were cold. A bodyguard stepped forward and kicked the waiter? Even if Mr. Henry doesn't know each other, how dare you stop him? "

Finish saying, the proof small Ben on the bodyguard handle throws to the waiter.

Gong Yu uses the relationship to find this Mr. Henry, bribes him, brings all the identity materials and disguises Gong ou to the greatest extent according to his appearance.

"Excuse me, excuse me, Mr. Henry. This way, please." The waiter didn't dare to hum when he was kicked. He nodded to Gong ou and said, "would Mr. Henry like to go to the box or play two first?"

Gong Ou stood there, not even looking at them directly. He proudly pulled the leather gloves on his hands. His voice was deep. "As usual."

The deliberately changing voice and strong English accent, speaking from his mouth, are like a gentleman in an old movie, with a special taste from head to foot.

When Xiaonian sat there and listened, he was fascinated to see the man on the screen. It turned out that he would be so charming to play such an old gentleman.

So sexy.

When Xiaonian silently thought, watching Gong Ou in the picture walk into the Bally club, once in, those monitoring pictures outside will not see his figure, only from his micro seal and cufflink monitoring to see the picture inside.

Different from the plain surface outside, the facilities inside are extremely gorgeous and elegant. The sofa is made of genuine leather, and the details are luxurious. Almost every corner is like a bodyguard walking around.

Gong'ou was led to the box on the two floors. The waiters were filled with all kinds of mists and rain. A silver box was opened in front of gong'ou, full of chips.

It's a poker club. It's impossible to gamble a few games.

"How about Mr. Henry?"

Asked the waiter.

When small read in the picture can not see Gong Ou's face, only to see his hand picked up a glass of whiskey added with ice and gently shook there, shaking the sound of ice hitting the wall.

I have to admit that such a move is also amazing.

"Drink less."

When small read said in a very low voice, she knew that he was carrying out the task, should not interfere, do not hear him.

Word falls, Gong Ou's hand is paused, shake two cups to put down again, languidly say English, "all want."

"OK." The waiter faced the bodyguard next to him. "Please come with me to exchange chips."

After several people left, Gong Ou immediately stood up and slowly turned around to show them the whole box.

"This club is not for ordinary people. There should be no monitoring in normal places, so don't worry about it." Gong Yu's voice rang in the computer, "you go to gamble first, don't arouse suspicion."

"Are you teaching me?"

Gong Ou turns the flowerpot next to him and opens the curtain to look out.

"Yes, you don't need to be taught. Be careful." Gong Yu said helplessly, "pay attention to yourself."

"It's just a club. What's it like to scare you."

Gong Ou said this coldly, but he carefully chose to gamble first according to Gong Yu's words.

The second floor of the club is a large-scale casino, full of tricks, except that all the things played are playing cards.

In order to avoid being noticed, he lost more and won less, and kept changing tables to play. When Xiaonian saw several passageway doors in the picture shot by Gong ou, there were people standing in front of each door.

I don't know which door has the clues they are looking for.

When Xiaonian was thinking about it, Gong Ou suddenly started to talk with a young woman with brown hair and blue eyes. The British accent was so sexy that he couldn't get rid of the young woman when he spoke. His eyes were full of adoration. He gambled with him for several times and was happy when he lost.


When Xiaonian sat in front of the computer, his heart suddenly burst into bubbles.

Knowing that Gong Ou wants to inquire about something, but she can't help being sour. Can't she find a man to ask? Do she have to find a woman who would like to show her business line?

After several bets, Gong Ou suddenly stood up and walked out. The sexy voice of the brown haired woman sounded in the computer, "Mr. Henry, stop playing?"

"It's not interesting."

Gong Ou head did not go back to the ground, the next moment, the picture in the lens is shaking, Gong Ou is pressed by a red nail polish hand to the wall.

Then, Xiaonian sees the surging career line of women in the picture.


There was a scream from the outside room.

When Xiaonian angrily gnawed his teeth, a group of cheap men, only know to stare at this, what is good-looking.

