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Chapter 649 I want to go home

"Engaged early next month?" When Xiao Nian looked at Gong Yu stupidly, "so fast?"

"Miss York and I talked very opportunely. I think we have a lot of luck. With some cooperation between families, the beginning of next month is the most appropriate time." Gong Yu took a look at York and said, with a gentle smile and a mature voice.

Joclina smiled and nodded. She didn't think it was bad to talk about family cooperation at all. She even looked proudly at shixiaonian, "we, the York family and the palace family, can have a huge impact on each other."

Huge impact.

So frankly, this marriage is a complete deal, and I'm proud of it.

When Xiaonian stood there, he couldn't say anything, but he looked at Gong Yu with a white face. Gong Yu saw something wrong with her, and gave a sign to joclina.

Joclina also knew what her status was, so she nodded and turned away. Before she left, she looked at her sarcastically and said a little.

She can't see why she loves a woman who is known all over the world. It's just a common person, but it's OK. When she marries in later, this kind of person is the most unlikely to fight with her. There's no bottom and how to fight.

"Are you ok?" Gong Yu looked down at Xiao Nian and asked anxiously, "your face is not very good."

When Xiaonian looked at him, thought of Julie's lonely back when she left, thought of Gong Ou's helpless appearance, she suddenly felt that her whole person was empty, she did not know what she had done, nor what she would see in the future.

"Is there no way to change it?"

She murmured out.

"Change what?" Gong Yu smiled, "change engagement day, why, you are not free that day? If you have no time, you have to squeeze it out. My engagement is a big deal, you... "

Gong Yu stood there and said, while Xiaonian watched his lips move like this. Every move seemed to satirize her, which made the scene very sad.

"Will you die?" When Xiao Nian interrupted him, he asked for the same misgivings as Gong and ou.

Hearing this, Gong Yu understood that she was eavesdropping on their conversation, and smiled lightly. "Xiao Nian, Gong Ou is the one who defines others by his own thinking, don't you believe him?"


Shi Xiaonian asked persistently.

The smile on Gong Yu's face slowly congealed with this sentence. He looked at her. "Xiaonian, I want to tell you the truth. I used to be young and ignorant and do so many selfish things. Now I will not be so selfish."

If he really can't bear the burden, he knows that Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian will bear the pain of his life, so he really won't die.

Not so selfish.

When Xiaonian's lips moved, she couldn't ask what she wanted to ask. She understood.

Gong Yu will not die, but he will live a life like death, not a day, a year, but a life. The whole life's pain is brought by her reckless choice.

"If you don't feel well, go to have a rest. Next, I think you will run to both sides very frequently, because I want to be engaged, married, have a father's funeral, and then my baby will be born." Gong Yu said that he described everything in the future as beautiful.

Shi Xiaonian couldn't listen to him. Unconsciously, he stepped back step by step. He wanted to escape and hide. He wanted the whole person to shrink into a hole so that no one could find it.

She doesn't want to see Gong Yu get engaged, get married, have children or inherit the family business, because she brought it all.

And she can't change anything.

She doesn't want to look. She really doesn't want to look.

Gong Yao said to let her play. Yes, she should leave. As long as she leaves, she can't see anything.


Gong Yu looked at her in surprise.

When Xiaonian turned around, he ran up the stairs recklessly. Gong Yu couldn't stop her.

When Xiaonian rushed into the room, he directly opened the door of the dressing room, changed his casual clothes, took out his suitcase and opened it. He punched a few clothes at random and threw them into the suitcase, leaving nothing in his head.

At this moment, her head was so disordered that she couldn't think of anything else. She just thought that her son was right. She was going to leave here for a while, and she really didn't want to see what kind of butterfly effect she brought.

When Xiaonian forcibly dragged the suitcase into the room and threw some personal belongings into the suitcase. He didn't even tidy up. He found his passport and ID card from the cabinet.

"When I read it!"

A rush of running sound came, when Xiaonian looked up, Gong Ou had run to her, a pair of black eyes stared at her hard, breathing a little gasp, "brother said you are not comfortable..."

In the middle of the conversation, Gong Ou's voice stopped abruptly. He turned his eyes to look at the two big suitcases on one side, and there was another one on the bed. His face fell down suddenly, and his eyes stared at Shi Xiaonian, saying, "what are you doing?"

