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Chapter 823 I'sm sorry, I'sm really sorry


Gong Kui hurriedly looks at Gong ou.

When Xiaonian ran through the woods toward the direction of Gong Kui's fingers, I don't know why. The more she ran, the colder her fingers became, and her heart was wringing faintly.

How could it be like this.

She thought Gong Yao and LAN Xiaoqi could get along well, and then she could understand why they became like this and why they became like this.

When Xiaonian ran out for a long time, he finally saw Gong Yao's figure. He was running along the road, trampling on many flowers.

He's fine.


When Xiao Nian called out his name, Gong Yao's back froze, stopped for a few seconds, and then ran faster, rushing forward like a small beast.

When Xiaonian pressed his stomach, he gasped and stopped, "holy, wait for mom."

Gong Yao didn't listen at all.

When small read bit lip, then recklessly chase up.

Gong Ou now drives the sports car to catch up with him. When he looks at Xiaonian, his brow tightens even tighter. He steps hard at his feet. The accelerator is stepped on, and the sports car flies out.

A piercing voice passed, and the sports car stood in front of Gong Yao in a handsome position, blocking his way.

Gong Ou sits in the car, turns his face, black eyes and cold eyes to Gong Yao. His voice is quiet and cold. "Can't you hear it? When Xiaonian called you! "

He doesn't like anyone who disobeys and ignores.


Gong Yao stood there motionless, his hands tightly clenched, his face still red with anger, his eyes staring at the ground.

"Holy, are you ok?" When Xiaonian chases after him, he can't help but pull Gong Yao's hand when he is tired.

His hand was very tight and cold.

Why is it so cold.

When Xiaonian was stunned, he turned Gong Yao around, crouched down in front of him, and looked at him anxiously. "Did that little sister wronged you again? It's mom who is not good. She thinks she has realized the mistake and that you can play together. "

Is Gong Yao suffering again.


Gong Yao stood there motionless, his eyes fixed on the ground obstinately. When he didn't look, he read.

"Come on, Holly. I'm worried about you. Do you think it's good to talk to me about grievances and afflictions?" When Xiaonian holds her cold hand, she is worried.


Gong Yao said nothing.

"It's my mother's fault today. Don't be upset. Shall we go back and make cakes?" She remembered that when she took them to make cakes, Gong Yao was very happy and smiled.

Gong Yao, with a cold face and no expression, stubbornly pulled his little hand back.

One by one.

When Xiaonian watched the cold little hand leave her hand, she looked at Gong Yao in a dazed way, looked at his almost hateful eyes, and asked, "holy, what's the matter with you? Can you tell me what happened? Father and mother will always be by your side. "

He doesn't want to hold it all in his heart. He can talk to her.

"A liar."

Gong Yao suddenly spoke in a voice that was not as cold as a child.

Gong Ou in the car sits up straight and looks at them with black eyes. Xiaonian squats there, the sun falls on her white face, and the surprise is particularly obvious.


When Xiaonian heard Gong Yao speak in this tone for the first time.

"Not forever!" Gong Yao slowly raises his eyes and looks at Xiaonian. When his eyes touch, his heart begins to ache.

Why does this resentment seem to come at her?

Is she wrong?

"Do you hate mom?" Shi Xiaonian thought so, and said so. She couldn't ignore Gong Yao's eyes.

The eyes were so cold that the bones all over her body were cold and aching.

"And do you like me?"

Gong Yao asked.

When Xiaonian squatted in front of him, his lips pulled out a bitter smile, "of course, I like you, holy, you are my favorite son, you are the best continuation of my father and mother's life..."

"Then why did you abandon me?"

Gong Yao interrupts her coldly.

Gong Ou sits in the car, but doesn't get down. His black eyes are cold.

When Xiaonian squatted there, "what are you talking about?"

"I was raised in England as soon as I was born! Xiaokui is your daughter. You only take Xiaokui and raise it. You don't want me at all! " Gong yaoyue said more excited, a pair of black pupils stare dead when small read, step by step back.

He didn't want to say it.

He thought that time was enough for him. He thought it was enough. But when LAN Xiaoqi said that, he was sad again. He was abandoned. He was abandoned.

Does shixiaonian really want him to die?

At this moment, Xiao Nian finally understood what Gong Yao was thinking.

Do you want to mention that paragraph again?

The most unforgettable injury.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Yao, his eyes turned red. "Holy, there were many things happened at that time. I didn't mean to leave you behind."