In the picture, the brown haired woman is very young, and her makeup is very charming. She stood in front of Gong ou, plucked her hair in a romantic way, and put the electricity on Gong Ou's face. "I don't think it's interesting, why don't you take me to have fun?"

After that, she had a strong chest.


When small read extremely grasp the mouse, tightly bite teeth.

I've never seen such a woman, but I've just had a few words with you and I'm going to follow you. You're just facing an uncle, OK?

Too much.

"Oh?" Gong ou, wearing leather gloves, holds the woman's slender wrist, and her voice is magnetic and elegant. "Are you interested in cigars?"

"I like it very much. It's the sign of a mature man." The woman looked up at him, the attractive hint in her eyes could not be more obvious.

"Then go to my box."

"It's an honor."

The woman takes Gong Ou's arm and follows him away. In the picture, many people look at them, but they don't care much about the picture of your love and my wish.

Gong Ou takes the brunette into the box. As soon as she enters, Xiaonian hears a "click". The woman drags her high-heeled shoes and sits directly on the long black table. The two slender legs are together in the sexiest posture. A pair of eyes hook Gong Ou as much as possible.


When Xiaonian holds the mouse harder and harder, she endures. It's just a show. What Gong Ou really wants to do won't be under her eyes.

She tolerates, she tolerates, she is generous

When Xiaonian sat in front of the computer, he wanted to bite his teeth off. Gong ouchao approached the woman. In the picture, the plump business line was getting closer and closer to the camera.

The woman raised her face and bit her thick red sexy lips. In the picture of Gong Ou's cufflinks, the woman was lifting her legs in black silk, and her toes were slightly worn on Gong Ou's trouser tubes, all the way up.

When Xiaonian was so angry that he almost took a picture of the mouse. Is this woman's legs so soft? It's going to be 120 degrees!

Seeing the woman's feet keep going up and getting closer to the sensitive parts of Gong ou, Xiao Nian's fingernails are scratched hard on the mouse surface, venting his anger. The fingernails are scratched on the mouse, which is extremely harsh.

"Try this."

Before the woman's feet get close to her private parts, Gong Ou lets go, hands a cigar to the woman's lips, and stops her from kissing.


The woman's silly expression became a capital in the picture. She didn't expect Gong ou to let her smoke a cigar. She looked at the man in front of her in amazement.

"I like the thrill of cigars."

Gong Ou also picked up a cigar. The woman's face was clear, and she smiled very vaguely. She picked up the cigar and touched him with familiarity. "I'm willing to accompany you."

So the man and the woman sat at the table and began to smoke cigars, chatting with each other while smoking. The woman never gave up seduction. She sat closer to gong'ou little by little, and climbed to gong'ou with an uneasy hand and wandered around.

Gong Ou didn't stop it.


Xiaonian's face turned red when she was in front of the computer. She almost wanted to throw down the mouse and walk away. As a result, all she could do was to keep scraping the mouse with her fingernails.

She has to endure.

Gong Ou does this for his purpose. He will not change his clothes to flirt openly.

Soon the box was foggy, and the camera couldn't see clearly. When Xiaonian stared at the picture, she saw that the woman was more and more excessive. She climbed Gong ou like a mountain, hands and feet to him.

"Is the thrill enough?" The woman said vaguely, "with me, even a 90 year old man doesn't need any external stimulation."

"Is it? Then I'll try. "

In the smoke, the camera is more and more close to the career line of women. This angle looks like to kiss the lips of women, and the two dogs and men have to let go.


Dead palace! You have a good time! Is that how he plays when she's locked up?

When Xiaonian was angry and scratched the mouse, she was still uncomfortable. She stood up and was about to leave. She heard a "bang". The woman fell into the sofa seat and was in a coma.

Gong Ou dispersed the smoke and cold tunnel, "here only the basement has no customers. I'll check there."

His tone is quite different from that of flirting just now.

Shixiaonian sips her lips, looks at Gong Ou's sleeve in the picture, and hears him dissatisfied with the tunnel, "shixiaonian, are you blind? It's not jealous? "

He has been waiting for a long time, but she can't make a sound in the whole process. Is it because he slept with this woman that she would have a little expression?