When Xiaonian squatted there, stood up with his identity data and put it in the trunk, standing there silently.

"I asked what you were doing!"

She doesn't speak, Gong Ou's anger is even less, staring at her and shouting.

When small read raise Mou to look at his sullen face, say softly, "Gong ou, I have no discomfort, I want to return home."

She tried to calm her voice.

When Xiaonian turns to close the suitcase, Gong Ou smashes the suitcase to the ground, stares at her, roars angrily, "what country are you going back to? What are you up to? Are you going to break up with me by advertising

"I didn't."

She just wanted to leave for a while.

"What do you pack without you?" Gong Ou grabbed her arm and forced her to his side. He glared at her fiercely. "How much more do you want to do? The family is in a mess. Do you think I'm not bothered enough? "

He accused her angrily.

When Xiaonian looked up at him and tried to ignore the arm that was hurt by his grip, he said, "I know you're upset to see me these days, and I'm not happy myself, so I want to leave for a while."

She really can't stay in this palace.

"You dare to leave me!"

Gong Ou stares at her.


When Xiaonian looks at him in silence, breaks away from his confinement and retreats a step. Then he goes to pick up the suitcase on the ground, and Gong Ou holds it hard.

"When reading! Now you have made a mistake. I am desperately trying to save it. Why are you going away? Do you want to run when you make the palace like this? " Gong Ou shouts out.

"I made the palace like this?"

When Xiaonian looked at him, grievances and sorrows poured out. She smiled bitterly. "Yes, it's all my fault. It's I who killed your brother, your father, your mother and Julie, including Miss York who is going to marry in."

"I didn't say you killed so many people!"

What Julie or miss York? It's none of his business.

"Whatever." Is there any difference between more and less? Xiaonian said with a wry smile, "I know I hurt your most valued relatives, so it's best for me to leave as the culprit. I don't want to upset you. Let go. "


"Let go." When Xiaonian struggles hard.


Gong Ou stares at her fiercely, but refuses to let go. He clutches her arm to death, hoping to break it.

When Xiaonian stood there, frowning with pain, "Gong ou, you hurt me. Don't overdo it. Let go."

“……” Gong Ou holds her tightly, and her black eyes become more and more heavy. "If you want to go out of the palace today, I'll write it to you in reverse!"

"What do you want me to stay for?" Shixiaonian asked, "I know you look at me every day and want to drop things. What's the point of staying me?"

Does he restrain his temper from falling things everyday?

She looks tired for him. Is it necessary to keep her.

"That's because you don't know where your mistake is. I don't care to help you correct it!" Gong Ou stares at her and says loudly.

"Because I don't want to change at all!"

When Xiaonian stared at his eyes, he shouted louder than he did.

"What do you say?"

Hearing this, Gong Ou froze and looked at her firmly. His hands were all loose.

Don't want to change at all?

"Gong ou, I know where I'm wrong, but I can tell you that even if I do it again, I will still choose this way. I don't want to give you the pressure. I'd rather you are not happy now. I'd rather someone else suffer this ordeal. I'd rather harm your most respected brother. I don't want you to be one thing for all your life Do not want to do things to rush! "

It's been too long and too long.

For a lifetime, she couldn't imagine how Gong Ou spent it.


Gong oding looks at her, hands down.

The confinement on her arm was released. When Xiaonian knew what she had said in her mind, she took a step back, looked at Gong Ou's face, and said to herself, "I'm so selfish."

Her voice dropped suddenly.

What she didn't want to say was like exposing her ugliest side to the most important person.

He must have been extremely disappointed in her. His eldest brother's injury was as justified as it was without any guilt.

She's a person who doesn't disappear.


Gong Ou stared at her and said nothing. Her eyes were dark, and her eyes were quiet, which made Xiao Nian feel helpless.

"I'm sorry."

When Xiaonian didn't face his eyes, he lowered his eyes to pull up the suitcase. When the suitcase fell, he couldn't close it. When Xiaonian tried hard to close the suitcase, he still couldn't close it.

This box is not a big international brand. Why can't help falling.

When Xiaonian squatted there and closed the box, he couldn't close it. Yu Guangzhong, Gong Ou stood beside her. He didn't come to help.

Of course he won't help.

Hear her say such words, so respect oneself elder brother's Gong Ou didn't hit her a meal even if good.

No use.

I thought you were useless. You couldn't even close the box.