She wanted to take him with her more than anyone else, but at that time she couldn't, really couldn't.

"And what kind of deal did you and grandma make with me?"

Gong Yao asked again, and the little hands on both sides were shaking their fists.


Gong Ou's eyes flashed a fierce look.

When small read to smell speech surprised to see to Gong Yao, hard to believe, "how do you know?"

In the past, even Gong Ou didn't know where his little child came from.

Hearing this, Gong Yao was even more disappointed. He continued to back away, reached for his sleeve, and all the flowers were withered.

None of them are in full bloom.

When Xiaonian looked at him like this, her heart was hurt badly. She moved her lips and tried to explain something, but she found that more words were to wash the white for what she had done.

At the end of the day, she could only say, "I'm sorry, holy."

Eye socket, all of a sudden wet.

Shixiaonian looks down guiltily. I'm sorry. She knows that this day will come sooner or later, and the bad things she has done will be exposed, but she didn't expect that this day will come so early.


Gong Yao's eyes were full of hatred. He stared at her hatefully. He thought of the words that grandma said, the words of maids, the sugar that Xiao Nian secretly hid, and the thought that Xiao Nian wanted to kill himself to save him when he was kidnapped

It's messy.

It's hard.

Gong Yao stood there, the fragrance of flowers came from the wind, but he felt that he was suffocating. Was he going to die? As LAN Xiaoqi said, he really should die.

"Why don't you want me?"

Gong Yao shouted at her, and a pair of big eyes turned red in an instant. "Why do you want to give up me? Why do you want Xiaokui not to me? Why do you trade me? "


"You only like Xiaokui! You don't like me! You don't want me! Why don't you want me? "

Gong Yao asked repeatedly.

Why don't you want him? He's very good. Teachers say he's smart. Grandma says he will inherit the palace family in the future. Why don't you want him when he's so smart and secure.

Why alienate him?

Is he not good enough?

When Xiaonian looked at him sadly, her eyes were covered with a ray of water. Maybe in her subconscious, she knew that this scene would come sooner or later. She knew that this day would come when she exchanged holy for peace between Gong family and Gong ou.

No mother trades with her son.

And she did.

Now that she has done it, she knows that there are things that confession cannot make up for.

When Xiaonian let the tears flow down, his voice choked. "I love you, holy. At that time, if I could take you with me, I would try my best to keep you with me. But I really didn't have a better way at that time. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. "

I'm sorry, Gong Yao, I'm sorry, mom is not good, mom never does well.

Gong Yao stands there and looks at Xiaonian. He holds his fist in his small hand. His short fingernails have been pressed into the palm of his heart and into the flesh, which is painful.

She apologized.

She really abandoned him, she really made a deal with him.

She doesn't like him. No mother will give up her son. She doesn't like him.

"I hate you! Time is small! "

Gong Yaolian called out the name of Shi Xiaonian with his surname.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry."

When Xiaonian lowered her head painfully, tears continued to flow down. She couldn't do anything but repeat a sorry sentence, which had no weight for a injured child.

"I don't want to forgive you!"

Gong Yao looked at Xiaonian with hatred. His eyes were so red that he was about to shed tears. He turned around and left. A tall figure stood in front of him.

He raised his head and Gong Ou stood in front of him. His black eyes looked at him coldly.

Next second, Gong Ou reaches out his hand and presses it on Gong Yao's head. He leans down slowly and says, "Gong Yao, you must forgive!"

This is an order.

It's not a negotiation.

Gong Yao stood there, his eyes red to the eyes of Shanggong ou, uncompromising and obstinate. "Why?"

Why he has to forgive.

He was abandoned, and he had the right to choose not to forgive.

Gong Ou stoops to stand in front of him, palms on his head, turns his head around and forces him to look at shixiaonian. She crouches there, her body twitches, and she cries.

She is thin as if she would be blown down by the wind.

"Because she was a little girl!" Gong Ou's ineffable voice exploded above Gong Yao's head. He continued to say word by word, "do you understand?"

Because she is the time when he is reluctant to bully Xiaonian, no one can bully, his parents can't, his children can't either!


Gong Yao doesn't understand. He doesn't want to understand. He is abandoned and traded. What do you need to know?

"In the past, forgive her!"

Gong Ou coldly orders that no one knows better than him that what Xiaonian needs at this moment is not a word for her, but a word of forgiveness.

Forgiveness from Gong Yao.